I see you, unpacking your vacation stuff. You’re only a few weeks away from shoving the pool floaties back into the garage storage. Only a few weeks till you’re thinking about back to school to-do’s for the kids. And zero days away from already daydreaming about a crisp fall morning in your future, steaming coffee in hand, sweater covering your arms.

☀️⛱ You love summer and all that comes with it….

But the truth is, it’s coming to a close pretty soon and your business isn’t seeing the revenue you’d like to see. I mean, how could it with all these margarita and lake weekend distractions?🍹

Before it’s over…what do you say we blow the roof off this summer??

Let’s have the most hellaciously fun, authentic AF, energetic and magnetic month to date. Let’s blow up August of ’22 by reconnecting to the fun in our business, by talking goals and strategy, and by doing free and exciting giveaways every single day. Who the hell would say no to that??

Come join us for this live three-day virtual event where we are focusing our efforts on exactly what needs to be done to make August our most kick-ass month yet.🔥

There are only two things you need to know to make the money this August:

  1. How to sell through emotion
  2. How to sell a transformation

That’s it. Make it harder than this, and your flamingo floaty’s got a hole in it.

Three days with me and you’ll remember how to delight in your business, attract clients like a magnet by being YOU, and most importantly remember just how powerful you are.

Bring your weird ass up in this event.

There will be champagne toasts.

There will be prizes and giveaways every single day.

There will be celebrations for new goals and successes. Including yours. Because you WILL master this class.

🎯 July 27, 28, 29th at 1pm EST 🎯

Register for this event HERE.

I can’t wait to see you inside.


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