First and foremost, I want to shout out to my students who ended their final call in the Thirty More Mastermind today. This group and the last 6 months were so special to me.

16 different business owners, from several different industries, located all over the US and Canada, came together and made closer connections, deeper friendships, and stronger bonds than I have seen in any mastermind before them. 

There was something special about this round and it was tangible to everyone involved. And the intimacy they created allowed ME to open up, be more vulnerable, and show my own faults and failures more than I have in previous rounds. And because of that, I am changed as a coach for the better. Sometimes the student really is the teacher.

So just the biggest, hugest, sloppiest kiss to all of you who were on the final call today.

I love you Noureen, Nathan, Brittany, Sam, Hillary, Ashlee, Beth, Whitney, Joseph, Andrea, Christine, Lynsi, Kati, Jeri, Sarah, and Kim.

My oh my, what a mastermind we have. <3

Now, to YOU, my love. Let’s talk about you.

As you saw on Instagram last night, a couple spots became available for this next round of the mastermind which starts in like 14 days!!

We are heading to TAHOE on July 11th and YOU can come with us! But if you are considering it, I must warn you: we have to know like…ummm now.


If this is for you, and you know this was an aligned message from the universe, then you best be writing us back ASAP so we can get you on the roster before we jet out!

If you are on the FENCE, here are some questions I would like to ask you in order to LUBE up your brain when it comes to this decision:

  1. Do you simply WANT to go to Lake Tahoe with us and spend the next 6 months in a high level mastermind with me and other successful business owners (not talking about cost or logistics, just a simple question of DESIRE)? If YES, that sounds desirable, move to the next question.
  2. Do you meet the requirement to get in? (Have you made 50k or more in the last 12 months in top line revenue in your business?) If yes, move to the next question.
  3. What is holding you back from replying to this email and committing to going?
    Is it:
    a.  Money
    b.  Time
    c.  You don’t feel 100% sure
    d.  Scared to confront your spouse about it
    e.  OTHER

Let’s break these down.


What if it really DID work? What if you actually doubled your revenue? So many of our students have. 96% of all business owners who have come through T.M. have made their money back in less than 90 days! This is unheard of. Why? BECAUSE THIS CONTAINER IS DAMN GOOD and has been refined, added to, and built for years and we have all the success inside to show for it.

I want you to imagine the number that is in your bank account right now. I want you to consider that it’s a plant. And in order for it to grow, it needs sunlight and water. Sunlight is continual high-level education (exactly how to grow it). Water is action (exactly what to do with that education). If you spend your life depriving it of water and sunlight, your number will stay the same or dwindle. What if you decided for the next six months you’re going to water the absolute shit out of it?

“This is the best money I have ever spent literally in my entire life.” – Beth, Thirty More Member

2. TIME:

This one is my favorite because Thirty More was created for people like you. If you own a business and can’t get away from it for long enough to go to a 72 hour Tahoe trip, or are worried you can’t make the calls with us on Thursdays, then you need Thirty More more than anyone else. Your business should not OWN you. You own your business. Let me show you how to turn this boat around. It will work for you, just like it has worked for the hundreds of businesses I have coached who now are able to take weeks upon weeks of vacations every year without their revenue dipping.

“When I started Thirty More in January, I was TERRIFIED to take time away. I was sick over it. But I did it anyway, and learned how much that was holding me back. I now have 3 new employees just in the last 6 months, I work only 3 days per week, and my team has everything covered when I am not there.”- Thirty More member


There is no better advice I can give then: DO IT ANYWAY. DO things that scare you. Do things that feel BIG. Do things your friends and family think you’re crazy for. Do it for YOU. Choose to feel sure. This is the first step to being a CEO.

“The #1 thing I learned when it comes to being a CEO is to simply make decisions. I spent years not making decisions. Not making them quickly, clearly and with trust for myself and that cost me so much.” – Whitney, Thirty More member


I get this one a lot unfortunately. I have a whole podcast episode about it (Episode 81). If this is you, I urge you to listen to my episode to better understand how much your spouse is trying to PROTECT you, not CONTROL you. What we don’t want is a marriage with resentment because we don’t understand their intention. But this is one of those things that has a beautiful ripple effect on a marriage when it’s faced head on. Decide for yourself: Am I asking my spouse for PERMISSION to join a mastermind or am I asking my spouse for SUPPORT to join a mastermind? Where have I convinced my spouse in my life that I need protecting and how can I own that? Is this an opportunity to show my spouse how resourceful, mature, and READY I am for my business to be treated like a BUSINESS instead of a hobby?

“You were right about all of it in your podcast episode. The fact that I was refusing to confront the elephant in the room was hurting our marriage. Once I asked for support instead of permission, everything changed. He realized I didn’t need protecting. And we had some of the best sex we have had in years after, but don’t tell him I told you that.”- A sexxed up Thirty More member


Connect with me and let my team and I brainstorm with you.

No matter what, it is important to me and to Team HYC that whoever comes is EXCITED AF about coming, feels GREAT in their body about the investment, and is ready to PLOW through the end of the year with me.

If this is your sign then LFG.

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