The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Mysticism, Spirit Guides, and Psychedelics with Danielle SavoryLast week, you heard a conversation with Danielle Savory about sex, pleasure, creativity, and what it all means for your success in business. But this week, I’m showing you behind the scenes of that interview, talking about all things mysticism, the afterlife, angels, spirit guides, ketamine therapy, psychedelics for spiritual purposes, breath work, and a ton of really fun stuff.

The conversation Danielle and I had before that interview is the perfect example of the kind of high-level sh*t talking that happens when passionate people get in a room together. So if you want to know what two successful entrepreneurs talk about behind the scenes, today’s episode is for you.

Tune in this week to look behind the veil and enjoy a deep conversation about psychedelics and the spiritual world as we experience it. We discuss our own encounters with the afterlife and the mystical realm, talk about the history of humans having these experiences, and share the science that makes all of this stuff make sense.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Danielle’s life-changing experience meditating with Dr. Joe Dispenza.
  • The incredible power of your mind in accessing the mystic through meditation.
  • How Mark ballroom-danced through the galaxy with my deceased mom.
  • My first encounter with someone in the afterlife, and how I’ve leaned into it over the years.
  • The science behind all the wisdom of the spiritual and mystical realm.


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Hey guys, what’s up? So last week I had Danielle Savory on to talk to us about sexual pleasure and how it interacts with our creativity and our success in business.  I got a lot of DMS from you guys saying that you loved the episode and thank you for bringing this to light. So thank you for those messages.

But today I wanted to show you guys a clip behind the veil of the real me and some of the stuff that has just talked about before we actually hit record on podcast. So today is kind of like a part two of the Danielle Savory podcast. However, what you’re going to be hearing in this episode is actually the 15 to 20 minutes before we hit record for the episode that you listened to last week.

So we didn’t know we were going to use this. We were just catching up like old friends, talking about all things mysticism, talking about all things, afterlife, angels, spirit guides, past lives, ketamine therapy, psychedelic drug use for spiritual purposes, breath work. Like this was just our conversation with each other like unknowingly that this was going to turn into a podcast episode. 

However, once we started really getting going and chatting our faces off towards the end, I was like we’ve got to show the audience what we really talk about behind the scenes because this is just too good. It is too juicy. So today you get to hear some behind the veil conversation with me and my girlfriend, Danielle Savory. So I do hope that you enjoy. 

We are just a few days away from going to Chicago. By the time you’re listening to this episode, my guess is that me and my team are going to be in Chicago or coming home from Chicago. We have a lot of stuff going on in the Hell Yes community. I’ve got some brand new one-on-one clients. I want to welcome everyone that is new into The Circle. I want to welcome everyone that has signed up for our masterclass this month. I want to say hi to all of my Zero to Coach graduates. We just have a lot of moving pieces happening right now. 

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Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hi.

Danielle: How’s it going? 

Becca: Good. How are you doing? 

Danielle: Well, my lighting is bothering me, but other than that, great. 

Becca: Very nice.

Danielle: George put in these like fancy blinds, but I can’t just pull them down. I’m like, I love the idea of them, but they’re not very convenient when you just want to do something quickly because.

Becca: You’re like on paper. It’s amazing. But.

Danielle: With the dark walls, the lighting is always a pain in the ass here. 

Becca: I know. I just have this one black wall. You can’t see it. It’s actually a really big, it goes on, but it really, I love it. I wouldn’t change it. However, it makes it even darker in here. 

Danielle: Then with the lighting, then it’s like the light like gets confused. It’s like, should I focus on her face? Should I focus on the wall? Then all the time I’m like okay. I got to figure something out. Hi.

Becca: Well, hi, I’m so happy to have you. 

Danielle: I am so excited to do this. 

Becca: I feel like we should just say fuck the podcast and we just chat our faces off, but no, let’s not.

Danielle: No, we do that anyway. But how are you doing? 

Becca: I’m good. 

Danielle: Cliff notes. 

Becca: Cliff notes. Let’s see. Kids are out for school. Live in my best life. Truly, genuinely having a good time. Businesses are going well. Marriage is going well. Kids are doing great. My hobbies, I’ve got hobbies. I’ve got a lot of free time. I don’t know. It’s just, I’m doing it. 

Danielle: Yeah. I love it. 

Becca: Yeah.

Danielle: I love it, love it.

Becca: How are you doing? 

Danielle: So good. I just got back from a seven day meditation retreat and Cancun. 

Becca: Yeah. Did you speak to your spirit guides?

Danielle: I was with Joe Dispenza. 

Becca: Oh, where are you? 

Danielle: Yeah. 

Becca: That’s so fun.

Danielle: It was really, really good. I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, I’ve always liked his stuff, but I was like I don’t know about like the thing. I went cause my mom really wanted to go. She’s been having some heart stuff, and she’s always been really into his stuff too. My dad was like well, you can’t go alone because of her heart and just wanted it her to have somebody. She was like do you want to go with me? I was like, yeah, I absolutely want to go with you, and it was life changing. So.

Becca: Did anyone come through during your meditation? 

Danielle: Kind of. Yeah. I definitely had some mystical stuff is what he’s doing now with some of his meditations is like he actually has you doing these, it’s all science-y. So it like speaks my language to the mystic, but you’re like triggering your pineal gland and then you get into a trance. You’re looking at molecules that create stuff like mystical experiences, like DMT and stuff. So you’re looking at molecules. 

So your brain creates DMT to have these kinds of experiences without taking anything external, which was super fun to be like oh my God, my brain’s making Valium right now. I feel so fucking chilled or whatever it was without taking anything. Because you’re like in control of it.

Becca: I’ve been really into the mystical side of life recently. 

Danielle: Yeah.

Becca: I mean, I’m deep, deep Danielle. Like it’s.

Danielle: Oh my God, we have to talk about it. I’m like who do I get to talk about the mystic.

Becca: Girl, it’s me. Hi. 

Danielle: Hi. 

Becca: I think I’m on my 40th book like afterlife, mediumship, across the veil, spirit guides. Like where did we come from? Where are we going? Near death experiences, same death experiences. I’m there. 

Danielle: You have to go to one of his retreats then. I’m not kidding because he is doing that and he has been doing that. But the way that he talks about it and guides you into it, and he brings up like ancient texts and then the science of it and what’s going on in our brain. But like you would love it. 

Like one day we, I mean, it sounds nuts and if I would have known this ahead of time, I would probably been like I’m not doing that. But it’s like wake up at like 3:15. We start on the dot meditating at 4:00. It was a five hour meditation between like breath and trance and all of this stuff. The whole day was a 16 hour day. We meditated over nine hours out of that. Like traveling, like you’re traveling. 

Becca: Did you leave your body at all? Like for real? 

Danielle: Oh yeah. I mean there was a lot of like out of body where it’s like, I’m in the blackness in somewhere else. Like I saw myself like diving into these places and like watching all the particles and then my whole body dissolving. My most fun one, it was like Indiana Jones meets like video game. It was like but it was like ancient Egypt stuff. 

They were like, but do you have the code? There was a staff thing that I needed to have the code for, but my brain was creating the frequency code. Then I planted on onto the pine cone, which is a representation of your pineal gland, which is also the eye of Horus. Anyway, to go into this like doorway into another realm.

Becca: That’s awesome. Listen, my husband is very analytical. He’s an accountant by trade. Things are very black and white. Yet he has been chosen to have the most crazy ass mystical experiences of all time. So he’s had some just through meditation where he’s literally sitting in front of his spirit guides, and they’re telling him. Like a few years ago he was told from some ancient woman that came to him during meditation that his purpose on earth is to raise women. This was before we had all of our daughters.

Danielle: Oh, you told me about that.

Becca: Yeah, this was before he met me. Now he has staffs of freaking 80 people, and they’re all women. I mean, we’re a yoga studio, massage therapy place. I mean, it’s like 99% women, and it’s so interesting. He loves doing like mushrooms and psilocybin, and I do too. Acid, all that shit. 

But he signed up for ketamine therapy. So he went to his first ketamine experience, and in his first episode he danced ballroom style with my mom, my deceased mom. He came home, and he was like, “Becca, it was real. She was there. We chatted, we talked, we danced.” He was like it was the most beautiful experience. He was like we were like in the galaxy. He was like, I don’t know. It was just so amazing. 

So I’ve had a lot of these experiences too and what brought all this on. I have no doubt that this is going to be my life because a lot of people think that I got into this when mom passed or because mom passed. 

Danielle: Yeah. 

Becca: But it wasn’t actually her passing. It was the crazy ass shit that happened to me after her passing. That’s what got me into it. I started having these dreams where she was like coming to me and telling me about the afterlife and what it’s like and what to expect. Like she was saying all this crazy shit that didn’t make sense. Then when I started reading books about it, they were saying the same thing. 

Danielle: Of course, it does make sense.

Becca: Well, they were saying the same shit that she was saying, but I didn’t know any of that. I didn’t know. I wasn’t like just bringing that out of my mind from some book I read. Because it wasn’t until after that I started reading about it, and I was like oh my God, that’s the same shit she said in my dreams.

Danielle: Yeah. 

Becca: Crazy experiences. 

Danielle: Crazy. Yeah. I mean, a number of years ago I had this one during meditation, this guy that George works with, like I’m not friends with him at all. But I was in the room with his wife who is giving birth. I was standing next to this guy, and he was like in a full on track suit and like a whistle. He was like giving me this message. It was a girl and like holding like, again, like I’ve met these people a couple of times. I’m not friends with them. So it was really bizarre, but I had this feeling like I needed to reach out.

I was like George. I was like I know this sounds strange, but I need to talk to Ian. I called him up and I told him, and he was like my dad just passed away, and he was a coach. It was like, and he came to me and I saw it, and he held his daughter’s hand. He was like we don’t know if we’re having a girl or boy. It was a girl. It was this whole thing. Anyway.

Becca: After mom passed, I started having, the only way I can describe it as like downloads, like just knowing. It’s not, I wasn’t told. It was just like information dropped into my mind. It kept happening very randomly where I would get bits of information just out of nowhere.

One of the things that happened was I booked my first medium experience. When I booked it, I hung up, and I had this download that I basically was told that when I get on this call, the very first thing that she’s going to say is did you know that you’re a medium as well? Come to find out very first I call, she answers hello. She said, “Okay, before we get started, I just need to tell you like did you know that you’re a medium?” I was like well, yeah. She was like, “Well, you’ve been having experiences since you were a child.” I was like I know. 

So I had these dreams about mom after she passed, and it brought up all of these dreams that I had as a child. My brother’s best friend died. So my brother’s best friend died when he was like 18, I was like 15. He came to  me in my dreams and would give me messages to give to Ben, my brother. My brother’s not into any of this. He thinks it’s all whack. Even back then he did.

I remember the day I called him and told him. I was like hey, I just had this weird dream. Tim was there, and he gave me this message to give to you. My brother like starts sobbing. He’s like how did you know to say that? How did you know that that was my nickname? How did you know? Like, he was so confused at how I would know. I was like oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t know. I just thought it was just a dream. It must’ve been a coincidence.

But now that I talked to mom after her death, I’m just like oh, that wasn’t a dream at all. Then a few months ago I knew, I had a download that someone was going to die and he died. 

Danielle: Who? 

Becca: Just this guy from my hometown. 

Danielle: Oh, I thought you were talking about your brother. I was like, wait, what? 

Becca: No, no, no, no, no. But somebody that I hadn’t talked to in years and not really thought about. But I had this thing that was like, Justin died. Justin is dead. I remember thinking that’s dumb. He’s not dead. He’s doing great. Last I heard he was doing great. Then it was like two weeks later it was like, Justin died. Another download. I was like no, he didn’t. He’s doing great.

Then like two days after that second download, my brother called me and he was like, “Hey, did you know that Justin died? He just died last night.” I was like oh, I did know. So I’m starting to kind of like trust.

Danielle: And lean into it.

Becca: So, I’m just leaning into it now. Like now I’m like, I think I spent the last two months grappling with am I crazy? Now I’m just like no, I’m not. I’m getting weird messages, and I’m getting downloads, and I’m understanding things in a way that I never have before, and it’s bananas.

Danielle: Yeah. Well, when we would get away from like that analytical part of our brain, I can really get back into like that limbic system. Right. It’s like this is where all becomes available. Like it’s right there. Like you look in all these ancient texts, and they talk about it, and they didn’t have all the things that pull us away from it, all the distractions. So it was so much more accessible, the veil was so much thinner for them. 

Becca: Well, and it’s always been such a big part of life before now. I mean the fact that we all think that it’s weird to be a medium or that it’s crazy that you talk to your deceased loved one, like that’s new information. That’s a new opinions. Because if you just rewind a hundred years and then every single year before that, people were all doing this. It was commonplace. It was normal. It was acceptable. 

When you look back at the history of the Greeks, I mean, there was psychomanteums in the middle of the town squares where people were going to visit their deceased loved ones. It was a very common practice. It wasn’t hushed or anything. It was just like when your person dies and you need advice from them. Now that they’re across the veil, they have all the advice in the world because they can see everything. Yeah. You just go into your psychomanteum, and you chat with them. 

Danielle: How tied it was like to beliefs and all of that stuff, but then how religion and really when we had this Judeo-Christian religion actually was part of the catalyst for removing all of that. Where when you really get to the ancient parts of that religion, like they were all in it. 

Then the business of the church kind of took over and the religion of it, controlling all these witches and the seers and all of that stuff is just like so ironic that like part of the place where it really started was also when the business came in of it, the downfall of us being able to open up to it. 

Becca: You and I would have been burned at the stakes so hard. 

Danielle: Oh yeah. Multiple, every life, every life. All my lives. I actually have like my first shamanic journey that I did when I was 18 years old. I saw myself getting like actually stabbed in the back, which is the place that I have chronic pain to this day under my shoulder blade, getting stabbed in the back for being a mystical woman in the world and being too outspoken. 

Becca: Man, I envy you for knowing. I want to know my past lives. I know that we have past lives. I know that it shapes who I am today. 

Danielle: Yeah. I mean you just keep doing these. Even doing some of these just meditations, like you can download them on Joe Dispenza that are 25 bucks. Just getting into that place regularly. You’ll probably visit them. 

Becca: Well, so I have this weird feeling, just like an intuition, that this is obviously here to stay. I have unlocked something in me that is not going anywhere. I’ve talked to a couple of mediums and psychics. Some of them without me realizing I was talking to them. Like I didn’t set up an appointment. Like they came to me. They were like hi, can I please tell you what’s going on with your body right now? They have all said the same thing, which is you have a really big life ahead of you spiritually. Like you are about to fuck some shit up spiritually. So, yeah. 

So I can feel that. I don’t feel like they needed to tell me to know that, but just hearing them say that. I’m like yeah, I know. I can tell. I have an insatiable curiosity right now, and I’m obsessed. So watch out.

Danielle: Will you text me some of the books that you’re reading that you’re liking?

Becca: Oh yeah. 

Danielle: Okay.

Becca: I’ve got a lot. Some of them are garbage and some of them are just life altering. 

Danielle: Yeah. Yeah. I think I had this download for myself on this retreat because my mom’s always been a mystic. She’s the one that has like done these circles in her basement, taken me into these places. A lot of my experiences have been when she’s worked on me cause she’s a medium and done stuff.

Then at this certain time in my life, as like a lot of times happens, like you’re like oh, whatever mom’s doing it’s so weird and kind of gravitated towards what my dad thought was cool, which was science. Got so into science that I turned off this part of me. I had this huge aha. Like the minute I stopped judging my mom for the mystic is when I step into mine more, like where it really gets fully there. Because I think there is part of me that’s always been like oh, my mom’s so woo in a judgy way versus like a curious way. 

Becca: Oh my gosh. Well, I think that I probably had some judgment too. I mean I couldn’t be too crazy because I am a massage therapist for the love of God. Like we are all tree huggers. But at the same time, I think that there was still some woo in me, but you just can’t take away my experiences after mom passed.

Danielle: No.

Becca: Like some of the shit that happened is unbelievable. One time I was asleep, and I was sleeping through my alarm clock, and I was like having a dream. It was like three weeks after she died. I was like having a dream that like wasn’t making any sense, just a random dream. Then my shoulder starts getting like, someone’s shaking my shoulder. I hear her say, good morning, baby. Good morning. In the exact voice that she’s always had, always been the same. It wasn’t a dream. It was she interrupted my dream. It was on top of my dream. It was her interrupting it, and she was waking me up. I shot out of bed.

I was just like I can’t explain that. I can’t make that shit up. Like my mom just woke me up. I know that it was real. I don’t feel a need to explain to people. I don’t feel a need to justify it. 

Danielle: Justify it. Yeah. 

Becca: Like I still communicate with my mom, and she is dead, and that’s fucking crazy to me and mind blowing and exciting and curious and fun and all of the things. So.

Danielle: All of the things.

Becca: I love it so much. 

Danielle: I love it too. 

Becca: If you’re cool with it, I’ve already decided I’m going to make this the second part. This is going to be a two part podcast. So mysticism is going to be part two if you’re okay with it.

Danielle: Yeah. Yeah. 

Becca: Even if it’s just 10 to 15 minutes of us ranting, I’m going to do our podcast episode. Then the next week is going to be behind the scenes before the podcast aired, mysticism and everything. 

Danielle: Yeah. Okay. 

Becca: Okay. Are you ready to get started? 

Danielle: Yeah. Yeah. Let’s talk orgasms. 

Becca: Okay. 

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share. 

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day. 

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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