Although people often warn you and illustrate how complicated business is, I am here to quietly nudge you a different way. Business doesn’t have to be so complicated. Do your best to not let people normalize this for you.

Often people overcomplicate from a place of good-heartedness.

Over-complication often comes from trying to accommodate your clients in every available way…and provide top-notch service…..and be better than competitors…and give more and more and more in hopes that you are handing value to your customer’s hand over fist. You may try to sell at multiple price points in multiple different ways, through multiple avenues of communication. You’re trying to accommodate and help and what’s left is a super chaotic company that runs your life. And when an entrepreneur does all of this accommodating, they expect people to flood into their doors…because everything their customers need is right here.

Except customers don’t come flooding in. And their revenue is kinda stuck, hovering around the same numbers. (And they’re fucking exhausted.)

Over-complicated companies often have too many offers, price points, half-executed ideas, and often whip things together at the last minute. Does any of this sound familiar?

 Instead of creating demand, this all creates:

  • diluted energy, budget, attention, audience messaging, and confused clients
  • dilution of the brand and reputation
  • never becoming masterful in their industry
  • forever needing to hustle and grind to keep up with all the different audiences’ needs

What is desperately needed is a simplification overhaul.

Inside Massage Strong, my million-dollar brick-and-mortar business, I was BEGGED by customers and my employees to bring on different modalities, other than just deep tissue massage. I had clients asking for Swedish massage, ashi atsu massage, and waterfall massage to be offered on our menus. If I had brought them on, we would have made some money. Of course. But it didn’t fit the brand I was building and we wouldn’t have the name in deep tissue massage that we have today had I diluted it in order to make a couple more dollars. We became masters because we stayed simple. We have raving customers because we stayed simple. We don’t feel a need to continue to add more, more, more. We are Massage Strong: Deep tissue massage. Period. And our customers LOVE it.

Some of you have companies that aren’t simplified yet. And that is okay. It is never too late. But simplifying requires a lot of mentality and emotional coaching, far more than it requires strategy.

It can feel difficult to turn away money for the sake of growth and scaling. To stop offering SO many things that *could* make money in order to focus on the one thing that does make money. In order to stop being all over social media, in order to grow their email list. It requires rewiring how we think about business and rewiring what we think success is.

I remember my coach asking me to simplify my business by getting rid of an offer that made 100k dollars per year. I remember telling her, But this makes 100k!?!? And she said, “Yes, and I want you to begin seeing that as pocket change. Think bigger.”

She was right. When I simplified my business, it took off, and now I teach the same concept to my students. This is the chapter that differentiates the forever-hamster-wheel-entrepreneurs from the powerful CEOs.

Simplifying can feel scary and it can feel triggering. This is where true growth lies. I invite you to step into the uncomfort.

PS: In Thirty More, I teach what true scaling is. When you join Thirty More, you will deeply understand simplification and how it must be used in your company to acquire growth and sustainability, as well as weekly mindset coaching for 6 months to support the transitions. I teach how to actually grow a business efficiently…and without losing your hair. In a way that makes 100k feel like pocket change. You will get out of the hamster wheel tornado of trying to provide more and more and more. Your audience will be happier and they will understand your business even better. You will be able to breathe, enjoy your business more, and have one path to run down, instead of 10. You will make more money than you have ever made and feel great about it. The application window for Thirty More opens May 1 – May 5.

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