The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Q&A: How to Kill it on Social MediaA lot of you guys will know we recently held Sprint to Success 2.0. Everyone who was there loved it. We had three days of nothing but money-making energy. You can still buy the full webinar, but on today’s show, I’m sharing something special. After each class, I would hang around for some casual Q&A chit-chat, and it’s seriously worth hearing.

On day two after the class, we got deep into the topic of social media. I shared a bunch of tips, tricks, and thoughts about social media, so we’ve taken that recording and boiled it down to the most impactful parts, and we’re giving this goldmine of a Q&A to you for free.

Tune in this week to discover a new way of looking at social media. I’m sharing what stops people from using social media to its full potential, and three things I’ve learned in just the last month that have helped me make more of an impact through my posts, stories, and all that good stuff.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How I think about every single post I put on my feed.
  • Why I only sell on my stories, and why it’s been working.
  • How I see people going wrong with their longwinded stories, and how to start condensing your content.
  • Why social media becomes more fun when you start taking it more seriously.
  • What makes Google Ads better than ads on Facebook or Instagram.
  • How to start getting over your fear of putting yourself out there on social media.
  • Why “likes” aren’t the most important metric on social media.
  • How to get a deeper understanding of what people want and need to see from you.

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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

What is up my friends? Hello, how are we doing? Okay, so a lot of you guys know that we had Sprint to Success 2.0. A lot of you all were there for that webinar, for that masterclass. It was three days of nothing but money making energy. What I want to do today—So I’m not going to give you guys access to any of the paid version of Sprint to Success, but what I am gonna do is I’m gonna let you guys listen in on some afterward Q&A chat that we had during the class.

So after each class each day I would hang around, and we would casually chit chat. People would write in questions. I would answer them. On day two specifically, we went pretty heavy on social media. Social media tips and tricks and things that I like to do and the way that I like to think about social media. It is all recorded, and we just took it and snipped it down and are handing it over to you guys today because I believe that this is a goldmine of a Q&A. It’s just a nice little new way to look at social media if you are not already looking at it this way.

So today is episode number 76. I hope you guys enjoy this little snippet of Sprint to Success 2.0 day two Q&A. Please remember, we are inching our way towards the deadline for next round of the 30 More mastermind. The deadline is on November 18th at midnight. The price for 30 More is $12,000. When you guys apply, you’re going to be applying with $1,000 deposit. You’re going to be sending in your video. You’re gonna be sending in your application. We’re gonna be reviewing all of that. Team Hell Yes takes this very seriously. We want to be sure that we have really awesome people in this group together.

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Like if you just know that there is a gear that you have not shifted into yet. You want to scale, you want to take your business bigger, this is the mastermind for you guys. Do not miss out. Okay, we are not enrolling for the next round again until well into 2023.

So this is your time. Take the chance, listen to your gut, come, and follow along. I would love to see you in Austin, Texas for our kickoff party and for the next six months after that. All right deadline is November 18th at midnight. I hope you guys enjoy this episode number 76. I am your host Becca Pike. It is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

All right, three things you have learned about social media in the last month that have made you better. Yes. I love this question. Number one, I’m going to talk mainly about Instagram because that’s kind of my platform that I like. Number one, the post is highly educational. I have stopped using so much storytelling on my posts. So the way I think about it now is like my post is education. It is giving. It is helping. There is no selling in my posts.

My stories are all selling. I sell like fucking crazy on my stories. But I think of my feed as my storefront. So I am selling every single day on my stories. Something I realized was that I wasn’t selling enough. I think that I was selling like maybe two or three times a week. I now sell probably five or six stories a day. I’m selling. It has worked. It has been amazing. You guys should all try it. I am drastically increasing the amount of selling on my stories.

So I keep my feed and my story separate. Feed is very educational. It’s like a storefront. I make it really pretty. I have decided the colors I want to use. This is something that I really tried not to do for so long, and I thought it was dumb. Now I’m starting to play the game, and I’m making more money. I’m like oh, it actually works. I shouldn’t have resisted this for so long. So that’s number one.

Number two, I’ve learned that doing really long winded videos on your stories where people have to click through like five or six times is really terrible for your stories. Even if you see that people are clicking through, data shows that they are not actually watching. They’re just tap, tap, tap, tapping to try to get through to get to the next thing.

So long winded things should be saved for like Facebook Lives. Or if you can’t get it in in 90 seconds in a real then work on cutting the fluff and getting it down so that you can get it in in 90 seconds on a reel. Most people don’t have the capacity to handle more than really like 30 seconds of watching a video. So you’re either super fucking entertaining, you’re getting to the point and being very educational, or you got to keep it under 30 seconds. That entire riff could have be its own class. I could go on forever about social media.

I’ve also learned to have so much more fun with it. I think it’s more fun. Like when you start taking it more seriously, when you’re more committed to it, when you start seeing it as like a thing that can be really helpful to you, it becomes much more fun. It’s like hey, here’s five steps on how to get your social media account engagement up. Here’s five steps on how to scale right? People are really enjoying that, and I get to see that happen. It’s a lot of fun.

Let’s see. About feeling uncomfortable with my own image. I tend to have a very negative reaction to seeing myself in videos, pictures. So I struggle to make myself the face of my business. Okay, so number one, you don’t have to be the face of your business. You just don’t. You just choose not to be.

But also, let’s say that your service was curing cancer. You were able to cure cancer like with one session? Would you be worried about what you look like? Or would you be on a fucking rampage to tell everyone exactly what you do so that you could cure all their cancers? Obviously, you would be in more of a contribution.

So I just want you to first register the significance of this. Like, this is me. I don’t like the way I look. I don’t like the way I appear on video. I don’t like the way my voice sounds or something like that. I hear that all the time. People are always talking about how their voice sounds on social media. Or like that’s their fear with it. They don’t like it. My thought is number one, like you’ve got to get more into contribution. Like you could be saving lives, and you’re thinking about your voice. What is happening. So really anchor into saving lives, the fact that you’re saving a life.

But also number two, I think it’s something that repetition can change. I think that you have normalized staying behind the scenes, so you haven’t normalized showing up on camera. So showing up on camera feels really scary. But if you were to show up on camera every day for the next 20 days, I don’t know. I feel like it would become more normalized. I would give it a shot. Then of course, just deep inner work on self-love and self-respect and how much your image doesn’t matter. Right.

So my posts that do the best or when I’m with my kids, not my professional content. Try not to slip in significance. Here’s a fun thing to think about. I also was like, but my post with my kids get the most likes. Let me ask you this. So do your posts with your kid—Like who’s liking your posts with your kids? Is it all of your friends and your family members? 1,000% it is. I don’t even know your posts, but I guarantee that that’s what it is. You built a social media.

So for me, I built a social media for years with pictures of my kids. So the amount of people that are following me, a lot of them up, until a few weeks ago, were just people from my high school, people from my middle school, my family, my ex boyfriend’s family, my mom, my husband, and his family, right? Like all these people. So of course they like pictures of my kids. When I start talking about coaching, they’re like what the fuck is this? This is not what I signed up for.

So I spent years building a platform with people liking posts of my kids. So when I transitioned, there was some whiplash. They were like who is this? We’re not liking all of that. That’s okay because I’m in it for the long game. I’m building a lot of followers now that are in there for the business advice. If you guys don’t follow me on Instagram, I put a lot of business advice out there. So I’m building this thing where a lot of people are starting to follow me for the business advice. Now I’m seeing it change over right? It’s starting to really shift. So yes, of course you get more likes because that’s the audience you’ve built.

Okay, if your goal is to help on social media, what metrics do you use to confirm that this is working? So I don’t go by likes right now on social media. So like, this is the way I think about it. If you’re sitting across from a friend at coffee, and you say something that they like, imagine their reaction. They’d be like oh, that’s nice. That is the equivalent of a like on social media, right?

If you say something that’s so fucking good that they have to get their pen and paper out from their purse and write it down. They’re like I gotta remember that. That’s equivalent to a save, which you can look at. That’s an analytic on Instagram. You can see how many people are saving your things. Educational posts get saved. Okay? If you say something educational and someone wants to save it, they’re putting it in their pocket so that they can either copy it or they can remember it.

You can look at back taps on your story. You can see who hit back to go back to your story to reread it and rewatch it. To me, that’s like someone saying you’re at coffee. They’re like wait, say that again? What did you just say? I need to hear it. Right? Then sharing. You can also see sharing. I feel like that’s the equivalent of you’re at coffee, you say something, and they’re like oh my god, I gotta call my mom. Mom, listen to what Becca just said. Right?

So to me, it’s not even about the likes. I can say a lot of things that people like. I don’t care. I want to know who’s saving my shit and who’s sending it. If you’re sharing my content, then I’m going to be bringing in a lot more followers. You really agree with what I’m saying. If I’m bringing in a lot of saves, what I’m saying is really good. Back taps, you’re wanting to hear my shit again.

This is like a goldmine of a Q&A. I hope everyone listens all the way through. We need to make sure we write on the Facebook group. Like listen all the—The Q&A is like better than anything. Okay?

My reels were getting a lot more views, saves, and shares a month or two ago, and now it’s like crickets. I’m so confused. Just keep going. Just keep going algorithms, all the things. Just keep going. Guys, just remember, and this is the last thing I’ll say. I don’t do social media for the instant gratification of who’s going to like and share and save. I just don’t. I’m in it for the longer haul.

So when I post something, I don’t care anymore what’s happening to it in that moment. What I care about is I’m building a value bank that is going to allow people to when they do find me, they’re going to be able to scroll down. What’s the first thing you do whenever you come across a profile you like? You just do a quick scroll.

The first thing you’re thinking is is this curated? Does this look pretty? Does this look like a business? Does this look like this person is a resource? Then does it look like they can help me. So when they’re scrolling down my social media, it’s like I don’t care if in the moment someone likes it. But in six months from now when they find my social media and they do that quick scroll, and they’re gonna say okay five ways to scale your business, five ways to raise your social media, three tips for this, nine ways to know it’s time to hire. Holy shit. Holy shit, this person knows exactly, oh my god.

Right? Like that’s what I’m building it for. So that they come to my social media, and it’s a fucking playground. They’re like this girl knows everything that I need. Right? So if it’s crickets right now, cool. Totally fine. One day it’s gonna not be crickets, and how much value have you accumulated in your value bank?

Maureen says between Facebook and Instagram ad, which one has a better ROI? Do you place ads on Google? I love ads on Google. Always have. Like it’s better than social media, especially in the brick and mortar world. If you’ve got a brick and mortar business, Google ads are your savior all the way, 100% that and SEO, but that’s all stuff that I talk a lot about in my 30 More mastermind.

So I’m gonna go for today. I will see you guys here tomorrow. Come. We’ve got some little incentives, some little things you don’t want to miss. If you do want to continue working with us, you want to be here tomorrow so that you can get the things okay. All right. I will see you guys tomorrow. Bye.

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