Lately, I have been enjoying talking less about the actual amount of money I make. In the last several months, I haven’t been as transparent.

In all honesty, I always shared my numbers as a way to give context to my students and inspire my students. But, I have been in a season of keeping all my celebrations closer to my heart.

But today, I have an intuition to bring it up. A nudge, if you will.

Yesterday, (Sunday) I didn’t work at all. From sun up until sundown, I made roughly $32,000 from my online coaching businesses alone. This does not include my brick-and-mortar businesses. I will likely profit about $29,000-ish of that.

This isn’t my biggest sales day, nor is it even a fraction of my biggest sales day. It’s simply a random Sunday that I spent with my kids while my phone pinged with new notifications of students coming into my world, or paying their membership fees, or putting credit towards future purchases.

I am not so far gone that I don’t realize how absolutely insane it is that I am making some people’s annual salaries on a Sunday while not even working. But at the same time, I have normalized it. I have begun to expect it.

And sometimes, I want to write across my own forehead, “It would be absolutely asinine to not stop everything you’re doing and come learn everything you can from me.”

Here’s the thing:  I have made a career out of telling people exactly what I do to make this type of income. I have created videos and training and How-to’s. 

I make this a no-brainer. I have helped dozens of people become 7 figure earners. And hundreds become 6 figure earners.

I have days that I make 2k. I have days that I make 200k. I have months where my companies see over 1,000 customers in 30 days.

I know what I am doing in business. I can look at someone’s business model and in under 30 seconds flat, give them advice that will completely change their life. 

But, when women say things like this, they get labeled “cocky.” Or masculine. Or “obsessed.”

I am not obsessed.

I am frankly quite detached from this thing I call work.

I am more attached to the idea of how the fuck to get my yeast to rise on this loaf of bread I have been trying to perfect for weeks.

But, whether you’re as successful as you want to be right now or not, I will be the first to say that if you’re trying to grow a business and you’re NOT learning directly from someone who has seen the results you want, then you’re wasting a lot of time and energy. The answers could simply be given to you.

But, you have to have the courage to pull the trigger. You have to be willing to hire the coach that lights your soul on fire and motivates the hell out of you. No one is going to do it for you. 

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