Entrepreneur Coaching

in Lexington, Kentucky

Hell Yes Coaching provides entrepreneur coaching including business mastermind groups, coaching certifications, and coaching memberships to Lexington, Kentucky business leaders.

Entrepreneur Coaching in Lexington, KY

Hell Yes Coaching provides entrepreneur coaching including business mastermind groups, coaching certifications, and coaching memberships to Lexington business leaders.


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Coaching for Entrepreneurs in Lexington

Hell Yes Coaching is based out of Lexington, KY. We are committed to fueling your entrepreneurial aspirations. Our offerings include tailored business coaching courses, the Thirty More Mastermind for budding CEOs, Zero to Coach coaching certification program for those keen on the coaching for entrepreneurs sphere, and the The Circle annual membership granting access to a wealth of business insights by our founder, Becca Pike. Becca, an entrepreneurial powerhouse who transitioned her challenges into a multi 7-figure success story, leads a dynamic executive team. Together, we ensure that each member is equipped with the tools and strategies to not just succeed, but thrive in the business realm.

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Entrepreneur Coaching Programs

Thirty More Business Mastermind Group in Lexington, KY

Dive into the exclusive Thirty More Business Mastermind Group, crafted for entrepreneurs who are on the cusp of scaling their ventures. Ideal for business leaders in Lexington, KY who have achieved initial success but grapple with challenges like stagnation, scalability, and strategic expansion – our mastermind is the solution. Participants will gain access to weekly strategy sessions, expert guest speakers, and a curated network of like-minded professionals. In addition, our dedicated support ensures that you never feel isolated in your business journey. This is a 6 month commitment for all members ensuring continuity in brainstorming and mutual growth. This mastermind group is not for beginners, but for entrepreneurs who have made at least $50k in revenue from their business in the last 12 months. More than 90% of our Thirty More students see ROI within 90 days. Unlock your business potential and address your unique challenges with the collective wisdom of the Thirty More Business Mastermind Group for Lexington, KY business owners.

Zero to Coach Coaching Certification Program in Lexington, KY

Step into a transformative journey with the Zero to Coach coaching certification program, purposefully designed for aspiring coaches across multiple domains. Whether you’re an emerging business consultant, health mentor, fitness enthusiast, or life coach, our certification opens doors to refined coaching for entrepreneurs methodologies. This program addresses challenges like client retention, effective communication, and establishing a trustworthy brand. Participants will delve into comprehensive training modules, interactive sessions, and practical assessments. Upon successful completion, the certification affirms your coaching for entrepreneurs expertise and amplifies your market credibility. This intensive program spans across 12 weeks, with workshops, sessions, and individualized game plans. This certification program is not for people seeking education on how to coach, but instead is for people who identify as a coach and want to learn how to start their business, price their offers, sell, and position themselves as a coach. Embark on a path to coaching excellence and differentiate your brand with the Zero to Coach Certification.

The Circle Coaching Membership in Lexington, KY

Discover a transformative community with The Circle, an annual entrepreneur coaching membership, curated for individuals driven by a passion for professional growth. Ideal for entrepreneurs and career-focused professionals, this membership offers a haven of resources and guidance. If you’re grappling with challenges like stagnating business growth, profit and new customer plateaus, or finding purpose and clarity, The Circle is your destination. Members are granted exclusive access to a rich reservoir of Becca Pike business coaching content, including monthly workshops, in-depth coaching for entrepreneurs sessions, and interactive seminars led by seasoned experts. Beyond mere learning, The Circle fosters an environment of collaborative growth, where members not only receive expert guidance but also leverage collective wisdom. Elevate your journey with the comprehensive offerings of The Circle coaching membership.

Your Investment in Your Business Development Training in Lexington, KY

Choosing to invest in your professional growth is paramount, and we’re committed to transparency when it comes to costs. Our courses ensure tailored strategies for your entrepreneurial success, provide valuable assets for those looking to overcome specific business challenges in a collaborative environment, and offer a comprehensive certification process suitable for various entrepreneur coaching disciplines. These investments are your stepping stones to scaling your business and skills, propelling you towards the success you envision.

Stand Out Hell Yes Coachiing

Business Mastermind Group

$25,000 for 6 Months

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Coaching Certification

$12,000 for 12 Weeks

Established Coaches

Coaching Membership

$8,888 for 12 Months

Why Choose Becca Pike as Your Lexington Business Success Coach

Becca Pike’s unparalleled expertise has cemented her reputation as a leading business success coach. With a deep well of real-world experience, she offers clients a demonstrated, actionable strategy without resorting to generic templates or sleazy sales tactics. Integrity is at the heart of her approach. Instead of transient success, Becca focuses on sustainable growth, underpinned by a thriving community of professionals. Her commitment to your success is evident in her customers’ success stories, proving that your investment in her entrepreneur coaching translates into tangible, lasting results. Choosing Becca is not just about business growth; it’s about forging a value-driven future with a coach who genuinely cares.


“…I now deeply believe I am going to be a millionaire. Two years ago, I made 108k, my highest earning year, but that was the year that I was TIED to the shop… I am no longer the soldier of my business, I am now the commander… and I am going to make more money than all the other years.”

– Beth K.

Thirty More Mastermind Member

Hell Yes Coaching Has Helped Countless Business Owners in Lexington, KY Succeed

“I just looked at my numbers. My revenue is up 400% since last year, before I joined Thirty More Mastermind.”

“In 2021 I made $22,245. Joined Thirty more and in 2022, I made $77k in The first 10 months”

“In the last few months, we’ve doubled to quadrupled income for that month from the previous year.”

“I closed my coaching program intake with 12 (!!!) new clients in 30 days, bringing in just over 30k 😱💃🎉🔥”

“I have signed 6 clients in the last 30 days 🔥🔥🔥 For a total of almost 19k!”

“We’ve had massive sales growth. $20k in 40 days which is like 6x faster than last year.”

“$575,643. That’s minus fees, taxes, etc. It’s hard to read these reports 😂”

“I just crushed my highest month in sales WITH another week left in the month!”

Try Becca Pike Coaching Content First For Only $47

If you’re hesitant to fully invest in Thirty More Business Mastermind Group, take a moment to experience HYC’s teaching style and insights firsthand with this 3-day masterclass. It’s a perfect opportunity to witness Becca in action, ensuring the program aligns with your expectations and learning needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hell Yes Coaching offer free consultations?

Yes, Hell Yes Coaching does offer free consultations for potential clients to understand the offerings better and determine the right fit for their needs.

What is the Thirty More mastermind group?

The Thirty More business mastermind group is an intensive collaboration platform offered by Hell Yes Coaching. It gathers like-minded individuals to brainstorm, share experiences, and devise strategies to overcome business challenges together.

When does the mastermind group take place?

Session one is January through June and session two is July through December. 

Who facilitates the mastermind group?

The mastermind group is facilitated by Becca Pike, with assistance from John Richardson, the head coach at Hell Yes Coaching. They guide discussions, provide expert insights, and ensure a productive environment for all participants.

What kind of coaching certifications does Hell Yes Coaching offer?

Hell Yes Coaching offers the Zero to Coach coaching certification program, which is suitable for various coaching disciplines, including business, health, fitness, life coaching, and more.

Can I participate in the coaching certification program as a beginner?

Yes, the coaching certification program is designed to accommodate individuals at various levels of their business coaching journey, including beginners. The curriculum ensures foundational skills are built while also catering to more advanced techniques.

How long is the coaching certification program?

The duration of the coaching certification program is 12 weeks.

What is Hell Yes Coaching’s The Circle?

The Circle is an exclusive coaching membership offered by Hell Yes Coaching. It’s designed for individuals seeking consistent growth and development. Members benefit from a variety of resources, including workshops, content library, and special coaching sessions.

What is hot seat coaching?

Hot seat coaching is an interactive session where a member is spotlighted (or “in the hot seat”) to discuss their challenges and receive real-time feedback and strategies from a coach and sometimes peer members. It’s an intensive, focused way to address specific issues.

Can I cancel my membership to The Circle?

The Circle is a 12 month commitment and members are responsible for the full value of the membership.

How often is new content published for members of The Circle?

New content is published for members monthly, ensuring they always have access to fresh insights and strategies. Members can expect to have access to new recordings immediately following a session, but are encouraged to attend live.

Will I have access to other members of The Circle?

Yes, through entrepreneur discussion threads and certain interactive sessions, members can connect, share, learn, and collaborate with other like-minded individuals within The Circle.

More Questions About Our Programs?

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