People are more willing to stay in pain that is familiar than they are to experience pain they don’t know…even if the pain they don’t know is useful/helpful/life-changing pain.

That means: people are more willing to stay broke because it’s familiar than they are to experience the pain of putting themselves out there to learn how to break the cycle.

People are more willing to stay overweight and unhealthy and all the pain that comes with that if it’s what they’ve known for 20 years then they are to switch to the healthier/shorter pain of losing the weight.

Ask yourself: what pain are you avoiding?

And by avoiding that pain, what pain does this mean you’re keeping?

If you’re avoiding rejection, then you’re keeping what?

If you’re avoiding hiring someone because you don’t want to experience the pain of learning new people managing skills, then what paid does that mean you’re saying yes to?

Most of the time people say yes to the lifelong pain instead of saying yes to the quick-get-it-over with pain. (I.e. the lifetime pain of being overweight versus the year it requires to lose it. The lifetime pain of trying to run a company alone versus the quicker pain of paying a mentor to teach you how to do it better. The lifelong pain of being understaffed instead of the 2-week pain to train someone to help them)

Escape your pain.

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