Welcome to the Thirty More In-person kick-off event.

It is Tuesday, July 11th. Your flight arrived in Reno, and you are now being transported from the Reno airport to Lake Tahoe. You’re a little sleepy from the flight, but you can’t deny the butterflies in your stomach. It is actually happening. You pulled the trigger on joining one of the top masterminds in the coaching world, alongside multiple 6 and 7-figure earners. You are only 45 minutes away from your resort lake-view room.

You have your outfit planned out for tonight, the Reception/Welcome dinner, which will take place overlooking the beach and lake. Tonight is when you get to meet Becca and all the Thirty More students. You already have an idea who will be in this round with you because the Hell Yes Team opened the exclusive Facebook group 2 days ago so everyone could coordinate meeting up early, airport carpooling, and of course: the hype and excitement that only happens right before you travel with a group of new and successful entrepreneurs.

Let’s walk through what your weekend will look like:

Tuesday afternoon: 

Arrive and unload into your resort room. Soak in the mountain view, the sunshine, and the sand right outside your window. Head down to the gorgeous lobby and grab a snack at one of the many hotel restaurants. Meet up with a fellow mastermind mate to grab a quick coffee before you begin getting ready for the reception. You and your new friend are dizzy with excitement, newness, and the unknown of what’s to come.

6 pm Tuesday night: You arrive at the reception patio. Free cocktails, wines, hors d’oeuvres, and nothing but mingling. You take a massive and nourishing breath that you made it, that you chose to bet on yourself, and that you chose to trust in your company. You are here, and it feels so fucking powerful. This FEELS right.

Wednesday morning:

Grab a coffee with your mates and head down to the small and intimate conference room. You will begin your morning with John Richardson as your speaker. You will be in this room for almost seven hours today, but it won’t feel like it. All the returning members have already prepped you with this advice:

“This is NOT a boring conference. You will never look at your watch once. By the end of the day, you will be itching to STAY in the room, not itching to leave the room.”

Day 1 is spent on MINDSET. Day 2 is all about strategy.

You leave the conference room after day 1, and you are absolutely BUZZING. You’ve been invited to a candlelit dinner with your mastermind peers on a patio facing the summertime mountains. You sit in your chair, exhausted from the excitement, listening to the lake birds, and you debrief everything that you learned today with these people who you just met, but feel more like your second half, already. They REALLY get you. They have already seen you be vulnerable. You’ve already seen them talk about their worries and fears. You have already watched them have breakthroughs. You have never felt connected to people this quickly. You didn’t even think you were capable of crying at a business conference, but you did…twice today. You feel a new sense of meaning and gratitude to your work. You are seeing your goals in a light you thought you had lost a long time ago. You feel so ready for day 2 to begin, you’re afraid you won’t sleep tonight.

Thursday morning:

At this point, you are very familiar with the hotel. You wiz down to grab a coffee and are in your seat early. You know that today is transformation day. Everyone who has been to Thirty More before you has talked about Day 2. It is the holy mecca of creativity. It is the day the students have broken out of their ruts and created MASSIVE momentum.

Today you will be following a series of prompts to help you very specifically uncover your bottlenecks in business. You will create a 36-month goal, and you will break down exactly what you have been *not* doing and exactly what needs to be done to achieve it. Your path will become more clear than you have ever seen it. You will know your exact next steps. You will feel an absolute fucking fire that you didn’t know existed inside of you. You will realize how small you’ve been playing. You will realize how scared you’ve been acting. But no more. A new version of you is born right here in Lake Tahoe, California.

Day 2 was the holy grail of strategy.

This is the day everyone talks about for a reason. This is the day you unlock your future success. This is the mindset that will carry you.

Thursday night: 

The conference is winding down, and it is time to celebrate. You’re heading down to have dinner with Becca, her husband Mark, and all the Thirty More members. This is the most intimate and beautiful way to close.

Your gorgeous dinner and wine are all being paid for by Hell Yes Coaching. The laughter is roaring. The storytelling is contagious. The students are debriefing exactly how they will create the success they desire. Wine is pouring, John is giving some sort of toast that always makes Becca cry. You feel insanely equipped. Content. Grounded. You honestly believe that just those three magical days were worth the entire $25,000 tuition.

You know you are not returning as you; you are returning as the newest version of you. A you that you have never stepped into.

You feel un-fucking-stoppable.

And we have only just begun. You will fly home Friday, and your family will notice the difference in how you speak and articulate yourself immediately. There has been a shift. It is obvious.

For the next six months, you will be coached by Becca and your peers every single week. The support and accountability are unmatched…there is no way you can’t hit your goals. You have all the answers and you have all the momentum and all the support.

You are so thankful you chose to trust yourself and dive in.

This mastermind lives up to all it’s been hyped to. And you are experiencing it firsthand.

The deadline to join Thirty More: Tahoe is this Friday, May 5. Click here to join.

“The in-person event alone is worth the entire tuition.”

“I made my tuition back 35 minutes into the live event when Becca said something that rocked my world and stayed with me for years to come.”

“10/10 would recommend doing whatever you need to do to NOT miss the live event.”

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