Coaching Certification Program

Take control of your coaching career. Get licensed as a certified Hell Yes Coach with our coaching certification program.

Coaching Certification Program

Take control of your coaching career. Get licensed as a certified Hell Yes Coach with our coaching certification program.


Stand Out from the Competition

Stand Out Hell Yes Coachiing

Impact Lives

Business Growth Coaching Leadership Hell Yes Coaching

Scale Your Coaching Business

You feel Called to Coach.

But coaching and building a coaching business are two entirely different things. We can help. This isn’t another coaching certification program where you learn how to coach like everyone else. At Zero to Coach, you actually build your coaching business your way – efficiently and powerfully. This program is designed for new coaches who who have made less than $50k in their business annually.

New Clients at Becca's Companies in 12 Months


Zero to Coach Students Who See Return on Investment

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Introducing The Zero to Coach Program

Watch this 3-minute overview

Introducing The Zero to Coach Program

Watch this 3-minute overview

A Coaching Certification Program Designed for Beginners and Veterans

HYC Coaching Certification Program is curated for any and all coaches, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned coach. This program is for anyone who identifies as a coach and needs help starting their coaching business as an entrepreneur. This program is also for coaches who have already established their business, but need help taking it to the next level. This program is for coaches who are experiencing business strategy problems that they need help solving – anything from planning to branding to client retention. We serve coaches across multiple domains. While not an all-inclusive list, here are some examples of the types of coaches we certify: career coach, life coach, health coach, wellness coach, fitness coach, nutrition coach, weight loss coach, relationship coach, fertility coach, parenting coach, personal development coach, leadership coach, public speaking coach, grief coach, writing coach, stress management coach, meditation coach, spiritual coach, financial coach, retirement coach, motivational coach, diversity & inclusion coach, athletic coach, music coach, acting coach, voice coach, entrepreneur coaching in Lexington, entrepreneur coaching in Louisville. You are the expert in your coaching arena. We are the experts in business strategy and helping you launch your LLC.

Certificate Hell Yes Coaching Stand out

Stand out from your Competition

The demand for coaching is high – but qualified coaches are few. The Hell Yes Coaching Certification Program allows you to stand out in a sea of coaches. Know you are operating a business that delivers REAL results for your clients.

One on One Training

Get small group Training

Enough with the pre-recorded webinars already. Your success matters to us – that’s why the HYC Coaching Certification Program is exclusive to a small group setting – just you, your coach, and a few carefully selected individuals. That’s 12 weeks of focused effort on YOU and YOUR career.

Business Growth Coaching Leadership Hell Yes Coaching

Grow Your Business

As a Certified Hell Yes Coach, you’ll learn how to launch your new business as an expert in your field and help your coaching business succeed through proven strategies related to branding, sales, and client retention.

Why Choose HYC for Your Coaching Certificate

Hell Yes Coaching prides itself on our ability to provide REAL coaching with ACTIONABLE plans. We create the course material and we walk you through how to interpret it, how to use it, and how to implement it. This coaching certification program is designed so you can create a business with the coaching experience you already have. These are actual, live coaching sessions. They are not pre-recorded. We can review students’ questions, challenges, and feedback along the way. All classes of this certification are followed up with goals, strategy planning, and action items. Our certification program is committed to teaching you how to market yourself in a way that doesn’t feel icky, that aligns with your brand, and that establishes value and authority. We do not teach manipulative or pushy sales and marketing techniques because we are dedicated to helping you actually succeed. Your classes will be taught by John Richardson, our head coach at Hell Yes Coaching. These classes will include a small group of a few other selected individuals based on their applications to make sure that your investment includes roundtable discussions with coaching entrepreneurs that share the same goals and roadmap as you.

coaching certificate

Meet John Richardson

John Richardson is the head coach at Hell Yes Coaching. His certifications include business coaching and nutrition coaching with a Health Administration master’s degree. John’s priorities for his clients are focused on business goals, highlighting the importance of maintaining personal development and lifestyle such as relationships and hobbies. John’s background is in college and high school track and field, coaching students to achieve personal and career records in races and marathons. He has also coached crossfit and olympic weightlifting. He participates in athletic competitions himself, constantly elevating his mindset to achieve success. John is a world champion qualified Iron Man.

coaching certification program graduate
“I went from making $0 in my coaching business to my first 5-figure month in just over two months of becoming a Certified Hell Yes Coach.”
– Suzie W.
Hell Yes Certified Life Coach

Your Coaching Certification Investment

The Zero to Coach Coaching Certification Program led by John Richardson is a 12-week course. The cost is $12,000 and includes the completion certificate. If you have additional questions about the coaching certification that aren’t answered on our website, please contact us and we will schedule a brief and free consultation so you can decide if our program is a good fit for you before you apply.

How to Become a Certified Hell Yes Coach

Relationship Coaching Hell Yes Coaching Book a Free Mini Session0A 1

Step 1

Apply Now

Ready to take your first step to a successful coaching business? Get started by filling out a simple application and we’ll be in touch for an introductory phone call. We’ll answer your questions, explain our framework, and see if you’re a good fit!

Calendar Program Hell Yes Coaching Become a Certified Coach Step 2

Step 2

12-week Program

This is no pre-recorded webinar – this is 12 weeks of personalized training to establish your unique coaching business. At the end of these 12 weeks, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need to get hit the ground running.

Crush Your Goals

Step 3

Scale Business

You are now a Certified Hell Yes Coach! Congrats! You can now run your business confidently. You already know how to impact lives. Now you can secure new customers and grow your business while making a difference.

What you get with your Hell Yes Coaching Certification Program


12-Week Small Group Training


Individualized Game Plan


Lists of Vetted Professional Services to Help you Grow


Help Targeting Coaching Clients


Hell Yes Certification Badge to Use in All your Marketing


Professional Website Help


Access to Ongoing Support


Public Shout-Out from HYC’s High-Traffic Social Media Pages


Access to the Hell Yes Coaching Community


Help Establishing your LLC


Exposure to Potential Clients Through the Hell Yes Coaching Collective


Sample Invoices and Contracts for your Use

What People are Saying about the Hell Yes Coaching Certification Program

Jessica Powell

“I loved my time in Zero to Coach. I needed help and the 1-on-1 coaching assisted with getting my business off the ground in a way that had structure and guidance, but I could tailor it in a way that worked for ME. It made launching my business simple, and helped me push through everything I would have let get in my way if I tried doing it on my own.”

Loison Kast

“At only 3 weeks into Hell Yes Coaching’s Zero 2 Coach (Z2C) program, I have gained sufficient clarity in several areas of my practice to make the investment worthwhile.  The curriculum is in alignment with my mission and business philosophy (client-based coaching), and unlike many of my previous programs, Z2C provides one-on-one coaching for the duration of the program.”

Asia Couch

“Coaching with John has been beyond what I expected! I have learned to organize my thoughts, broaden my perspective and problem solve. One of the biggest things so far is acknowledging that I have choices. We can choose to let what challenges us paralyze us OR we can choose to let what challenges us grow us.”

Try Free hELL yES Coaching Content First

If you’re hesitant to fully invest in Zero to Coach, take a moment to experience HYC’s teaching style and insights firsthand with this free webinar. It’s a perfect opportunity to witness us in action, ensuring the program aligns with your expectations and learning needs.



Learn how to use Instagram as a tool to attract clients to your business with this free online IG marketing course.

Learn how to utilize Instagram as a tool to attract clients to your business with this FREE online IG marketing course.

Frequently Asked Questions About oUR CoachING cERTIFICATION pROGRAM

Does Hell Yes Coaching offer free consultations?

Yes. If you have questions about our coaching certification program, please reach out to us via contact request form or email and we will be happy to schedule a call with you to go over our program to see if it is a good fit before you apply. 

What kind of coaching certifications does Hell Yes Coaching offer?

Since the program is focused on establishing and maintaining a coaching business, it is relevant to any and all kinds of coaches. We often see life coaches, fitness coaches, career coaches, financial coaches, spiritual coaches, fertility coaches, and more.

Can I participate in the coaching certification program as a beginner?

Beginner coaches can apply for the coaching certification program, but the education is focused on establishing and running a coaching business, rather than on how to coach. We are the experts in business and you are the expert in your coaching domain. We are here to help you start and succeed in your coaching business.

How long is the coaching certification program?

The coaching certificate is a 12 week program.

Who is the coaching certification program for?

People who are experts in their sector and called to coach who need help establishing their business, established coaches who need help leveling up their business, coaches who are experiencing business challenges and need help acquiring and keeping customers. 

What type of support can I expect from Hell Yes Coaching after my certification?

Most of our ZTC students continue with HYC in some form or fashion and receive support from our programs.