Picture it:

You’re 100 pounds overweight.

You decide to get healthy.

You eat cleaner and lose your first 2 pounds almost immediately…but begin to question if there’s a better way.

So you change your approach. You go with a different diet.

But during that transition, you gained a pound because you had to take time to learn the new rules of the diet.

But it’s fine because you get back on track and lose 2 more pounds.

But then you decide maybe it’s too expensive to be healthy, so you take a week off.

You gain back the weight you lost.

You wished you hadn’t done that.

So, now you’re hella determined, so you pull it together and lose another 5 pounds.

But then someone tells you about a different diet. Swears it’s amazing. You get curious, so you switch over, and lose 5 pounds, but it’s unsustainable for you so you gain back 10 pounds.

Had you stayed the course and trusted it from the beginning, you could be down 30 pounds by now.

This is what so many coaches and biz owners are doing with mentorship.

Every coach has a different way of being successful, and if you continue to switch coaches, you are switching plans.

Or you make the mistake of believing you can just carry through with what you already learned, without a plan, or on your own.

To gain traction, you must stick with the same plan and be consistent. Every time you switch plans or break and recommit to the plan, you’re essentially starting over.

But instead, you get in your head and keep switching…which delays progress. It’s all about momentum and momentum happens when you stop the jerky gas pedal-brake pedal pattern of mentorship.


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