The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | The Path of Your Business: How Did We Get Here?I just came back from Lake Tahoe with my mastermind, and trust me, coaching hits differently when you can see snow-capped mountains, hot sandy beaches, and a beautiful blue lake. I came back with an amazing perspective on the path we walk as entrepreneurs.

This was the most amazing live event. We bonded, we vibed, we hiked, and four business owners turned into complete savage CEOs. Two days later, after helping my clients come up with new business plans, confidence, and ideas, I climbed the same mountain with my husband, on a mission to make a video introducing ourselves to the staff at the company we’re acquiring.

At the top of the mountain, I found myself thinking, “How did I get here?” I’ve gone from being someone who was afraid of starting a business because I didn’t understand credit cards and taxes to becoming a successful entrepreneur closing on a business acquisition. I felt accomplished, but all I did was walk a path that someone else had mapped out for me.

Tune in this week to discover why other people have already walked your path in business, and how they’ve made it easier for you to do the same.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • My moment of wondering how I got here.
  • All the things that held me back before I started my business.
  • Why a hike up a mountain brought all my milestones to the front of my mind.
  • How I’ve just walked a path that someone else mapped out for me.
  • Why your business is like a path that people have walked up before you, making it easier for the next person.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hey there, welcome to episode number 115. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go. 

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Hi love. How are you? Quick question. Is there anything better on planet earth than coming home from vacation? Of all of the beautiful and adventurous traveling that I get to do, seriously, my favorite part is the first 48 hours back to my house. Like the unpacking and getting back into my own shower, my own bed, my dog, my cats, cooking on my own stove. It’s the best.

It is not lost on me that I have like a safe and cozy enough home to feel this way because I didn’t used to. I used to care less if I came back to my apartment because my apartment had no food. No food in the cupboards, my neighbors fighting, cops patrolling the apartment parking lot. Like back in my old apartment complex, I swear to you. There used to be helicopters that would like wake me up at night with their like beaming lights coming down into my windows and shit. 

So not all coming home from your travels are equal, my friend. So if you are one of the people who enjoy coming home, count yourself as a lucky one. So I just arrived home last night very late, like one in the morning, from Lake Tahoe, California with my mastermind students

It was, once again, my favorite live event ever. I know I keep saying that. Some of you guys have been following me for several years now, and I say it every time. I keep saying that. I know I do. I hope I continue to keep saying that. But right when I think a live event can’t get any better, something changes or it shifts or it evolves. I have this newfound appreciation

This live event felt different for a lot of reasons. But one was simply the environment. Coaching hits different when you look out of the classroom, and you see Rocky Mountains and hot sandy beaches and a beautiful blue lake and snowcaps. Okay.

The lake recently had what they call a turnover, which is when the bottom layer of the lake like becomes the top layer of the lake and the top layer becomes the bottom layer. It’s like flips. Basically with this flip, what happens, it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it actually allows the water to be so much more clear than normal. 

Lake Tahoe was already known for having clear water. But apparently Tahoe just had a turnover this past year. So the lake was like not only the bluest water I had ever seen, but the entire thing felt like you were snorkeling in the Caribbean. Like you could just see the bottom. Even like when I was out too deep to touch with my feet, I could like see the bottom. Which by the way, a cold plunge in nature is like so much cooler than dipping my body into the cold cow trough that we have on our back porch. Okay. Way cooler at Lake Tahoe. 

But overall, just the live event was just amazing. Like seeing that outside of our classroom window, but also I did a lot more experience teaching. So I got my students out of the class a lot more. We did hiking, and we did a lot of coaching on the beach. We did a lot of stuff like over dinner. So it was just much more of an experience. So just my favorite yet. 

On day one of our event, we did one of my favorite exercises. So before we sat in the classroom and we got to work, I wanted my students to have like a bonding time along with an early morning accomplishment. I wanted them to start their day with an accomplishment. 

So my team and I, the day before, had found a hiking trail that led up a mountain to like a small, fresh waterfall, right? So we took the students on day one up to the waterfall at 7:00 a.m. So when we arrived at the bottom of the trailhead, it was still really early with the dew on the leaves, right, and the orange sun like streaming through the just the most massive California evergreens you’ve ever seen. Right? It was just such a vibe.

The path was a dirt path with these large boulders and rocks alongside of it. The trail-like hatch backed up the mountain. We all just got lost in conversation, and we just like trekked towards this waterfall. I got lost in conversation about all kinds of things. Business and money and children and spouses and clients and students from my past and just all these great conversations. 

I heard bits and pieces of other people’s conversations too. Right? Like, including not just my students, but my staff and my husband who tagged along. The group just became so bonded so quickly that morning. It just felt like kind of surreal. Like we were all the same, right? Like we’re all business owners trailing through the woods and also trailing through life and through business simultaneously. 

Like we helped each other up, and we kept an eye on our pregnant student who was killing it the whole way. We were just bonding so well, but halfway up the mountain, I started feeling really nauseous. I didn’t really tell anyone besides my husband, but I started feeling super nauseous. I wondered if it was elevation sickness, right? Considering that Lake Tahoe was already at such a high altitude, and now we’re only climbing higher. Thank God, it didn’t turn into anything too troublesome right? I ended up being totally fine. 

But just the trail itself was such a vibe. I know I keep saying a vibe. I don’t know how else to describe it. It winded around these large tree stumps. It had built in stone stairs in certain places. Around us, we could see where some like California fires had taken out part of the forest, which had its own like sentimental kind of sadness to it when we saw those places

As we climbed, the sun rose higher in the sky, right. We all started like applying a little sunscreen here and there. By the time we reached the top, it was only 9:00 a.m. My students were fully submerged into each other at this point, full friendships. Full friendships had blossomed. We were all just out of breath. The entire hike was very steep, right? We were glazed with sweat, and several of us had already broken out our fanny pack snacks.

On top of the trail, we all took photos and we rested and we laughed together and we just really bonded before we headed back down. At point, one of my students pulled me to the side and simply said, “This was actually more needed than you know.” 

She said, “I have needed a physical challenge like this. I’ve been telling myself over the last few months that I can’t do hard things anymore. To wake up and do something like this already has me feeling myself more than I could have ever hoped for at this event. We haven’t even started the teachings yet. Like I feel like I can do anything.”

That was so awesome to hear. I too felt like I could do anything that morning once we reached the top right? My elevation nausea, my already sore legs. I’m out of breath. I’m sweating, but I feel like I’ve accomplished such a challenge before most people are even out of bed right. That just did something good for my soul. 

We went on to have the most intimate, most intense masterminding we’ve had at a live event. The following two days turned four business owners into complete savage CEOs. Two days later, after my students went back to their homes celebrating their new ideas, new business plans, new confidence, all of that. I climbed that same mountain with just my husband, again early in the morning. This time moving much more quickly. 

We were there to exercise. We were there to climb, and we were there to climb fast. We passed other hikers, and we were jumping up rocks and even jogging for a big portion of it. We reached the top this time though with a mission. We were to find a cozy rock to sit on. We were going to film a video to introduce ourselves to our brand new employees, the 25 employees that work for the company that we are in the midst of buying

At this point, when we’re on this mountain, we’re going to close in about 15 days. By the time you hear this podcast, we might have already closed. I’m not sure. But at the time on this mountain, we’re going to close in about 15 days. We’re going to own this company in about two weeks. Legally we weren’t allowed to meet or introduce ourselves to the employees of this facility until this day. 

But we knew that the former owner, she wanted us to provide a video introducing ourselves to them. So we thought there was nowhere better to do it then on top of a frequent mountain in South Lake Tahoe, California at 8:00 a.m. Am I right? That’s a vibe. 

So after we recorded the most laid back, unscripted video of our sweaty faces at the top of a mountain with our baseball caps on, fanny packs hanging off our waists, our dirty hands, I couldn’t help but laugh at how I had gotten here. Not like here the mountain but like here, the mountain. You know what I’m saying? 

Like how did I get here? Sending a video to 25 strangers who are about to become my staff members as I’m in South Lake Tahoe, and doing this like it’s the most nonchalant thing I’ve done all week. This video wasn’t scripted. There wasn’t any thought about it. I didn’t even realize we were posting this video until we got to the top, and Mark said that it was due in like a couple hours. 

Like the girl that used to be scared to get on camera, right? The girl that used to be scared to start a business because she didn’t understand taxes. The girl who didn’t know how to hold a boundary when people pressed them all the time. The girl who literally almost did not open a business because she didn’t know how to run a credit card, and that debilitated her. 

So to say that like my student, this mountain gave me confidence would be an understatement. I had the realization of holy shit, how the fuck did I get here? I am amazing. I basically skipped back down that mountain. The last few years of my career flashed before me like the startup of the massage business, the startup of my coaching business, the second location of my brick and mortar.

The beginning of my podcast, the milestones of my podcast, the milestones of my revenue, the people that I have met, the opportunities that have fallen in my lap, the people that have had me on their podcasts, the acquisitions that are underway, right? The awards that I have won. It’s all flashing through my mind as I climbed down this mountain feeling so fucking good about what I’ve created. 

But then I had like a slap in the face thought, like what am I even talking about? I’m over here feeling myself so hard. I’m acting like I am the bee’s knees, the queen bee, but all I had to do was walk the trail. That is it. I walked a path. The path that someone else mapped out for me, the path that someone else dug and laid the dirt. I climbed a mountain today, but I climbed it because of all of the people that came before me. 

This is the same path that people came before me and moved actual freaking boulders so that I could just skip right up it. This path has been here for years. Thousands of people have walked it. Thousands of people have worked on it. Just like in your business. Thousands, millions of people making it better, making it easier. There were photos along the way of black and white images of like five men at a time trying to move over large boulders to place the natural staircases for people like me to simply prance up and take photos for Instagram. 

Before I could walk up this trail, there were rock movers and stair layers and tree trimmers and firefighters putting out fires. All of these people working their asses off to protect and create a path so that I can simply walk up it. Here I am at the top feeling like a million bucks as if I’m the queen of this mountain. 

You see, sometimes in life we climb a mountain for years. We have to climb over the boulders. Sometimes we fall down. Sometimes we trip on a branch, and we get back up, right, and we keep trekking. Sometimes we’re feeling ourselves. Sometimes we’re not, but we keep moving. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it’s beautiful and sunny. 

Sometimes we’re pregnant. Sometimes we’re jogging. Sometimes we are filming videos at the top to employees. Sometimes we are nauseous. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we meet friends along the way. While we are trekking this mountain, it can feel like we’re alone for better or for worse, right? 

Like, as in some days when you’re feeling shitty and like your business isn’t working, you feel very alone, right? But then there’s other days like when you’re calling your brand new employees on top of a mountain, you feel alone. Like you did all this hard work to get here, and that you’re alone, and that you did this all by yourself. 

No matter which way you cut it, the human brain likes to feel alone. It’s like a protection mechanism to always look for more company and look for more people to surround yourself with. Even I know cognitively that I’m not alone. I have a team of people that make this company run successfully. 

But when was the last time you guys thought about the people that came before you and before your team? That spent their entire lives laying the path down for you to elegantly walk across. Someone spent their entire life creating the phone that you’re on. Someone spent their entire life creating the car that you’re driving into your meetings. Someone spent their whole life building the school systems that we so blindly trust to take care of our children that allow us all day to work. 

Your computer, your email server, the softwares you use, the food that nourishes your body and your brain, the people that built the offices you’re in, the people that simply laid the path before you have all of the moving parts that it requires to have the company that you have. The path that you’re on may feel lonely at times and hard at times, but people have laid down their whole lives for you to so easily frolic up your mountain

The mountain that you call your industry has been explored numerous times before you, before you were even born. Engineers, inventors, authors, coaches literally rolling out the red carpet for us to simply walk across it. It is very human to think that our path is hard, and that it’s difficult, and that no one gets it, and that we’re all alone. Especially when it’s raining and when we’re nauseous and when we fall down. 

But it is our duty to choose the perspective that gives us the most power. For me, all day long, I’m choosing to believe that this path was laid out for me like a magic carpet, and all I have to do is simply walk across it. I have all the answers, or I can get all the answers. People have gone before me, and my gratitude is here for that. All I have to do is hike.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share. 

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day. 

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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