Let’s talk webinars/masterclasses. Something as simple as a poor transition can throw your whole masterclass off and keep people from buying from you.

So imagine this: You’re in a webinar watching a woman teach you about weight loss. Then after about 40 minutes in, without any warning she starts trying to sell you into her course. And you’re not necessarily surprised by this, because you knew webinars came with selling, but for some reason it is unsettling. Just 10 minutes ago you were hanging onto her every word and wondering how soon you could hire her to be your coach, but now….you kind of feel icky and aren’t sure why.

Okay, let’s go through the same scenario but rewind a little bit and add in a proper transition:

You’re watching the same coach. You’re 40 minutes in and feeling a strong pull to hire her and work with her because she is laying out such good education. But then, she simply TELLS YOU that the masterclass is over. She ties a pretty bow on it and says she is all finished before she ever starts selling you.

This is what we call a transition into selling.

It’s as simple as saying, “And that’s the end of the class, my friends. Thank you so much for coming. I am going to stay on though, and discuss ways you can work with me further if you’re interested!”

Boom. One line. She still is going to sell. She still is the same person. But this time? No icky feelings. Why? Because she transitioned you before selling to you. She didn’t jump from teaching you to selling you without your consent. And that feels SAFE to our nervous system.

This mistake alone can cost thousands of dollars during your webinar.

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