The Circle: Business Coaching Membership

Hell Yes Coaching introduces “The Circle,” a unique annual business coaching membership tailor-made for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners keen to supercharge their success with access to Becca Pike coaching material & exclusive content.

The Circle: Business Coaching Membership

Hell Yes Coaching introduces “The Circle,” a unique annual business coaching membership tailor-made for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners keen to supercharge their success with access to Becca Pike coaching material & exclusive content.

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Access to HYC Business Coaching Membership

Hell Yes Coaching, under the expert guidance of renowned entrepreneur and business success coach, Becca Pike, introduces “The Circle,” a unique annual membership tailor-made for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners keen to supercharge their success. This business coaching membership is designed for seasoned businesspersons aiming to double their revenue and cut their workload in half.

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The Circle is for Business Leaders

If you’re excited to quadruple your audience, triple your conversations, develop a cohesive strategy, and move beyond entrepreneurship, “The Circle” offers an unparalleled arsenal of resources to help move you in the right direction. Becca’s portfolio boasts a spectrum of satisfied clientele, from startups to established entities, all of whom have benefited from her live content sessions. For those wanting an added touch of exclusivity and direct mentorship, the VIP upgrade provides intimate hot seat coaching sessions with Becca herself, ensuring that your business queries never go unanswered. If you’re determined to transform your business trajectory, “The Circle” awaits your membership.

The Circle Is For You If You Want:

🔥 To double your revenue this year.

🔥 To always know exactly what your biz needs to move forward.

🔥 Cut your work time in half.

🔥 To be absolutely bulletproof in making bold decisions that move your business forward every single day.

🔥 To build a team, large or small, of hardworking kick-ass teammates who have the same standard and care for the company as you.

🔥To make money without YOU being the workhorse so you can watch cash come in while you eat yogurt in your PJs.

🔥 Binge worthy and entertaining trainings that feel less like a stuffy class and more like a comedy Netflix binge that makes you rich.

Benefits of Accessing Becca Pike Coaching Content

The Circle, business coaching membership by Hell Yes Coaching, stands out as a revolutionary approach to business success, combining on-demand accessibility with Becca Pike’s proven methods. Here’s what makes it transformative for entrepreneurs and businesses:

Becca Pike Coaching


In the digital age, we understand the need for flexibility and ease of access. All the content within “The Circle” is available on-demand. Whether you’re catching up during a lunch break or diving deep into a weekend workshop, the power to choose your pace and schedule lies with you.

Established Coaches

A Guided Approach

Unlike programs that leave you lost in a sea of content, “The Circle” ensures you’re not left to fend for yourself. It’s not just about consuming information; it’s about implementing it. Each video comes with follow-up tasks and assignments, crafted meticulously to bolster your confidence and hone your skills.

Certificate Hell Yes Coaching Stand out


Marketing is frequented with aggressive and off-putting sales tactics. “The Circle” is a breath of fresh air in this context. Becca champions genuine value and authority. There’s no manipulation or pushy sales pitches. This is all about clean, sustainable growth that doesn’t compromise on integrity.

Impact Others

Mastermind Insights

Transitioning from entrepreneur to CEO is challenging. The Circle gears you up for this evolution. Our content is crafted to help you break ceilings, operate at peak efficiency, and access the best minds. Consume our revolutionary approach at your own pace.

Why Choose Becca Pike as Your Business Success Coach

Becca Pike, the force behind Hell Yes Coaching, has journeyed from the chaos of launching a brick-and-mortar company to steering it to 7-figure success. Familiar with the early-stage hustles and challenges of lacking a concrete roadmap, Becca lived her initial business days juggling between daily crises. However, her unwavering determination and a thirst for knowledge led her to invest in herself. She sought mentorship, became a part of masterminds, and dedicated herself to learning from any resource available, from books to podcasts.

Fast forward to today, Becca is the proud owner of multiple businesses, leading a large team of employees, and striking a commendable balance between her roles as a business magnate, mother, wife, athlete, and more. She epitomizes the principle of working smart, not hard, currently managing three 7-figure enterprises in fewer hours than ever. But her mission doesn’t end at her success; she’s passionate about sharing her accumulated wisdom to help other entrepreneurs. This led to the birth of “The Circle,” an all-encompassing collection that compiles her invaluable lessons, aiming to prevent others from repeating her initial mistakes. With a focus on tangible results, her teachings have seen students soar in their revenues, a testimony reflected in numerous 5-star reviews.


“…I now deeply believe I am going to be a millionaire. Two years ago, I made 108k, my highest earning year, but that was the year that I was TIED to the shop… I am no longer the soldier of my business, I am now the commander… and I am going to make more money than all the other years.”

– Beth K.

Thirty More Mastermind Member

Your Investment in Your Business Development Training

“The Circle” offers flexibility in payment with its monthly plan, but with the same commitment level as the annual fee. The VIP upgrade further enhances the value, ensuring members have every tool and resource at their disposal for maximum business growth.

Relationship Coaching Hell Yes Coaching Book a Free Mini Session0A 1

Option 1

Pay In Full

With an extensive on-demand library that includes insights from the highly sought after Three More Program & Thirty More Mastermind sessions, coupled with fresh content, members are armed with tools worth $35k. Our team has packaged this into a membership price for an investment of just $11,111 annually. Upon registering, students will receive Becca’s full body of work on demand and promptly begin workshops with Q&A.

Calendar Program Hell Yes Coaching Become a Certified Coach Step 2

Option 2

Monthly Payments

If you’re considering opting for the payment plan, rather than the one-time annual fee, you can choose to pay $1,111 per month. It’s essential to note that this isn’t a monthly subscription. By choosing the monthly payment plan, you are committing to the full year and are responsible for the entire annual membership fee. It’s not an option to cancel part-way through the year; the commitment is for the full 12 months.

Crush Your Goals

Advanced Option

VIP Upgrade

For those looking to deepen their experience and benefit from more personalized insights, the VIP upgrade comes at an additional cost of $5,000. With this premium addition, members are granted exclusive access to small group hot seat coaching sessions each month, facilitated directly by Becca Pike. This is an invaluable opportunity for intimate learning, guidance, and direct mentorship from a proven expert in the field.

Becca Pike’s Business Coaching Membership & Training Vault

As the foundation of our business coaching membership sessions, the content serves entrepreneurs seeking the role of CEO, offering strategies, insights, and collaboration avenues that set the groundwork for business acceleration. Additional content serves as the graduate material, for those who’ve grasped the basics. This content delves deeper, exploring advanced strategies, tackling more complex challenges, and ensuring consistent business growth trajectory. Compiled into organized modules, Becca’s training vault covers the following topics:


Interviewing & Hiring (series - 8 videos)


How to Host High Converting Webinars


Social Media


Selling on Instagram (series - 3 videos)


Content & Prompt Ideas PDF


Selling with Integrity


Simplify Your Business


Management & Training




My First 100k: Coaches Edition (Masterclass)


Scale to Sell


The Mature CEO





Fresh Becca Pike Coaching Content

Dive into a reservoir of resources with “The Circle” membership, a unique annual offering meticulously curated to transform your business trajectory. The Circle includes the Three More materials and similar formats of hot seat coaching you have come to know and love us for at HYC, but The Circle includes so much more, including additional workshops, and for the first time ever access to the Thirty More content. Let’s explore the cornerstone components of this program:

Business Development Workshops

Crafted with precision, these workshops address the multifaceted aspects of business development. From ideation to execution, they offer a hands-on approach to mastering skills, ensuring you’re equipped to evolve with the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. These live workshops are included in The Circle, and can be purchased a la carte. Topics include money/investing, writing emails that convert into clients immediately, self-leadership, community culture, and more.

Strategy Q&A Sessions

No question goes unanswered here. These sessions are a platform to clear doubts, seek personalized advice, and gain insights directly from the experts. It’s a dedicated space for learning and interaction, ensuring clarity in every business move.

Intimate Hot Seat Coaching

Dive deep into personalized mentoring in hot seat coaching sessions with our head business success coach, John Richardson. Here, members get the opportunity to witness like-minded entrepreneurs present their challenges and receive direct feedback, making it a transformative space for breakthrough moments.

Entrepreneur Discussion Threads

A community of compatible individuals awaits. These discussion threads serve as a melting pot of ideas, experiences, and collaborations. Share, learn, and grow together in this dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is an exclusive Facebook group that serves as an extension of live sessions hosted on Zoom.

VIP Hot Seat Coaching

Elevate your experience with VIP Hot Seat Coaching. Exclusively for VIP members, these sessions offer a closer, more intensive interaction with Becca Pike herself. Benefit from her vast experience, tailored advice, and direct mentorship to supercharge your business journey.

Hell Yes Coaching Has Helped Countless Business Owners Succeed

“I just looked at my numbers. My revenue is up 400% since last year, before I joined Thirty More Mastermind.”

“In 2021 I made $22,245. Joined Thirty more and in 2022, I made $77k in The first 10 months”

“In the last few months, we’ve doubled to quadrupled income for that month from the previous year.”

“I closed my coaching program intake with 12 (!!!) new clients in 30 days, bringing in just over 30k 😱💃🎉🔥”

“I have signed 6 clients in the last 30 days 🔥🔥🔥 For a total of almost 19k!”

“We’ve had massive sales growth. $20k in 40 days which is like 6x faster than last year.”

“$575,643. That’s minus fees, taxes, etc. It’s hard to read these reports 😂”

“I just crushed my highest month in sales WITH another week left in the month!”

Try Becca Pike Coaching Content First For Only $47

If you’re hesitant to fully invest in Thirty More Business Mastermind Group, take a moment to experience HYC’s teaching style and insights firsthand with this 3-day masterclass. It’s a perfect opportunity to witness Becca in action, ensuring the program aligns with your expectations and learning needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Circle

What is Hell Yes Coaching’s The Circle?

“The Circle” is an annual business coaching membership offered by Hell Yes Coaching, providing access to a comprehensive library of on-demand business training, workshops, hot seat coaching, and many more resources crafted by Becca Pike and team.

How often is new content published for members?

New content is published monthly, ensuring members always have fresh insights, strategies, and resources to enhance their business endeavors.

What is the structure of the workshops & events?

Workshops and events are structured to provide a mix of teachings, interactive Q&A sessions, and group discussions. Schedules and topics are shared to help members prepare and make the most of each session they watch.

What is hot seat coaching?

Hot seat coaching is an intimate coaching session where selected members present their specific business challenges and receive direct feedback and actionable advice from the business success coach. John Richardson leads hot seat coaching for The Circle members and VIP access includes hot seat coaching with Becca Pike. It’s an opportunity for transformative, personalized mentorship.

Can I cancel my membership to The Circle?

No, once you’ve committed to “The Circle” membership, whether through the annual payment or the monthly payment plan, you are responsible for the entire year’s membership fee. It’s not an option to cancel part-way through the year.

Will I have access to other members of The Circle?

Yes, through entrepreneur discussion threads and certain interactive sessions, members can connect, share, learn, and collaborate with other like-minded individuals within “The Circle.”

Are any of the events live?

All of the events are live on Zoom and members are encouraged to attend live. Members of The Circle will have access to replays after the fact if someone can’t make it live. New Becca Pike coaching content will be published promptly so users can access it in a timely manner. 

How long will I have access to on-demand and new content?

Members have access to the on-demand Becca Pike coaching content and any new content released during their active membership year. For continuous access to new content and to retain access to previously released materials, members would need to renew their membership annually.

Is there a membership discount for other services Becca offers?

Membership details and offers are specific to “The Circle.” Any additional discounts or special rates for other services offered by Becca would be communicated separately to members if available. Renewals for The Circle’s existing members will be discounted in succeeding years. 

Questions About Our Business Coaching Membership?

Becca Pike offers The Circle, a unique annual business coaching membership tailor-made for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners