The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Becca Coaches Live: Save Time & Get More ClientsThree More is the lifetime-access beginner business community for entrepreneurs in any industry who are making less than $200,000 per year. We have one goal: to add three clients to your roster every month until you are ready to scale. If adding an extra three clients per month sounds like something you want for your business, listen closely.

This week, I am giving you a glimpse behind the scenes and offering you a taste of what Three More is really like. We’ve prepared a recording of a community call from inside the program where I provide business coaching and insights on delegation, acquiring more clients, work-life balance, and all the good stuff.

Tune in this week to discover what goes on inside Three More. I’m discussing the metrics that really matter when you’re growing your business, how to save time in your business, some of the apps that can help you stay organized, my advice on pitching to potential clients, and how to make difficult staffing decisions.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What you can do if your lead magnet isn’t getting you clients.
  • How to calculate progress in your business beyond just revenue markers.
  • What you can do to save yourself time around client communication in your business.
  • My coaching around finding more clients and selling yourself to potential clients.
  • Why your company is only as strong as the difficult decisions you’re willing to make.
  • How to dive deeper into your business and figure out what is really holding you back.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hey guys. Welcome to the show. Today I had the podcast team splice up a recent Three More community call to give you guys a taste of some of the things that we talk about inside of my world. Three More is the beginner business community that I have. This is for all business owners of every industry who are making less than $200,000 a year. 

This group is specifically for those of you that are looking to add three more clients to your roster every month until you are ready to scale. You can join this group anytime, and it is lifetime access. But before we get started, I’ve got some news for you. 

We are still enrolling in Thirty More. Yes, you heard me right. The original deadline date was May 5th, but we still have a couple spots left. We are going to fill them. If you have a tug at your business owning heart to apply to Thirty More and you missed the deadline, this is your sign. We are meeting in Lake Tahoe for our kickoff live event on July 11. So you’ve got to make the decision fast because it’s right around the corner, and we’ve got to make sure that you have a room to sleep in.

So this round, guys, it lasts from July to December of 2023. This is the last opening for you to work with me in close proximity in 2023 outside of my one on one packages. The cost is $25,000, and we are officially offering payment plans this round. What? I know. This is a no brainer. So get up in here. 

This is only for the business owners who have made at least $50,000 in their business in the last 12 months, and you’re ready to scale. So if you thrive in masterminds, and you are a driven A F business owner, and you want to have a work life balance that your business owning peers are jealous of, this group is for you. Apply at 

All right. Let’s listen in as we chat it up inside of Three More. We are going to bounce from topic to topic, and I’m going to provide business coaching to the members on everything from delegation to gaining more clients to work life balance, and I sure as heck hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do. This is episode number 106. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go. 

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Guys, you would totally be surprised at how much we underestimate the tiniest things. There’s evidence that shows that you can have two of the exact same lead magnets, but two different titles. One will have a 60% click rate, and one will have a 10% click rate. Your title matters. The colors of your buttons matter. What you say inside of the sales page matters, right? 

But don’t get overwhelmed by this information. It’s just a matter of getting in and like clicking around and figuring it out. I hear all the time people say my lead magnet didn’t work. It’s like well, that’s not possible. Lead magnets work. It’s just whether or not you got in and problem solved to figure out what part of it wasn’t working, right?

You know how I took you guys through the analogy of the click funnels. Like someone might say well, my click funnel didn’t work. It’s like well, what part of your click funnel? Was it the first page? Was it the second page? Was it the third page? Was it the checkout page that you lost people? Where did you lose people? It’s the same thing with a lead magnet. It’s like you might have a lead magnet that doesn’t work, but change the title. See if that works. Have an A/B test. See if a different one works better. 

Change things around and continue to work on it. I have lead magnets that I’ve been working on and testing for like a year and a half to continue to try to get it to where it’s just like a super magnet. 

So for me, there’s two things that I look at all times. It is am I tracking upward from this time last year? Okay. So last year, what is today? May? Where was I in May of last year? Is it going upward? Sometimes the answer is no. But if the answer is no, I always ask myself did I grow, or did I scale? Or did I somehow benefit this year that isn’t showing up in my top line revenue?

So I don’t look at other people. I don’t look at what everybody else is doing. I just looked at me last year. In 2021 and in 2022, I made almost to the dollar the exact same amount of money in my coaching business. At first I was like this sucks. I want to be increasing by you know at least $100 or $200,000 each year if not more. What’s going on?

But the realization is from 2021 to 2022, my profits went up by one like 35%, which is insane. I got rid of like some overhead. I got rid of some programs that were costing a lot. I focused on these other things. I went from 45% profit to almost 70% profit. Okay, so it was just a massive year of growth for me, even though my top line sales didn’t show massive growth. 

So the two questions I always ask, is my top line growing? Or am I as a person growing this business and scaling it well? One of those has to be a yes. If they’re both nos, that’s the only time that I think something’s wrong. The only time. So you were saying that your top line revenue is growing. You have more customers this year than last year? Yes, you have more expenses, but that’s because you’re asking for more help. So your business is growing, and you’re delegating more. So it sounds like you might even be getting more time back on your plate? 

Female Speaker 1: Absolutely.

Becca: Two thumbs up. Everything else is just noise. You know, we could dig in, and we could find a million things to track. How many Instagram followers do we have? How many people are in our email audience? How much money am I making? How much money am I bringing home? Like there are so many metrics that you could get lost at sea for years. But for me, it’s where am I compared to last year? If I’m at the same place, have I personally grown or scaled?

Female Speaker 2: Another thing that we are we’re trying to work on now and figure out ways to do this, we are trying to rein in the amount of random one off communications we are getting from our clients, especially before they’re even actually set up and running. Because we get a lot of just a million questions a day from people who are just getting started with us. We haven’t even started making money off of them. Some of them are not even signed up with us yet. It’s just like constant, constant, constant questions. Like oh, by the way. Just like constant little communications from people.

Becca: Yeah. Is that what the biggest stresses for you is the constant communication?

Female Speaker 2: I think it’s the constant disorganized communication. Because like, so, for example. Just one example to illustrate. There is a short term rental process permitting process where we live. They need certain documents and certain tests done. When we’re helping people get set up, we’re like not, they’re not renting yet. So they’re not bringing in money yet. So we’re not collecting money yet, but they’re asking us for guidance on how to go through that process. 

So we’ll help them. We’ll tell them okay, it’s here. It’s here. But then it’s like, oh, I got this document. Can you take a look? Then it’s trying to remember like who submitted what document. Who’s got what left? It’s just like so. Then the other angst for me is just remembering all the myriad of little things.

They’ll be like oh, by the way, next time you go to the house, can you like check on this for me? Oh, I need more dish pods. It’s just a lot of, I just feel like there’s so much little stuff going on. It feels super chaotic. My life is already chaotic enough was little things to remember because I have three little kids.

Becca: Okay, so your biggest problems are that you’re just feeling really unorganized. It feels really flighty and really anxious. It has a lot to do with the way that they’re communicating with you, and you having to like hold all of that in your brain.

Female Speaker 2: Yes. 

Becca: Okay. Easy peasy. First of all, why do you let them talk to you all day?

Female Speaker 2: I can’t stop them. They have our phone number. They just, they text us, they call us. They send us an email here, an email later on today.

Becca: Yes, but you are always in charge of how you respond to that. So I have a lot of coaches. I coach coaches. This really new exciting way of coaching people is through Voxer. Have you heard about Voxer coaching? 

Female Speaker 2: I have not.

Becca: So Voxer is just an app, and it’s like a walkie talkie. You can just like push a button, and you can talk into it. A lot of coaches are selling Voxer support. So hey $2,000. You get me for three months of Voxer. The problem with this is they have no boundaries about how the people Voxer them. So they’re just –

Female Speaker 2: That sounds awful. 

Becca: Pummeled. They’re just getting pummeled all day. They’re like what am I doing with this Voxer? So Voxer support can be a phenomenal way of coaching, but you have to have these really strong boundaries of it. You know what I mean?

So if I do Voxer support, it’s like okay, we’re gonna do two weeks of Voxer support. I’m going to be in Voxer for 30 minutes a day. It’s kind of like office hours. If you have, you’re like in school, and you have a professor at the university. They have office hours. You can’t just go up to them every single day all the time and ask them questions about your homework. You have to go to office hours. Same thing with me with Voxer.

You can send me messages all fucking day, but I look at it from 4:30 to 5:00, and I talk back to you from 4:30 to 5:00. You’re getting the best coaching, and you’re getting like quality and quantity of coaching during that 30 minutes, but I’m not gonna just be tied to my Voxer all day. 

Same with you. You run this management company. Of course, people are going to be hitting you up all day. I mean, that’s what they do. You’re their go to person. You are like their professor, their teacher, their coach. You are holding all of this organization for them. That is part of your company, which is hey, I’m going to manage this for you. So just lay it on me. 

But it’s up to you to decide when you do that. If you’re just looking at it all day long and taking notes and writing post-it notes and trying to remember it, that’s a time management issue on your end. So you can cut significant amounts of stress out just by simply saying hey guys, I love that you send all this to me. Just so you know, I do client communication from 3:30 to 5:00 every day. That’s it. So you can send it to me, you cannot. But 3:30 to 5:00 is when I’m gonna go through, and I’m gonna check all of it. I’m going to be talking back to you. Otherwise, I’m going to be doing backend stuff.

If it’s an emergency, that would be different. Maybe you have an emergency line. Like something’s really fucking going down. Then you call this number, and I’ve got you. But as far as like hey, next time you’re in, if you can check out my icebox, like that’s a whole another situation. That might actually be an emergency though. Like if you’re making really good cocktails and your icebox isn’t working, maybe.

Female Speaker 2: Is water leaking? Yeah. 

Becca: You get to decide when you communicate with them. Secondly, do you have a software for organizing all of this?

Female Speaker 2: I mean, you’re doing it all on Google Docs, which has been the simplest, cheapest way for us because it’s really just checklists. It’s nothing fancy. 

Becca: Okay, I want you to check out Asana, A-S-A-N-A. It was created for this. Like this is what it’s made for. Don’t skimp on it. It’s only like, I don’t know, 80 bucks a month. But 80 bucks a month for your sanity, it is going to keep everything nice and tight. Each house that you manage is going to have its own like pinboard with different projects within the house that you get to communicate with your team about and with your partner. Then you guys can mark it off as it gets done

Then if you want, you can allow the home owner to also be in on the Asana. So they communicate with you through Asana, and they’re not texting your phone. Again, it seems like texting your phone should be absolute emergency. I probably wouldn’t even give your phone number out to like new clients. That seems like a dumpster fire. 

But this is all just boundaries and learning how to run a big corporation. Because people like you own management companies that are making multiple, multiple, multiple millions of dollars. I will tell you right now, nobody has their cell phone number, and nobody is just texting those owners whenever they want. This is when you start treating it more like you’re a CEO of a bigger company, not just some Mom and Pop neighbor that they can call when they run out of sugar. You know what I’m saying? 

Female Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah. 

Becca: Well, I think you love marketing and selling, just not the way you’re doing it right now. Because you have told us how much you love people and communicating and chatting and helping people, and that is marketing and selling. But you’re on to something too because one of the things that I tell coaches the most is get away from your computer. 

People are so obsessed with social media that they focus on it so hard. They forget about all these other things, like talking to humans with your mouth, and going to networking events, and meeting new people and actually enjoying the company of others. It sounds like you enjoy that stuff. But are you not letting yourself do it often because you feel like you should be at your computer? 

Tana: It’s kind of both.

Becca: Yeah, I think that you have been deep diving into yourself for a while as to whether you like this. I think this is just my own opinion. I think that you were made for this. You’re just not doing it the way that feels good. You’re not trusting yourself the way that it feels good. I think that you’re trying to do it the way everyone else is doing it. You’re trying to grow it through social media. You’re trying to grow it through just standing behind your computer and trying to get clients as hard as you can. That would hurt anyone’s ego. 

Tana: Yeah.

Becca: It hurts your ego to sit in front of a computer all day long, trying to “get clients” and you don’t get any. Because that’s not where the clients are in the beginning. In the beginning, the clients are your neighbors and your community friends and the coffee shop buddy and all of that. That’s where all of your clients are to begin with. So it’s gotta be hard on your ego to sit there and try to keep doing it. But there has to be some really strong introspection here because, again, this is the sixth time. I mean, this is the same thing over.

Tana: I know. I’m tired of it. That’s why I’m like well maybe. I do know I come alive when I’m with people. I’m a whole other person. I know I’m a front of the room leader. I know when I’m in front of people. Also the one on one, sometimes they kind of drain me because it’s a lot of listening. 

Like, I have a lot of woo. When I’m in front of people, I’m powerful. I’m strong. I can read a room. I can command a room. I do feel called to speak. I’m not speaking at all, and I’m not pursuing any of that. I love to challenge people. I love to encourage and just call them up. I just I’m not living into that. It’s just like oh. 

Becca: I think that that’s bringing so much anxiety. I would feel so much more anxiety about the thing that I’m not doing than if I would just do it. Just doing the thing takes away the anxiety. Even the way that you were just talking about speaking and communicating and challenging people, like you kind of lit up a little bit. You know what I mean? Like, where is that? What can you do to do that? 

Tana: Well, maybe I should be training. Maybe I need to pivot and find companies that contract trainers and just start doing some of that and see, kind of like you were telling Sean. That would mean I’d have to, I don’t know, do a couple more like certifications. Like what I wouldn’t be training.

Becca: You can contract out with companies as you, who you are right now as a coach. Like, you go to companies, this is what I offer. This is why your employees should have it. You create the curriculum. It’s your own work. It’s what you’re already doing with your clients now. You’re selling that. It’s just another way of getting away from your computer and going out and meeting people and greeting people. You don’t have to transform into their training protocol. You sell them on training their employees through your training protocols. 

Tana: Yeah. Immediately I’m thinking well, what would I be selling? Like I don’t even know what they would need?

Becca: What kind of coach are you?

Tana: I’m a general life coach.

Becca: Okay, what are the two main things you teach, two beliefs that you teach your clients?

Tana: Probably the biggest one is like self-leadership. There’s like a whole lot underneath that. 

Becca: Okay. Like I would pay someone right now to come do a seminar at Massage Strong to all my employees for self-leadership. As a boss, that sounds like a fucking delight. I want my employees to take more self-leadership. I want someone to come in and teach them how to do that. I don’t care how they teach them. I don’t care if it’s a one hour workshop, if it’s over lunch, if it’s something that they need to do for two hours. I’m going to make it mandatory because I want them to learn self-leadership.

You already have everything you need to teach. All you’ve got to do is like slap it together and go present it to some CEO about why this would help his company make more money. That was so sexist. I said his. How this would help their company make more money. 

So like any CEO on the planet wants their company to make more money. So when you present to them hey, you give me $2,000, I am going to teach your people how to take ownership, how to have higher retention through taking ownership. They’re going to start selling more because they’re taking ownership. They’re going to start showing up better. They’re going to start feeling better. They’re going to have a better company culture because of the ownership that they’re taking. I’m going to do that for only $2,000. That’s a hell yes from every CEO on the planet.

Tana: Okay, I love that. Never done that before, like pitch to a company.

Becca: You’re gonna want to throw up the first seven times you do it. It’ll be fine. 

Tana: I could feel it kind of lighting me up because I love that. I love self-leadership. I think it’s so powerful. There’s so many parts underneath. I think the part of pitching it scares the crap out of me.

Becca: This is what I want you to do. I want you to number one, don’t take a bunch of time trying to figure out this curriculum. I want this to be slightly on the edge of winging it, like the actual curriculum. Okay. Secondly, I want you to go get rejected 10 times. I want it to be ugly. I want you to go in your first one. Don’t go to the most important ones first. Go to people that you don’t care if you get it or not. Just go to random companies and pitch it and look dumb the first time, stumble over your words, just really eat dirt a few times. You will be okay. Try your best to articulate why they would want it. 

They’re gonna say no, several of your first 10 people. Maybe all 10 of them are gonna say no. Just get rejected, rejected, rejected. By the 11th time you will have found patterns. You will have realized what they like. You will have realized when they start losing interest. You will realize what they wish you would have said. By the 11th time, you are going to start making a lot of progress.

Tana: Okay, that feels good. I mean scared but good. Okay, can I ask you this? Do you think it would be wise to email them and ask for a meeting with them, or just walk in? Because I don’t want to solicit, you know what I mean?

Becca: Yeah. But here’s what you got to know about CEOs. They’re being asked all day for meetings. So there has to be an incentivization. I used to go to physical therapists and chiropractic offices to solicit them to want to send people to Massage Strong. What I would do is I would say hey, I would like to come in and chat with you. I’m gonna bring your whole staff lunch. I would bring like this big pot of chili. 

I wouldn’t let it take a bunch of money. I didn’t have any money back then, but I would get really creative. Or I’m gonna bring your staff two dozen of the best donuts in town. Some type of incentivization that they’re like oh, that would be good for my staff, for sure. Hey, I want to come in. I want to show you how I can make your company more money without you doing more work. I will do the heavy load. I’m gonna bring some donuts. Can I come at this time? You give them like three options. Not just can I come? Is that okay? Can I come at this time, this time, or this time?

Tana: Okay. That’s great. Thank you so much. This feels scary, but totally doable, for sure.

Becca: Now, when you’re sitting in this place of I’m getting ready to go and do this scary thing, but it’s kind of for something that I want to do. Now, do you feel like you like your industry? 

Tana: Yeah, I would say so. 

Becca: Sometimes our approach just needs to change. If I sat at my computer trying to get clients all day, I would legit be done by now. I would have quit. There’s no way. You gotta find what makes it fun for you. 

Tana: Totally, yeah. This is, I’m like dying, dying. Okay. All right. Thank you. Well, I’m gonna also just get into Three More. Every time I get a rejection, I’m just going to come in and celebrate. Just stay plugged in.

Becca: I remember I used to, when I would pitch, I would shoot for 20 rejections because I was in some sort of pattern. I don’t know if this was a self-fulfilling prophecy, or if it was genuinely just the universe. But around the 20th, I would land a big client. It would always be worth those 20. I remember like after I would land a big client, I’d be like I’m gonna go pummel through 20 people as fast as I can so I can get to the next one. 

I was just like, unfuck-with- able. I was just a beast because I wanted to get to that 20th person. I didn’t care who was rejecting me. I didn’t care how dumb I looked the first few times. I made so much progress just in my networking that year. I’m so thankful that I allowed myself to get rejected and to get rejected hard. I’m so thankful that I went into those places, even though I literally wanted to throw up in the parking lot. 

I remember crying to my husband on the phone. Like I can’t go in. I can’t go in. Then I would go in and get rejected. I’d come back out, eat some ice cream, and then do it again. Just have some thick skin, Tana, and really give this a big shot and see if it works. Because you’re not going to know if it actually works until you’ve been through 20 people. You can’t go to five people and be like it doesn’t work.

So guys, one time, I had someone that was running a company for me. Whenever I had to let her go, it was kind of like that she had become a friend. I mean it was such a sad. I hated it. But I also was in a situation where I didn’t know what the fuck she did. She did so many things. I didn’t even know where the folders were. Like, I didn’t know what the passwords were. I was like I’m in such a mess. I can’t believe I let this happen. Like, I’m supposed to be a CEO. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Let me just say that there’s some good things that came out of it. Number one being that I will never let that happen again ever. Now I’m so glad that it happened. Because it was so messy that now I’m like everybody that’s on my team, I know exactly what they’re doing because I’m in charge. Can you believe that? Then I know like where all the passwords are. I know where all the folders are. I know where everything is now because of that scenario. So this could be just a phenomenal lesson that’s going to suck for a minute, and you will be fine and you will be better for it. 

Secondly, I got someone in that position that ended up doing way better because the person that hired the first girl had matured. Me back then, like the person that hired her matured over the couple years, was able to hire someone even better, had more money to hire someone better. It came out completely on top. 

So what I’m trying to get at is I know what that feels like. I’ve actually done it before. It’s probably more in your head. The next person is going to be able to come in and figure out there’s a paper trail for everything that she did. It’s all in there. For the things that you genuinely don’t know, you just get to make up a new. 

I asked myself during that time, I said okay well, let’s pretend that I can’t get a hold of her. I have to just decide from the beginning what’s important. I don’t know what she was doing on all the softwares, but I know that our bills need to be paid. So I’m going to start there. I’m going to go through, and I’m going to make sure everything’s set up auto pay. I’m going to make sure all of that clean and clear and looking good. 

Okay, I don’t know what else she did, but I know for certain that my schedule needs to be linked over here. I need to go into that. You just kind of start back at square one. It’s a really great way to just simplify your business and get rid of a bunch of stuff that probably you didn’t need. 

Female Speaker 3: Thank you. Yeah. I mean I was running the numbers last week, and I could hire two and a half project managers for what I pay her as the director of marketing. But really, I have another woman that does what she does too. So it’s just like, you’re right. I think I know the answer. I think I’m just really scared because I do like her. I like her. 

Becca: Yeah, well and you can have wine with her later when she doesn’t work for you. Maybe you guys will become friends more because she doesn’t work for you. But this is something that I want everyone to hear, which is like your company, your business is only as strong as the hard decisions that you’re willing to make. It has nothing to do with who you hire, and everything to do with who you’re not willing to fire

This goes for not just employees, but like thoughts and beliefs. What are you guys hanging on to? What kind of baggage and shit are you carrying around with you that you could let go and then your company would be so much better?

I agree, guys. A lot of people are willing to say I can’t wait to grow my business. I do everything I can to grow my business. I do everything that’s available to me. I just put in all this work. What a lot of times people are missing is are you willing to do the things that are fucking terrifying? That’s the real question. Because a lot of times people are like I do everything in my business that fits what I think is comfortable. So it’s like in my mind, it’s like dot, dot, dot that fits what is comfortable. 

As opposed to I am willing to do anything and everything in my business, no matter what it is. No matter if it is hiring and delegating and paying more for payroll. Coming up with a business plan that is going to cost me going into debt to accomplish. Whether that is something that I can do by myself or hiring a full team to do it. There is a very big difference between I’m willing to do anything, and I’m willing to do anything that is comfortable

So just continuing to ask yourself am I uncomfortable? If yes, good. Am I uncomfortable in a productive way? Is this uncomfort going to bring more clients, more sales, more free time for me so that I’m not on the ground running all the time so that I have the ability to think about marketing? That is how you know that your uncomfort is productive. 

The only example I can think of unproductive uncomfort is just like anxiety and spinning in circles. Which a lot of times actually, believe it or not, people think of as working. When people tell me I work constantly, I always ask them do you work constantly? Or do you think about working constantly? Do you work constantly, or do you have anxiety is what I’m saying? 

I get it guys. I’ve been there a million times. So just always diving in deeper to yourself and really getting honest. Asking yourself the shit that makes you frustrated here. Or this isn’t a judgement. This is truly asking what is holding you back and figuring it out. 

I know we’re running over on time a little bit here, but I wanted to give this example. I was thinking about, I’ve been doing CrossFit. We had this little like CrossFit competition at my CrossFit gym. I didn’t place the way that I wanted to place because I have to win everything. Okay. So I didn’t win.

I was like first of all, I think you guys should all feel your feelings, right? I’m a big advocate of feeling your feelings. So I was pissed for like a day. But then after, I feel like there’s a difference between feeling your feelings and wallowing in your feelings. After like a day I was like I think I’m starting to wallow. So I’m gonna get out of that, right

So I stopped wallowing, and I started asking myself why did I actually lose that competition so badly? At first, the judgmental part of my brain was like well because you suck, because you will never be a CrossFitter. Because you’ve been doing this for 10 years, and you still are not amazing or blah, blah, blah. 

I think that that’s where most people stop whenever they are analyzing their results. They stop at the judgment. That’s it. Why don’t you have more clients? Why isn’t your business bigger than what it is? Why didn’t your past launch go as well as it did? Most people will stop at the judgment. I don’t have the clients I need. My Instagram’s not doing super great.

What I want you guys to do is get really specific with your despair. Get very specific. The true real reason that I didn’t win the CrossFit competition is because I haven’t been running. I haven’t been running. So when running came up, I was middle of the road in the running compared to everybody else. I also haven’t been working on my deadlift. I haven’t been working on my deadlift for like the last year. So whenever power cleans came up, everything felt way heavier. 

So now I’m able to articulate exactly what I’ve been not doing. It’s not just some judgmental I’m never gonna figure it out. I don’t have the body for it. I actually asked myself, and I got very real. I haven’t been running at all. I haven’t been working on my deadlifts twice a week like I used to. I haven’t been eating properly. Like, here’s the 20 ways in which my eating has suffered over the last two weeks, which has caused me to be slower and weaker in the gym. These are all factual things. 

But now I have the gap of how I can work on winning the next competition, which is in June. So now I know I need to run, I need to deadlift, I need to start eating better and actually feeding my body a lot of food. So this is where I get to close the gap. I don’t get to blame or judge or just throw my hands in the air and be like CrossFit isn’t for me, which is where most of us stop in our business. We’re like well, we just don’t know. I don’t know how. I don’t know how to do stuff. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. Maybe I’m just not built for business. 

So I urge you over the next week to get very honest with yourself and get very specific to the point where it’s aggravating. Like if you have to sit and be patient enough to get that specific, it can feel aggravating. That’s how you know you’re on the right track.

Male Speaker 1: That’s good. So common themes today, we’re really auditing our own business, our life, right? It was expenses auditing, revenue auditing, time auditing, auditing our feelings, what our thought process is. It’s a permission to be introspective this next week, and I look forward to hearing what you all think and what you have found. 

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share. 

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day. 

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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