Here’s a helpful secret

Social media is supposed to be the cherry on top of your marketing strategy. Not your entire marketing strategy.

Instagram and Facebook are awesome tools, but it should be simply the cherry on top.

  • My audience receives sales emails twice per week from me.
  • EVERY SINGLE DAY, my software texts people who haven’t booked an appointment lately to remind them to rebook.
  • I go to networking events to meet new people.
  • I have billboards in my city.
  • We run cross-promotions with other local businesses in order to tap into their email list.
  • We run Google Ads and SEO.
  • We hand out flyers at the front desk for upcoming promotions.
  • And at the end of the day, if I have the energy, I will dance to some music on a reel, just as the fun cherry on top for my audience.

Try not to be upset if you’re not getting the clients you want if you are putting ALL your efforts into what is meant to be the cherry on top.

Think about it: those sliver of people who see your social media content (whom, only a percentage, are actually your target audience) are a FRACTION of your bigger audience.

I am not saying you shouldn’t focus on socials. But I am saying you shouldn’t ONLY focus on socials. You want a repertoire of tools.

My Mini-mind starts in a few days, and we are loving the TYPE of person signing up for this: we are assembling a round table of superheroes for this mini-mind! Strong women, Unite! The vibe of this group is already SO next level. We move quickly in my world, and that’s why my students see the big results they do and why it’s filling up with self-led CEO women. We start THIS THURSDAY! This is not one you want to sit on the sidelines for!

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