Our 3-day masterclass begins tomorrow! It is not too late for you to join!

Dive deep with us into the understanding that selling through emotion and transformation is the most important key to selling your service effectively.

Emotion and transformation are what make people drop into your DM’s wanting to learn more, wanting to sign up, and wanting to bring a friend to join too.

These two things are what make big names like Lululemon, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and many more such giants in the industry. They have learned to sell with emotion…with feeling.

In this masterclass, you will learn how to find and articulate exactly what emotion your audience is trying to feel, then become masterful at selling your customers through the lens of that emotion. This will create more demand than any other sales tactic you’ve learned before. People do not buy anything out of necessity besides toilet paper and food. And even then, it’s annoying to have to continue to buy these necessities. Buying from necessity isn’t appealing nor sexy.

People buy from emotion. They buy because they want to FEEL something.

When someone buys a $7,000 trip to Europe it is to feel freedom.

When someone buys a $4,000 road bike for their triathlon, it is to FEEL empowered.

When I buy $400 of Lululemon it is to actually FEEL like I could take a yoga class if I had to.

This class will not be only-teaching. We have saved an abundant amount of time for direct coaching with me, so I can answer questions, give advice or just plain RIFF on a problem you’re facing. The vibe of this class is laid back, easy going, informative, yet intimate. We are about to go on a three day journey together.

There is no better time. We know the summer is winding down and your brain is all over the place. Vacations are wrapped up, kids are going back to school so soon, and you’re feeling a little distant from your business. Don’t worry, I got you. Spend these three days with me: ground yourself back into your strong business-mind, organize your August goal, and then crush it in this intimate and supported community. 

Plus: we added in giveaways every single day as well as toasts! (BYOB!) Why? Because we wanted to! Now what are you waiting for? Get in this room and lets have some fun, ya’ll!

You must register to attend. Only $22.22

Recordings available for paying participants. Must register before the 29th.

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Ps: 4 days until Three More pricing increases by 100%. Now is the time to get into this community. Three More clients in Thirty Days or your money back, guaranteed. Let’s go!

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