I was the kind of ‘broke’ only a few privileged Americans understand.

I was the type of broke where I would pick up extra shifts at work because we were allowed to eat from the menu and I knew my cupboards were bare at home, and I had to stretch my knock-off brand Ramen Noodles and my one box of Toasted-O’s until next Friday.

I was the type of broke that shoved toilet paper in my purse from the work bathrooms to get me through the weekend at home, knowing I couldn’t afford a whole box of tp from the store. (Yes, I was a thief in a way. But it’s hard to see it like that when you’re in survival mode and when you just really want to be able to wipe your ass.)

I deeply understand the struggles of not having enough money.

No matter how broke you are (there are various levels of brokenness) it all feels the same.

Regardless of what stage of broke, it all is suffocating in its own unique way.

It feels like pressure.

Like sickness.

Like constant worry.

Like crunching numbers in your head when you’re supposed to be hanging with your friends. I get it.

But, what I didn’t get at the time is how in control I was of my finances.

It sounds cliche, like a cute Canva you might see on Instagram that says some shit like “you are in control of your financial destiny.”

But the truth is that it’s real, and I was in control the whole time, I just didn’t know it.

No one wants to hear that they, “could have more if they wanted to,” while they’re just trying to survive. If someone had said that to me while I was picking up extra shifts at Bigg Blue Martini, I woulda smacked them and said, ‘I’m trying my ass off, of COURSE I want more money…don’t tell me I could easily have it. Life is hard and these double shifts are putting new blisters on my feet every day.”

It wasn’t until later in life that I realized how little I was doing to get out of broke-ness.

I was spending all my time WORKING MY ASS OFF, with my head down grinding, and I never took the time to look up, take a breath, and start learning a new way of doing things.

It wasn’t until I was 26 that I finally bought my first course teaching me how to start a business.

It wasn’t until 28 that I hired my first coach and joined my first group training.

Once I started LEARNING how to actually get out of a financial crisis instead of being a hamster in a hamster wheel, I started learning how to sell my services, how to pocket more money, and how to use my money to make more money.

It was so much simpler than I had ever thought.

When I tell you I can teach you how to sell your services, I mean it.

I really mean it.

I got my degree in the School of Hard Knocks.

My business wasn’t something I wanted to grow for fun. My business was something I wanted to grow to get myself, as well as my children, out of the rat race.

My desire for learning was as heightened as humanly possible, and I absorbed more information on business growth than I could ever retain. And that is why I have spent the last several years teaching people how to ACTUALLY make more money.

I don’t believe in stories of, “I can’t.”

I will never look at you and your circumstances and assume you’re in a position of inability to make as much money as you want.

And, when you become my coaching client, I  will never let you assume that of yourself. Because that my friend, is a death wish to your financial growth.

And we are here to make money.

I am going to teach you How To Get Your Next Client in 3 simple steps right here in this video.

This class is only $9. NINE DOLLARS!?


I am going to teach you how I went from stealing toilet paper at work to well over a million dollars in annual revenue in a questionably short time.



PS- If you have a friend that could benefit from this class, just copy and paste this link:


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