The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast with Becca Pike | Problem Solving for GrowthI have this one client who said he’d been working for six months, and the maximum amount of clients he’d ever seen in a month was three. And the way he was talking, it was like this was a cap on the number of clients he could see. So, all he was doing was developing a strategy to make sure he saw three clients that month.

I see this in myself and my clients all the time, where we look toward the things that are happening in our lives, or have happened, to decide what we believe in, where we really should be believing in something, and then problem-solving in order to make it happen.

Tune in this week because we’re talking about believing in something before you have the evidence for it, and why this is the secret to being a successful entrepreneur. Whether it’s getting more clients, raising your prices, or anything else you’re not sure is possible, believing without evidence is the key.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why our brains love trying to use the past to see what’s possible in our future.
  • How we need to start thinking in order to create new results that we never thought were possible.
  • What you can do to start cultivating the belief required to actually grow your business and change your life.

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Full Episode Transcript:

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What is up my friends? Today we are going to talk about believing in something before you have the evidence for it, and how this affects your business. This is episode number 42. I am your host Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Hello my friends. I have a crazy story for you. So if you have a weak stomach, this is not for you. Or if you have a problem with the way that nature and the food chain works and like animal deaths, this might not be for you, okay. Just throwing that out there. You might want to fast forward like 45 seconds.

Craziest thing happened to me last night. I’m laying in bed, and I’m asleep. It’s like two in the morning. I hear this scream come from outside of my window. I’m talking like a scream that I’ve never heard of in my life. And y’all, if you know me, you know that I’m so easily scared. I won’t even watch scary movies because they just scare the shit out of me. I hear this scream that I’ve never heard before, and it was so intense and so loud. It lasted for like five seconds.

I jumped out of bed and sprinted into my kid’s room because I couldn’t tell where the noise was coming from. I get in there and they’re asleep. They’re fine. I don’t hear anymore screaming. So I’m like what is happening. Did I just dream that? Was I dreaming? I don’t understand.

So I went back to bed, and my husband’s like sleeping through it. So I just assumed that I dreamed because nobody would sleep through that, right. So I go back to bed, and I go to sleep, and I totally forget that this even happens. I wake up today and I go on about my day. I forget all about this for like three hours until like 10:00 this morning I get a text message from one of my neighbors that said that another neighbor’s dog got killed by coyotes last night. I’ve been fucked up ever since. Not gonna lie.

I’m not the type of person that feels like I would get messed up over things like this. Like to be honest, I think that our western culture has really glided past and hushed the fact that nature happens in such a way, right. Like it’s very quieted and it’s not something that you would talk about necessarily unless it’s on National Geographic. Even then it’s like censored.

I didn’t think that I would have a problem with this. Like I grew up on property. We had coyotes. We had animals getting killed. I don’t know what has happened to me in the last few years. Like if it’s because I became a mom or what, but it messed me up so bad. It was so awful. Like thinking about it now like a poor dog getting killed in our neighborhood, and we don’t even live like out in the country. We live in a neighborhood with yards and stuff. It’s just crazy y’all.

I also I feel bad for coyotes too because I feel like they’re getting pushed out of their habitats, you  know, and they’re getting pushed into the world. I think about my cats too. Like we have cats that go outside at night. To be honest, we have some of those super savage cats. Like if I had to put my money on my cats versus a coyote, my money would probably go on my cats. Especially if they could team up and fight a coyote, which I don’t know if they would. Because Oliver kind of throws Machine Gun under the bus, and would probably jet and be like, “Peace out Machine Gun. Good luck.”

We have those cats that are like they’ve just been living outside for so long like their whole life. They will straight up go kill a flock of birds and then come sit on my lap like they didn’t just do some sort of savage act. It’s bananas.

By the way when we’re talking about cats. Is it crazy for anybody that we have cats living in our house? Like humans have cats living in our house. Or wild animals in general too. Like that’s insane to me. I think too like it becomes more and more insane whenever I eat an edible at night and I’m just on this perpetual loop of thinking about things. Like I got on this loop the other night of like holy shit, we have like a wild animal living in our house.

Think about a cat in the sense like we’ve normalized domestic cats living in our house, but they’re just like little cats. They’re just like little jaguars living in our house. Like at any time, they could completely fuck me up. Anytime. I just sleep next to them, and I just trust them with my kids. Like what are we doing?

And a dog too. Like dogs. Like dogs don’t scare me as much. For some reason I feel like they’re like less likely to turn even though that’s not statistically true. To me, my eye is always on the cats. I’m like at any minute, you could just decide that maybe it’s because cats always seem like they have an agenda. Like my dog just like looks like he just wants to hug all the time. He doesn’t ever have an agenda. His brain doesn’t go any further than like, “When’s my next treat?” My cats always seem like they’re like plotting my demise. They probably are, but they’re just like wild animals.

Anyway, that’s not what I came to talk about today. So let’s get to what we’re really gonna talk about. But yeah, I heard a dog get killed last night. Not gonna lie, it messed me up. I’ve been thinking about it all day since. I’m afraid to let my cats out, and it’s pretty wild. Have you all started following Nature is Metal on Instagram because you probably shouldn’t. Don’t do it. It’s basically like the food chain happening in front of the camera.

Something kind of like reminds me. I think that I find comfort in stuff like this. Like anytime I think about the way that the world works. Like how big the world is, how vast the universe is, how we’re just a measly bleep on the food chain. Somehow there’s some sort of comfort that nothing that we do really matters. Like we’re just on a cycle. Like we’re just on a ride around the sun and our time is gonna end.

I don’t mean that in a morbid way. I just genuinely mean like when I remember how small we are, I’m like, “Oh yeah. Like nothing is really that important.” Anyways Nature is Metal is on Instagram. You might wanna follow it. You might not. I understand both ways.

Okay so let’s talk about business. Switch gears a little bit. Okay. So here’s what I want to talk about today, and I’m just flying off the cuff. So I want to be sure that I can articulate this really well. I see people and I see this in myself as well. I see it in my clients too where we look to circumstances. Like things that are happening in our life, facts that are happening in our life or facts that have happened in our past. We look at those to decide what we believe in. Instead of believing in something and then problem solving for it. Okay?

So I was talking to one of my clients, and he had only seen about three clients in a month ever. Like he’s been working for, I don’t know, like six months, and the most he’s ever seen is like six clients. He was talking as if he had a cap on the amount of clients he could see in a month. Like as if three was almost like his invisible ceiling. So when he was talking to me, he was problem solving how to get three more clients that month.

I was like you know; you’ve been doing this for a long time. You’re really good at what you do. What’s stopping you from getting 20 more clients? He cognitively said that he knew it was possible. He was like yeah, “I could get 20 more clients.” But he was so deep in looking at the evidence of what has past and what has happened that his brain wasn’t problem solving for the 20 more clients. It was problem solving for the three, right? He even kind of said like, “I think 20’s possible, but it would have to happen in order for me to  believe that it happened.”

So really what he’s doing is he’s relinquishing all control and authority to the circumstance. And once the circumstance happens, then he will believe that it could happen, which is so far out of his control. As opposed to believing first that he could have 20 clients in a month, and then going and problem solving for it to make it happen. Right? Does this make sense?

So here’s another way to look at it. I had another client, and she was saying that she wanted to raise her prices. She had wanted to raise her prices for so long. She had been thinking about it and wanting to do it and then not doing it for months and months and months.

Until she had someone come up to her. And basically what happened was she said her prices, and the woman said, “Wow, that’s way less expensive than I thought. I thought it would be somewhere more along the lines of X, Y, and Z.” The X, Y, and Z that she said was literally the exact prices that my client wanted to raise.

So she was like wait a minute. You would have paid that price, right? The woman was like, “Yeah. I was prepared to pay this other price. This higher price.” So my client was like, she came to me, and she was like, “This person was willing to pay the price that I have been wanting to raise my prices to but I’m too scared. Now that she wants to pay it or said that she would have paid it, now I’m gonna raise my prices for my future clients.”

I said can you see how you waited all this time for a circumstance to happen so that you could believe that it’s possible instead of three months ago saying I know it’s possible. That there are people out there that are willing and want to pay my high prices because I am such a quality service provider. That I’m gonna raise my prices, and then I’m gonna go problem solve by finding the people that want my service at that price.

She could have already had six, seven, eight, nine clients that were willing to pay the higher price. Instead she waited on her belief to come to fruition because she happened into somebody that was willing to pay her prices. Does this make sense? Right?

So I want to ask you where in your life, in your business, in your marriage, in your health are you looking at your past circumstances and creating your own barriers and your own ceilings by believing that that is all that’s possible for you? Like if you took your very highest sales month ever.

Let’s say the most you’ve ever made was $2,000 in a month. I told you next month I want to see you make $25,000. Would your brain immediately say, “That’s not possible. It hasn’t happened. Therefore it can’t, right?” Maybe cognitively you know that it could happen. You’re like, “Well, okay it’s possible, but like you’re not believing that it’s there.”

Here’s what I want to tell you guys. If you can get your brain to believe it first, it will problem solve for it first. If you believe that you can triple your income, you will start looking for ways to triple your income. If you believe that your income is pretty fixed, you’re like, “Well, I see roughly seven clients a month. This is what I do. This is just how it works. This is just the life that I lead. One day I hope that pops up to eight or nine, but until then this is about what it is.” If you’re in that headspace, you are not problem solving for growth.

So this is a super short episode, super quick. I just want to leave it with you today. I want you to do some of this work today. I want you to grab a pen and a paper and just ask yourself where in my marriage am I assuming that my past is gonna come back? Where in my business am I assuming that my past is what is gonna be in my future? Like where am I thinking that something is going to take a really long time just because it did in the past.

I had a client the other day say he makes products and then he sells those products, right. He was saying, “I just made this whole new slew of products. It’s gonna take a really long time to sell them.” He said it so factually. Like he said it like as if it were truth. Because in the past, it has taken him long periods of time to sell out his products.

I just questioned him on that. I was like just because it has taken you so long, you are now thinking that it’s gonna take you a long time. So you’re not problem solving to be sold out completely by next week. If you were problem solving to be sold out completely next week then you would be sold out completely by next week.

All right guys. That is it for me today. I just wanted to drop in your ear. I wanted to give you a little bitty nugget. I hope you enjoyed it. I will see you guys here next week. Bye.

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