The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Take My Money: PreviewWe recently released a masterclass called Take My Money. I have never worked harder on something like this, but I had tons of fun delivering this class. I tried a new format and I got amazing feedback from the entrepreneurs participating. So in today’s episode, I’m sharing a snippet of this genius with all of you listening.

Take My Money is all about positioning and branding, and what we shared in there made a huge impact on everyone in the class. If you want to get more clients, feel confident when you’re selling, and you want to know the formula I use to sell people into my offers, Take My Money is exactly what you need.

Tune in this week for a taster of Take My Money where I share why you need to go deeper than your client avatar to identify potential customers. I discuss how to communicate with the people who want to buy what you’re selling, and you’ll learn how to attract the people who are ready to give you their money.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The mistakes I see entrepreneurs making in how they categorize their clients.
  • Why the clients that you have right now are a direct reflection of how you communicate.
  • How to reverse-engineer the audience your business needs.
  • Why you’re never stuck with the audience you currently have.
  • One important reason you aren’t getting client buy-in right now.
  • How to effectively communicate with the people who want and need what you’re selling.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hello my friends. Holy crap, you guys. I am having the craziest time right now with what is going on inside of my coaching world. So we just released a masterclass called Take My Money, and I had so much fun delivering it for sure. It was the best class.

I have never worked harder on a masterclass. Like every time I think that I have reached my peak of just efficiency and putting together information for a class, I seem to surprise myself for the next class. I’m like it can’t get better. It can’t get more efficient. It can’t get more specific. Then this time, we did it for the first time on Telegram. 

If you were a part of this class, you already understand exactly what I’m talking about. But Telegram is an app that’s kind of like I just drop voice messages into the app. It’s almost like a broadcast channel. Then you get to listen to the channel. Because it is just audio clips, I got to narrow down the information to be very specific for each clip. As opposed to when I do video classes, I can tend to kind of get lost in a thought and move over here and kind of move over there a little bit. 

The Telegram experience was just the craziest experience. My students, I’ve never had more feedback from a class ever. But also they all understood what I’m talking about too. They were messaging me, and they were just like this is insane. Every single thing that you are dropping is like mind blowing content. It is straight to the point. I am listening to the audio, and I am like changing exactly what I’m doing and how I approach my copy and my writing. 

The experience of telegram has like changed the game for me. I can’t wait to continue to deliver classes this way. I cannot wait to continue to get the feedback that you guys have been giving me. So since we released this class, we have had like five people upgrade into the membership. We have had multiple people come into the Mini Mind. We have sold more of these classes than we’ve sold of any class. This has been an almost $300,000 month for us inside of like all the companies combined, all from mid to low ticket offers. 

Guys, I want to talk to the coaches here for a second. In the coaching industry, a lot of times it is believed that in order to have these big months, these $100,000 months, $200,000 months, even $50,000 months, it has to come from having these really high ticket offers, these expensive like one on one packages. 

Like let’s say that your packages are $25,000 for one on one with you. You might have a huge month because you sell people into one on one, but then you have to coach them one on one, obviously, for the next six months. So you’re trading a lot of time for your money and having these really big swings of income where you might sell these high packages and make $50,000 in a month, but then you just bought them out and you have like zero or $3,000 months until your next big swing of like reups or Mastermind launches. 

So I decided a few years ago that I didn’t want anything to do with that anymore. So I created just a totally different business model where now we’re seeing $100,000 months coming in from mid and low ticket offers. So my low ticket offers are things like my masterclasses. My mid ticket offers or things like Mini Minds. 

It creates this recurring monthly revenue where before I even wake up on the first of every month, these payment plans are coming in from these low ticket and mid ticket offers that are creating a baseline of like $60,000, $80,000 before I even sell anything for the first time. You know what I’m saying? 

This is the freaking dream because for so long, I would have these huge ass months whenever I was launching my Thirty More Mastermind, and then I would have low months until the next time it was time to launch my Mastermind. So anyway, I go into this very specifically inside of my world, and I’m trying to get all of my students to not have these roller coaster months where they’re only getting paid massively when they’re launching something big, especially in the coaching industry. To be focusing on creating recurring monthly revenue instead and focusing on smaller ticket.

 So instead of trading all of your time for all of these one on one packages, just having 200 people buy a hundred dollar offer and then funnel them into a another scaled group coaching situation and have these months that are big and beautiful and exciting but that don’t require you to constantly be on. So that’s where I’m going in this journey. 

Anyway, I got way off on a tangent. This month we did Take My Money, and this was a class on positioning and branding, and you guys ate it up. I’ve never had more people sign on and then never had more people like filter into other memberships and Mini Minds and Masterminds from a class. 

So if you are listening to this and you have not taken Take My Money, and you want to have more clients right now, you want to feel really confident on knowing exactly what to say to sell whenever you’re online. You want to know the formula that I use to sell people into my offers. You want to just feel really good about bringing in new clients every single week with your offers, then you are going to want to take Take My Money, okay. Take My Money is, by far, the most fun I’ve ever had in a class ever. The verdict is out, same with my students. 

So today, I’m just going to give you a little snippet on Take My Money. You’ll get to listen to a very short stint. I mean, I’m talking like 10 to 15 minutes out of this two hour class. So if you like what you hear, you’re going to want to run, and you’re going to want to go get this class. You can email us at [email protected]. You can find me on Instagram, and we can get that class over to you very quickly. 

All right guys, enjoy and welcome to episode number 152. I’m your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

All right, guys, I am hopping right into the middle of this class. So I’m going to talk to you a little bit about your type of client that you are looking to form messaging for, but we’re talking here not about your avatar, more about your customer behavior. So I want you to think of the type of clients that you have, and the way that they behave as your customers. So I’m not talking about your avatar. You could be a fitness coach for women, and your avatar is women between 40 and 50. Okay.

But you have one woman that fits your avatar, she’s between 40 and 50, that has never been explained to like what a protein is or a carb or a fat. She doesn’t know how to lift weights. It takes her a long time to consider even hiring for help because she’s never really had a coach, and she doesn’t understand the coaching relationship. 

But you can have another woman that is in the same avatar. Okay, she is also between 40 and 50. But her behavior is very different. She has competed in bodybuilding before. She has tracked her macros before. She’s an old pro at it. She understands exactly why she would want to hire a coach, right? Because she can’t imagine not having a coach. 

So she purchases everything that you put out. She’s very inspired by your most basic content because she has a behavior that you are seeking in a customer. It is very different than the first girl, the first woman that also fit into your avatar but had a totally different behavior. 

So let’s talk about these types of clients that you have right now. Not the clients you want, not the clients that you wish you had, but the type of clients that you have right now in their behavior. Because I want you to understand that the type of client that you have right now, you created. It was not by mistake, right? We want to break down how did they actually get there. 

So I see many people categorize their clients as a certain way. My clients don’t really spend money. My clients really want discounts. My clients want more attention, more resources than what I have. Like my clients wouldn’t pay for that. They say these things as if they magically landed on a clientele like this, but it’s not true. The clients that you have right now are a direct reflection of how you have been speaking to them. 

For example, I constantly normalize in my content that people buy from me quickly. I showcase that Sally bought a masterclass in April and then three days later she upgraded to VIP and then a week later upgraded to the Mastermind. I create content showcasing that people move fast in my world. Guess what kind of clientele that I have now? I have been speaking to people that move fast. Therefore people that move fast come in. I celebrate every person who upgrades. I normalize upgrades. I showcase them, and it helps people to feel good about upgrading. 

Now imagine if all of my posts were talking about how massive and huge of a decision it is to jump into a masterclass and how important it is to know for sure that you’re hiring the right coach, and it requires time to find the perfect fit. This is what coaching is, and this is why it is the most important decision of your life. Oh my god the pressure. I would have a totally different clientele. I would have people that move slow and people that make that decision with great weight and great pressure, okay. 

So it is by no mistake that most of my clients are pretty much Alpha no BS ex-athletes who are achievers and who make decisions quickly, okay. Because I curated that. You have the power to do that with your audience too. If you want them to buy from you quickly and powerfully then you must talk to them like buying from you quickly and powerfully is the only option and the best option and the most successful option. Right?

So now it’s time to reverse engineer your way into the audience that you want to have. So you’re never stuck with a certain audience. You’re never stuck in a position that you’ve gotten yourself into. Okay? Remember, as we spoke earlier in this class, branding is something that is a reputation that can stick with you for a long time, but positioning is something that can change in one email. Positioning is something that can change in one post. 

You can say something a certain way, and it drastically changes the way that people view you and the positioning of your offer. You can always call in the next caliber of client in one single swoop. Okay. So every time you show your face or your company’s face, you get to ask yourself is this for my avatar? Am I talking to the behavior that I want to talk to? It is that simple. There are totally different spectrums of people in your avatar, and you want to make sure that you are talking to the more advanced person. 

So how do we make content that brings all of this together? That brings in the messaging that curates the feeling in a way that makes people want to sign on with you right now? So inside of this class, when you buy Take My Money, you’re going to hear me talk about speaking to specific problems, which I’m going to go over with you today on this podcast. 

But inside the class, you’re also going to learn how to position your results and your structure of your method in a way that makes people want to buy from you immediately. I’m going to give you the formula, including how to create hooks, how to turn people’s problems into solutions in a succinct manner. 

Then the most important part, the this is for you if. A lot of you guys have seen me advertise something and say this is for you if. There is an art to this formula. There is an art to understanding how to make people feel like this is absolutely for them and speaking to the depths of their soul, when it comes to the results that they want. Then that formula ends with a CTA and a quick format that is ISHR basically dressed up differently. 

So whenever you buy this entire course, you’re going to learn all about this formula and how you can create branding into a feeling, how you can create positioning into a feeling. I go over very in depth to be willing how to grow and evolve and contradict yourself in every way possible, and why choosing to believe and market the way that you have for years out of fear of changing will actually hold you back. You must evolve therefore your company evolves. So I get into all of that in the full training. 

But today, I’m just going to give you a quick sneak peek into addressing the problems that your clients have. So one of the reasons that you aren’t getting clients to buy in right now is because you might not be speaking to the problem your dream client actually has in this moment. You’re speaking to the problems that your dream clients used to have, or they have surpassed, or it’s no longer making sense for them. They’re viewing you as like not as high level as you actually are. 

So here’s some discernment for you. If you are someone who wants to work with beginners, like you’re a coach and you want to work with beginners, or you’re a massage therapist that likes to work with people who have never had a massage before, or you’re a med spa owner and you work with people for the first time as aesthetics clients then your messaging can stay for beginners. Okay. So I’m not saying that you have to talk to more advanced people. 

But here’s the thing, when you speak at a higher level, a more advanced level, you’re going to capture more advanced people as well as the beginners. So when you speak to beginners, you will only capture beginners, and you will not capture advanced people because they will feel that they have outgrown you. Beginners will always be inspired by your work when you’re talking to advanced clients, but it is not vice versa. Okay. 

So if you’re a med spa owner, and you’re looking for people who know what filler is, they know what sculpture is. They love it. They’re used to coming in and dropping three grand on any given day on their face. You don’t want to be talking to them in a way that makes them feel like they have never walked into an aesthetic studio before. Because they aren’t going to feel like you are an advanced enough studio to help them at the level that they’re at. 

So if you want to talk to beginners only, you totally can. But for the rest of you that want clients that are like lubed up on the idea of buying quickly, they’re buying big, and they’re buying right now, and they’re buying, buying, buying then this is for you. It is time to turn their problems a level up a notch in your content and email so that they feel that you’re advanced enough to take care of them. 

So when speaking to their problems, you need to be very specific. You might be talking about the right topic, but not in the right frequency. So we can talk about money in different frequencies. I can make a piece of content with money that talks about how to get money because you don’t have any. Right? You’re broke. You’re trying to find a side hustle and start a side hustle, and I’m the business coach for you. Blah, blah, blah. 

Or I could talk about the exact same topic, money, but in a different frequency. It could be you have money. You’re successful. In fact, you have so much money, and you move around so much money in your accounts on the daily that you’re looking for a business coach who is going to help you make sound investments so that your businesses are creating even more wealth without you babysitting it all the time. You see the difference on who that would call into my world. 

So if you’re a high level business coach who really wants people to come into your world who are making 20, 30, 40k months then you wouldn’t be speaking to them about being motivated to start. Hey, you lack getting started. Or your problem is that you lack discipline, and you find it hard to get going. People making 30k months are not having trouble getting going. They’re not lacking discipline, right. 

But you may still be talking to this type of person just out of habit. Because it’s always been how you’ve talked, right? Where the more advanced business coaching client, it would be something more along the lines of like your business grew faster than you expected. While you love growth, you’re lacking systems and processes. So you feel like you’re reinventing the wheel every time you hire someone. Therefore you’ve stopped hiring because you literally have anticipation anxiety over how to train them because you haven’t put your systems in place. You see?

Now, let’s say that you’re speaking to beginners as a personal trainer. You might say hey, you’re lacking discipline and working out. You have a hard time getting into the gym. But if you wanted to bring in more advanced fitness clientele, you could say hey, you’re lifting more than ever. You’re stronger than you’ve ever been.

But you know that you’re holding yourself back because you’re afraid of what people will think if you become addicted to fitness as much as you actually want to, as much as you would if you just completely unleashed yourself and allowed yourself to go all in. I am the coach for you. All right, do you feel the difference? 

Let’s talk about a house cleaning company. If you’re talking to beginners, you might be like hey, you’re scared to get your first cleaning because you’ve never had someone in your house before while you’re out of town. So let me put your mind at ease. Whereas if you want to talk to someone more advanced, you’re like hey, you want someone who comes so often that you feel comfortable enough like taking a nap on the couch while they’re cleaning. Right? 

So you could talk to people that are like hey, I’ve had house cleaners before. I love having a house cleaner. What I don’t love is having different house cleaners because then I feel like I have to do the pleasantries all the time. I just want the same house cleaner that like becomes a part of my family. They come in two times a week, three times a week. They just get shit done. I’m able to just live my life and nap on the couch. That’s the kind of person you want to talk to. Right? 

Because you want people that are lubed up, I keep saying lubed up. That sounds so sexual. But you want people that are like already ready to buy, right? If someone is looking for somebody like that, they aren’t going to be attracted to a cleaning company that’s like hey, I know you’ve never had a cleaner before, but let me walk you through the exact steps of what it’s going to look like. 

Let’s talk about being a massage therapist. This is going to be my last example, but I just want to really hit it home. You’re a massage therapist. You might put out a piece of content that’s like hey, you’re worried about what it looks like to get your first massage. Let me walk you through the whole process. You don’t know whether or not you’re supposed to leave your shorts on or take your bra off or whatever. Let me help you. 

Whereas a more advanced messaging to someone that is more advanced in massage would be something like hey, you’re a massage pro. You’re basically naked before we even start, but you’re looking for someone who is going to be able to be your forever therapist so that you can stop bouncing from LMT to LMT. You can settle into someone who actually knows your body inside and out, and they’re going to get you the results that you’re looking for every single time. 

So guys, this is just the teeniest snippet of the Take My Money masterclass. This class is on sale for $497 right now. You can get it on my Instagram, you can DM me, you can email us, you can just get a hold of us in any way possible. Send a carrier pigeon. You don’t want to miss this class. 

Because here’s the deal. Not only do you need to know how to talk to their problems, you need to know how to position the results. You need to know how to not sell the method, not sell the structure, but learn exactly what it is that they need to hear to be the type of person that is all in and ready to buy. 

Okay, again, the amount of people that are contacting us with feedback about this class is literally record breaking. If you do anything today, you’re going to want to buy this class. You can just bring it in your pocket. It is through the Telegram app. We have it in your email exactly how you’re going to get a hold of this. You can take me with you on your walk and in your car. It is the best. 

But hey, just a reminder, if you don’t want to think about which masterclass you want to take with me, and you want to take all of my workshops, all of my master classes, all of my trainings for the entire year, you can join The Circle. It is $8,888. We do offer payment plans. 

The Circle is for you if you want to double your revenue this year, you want to always know exactly what your business needs in order to move forward, you want to cut your work time in half, you want to be absolutely bulletproof in making big and bold decisions that move your business forward every single day. 

If you want to build a team, large or small, of kick ass teammates who have the same standard for the company as what you have. If you know that you want to make money without you being the workhorse, right, and if you just want binge worthy and entertaining trainings that feel less like a stuffy class and more like a comedy Netflix binge that makes you rich, then you’re going to want to join The Circle. Okay. You’re going to want to go ahead and get in here immediately. 

All right guys, I cannot wait to see you guys on the next episode. I can’t wait to see you inside of Take My Money, inside of The Circle, and all the beautiful things. You guys we are also gearing up already to be selling out the spaces for the Chicago event in July. If you haven’t bought your ticket already, it is $3,500. Or if you are a part of the Mastermind, you get your ticket for free, and you get an extra ticket to bring a business bestie for free. So come on into the Thirty More Mastermind, and I will see you in Chicago. 

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share. 

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day. 

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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