The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Nutrition Tips for Ladies with Tons Going on with Jenny BlakeToday, we’re taking a break from business to bring you a conversation with Jenny Blake: my nutritionist. Jenny has helped me stack on muscle, lose body fat, and grow the actual physique that I want. She’s here to share how to set yourself up for more energy, better sleep, and giving your body what it needs even though you’re busy AF.

Jenny Blake is the CEO of Jenny the Nutritionist and she helps professional ladies who lift weights change their body composition by fully understanding the science behind their body and being properly fueled. As most of you listening are moms and busy entrepreneurs, we’re giving you an overview of how to best take care of your body as you approach your 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Tune in this week because, if you want to live the best life, you need your physical health. Jenny and I discuss the value of proper nutrition, what it takes to create the body shape you really want, the importance of nutrition, movement, and sleep, and the simple lifestyle changes you can make right now to boost your energy and take care of your body.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The common physical issues that come up for moms with lots going on.
  • How too many people believe they need to eat less to have a healthier body.
  • What changes when you start fueling your body properly.
  • How to get your bloodwork checked easily and properly.
  • The common bloodwork signs that show up for women who find it difficult to lose weight.
  • How stress on your body and inflammation might be showing up.
  • What you can do right now to boost your energy levels by making some simple lifestyle changes.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hi guys, we’re taking a break from all things business to have Jenny Blake on. Jenny Blake, you may know her already on Instagram as Jenny the Nutritionist, but Jenny is my nutritionist. She has helped me so much with stalking on muscle, losing body fat, and growing the actual physique that I want. She works with women who lift weights, and she has a kickass social media and podcast. So you can go find her, listen to her, binge her stuff. Very excited to have you listen in on our convo. Jenny, I’m just so thankful you came on, and I’m thankful for our friendship.

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Hey guys. I’m Becca Pike, and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hi, Jenny.

Jenny: Hello, how are you?

Becca: I’m good. I always think that this part of the interview is always funny because I’m like hello, Jenny, as if we haven’t been talking for the last 20 minutes. As if we haven’t gone on a full roller coaster together already and then we hit record, and we’re like hi, good morning.

Jenny: We’ve already explored life and life questions.

Becca: Yeah, seriously. Oh, man. I’m so excited for you to be here. Can you just tell us who you are and what you do?

Jenny: Yes. So I am Jenny or Jenny the Nutritionist on Instagram and all the things. I am a nutrition coach, specifically for ladies who lift weights and want to build muscle, decrease body fat, and also understand it. Learn the science behind it and create their nutrition routine. So it’s just who they are and runs on autopilot.

Becca: Yes. You were my nutrition coach, not only once, but I loved your program so much, I signed up for it immediately again, a second round. You’ve helped me so much over the last year. So I’m so pumped to talk to you today.

As I was telling you before we hit record, my goal here is to just give my audience little tips and tricks as they are all mostly moms, business owners, busy ladies, busy women. Just an overview of what we want to be looking out for in our bodies as we approach our 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Jenny: I love it.

Becca: All right, I’m going to start with the biggest thing that I realized when I was working with you. I was significantly under fed and under hydrated, to be quite frank, and I didn’t know it. This is something that you see often, yes?

Jenny: All the time. I just want to point out too that I work with lifting ladies. But even if you don’t lift weights, I work with ladies who are moms, who are entrepreneurs, who are climbing the corporate ladder and are go getters, and a lot of times they all have the similar issues that are showing up. Not only in their physique, but also their health, their energy levels. So I feel like everything we’re going to talk about kind of applies to everyone.

Becca: Yes, I was very surprised when I got my macros. I guess I shouldn’t say very surprised because I have done bodybuilding in the past. I understood what went into it to be able to create more muscle. I understood that more food was involved. But I think that I just, over the years, had let myself slide into habits of just not eating very much or kind of reversing back towards these ideas that eating less is better. I just think I kind of forgot about nutrition.

So it was the best reminder when you handed me my first sheet of macros, and it was like it’s time to eat. Then I did, and I lost so much body fat immediately. It was so exciting because that was my biggest fear. Can you talk on that? The fear of eating more equals body fat and why that’s not actually true.

Yeah, so like you said, so many people get stuck in, whether it’s habit or like back to back meetings or we were just talking about like working on your business before work. You’re just focused on other things and not eating enough or going back to oh, if I want to be good, I can’t have this oatmeal or this carb. So then you are perpetually under eating and not even knowing it or by being good, right.

So when that happens, your body knows when it’s not getting the food it needs. So maybe you intentionally have done that before. You intentionally under eat, and you decrease body fat, right.

But if it’s not intentional and it’s not a short period of time, so then you’re kind of doing it just all the time. Then it turns into not just weeks but months, and then the months turns into years then you are putting your body in position to suppress your metabolism and suppress your hormones.

So think about it like a budget for building a business or anything like that. If we tell you hey, you had $5,000 to work with every month, but we’re slashing that budget and now you’re only going to get $2,000. You’re going to figure out you’re going to have to suppress, you have to shut things down, let people go, not do as good of a job at certain things to only work within that budget. Your body does the same thing.

So if you then say oh, I’m going to eat a bunch more. Right? Same thing with if you’re okay I know how to operate at 2,000 calories. Then if let’s say you just get a bunch of extra money, then you’re like oh, how do I spend this? How do I like put this towards my business effectively? Same thing happens with your body.

So if you randomly eat more, which a lot of people do think oh, I need to eat more. I’ll randomly eat more. Then you put on body fat. It’s like oh, yeah, it makes sense because your body’s like wait, what do I do with this?

But when you start eating more in a strategic way that’s intentional and specific to you, how that works is one, it’s custom to you. I know we’ve talked about custom calories and macros, but it being custom to you and then you slowly and steadily increase over time. Let’s say over by two months kind of this typically what I see. Then that metabolism and those hormones that were suppressed before can start increasing and start rising and opening up and knowing what to do with that food.

It wants it. Your body wants that food. So once you have the fuel, you feel more energy. Your physique improves. You can build muscle, and I know you saw all the things in the gym. But I know that’s kind of a lot, but does that make sense? Anything I should clarify there?

Becca: No, I love it. What’s funny is I think of myself as a decently intelligent human, right? But I was blown away. I started eating more, and I was like oh my God. all these years, I’ve just been hungry. Like all these years I have literally just been hungry. Because my brain fog went away. I like had more energy all of a sudden. I felt better, my lifts. I perpetually have been dizzy in the gym, especially when I do deadlifts. But anything where I’m lifting, I will get just I mean, nothing crazy. But just like lightheaded, woozy. I need to kind of take a second and gather my dizziness before I do my next lift. That went away.

My sleep was better. I remember talking to my friend because my best friend did the class with me, did your class with me, and I would text all the time about it. I’m like oh, my God. This whole time, I just didn’t have enough food in my body. I just thought that it was like low blood pressure issues. Anyway, it was remarkable and felt so good.

Jenny: People don’t know how good they can feel. They think oh, I feel good. I feel okay. I’m like oh, but if you’re fueled, like well fueled, it’s so good. That this doesn’t happen to me at all anymore, but I would say like maybe once a year if I have an off day or something like that.

I remember last year, there was one day I was standing in front of the fridge with both doors open. I was there for like three minutes just like looking around the fridge. Like what am I doing? I just meandered to the fridge because I was so hungry. I remembered that used to happen to me all the time. That just doesn’t happen to me anymore at all.

Or being in the gym. There was, again, some like random thing happened. I wasn’t fueled for the gym. I remember being in there and be I get why people don’t like to work out. If this is how they feel and they’re not fueled for it, I get it now. But to your point, yeah, it’s such a game changer.

Becca: Well, and this is obvious, but like muscle was so much easier to put on. Oh my God. Like my muscles just got bigger because they were fueled. It wasn’t, like I’ve been through several phases of fitness in my life. Right? I had a bodybuilding phase. I had a CrossFit and paleo phase. I had a Keto phase. My phases have lasted long enough that I feel like I can compare them really well to each other. Let me tell you something, building muscle on keto, it doesn’t work. It’s so hard.

Jenny: Yeah, you’re lacking a key nutrient there.

Becca: Yeah, I know. So whenever I started working with you, it was like I went to the gym. Within a few weeks, I was like seeing the actual shape, which is what you teach. I mean, your thing is called Create Your Shape. Because it’s not just about becoming thinner. It’s literally about creating the curves and the shapes, like creating the round deltoids and creating the glutes and creating the actual nooks and crevices that create a shape instead of just flat, straight, and skinny.

Jenny: Yeah, that was the biggest realization I had back in the day. Like I thought oh, I could just have my shape, and it can be a little fluffier. Or if I’m really good, then it could be a little skinnier. I didn’t realize until I learned all of this that you can literally go in and mold your shape. Whereas some people think oh, I want the CrossFit shape. I want the traps to the round shoulders to the abs and the like strong legs.

Other people are oh, I want like the bikini body shape with the round shoulders and the round, perky glutes and then the long, lean legs. Like there’s so many ways that you can like literally mold your shape, which is so much fun.

Becca: Yeah, it was fun the very, I don’t know if it was the first class or the second class, but you put up pictures of you get to choose your shape. All of these shapes are available to you. It was different women. There was like the bikini model. There was the Crossfitter. Then I remember just pointing to the beefiest like most jacked girl, I was like that’s her. That’s my girl. That’s my body that I want. I want the hugest shoulders and deltoids. You were like yes.

Jenny: Yes, I think so many people too in their mind think like that everybody wants the same shape. So that’s also something that we internalize, maybe beat ourselves up on. But everyone’s out there, and they have their own vision of what an awesome shape looks like. There’s different tools and ways to like literally mold your body to create that.

Becca: One of my proudest moments, and I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying this, but my 15 year old daughter, she’s old enough now that she doesn’t like to be in photos on Instagram. She doesn’t. She likes to be behind the scenes. So I hope I’m not overstepping.

But so proud of her because she is the typical 15 year old girl. All the girls In high school are like telling her and telling each other eat less, be skinny, count your calories, count every calorie. You should be under 900 calories a day. I am fighting an uphill battle, Jenny. You have no idea. It makes my face melt off when I hear things like this because it’s me. You can imagine having a daughter and dealing with us.

She joined the basketball team a few years ago, and she’s been playing basketball. It’s like her sport. She has been like restricting calories and all this stuff. Then the other day, she came to me, and she was like, “You know what?” She was like, “I look around at the girls in high school. There’s the super skinny ones. But like in basketball, we have a locker room, and we change in front of each other.” She like she has never changed in front of other girls.

She was, “And I kind of look around and I see that the other basketball girls are like muscley. Like they have muscle. Like they’re stocky. Like they’re big, but like not fat.” It was like watching her wheels turn for the very first time. She was like, “I like their bodies more. Is that weird? That I would rather look like that than be skinny.” I was like no, it’s not weird. This is amazing. Here’s a protein shake.

Jenny: Yeah.

Becca: She started drinking protein shakes every day. She has started eating her carbs. I’m just like yes, we made it through. I hope. I hope we made it through. But it seems like we’re on the other end of it. So it was just such a beautiful testament to women are capable of desiring things that aren’t just skinny when they are put in situations they get to see what athleticism really looks like. That’s so fun and can carry through her whole life.

Jenny: Yeah, and she probably is performing better on basketball.

Becca: Oh,  100%.

Jenny: You need energy for school.

Becca: There were some times in this last year where I’ve come to her games, and I’ve been like London, you looked like you were out of gas. Like you literally looked like a car sputtering down. Like what? She was like, “I felt so dizzy.” I was like what did you eat today? Like, “Well, I haven’t eaten since dinner last night.” I’m like no, no. It’s so hard having a teenager. Because when you have little kids, you can make them eat. You can make them do whatever. Teenagers, you cannot. You just can’t. It’s crazy. But anyway. So happy for her.

Jenny: So, I have a lot of moms who learn this stuff, right? Then they have kids who are athletes. So I see this a lot where it trickles down to them, where they’re like I understand now what well fueled is, and I can start like slowly trickling it down. Most of the examples I have are they’re younger. They’re seven, eight. So they’re still under the influence and not in the rebellion stage. So they got them early.

But I’m thinking of I know some hockey players that are like creating their plate. So they’re getting carbs at every meal. I know someone who had someone who’s in track, right? They’re like, “Oh my gosh, Mom, I want to win. What do I do?” They’re now like okay, we’ve got to eat. They’re eating before their workouts and stuff like that. So I think that’s so.

But I do think that’s a part of the mission, right? If we want like all of these ladies in, especially in this state too who our building businesses, who have kids, have families. We want them well fueled and energized. Then we want that trickling down to the next generations. So I feel like you guys are really kicking that off and changing the world that way.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. Not only just talking about being fat or skinny, tall, or short, but like going deeper than that. Bloodwork. How are you actually doing? How are you feeling? What does your blood say? Because your blood doesn’t lie. I would love to get into that. So can you tell us real quick how anybody listening can go get their bloodwork done without necessarily having to go through the hoops of like going to a hospital or going to a doctor. What can you do to go and get your blood work checked?

Jenny: Yeah, you can do it by herself. You can go to They have male panels, and they have female panels. Those are the typically ones that I suggest because it’s going to be better than going to just your doctor. Because if you go to your doctor, they will really fight with you to get anything done. If they get anything done, they’re just going to get a slither of it and not really everything you would want to see.

So you can go to, and you can purchase it. Then you can go to make an appointment at your local LabCorp, which is pretty much every state in every city, and go get it done and drawn yourself.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. That was something that I didn’t realize. When you go to the doctor and you just get like a checkup or some blood paneling, they are only doing like a 16th of what they could be doing to look at your overall health.

So when I got mine done, I remember being pretty pleased with it. But I know that you come across a lot of women, especially ages 30 and 40. What’s probably the top three things that you see in blood work that would have to do with let’s start with just problems losing weight? What do you see in bloodwork that looks oh, this person might have trouble losing weight on the daily?

Jenny: Yeah, the biggest woman I’m going to see there is thyroid and then sex hormones. Then I would say inflammation.

Becca: Okay.

Jenny: So thyroid is one controller of our metabolism. It controls the temperature in our body. It has many roles. So when our body is stressed, which under eating is a stressor on our body.

So especially those who constantly are under eating or constantly doing diet or in high stress environments like a lot of my ladies are who are high achievers where they’re climbing the corporate ladder, having kids, building businesses, all of that. In just their nature, their personality, right? They’re like oh, I can do that. I can do that better. I can get better. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. When’s the due date? That is a stressor too.

So those stressors can create a sluggish thyroid, which essentially, the thyroid’s job is to say okay well, if you’re not going to slow down, we’re going to slow this down for you, and then slows down your metabolism. So I’d say thyroid is the first one.

Next up would be sex hormones, which sex hormones get suppressed, again, if you’re under eating, which is a theme here. If maybe you have been on birth control for a long time and then you, which is naturally going to suppress hormones. That’s how it works. Then let’s say if you get off birth control and have huge swings and things get imbalanced, or if you’ve had kids, and there’s complications there, or high stress, another one. Because under sex hormones, you will also see cortisol levels.

So I just saw an accountant and a lawyer through the roof cortisol, which then they all work together. So then that’s going to impact other hormones. So that is another one I see. Especially if I know we’re getting a little into the details, but just so people can like paint the picture. If there’s high estrogen in the body, I sometimes can tell just by looking at their submission photos because they’ll carry a lot more body fat around their midsection and then in their thighs. So just to kind of put the two together of how they relate.

Then lastly, inflammation. This can come from a handful different things, but stress on the body is definitely one of them. That could be stress from all the things we’ve already listed or too much training, over training. Or maybe I’ve had someone who had a sickness or from COVID or from all these different scenarios or just too much exposure to processed foods and chemicals and vegetable oils that their body’s like so inflamed. So I would say those are the main ones in terms of weight loss. Then there are some others that I think also tie in specifically for energy levels.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. All of these things you’re talking about can be reversed through just lifestyle. Like we are all capable of getting our hormones back on track. We’re all capable of getting our cortisol levels down, specifically through the way that we eat, how much sunlight we’re getting, the sleep that we’re having, just complete lifestyle. None of this is necessarily completely irreversible. Is that true?

Jenny: Oh, yeah. 100%. One of the biggest frustrations I see is because people feel bad or they have symptoms, and they go to their doctor, and then the doctor will just pull maybe one sliver of one test and say oh, no, you’re fine. That’s typical. You’re fine. Just eat healthier and work out. That’s one advice.

Or they say oh, this is low. So we’re going to give you a medication without addressing these simple lifestyle changes, which literally could be getting a morning walk in for 15 minutes. Or it could be actually you need to eat more consistently every day, right? Or actually, we just need to switch out the vegetable oil for an avocado oil. Like it could be simple things that were just never taught. So, again, something that of course you wouldn’t know this. Don’t beat yourself up about it. We have never been taught this before.

Becca: Right? Well, and I’m a big advocate of sleep hygiene, and I think it’s overlooked. I mean, I think sleep is more important than almost all of it. I think sleep is more important than exercise. I think sleep is even more important than having a perfected diet when it comes to just the functions of your body.

We live in a culture that is so we’ll sleep when we die. We will stay up and binge Netflix until two in the morning, just flooding our bodies with blue light at midnight. Just waking up to alarm clocks and chugging coffee. It’s just the most insane thing I’ve ever seen knowing what I know about sleep. So with that being said, if someone wanted to go to sleep and have good sleep hygiene but they were having trouble with it, is there anything on the bloodwork that would show up there? What can they do about that?

Jenny: Yeah, cortisol is one that I see that kind of indicates to me that you’re maybe tired and wired. So high cortisol, that means you’re in like the early stages before it crashes, right? If you’re tired and wired, you can only do that for so long and then your body is going to crash and then you’re going to be fatigued all the time.

So the two things that I, that’s an indicator. Then the I would say three main things that I would recommend when it comes to sleep is one, setting a routine. Ideally, you have your like nighttime routine because it’s going to start signaling to your body like it’s shutdown time. If you can include getting a walk in or seeing the sunset with that, that’s even more beneficial. So that would be the first one.

Then a second one, just for standard supplement, I recommend magnesium and taking it at night. It really helps with sleep. Majority of people nowadays are deficient in it. So it’s one that I think everyone can benefit from taking that supplement anyway, and there’s so many other benefits outside of sleep too.

Then the third one being it especially if you are a wired and tired type of person, I recommend something called Cort-Eaze, C-O-R-T-E-A-Z-E. That is by the brand NuEthix. I’m not affiliated with them. I’ve just had a lot of people take it and have a lot of success. Then even that’s far more the extreme. I wouldn’t say everyone needs to take that.

But even before, I missed one, even before I would suggest that, I would suggest a nightly meditation. If you’re like me and were like rolling our eyes at meditation for a while, what I would do is there’s a five minute meditation on Spotify. It’s literally called Five Minute Meditation. I just put it on and all I do is focus on big deep breath inhale, big deep breath exhale. So maybe my mind is thinking about stuff. Maybe it’s not. I’m not just trying to sit there in silence. I’m just thinking about big deep breaths because that breathing is going to help decrease your cortisol as well.

Becca: I used to roll my eyes at meditation as well, and it has changed my life. It has changed my life.

Jenny: Now you own a yoga studio.

Becca: Yeah, I know, right, which I’ve been to like four times. But the meditation, so I started doing it because I got my Oura ring. The Oura ring has, like in the explore tab, it has little meditations you can do. I remember realizing that the meditations that you do through the Oura ring app, it will track how you’re doing during the meditation through your ring. Then it would add on points. I’m a big point, I’m an achiever. So I want my points.

So I would, maybe I woke up with an 87 score on my sleep and like an 87 score on my readiness. But then by meditating, it would be like good job. This was your heart rate level during your meditation. This was how your stress levels did during your meditation. Now we’re adding four points to each category. I’m like yes. That’s how it all started for me. Okay. Maybe this is even more of a reason that I need meditation because I’m so into my points in my achieving.

But I started realizing oh my gosh. When I do this little meditation, even though it started out with me just wanting more points, now I’m realizing that it changes my entire day. It changes my whole day. Like I totally underestimated meditation, and I always blew it off as I can’t do that. Like I’m too busy. I can’t even sit still long enough. I’m over caffeinated. I don’t know. Meditation has changed my life. Sleep meditations like every single night, and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened. I sleep like a freaking baby all the time.

Jenny: It’s the best. Sometimes I fall asleep before the meditations even over and then I wake up the next day, and like I’m oh.

Becca: I do too. My Oura ring had died last night. So I wasn’t able to use my Oura ring meditation app. So I just picked a YouTube meditation. I fell asleep to it. Then I woke up because it was like a Kroger marketplace commercial just blaring. I was like ah, like that did the opposite of what I needed for meditation.

So let’s get back to the eating. So people that are maybe they’re new to macro counting, maybe they’re not new to macro counting. Let’s say that they are active. So they’re lifting three times a week or exercising four times a week in some capacity. If they wanted to just start eating more, are there any guidelines you can give them? Any just basic check points that you can give them?

Jenny: Yeah, I would say the first thing to do is to have a structure to your day. Because I think so many people are oh my gosh, eating more. Okay. How do I do that? But unless you are consistent day in and day out, it really doesn’t matter. Because then one day you’ll be eating a lot, the next day super low. Then if you’re all over the place, then it’s not achieving what we want. So you have to have some structure to your day.

It may be three meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner. It may be okay, I have breakfast and then I have a snack and then I have lunch and then I have a snack and then I have dinner. Don’t get caught up on how many times per day, but it’s got to work for you every single day.

Now, you might have one off day here and there. But it’s got to be this is what I do. My body gets hungry and knows that I get a snack. It’s just routine. So I would start off there because if I just told someone to eat more, there’s no like baseline to eat more from. So start there. So that’s the first thing.

The second thing I would do is something that I call create your plate, which you are very familiar with where you are going to get a portion of protein, a portion of starchy carbs, and a portion of vegetables at each meal. So protein source, it could be eggs. It could be meat. It could be fish. It could be chicken, all of those.

Then for your starchy carb, it could be oatmeal for breakfast, or even the protein pancakes, right, tortilla shell. Or obviously, not ideal for the deep fried one, but, again, it’s not about being perfect every single day, but it’s creating the structure that you can work within. Or maybe rice or potatoes like bread. Think of all of those carbs.

Then the last portion is your vegetables, which you guys know what vegetables are, but green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, all of that good stuff. So think of that as your like structure and then you can kind of add different things to make it flavorful and taste good off that.

I know you’re a pretty good chef. So adding, like making the chicken tastes good, adding lots of seasoning adding sauces, adding little, I just added ginger and kimchi to my dinner, and I love that. So add more little things like that to add up the flavor.

Becca: Oh my gosh. I’ve started eating ginger and kimchi almost every day. It’s so good. It’s so good. It’s amazing.

Jenny: So if you like that and everyone else who likes Asian food, there are seaweed crumbles almost where think of the nori sheet, like the nori dried seaweed, and they’re ripped up into tiny little pieces mixed with some other goodness. You can sprinkle that on rice. Oh my gosh. It’s so good.

Becca: Oh my God. Stop it.

Jenny: It’s the best, yeah. I had it for dinner.

Becca: Ah, I love seaweed. I also lived in Bali, like you. Jenny’s in Bali right now which is so fun. Seaweed farm of the world. Love it. All right, well Jenny, this has been amazing. If someone wants to work with you, if they’re oh my god, I love this Jenny girl. I want to hire her immediately and get my shape created. How would they do that?

Jenny: Yeah, they can go to, and that’s where all the details about my create your shape program are. That’s how I work with all my ladies. That’s the program that Becca did. Then if you want to learn more about me and just get a ton of information about how to create your shape then I share a lot of stuff on Instagram, and my IG handle is @JennyTheNutritionist. Then I also have a podcast. That, following the same name, Is called Create Your Shape with Jenny the Nutritionist.

Becca: Love it. Thank you so much Jenny.

Jenny: Thank you.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share.

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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