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Hell Yes Coaching provides entrepreneur coaching such as business masterminds, coaching certificatoins, and coaching memberships to Louisville, KY business leaders.

Entrepreneur Coaching in Louisville, ky

Hell Yes Coaching provides entrepreneur coaching such as business masterminds, coaching certificatoins, and coaching memberships to Louisville, KY business leaders.

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Coaching for Entrepreneurs in Louisville

Hell Yes Coaching stands as a beacon for those aiming to elevate their business dreams. We proudly offer a suite of specialized services, including our Thirty More Mastermind for rising business leaders, the Zero to Coach program catering to those passionate about stepping into the coaching world, and our exclusive yearly membership, The Circle, that opens doors to an abundance of entrepreneurial wisdom from our trailblazing founder, Becca Pike. Becca, who brilliantly turned life’s setbacks into a monumental success, steers a dynamic and dedicated entrepreneur coaching company. Hell Yes Coaching is driven to provide every member with the tools and knowledge to excel and soar in the competitive business landscape.

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Hell Yes Entrepreneur Coaching Programs

Thirty More Business Mastermind Group in Louisville, KY

Explore the unparalleled Thirty More Business Mastermind Group, designed for ambitious entrepreneurs on the brink of elevating their business. Perfectly tailored for Louisville, KY’s business frontrunners who’ve tasted initial triumphs but find hurdles in areas like growth plateaus, scaling effectively, and planned broadening. Members benefit from strategic discussions, insights from seasoned industry experts, and an enriching circle of driven peers. Our unwavering assistance means you’re never alone in your entrepreneurial odyssey. Every member pledges to a 6-month journey, fostering sustained collaboration and shared progression. Thirty More is not for beginners. This business coaching mastermind is for individuals who have generated at least $50k of revenue from their business in the last year and looking to take their success to the next level. A staggering 94% of our Thirty More attendees witness a return on their investment in just three months. Embark on a transformative journey and tackle your specific hurdles with the combined expertise of the Thirty More Business Mastermind Group, tailor-made for Louisville’s business visionaries.

Zero to Coach Coaching Certification Program in Louisville, ky

Embark on a revolutionary path with the Zero to Coach coaching for entrepreneurs certification program, crafted for those looking to make a mark in diverse coaching arenas. Whether you’re a budding business advisor, wellness guide, fitness coach, or a life coach, this certification paves the way to established business coaching techniques. The curriculum focuses on areas such as enhancing client loyalty, fine-tuning communication, and building an authentic brand reputation. Engage in in-depth learning modules, lively interactions, and hands-on evaluations. Once completed, this certification validates your business coaching and elevates your standing in the industry. This rigorous journey spans 12 weeks, filled with enriching workshops, enlightening sessions, and tailored strategies. Set yourself apart and kickstart your coaching journey with the distinctive Zero to Coach Certification.

The Circle Coaching Membership in Louisville, KY

Venture into a dynamic network with The Circle, a yearly entrepreneur coaching membership tailored for those ignited by the pursuit of professional advancement. Perfectly suited for business trailblazers and dedicated professionals, this membership provides an oasis of tools and mentorship. If hurdles like stagnant business momentum, profit and clientele growth roadblocks, or the quest for direction and vision are holding you back, The Circle is your answer. Members enjoy privileged access to the library of Becca Pike coaching materials, featuring regular workshops, immersive coaching encounters, and engaging symposiums steered by industry maestros. More than just an educational experience, The Circle cultivates a space for mutual assent, with members gaining expert insights and benefiting from shared expertise. Propel your professional trajectory with the holistic suite of The Circle entrepreneur coaching membership.

Your Investment in Your Business Development Training in Louisville, KY

Making the decision to prioritize your professional development is crucial, and we believe in being forthright about expenses. Our programs are crafted to deliver personalized blueprints for your business coaching triumphs, furnish essential tools for navigating particular entrepreneurial obstacles in a team-based setting, and extend a thorough certification journey apt for diverse coaching fields. These commitments serve as your foundation to elevate both your enterprise and expertise, driving you to realize your aspirations.

Stand Out Hell Yes Coachiing

Business Mastermind Group

$25,000 for 6 Months

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Coaching Certification

$12,000 for 12 Weeks

Established Coaches

Coaching Membership

$11,111 for 12 Months

Why Choose Becca Pike as Your Louisville Business Success Coach

Becca Pike’s exceptional acumen has established her as a premier figure in business coaching. Drawing from a rich tapestry of hands-on experience, she provides clients with pragmatic, effective pathways that steer clear of cookie-cutter solutions or pushy sales maneuvers. Honesty and transparency define her methods. Rather than fleeting triumphs, Becca’s emphasis is on enduring progression, bolstered by a robust network of industry professionals. Her dedication to client success shines through her customers’ success stories, displaying that your commitment to her entrepreneur coaching reaps consistent and impactful benefits. Opting for Becca is more than just a business decision; it’s about charting a purposeful trajectory with a mentor who truly invests in your vision.


“…I now deeply believe I am going to be a millionaire. Two years ago, I made 108k, my highest earning year, but that was the year that I was TIED to the shop… I am no longer the soldier of my business, I am now the commander… and I am going to make more money than all the other years.”

– Beth K.

Thirty More Mastermind Member

Hell Yes Coaching Has Helped Countless Business Owners in Louisville, KY Succeed

“I just looked at my numbers. My revenue is up 400% since last year, before I joined Thirty More Mastermind.”

“In 2021 I made $22,245. Joined Thirty more and in 2022, I made $77k in The first 10 months”

“In the last few months, we’ve doubled to quadrupled income for that month from the previous year.”

“I closed my coaching program intake with 12 (!!!) new clients in 30 days, bringing in just over 30k 😱💃🎉🔥”

“I have signed 6 clients in the last 30 days 🔥🔥🔥 For a total of almost 19k!”

“We’ve had massive sales growth. $20k in 40 days which is like 6x faster than last year.”

“$575,643. That’s minus fees, taxes, etc. It’s hard to read these reports 😂”

“I just crushed my highest month in sales WITH another week left in the month!”

Try Becca Pike Coaching Content First For Only $47

If you’re hesitant to fully invest in Thirty More Business Mastermind Group, take a moment to experience HYC’s teaching style and insights firsthand with this 3-day masterclass. It’s a perfect opportunity to witness Becca in action, ensuring the program aligns with your expectations and learning needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hell Yes Coaching offer free consultations?

Hell Yes Coaching extends complimentary consultations, enabling prospective clients to gain clarity on our services and assess their alignment with their needs.

What is the Thirty More mastermind group?

Thirty More is a dynamic business collaboration platform curated by Hell Yes Coaching. It serves as a hub for driven individuals to exchange ideas, recount their journeys, and collectively craft solutions to entrepreneurial hurdles.

When does the mastermind group take place?

The first session runs from January to June, and the second session from July to December.

Who facilitates the mastermind group?

Becca Pike spearheads the mastermind group, with valuable contributions from John Richardson, the head coach at Hell Yes Coaching. Their combined expertise steers conversations, imparts professional wisdom, and establishes a conducive atmosphere for all attendees.

What kind of coaching certifications does Hell Yes Coaching offer?

We present the Zero to Coach certification initiative, versatile enough to cater to a spectrum of coaching fields, encompassing business, health, fitness, life coaching, and beyond.

Can I participate in the coaching certification program as a beginner?

The coaching certification is sculpted to embrace individuals at different stages of their coaching trajectory, including beginners. It ensures a solid foundation for your coaching business and your authority as a coach.

How long is the coaching certification program?

The coaching certification spans a total of 12 weeks.

What is Hell Yes Coaching’s The Circle?

The Circle is Hell Yes Coaching’s distinguished coaching membership tailored for those with an unwavering dedication to continuous growth. As part of this community, members are enriched with a myriad of resources ranging from workshops to an extensive content archive and specialized coaching encounters.

What is hot seat coaching?

Hot seat coaching is a collaborative format wherein an individual is spotlighted (or placed “on the hot seat”) to outline their concerns and receive immediate constructive feedback from a designated coach and occasionally from fellow members. It offers a deep dive into resolving particular challenges.

Can I cancel my membership to The Circle?

Membership to The Circle necessitates a 12-month engagement, and members are accountable for the complete membership value.

How often is new content published for members of The Circle?

We refresh content for The Circle members on a monthly basis. This ensures they’re consistently exposed to novel perspectives and tactics. Although session recordings become available immediately post-session, live participation is highly recommended.

Will I have access to other members of The Circle?

Yes. Via entrepreneurial discussion forums and select collaborative events, members can engage, exchange knowledge, and work collectively with other driven members within The Circle‘s ecosystem.

More Questions About Our Programs?

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