The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | From Business Underdog to Massive Growth in 90 Days with Jessica HundleyThis week, I’m interviewing my client, Jessica Hundley. Jess walked into my world as an underdog compared to most of my clients. She met the minimum earning requirement for Thirty More by the skin of her teeth. But since joining, she has absolutely blown up by channeling her courage and tenacity, instead of believing that she wasn’t ready.

Jessica Hundley is a Board-Certified Speech Language Pathologist with a private practice specializing in pediatric eating disorders. In just 90 days, she went from working totally solo to hiring four staff members who have helped her expand her business and create huge demand for her services. This is serious growth; it happened fast, and her revenue is proof that you can achieve anything with the right mindset.

Tune in this week to discover what kind of courage it takes to make massive leaps in your business, going all-in on your business, and growing something special. Jess is sharing how her business got more referrals than she knew what to do with, the revenue growth she’s experienced, and you’ll learn what becomes possible when you show up with courage, no matter where you’re starting from.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why Jess knew she needed to get into the Hell Yes universe.
  • How the Mini Mind gave Jess the desire to create more and more in her business.
  • The revenue and team growth Jess’s business has experienced in just 90 days.
  • What changes when you show up with courage, regardless of your past results.
  • Jess’s experience of investing in the future of her business.
  • How Hell Yes has helped Jess achieve way beyond the goals she set for herself 90 days ago.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hello my friends. It is a beautiful day here in Kentucky. I love March for so many reasons. We’ve got the SEC tournament. I cannot wait to watch my Wildcats play. Guys we got the best basketball team in the nation. My pride for UK is unreal. I love it. I also went there so you know. You know. Once you’re a wildcat, you’re always a wildcat. But March is SEC tournament. 

My birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is the best day to have a birthday. I’ll tell you what, I almost died like 11 times in college because everyone wants to buy you shots when your birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s like a built-in party. Like people are just out partying on your birthday no matter what. So my birthday, SEC tournament, St. Patty’s Day, and guess what else?

It is going to be the five year anniversary mark of Hell Yes Coaching. I started Hell Yes Coaching on my birthday when I was 30. When I turned 30, I remember telling a girl at my party. We were out. We were partying. I said to her tomorrow on the 17th I am starting a new company. She said well, if I know you at all, it’s going to be massive. I said I hope so. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m going to try. That was five years ago. 

So Hell Yes Coaching was born on my birthday. I will never be more thankful that I started this coaching company. Holy shit. I will never be more thankful. 

So let me give you a little bit of advice here. You don’t know this yet because I haven’t been posting about it, keeping it a little secret, a little seek, seek. But on the 16th and 17th of this month in order to celebrate my birthday and in order to celebrate the Hell Yes Coaching anniversary, my team, and let me say my team. It’s not going to be me because I’m going to be in Florida sitting on my ass in the sand drinking a margarita. 

But on the 16th and 17th, my team is going to be putting on a sale. This is going to be the Birthday Anniversary Sale. This is going to be the time to get into my world. If you want to get into my world, you want to take classes, we’re going to be having bundles of classes that you can purchase at a discounted price. It’s only for 48 hours. You absolutely don’t want to miss it. I want you to have a beer for me to celebrate. 

Guys, before we get started. I have a really great episode for you today, but we are coming up on the deadline to jump into my Mini Mind. If you are looking to have a steroid injection into your business, you want to come into my Mini Mind guys. If you have been wanting to come into my Mastermind, if you’ve been wanting to come into my world and just see what it’s like, the Mini Mind is the best place. It’s only six weeks long.

The vibe is momentum. The vibe is exciting. The vibe is all in. You all, the very first day that you come in, I do an audit on your marketing. I just straight up look at your all’s marketing, what’s going right, what’s not going well, how we can tweak it, how you can get a new customer in the door that same day. Okay. 100% of my Mini Mind people that came in last round loved it so much that they all upgraded to the Mastermind before the Mini Mind was over. Isn’t that saying something? I’m so proud of that stat. 

So anyway, Mini Mind’s start date is on at the 21st. It could possibly be booked out by the time you’re listening to this. I am not sure. I haven’t even started selling it in real time. So I’m going to start selling it in a few days. It might look out immediately. So it might be booked out by the time that you hear this. But if you want to be in my Mini Minds, $6,000 for six days. I would love to see you there. I am capping it out. I only have six spots. So come in and come play. 

All right, today is a super fun episode, I am interviewing Jess Hundley. One of the reasons I wanted to interview Jess Hundley is because she has so beautifully walked into my world as the, quote unquote, underdog. I say underdog because she came into Thirty More Mastermind which has a minimum requirement of making $50,000 in the last 12 months in order to qualify to come into Thirty More. She met that requirement by the skin of her teeth on the day of the deadline. 

She was able to come in, and she has absolutely blown up. I know for a fact that the reason she has blown up is because of the courage and the tenacity, the same courage and tenacity that got her to apply while being the underdog to begin with. I see so many people saying I’m too afraid to come into Thirty More. I don’t want to come into Thirty More because I’m not ready. To me this is a conversation about courage. 

Jess Hundley is the epitome of courage. She not only jumped into my Mini Mind, she then went straight into my Mastermind. She’s in The Cirle. She came to Miami with us. Guys, her revenue is showing proof that this works. So I’m going to chat with her today. I’m going to get into her mindset a little bit about what kind of courage it took just to make this big of a leap. To go all in on hell yes coaching. 

You guys, this woman went from zero staff members. She was working completely alone as a speech therapist. To five staff members in the last 90 days. Five staff members. Her team is fully supportive. The demand that she has is fully supportive of five staff members. That is some serious growth in a very short amount of time. 

So if I were you, I would perk up, listen up, listen to her little golden nuggets. The way that she thinks about her business, the way that she moves through containers, the way that she uses her courage to create lots of revenue. This is episode number 148. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go. 

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello, Jess Hundley. How are you doing today? I’m so glad to have you on.

Jess: I’m so happy to be here. Thank you for having me.

Becca: Absolutely. So can you just give us a quick intro? Who you are and what you do?

Jess: Yes. So I am a speech language pathologist and business owner in Lexington, Kentucky of Kentucky Therapy Solutions. We are a private practice that specializes in pediatric feeding disorders.

Becca: Yes. Love it. Okay, so how long have you been following Hell Yes? Has it been a while? Or are you pretty new to this world?

Jess: Like a year maybe.

Becca: You heard about us through like a referral through a friend? 

Jess: Yes.

Becca: Okay. Was it Ashley? 

Jess: Yep. 

Becca: Okay. So did you start with the podcast? Was that your launching pad?

Jess: So after Ashley had posted something about that you all had worked together, and I listened to a few of the podcast episodes and then really just kind of jumped in the deep end.

Becca: So, you had a huge snowball effect. So like you came in, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you came into the Mini Mind first and then immediately up leveled to The Cirle and the Mastermind. Since then, you’ve already been to Miami with us. You’re three months into Thirty More. You jumped right in, yeah? 

Jess: Yes. 

Becca: Okay. I just want to first of all, congratulate you because I don’t even remember life before you, Jess Hundley. You’re such a fun student to have. You are so great to be in my world. But let’s talk a little bit about the tenacity and the courage that it took for you to get into all of these things. Like you came in just straight boom, boom, boom. 

This is what I’m talking about when I’m telling people like when you find your mentor, having the courage to go all in. I’m not saying that you have to join all their programs all at once the way that just did. But going all in, like literally just leaning into one person, leaning into the container, and like getting as much as you possibly can from this person in your first year. Like that’s the style that I like. The full submersion is what I call it. You are fully submerged. You’re not tippy toeing. 

So it took a lot of courage on your end to do it that way. Can you take us through a little bit of your mindset as you were like pummeling through these upgrades and these classes and just really immersing yourself into our culture?

Jess: So I think really the Mini Mind gave me a taste of what it was like to be in close proximity with you, and really get that one-on -one coaching, that support, that help that I was looking for right off the bat. I think it almost was like the catalyst that wanted me to want more and more and more. Then with The Cirle, I felt like I got so much value and so much benefit from that that I grew faster than I kind of knew what to do with. 

That’s what landed me to A, want to work so hard to make it into the Mastermind, but B, be able to continue that work at an even deeper level with you through even just that next six months.

Becca: I’m going to bring you fast forward a little bit and then we’re going to go back and hit the past a little bit more. So fast forward, since you started working with Hell Yes Coaching, can you give my audience a little bit of an idea of what your growth has been like? Whether it’s revenue or whether it’s staff. What has come about for you since joining Hell Yes?

Jess: So I feel like when I started working with you, I was on the path of just scraping to get referrals, to just find people to walk in the door. Within really three months of just implementing strategies that were proven. I mean, you and John both have coached me through so much of getting people in the door that it turned almost into I didn’t know what to do with all those referrals once I had them.

Becca: Wow, that’s amazing. I need to write that down. That was a phenomenal testimonial. I’m putting that shit on my website. That was great. So what was some of the stuff that you did? What were you doing that really took it to the next level? What was the strategy?

Jess: So within the brick and mortar it was I felt like I was putting myself out there. I was getting to know people in the community. I’ve been practicing in the community for a decade on my own. I think it was just going and telling people what I offer and having the confidence in walking into offices and saying that to people and to providers that I was hoping for those referrals from. So it was that confidence.

Then realizing that it wasn’t just that one single time I was going. I think John said it to me at one point now is the worst time you can let off the gas. Just instilling those habits of this isn’t a one-time thing and all the sudden people are going to flood in my doors. It’s a constant effort in the role of being the marketer for my company as well, not just the speech therapist. 

Becca: Isn’t it interesting how everything changes when you have a group of people behind you? I try to talk about this in my marketing as much as possible, but I am a very different person when I’m not in a Mastermind. You have a very contrasted taste because it wasn’t very long ago that you weren’t in any sort of container with other business owners, other entrepreneurs. Now you are very held, you are in The Cirle, you’re in Thirty More. You guys have made a tight group now. 

Isn’t it crazy how much it just pours gas on your fire, and it gives you the courage. You’re looking over. This is for me anyway. I’m looking over at my Mastermind sisters. I’m realizing that they’re doing these courageous things, and they’re getting knocked on their ass too just like I am. If I was alone, I would be making it mean something that maybe I’m not good enough. But because I’m in this group, it’s no, this is just what people do. This is just what happens. How does it feel to just be kind of held and supported from the people that you’ve met since coming in?

Jess: I think there are so many sides to it. There’s the accountability part of just people kind of holding you up and holding to your standard. There’s not really the slacking off option. Or the days that you don’t feel it, there’s this group that they want to see you do well too. That’s so encouraging. But I think having the group who almost normalizes the highs and the lows. A group that either has done it or is actively going through it with you. I mean, it changes the game.

Becca: Yeah, people to celebrate with and people that to catch you when you fall. So you came in to Thirty More as what I would call the underdog. I mean that with so much respect you slit in by the skin of your teeth when it came to qualifying. Because to come into my Mastermind, you have you have made $50,000 or more in the last 12 months. When you came into the Mini Mind, you had to work really hard to qualify to come into the Mastermind before the deadline. So you came in as one of the very lowest earners. 

This is something that I really want to sit with and talk about because I have so many people in my world that are making $50, $70, $90,000 and they don’t feel ready for Thirty More. They don’t feel they’re supposed to be in there yet until they’re trying to hit a million.

I also have people that are too, I don’t know. They have thoughts around or are embarrassed around the idea of being one of the lower earners. What is so amazing about you coming in and being one of the, quote unquote, underdogs is that I’m watching you have a shit ton of growth because you’re the underdog. Because you came in and you are learning from people that are further along than you. So you have this longer runway. It’s almost a faster runway because everyone around you as an example.

You are coming in so new and eager. I am telling people all the time. I’m listen, the best time to get coaching is in the beginning. It is so much harder for me to coach someone who is like, “I’ve already made 3 million a year. I’m looking to go to 6 million.” Because they have all these very specific habits that they have formed super hard and they don’t want to let go up, right? 

Whereas you came in as the, quote unquote, underdog. You came in earning less. But you used your courage and you use your tenacity and your grit to say, “No, I’m going to be in that room. Not only am I going to be in that room, I’m going to make a stance. I am going to grow my company. I’m going to grow my business.” It has been so fun to watch you. 

So congrats to you because you’ve done that so beautifully. You have really held a lot of self-compassion and courage to be able to do that. So let’s start from the very beginning and talk about that a little bit. Were you afraid to come into the Thirty More Masterminds? Or was it just no, all systems go. I want to be in that room.

Jess: Both to be honest. I think it was terrifying. I mean even last year spending $4,000 on a business investment felt scary. So I don’t know how I jumped so big, so fast. But I knew that, to your point, I wanted to be in the room. In my mentality, the bigger dog I had the fight, the more motivation that was for me. When we sat in Miami and I was in the lowest income group, I thought I’m never going to be in this group again. I’m going to continue building myself to the groups of people sitting next to me and four groups down.

Becca: You know what’s really funny about that? I had no thoughts at all about these income groups, okay. You’re the sixth person to talk about these income groups. So just to give my audience context, we’re in Miami, and I wanted to do breakout groups. 

At first I was going to do breakout groups based on industry. I was going to have brick and mortars over here, online over here. If you were in the medical field, that was going to be a separate one. But then I was no, they all have the same issues, the same problems. They need the same solutions all the way across the board, no matter what industry. So what I would to do is break them up into income groups. 

So I had the lowest earners. I think we had, what, four groups, middle earners, second middle earners, and then highest earners. It was a last minute decision. It took me, it was literally 30 seconds before we announced we were breaking into these groups. That’s how I wanted it. I had no idea that it was going to cause such motivation.

Now looking back, it’s oh this is a psychology trick. Because the people that were in the lowest group have all told me I will never be in that group again. The people in the highest group were I can never knock down to the second tier ever again. There’s just been this overall consensus of these groups being a huge motivator to grow their business. 

So anyway, I don’t know what that’s about, but I love it. I love seeing the tenacity that comes from it. But I love that you said that. I don’t think you’ll ever be in the lowest group again either. Not that there’s anything wrong with the lowest group. To me, the lowest group is the most courageous. The lowest earning group in Thirty More has had to do more self-work, more courage work than the highest group by tenfold. You won’t be in the lowest group, but also so much pride to be there.

Jess: Yes, exactly. I think too I was stuck in even leading up to not Miami. I would say the Mini Mind. I was so stuck in I’m going to follow this person, or I’m going to do this $100 class or this $100 class. I just felt I was piecemealing everything together. Ever since I started working with you, it’s just feels this clear path that makes sense to me. Instead of I get this advice from this person and that person. When I got that clear path really aligned for myself, that’s what I’ve seen the most growth.

Becca: Isn’t it now looking back, do you see now how expensive it was to be trying to piece things together $100 at a time? Which is funny, because everyone does it to save money. But how much money have you made since you stopped piecing it together? This is something that I talk about often. There are some amazing little $100, $200, $300 classes, absolutely. 

But why not go all in on someone that you know is going to get you the results? Because once you have all the information all together, you’re not piecing it together a puzzle. It’s just such a straight shot, clear your path. I love that.

Jess: I feel I always have, I know exactly who I’m going to to ask questions whether it’s the our group chat in the Thirty More, or it’s asking for direct coaching during our calls, things that. I just feel so much more supported then what I was able to download and print off in all these kind of one offs.

Becca: Yeah, I think of my Mastermind a lot like an insurance. So I actually don’t pop into my Mastermind a ton. I go to the weekly calls. I get coaching. But a lot of the girls in my Mastermind are talking nonstop. They’re in Voxer just talking up a storm. I don’t have my notifications on at all. I’m not really in there. 

But I pay because number one, I get everything that I need in the weekly calls. I’m not saying this is right or wrong. I’m just giving my own advice. But number two, it’s when that thing does happen when I have that one question, when I have that thing that pops up that I wasn’t expecting, knowing that I have a group of people that I can lean on, knowing that I can go in and get answers. 

You don’t know that kind of support until you have it. You’re like oh my god, I would have spun in circles for six days and tried 11 different things. But because I came in here and got the answer, it’s moving on to the next. 

Jess: It just gives me the confidence and maybe an answer I even already knew but that you all who have kind of paved the way before me are giving that advice that go with your gut. Your decisions are correct. You, especially, always challenge me to take it one step further. If I have a question, you answer it and then okay, well what’s the next step? It’s always pushing me to be that better business owner or that better decision maker. 

Becca: I love that. You handle it so beautifully. Now what made you think, okay, you know what? I actually am ready for Thirty More? Was it just simply I qualify? Or was it you had to talk to yourself a little bit further from the place of just I’m doing this. Tell me from the point of you talking to your spouse. I always ask this. Because what you say to your spouse is the truth, right? You go home, you have a glass of wine, and you’re like this is how I’m feeling. What was it for you?

Jess: It was, can we afford this over the next six months? Can I afford to not take that money home that I’m putting into coaching was step one. Once we decided that was reasonable and that the return on that investment was going to be tenfold on the back end of it, it was okay to make that sacrifice in the interim. 

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. Your spouse was totally on board. You didn’t get much pushback, right?

Jess: He goes, “Well, everything Becca’s told you to do so far has worked. So yes, I’m in.”

Becca: That’s awesome. I love that. So then you came to Miami, which was, what, three months ago? We’re getting ready to go to Chicago in, gosh, I don’t know, three more months. That’s crazy. What is today? April, May, June. Okay, four more months, we’re going to Chicago. So tell me a little bit about your experience in Miami. Were you feeling nervous? Like I’m the underdog here. All these people are talking about millions of dollars and massive staff members? Or was it ah, I finally found my place. Tell us a little bit about how you were feeling there.

Jess: I really did feel the underdog. Not because anyone made me feel that way other than my own mentality. But I felt these people have, I can’t even sympathize or I can’t figure out what problems they’re dealing with because I’m so far behind. Then the more we really dove in, or the more we worked throughout the three days I realized yes, their problems are on a bigger scale. But how awesome that I’m getting all of these pieces of advice. I’m getting all these mental notes because my growth is going to be there soon. 

Becca: You’re in the best seat in the house because you’re listening to these higher level conversations. I mean, who else? Let’s say that you’re making $50,000 a year. I know that you’ve already surpassed that, even though three months ago, that’s what you had to make in order to qualify. You’re already pretty far past 50,000. But let’s say $50,000. 

Imagine everybody else in the world that is making $50,000 a year. Are they having these types of conversations with people? I bet there’s maybe 1% that are really diving deep into how do you become the mature CEO that can handle this type of volume? How can you create culture in your staff when you’ve got more than 10, 12, 20 people on your staff? How can you have these boundaries? The type of conversations that you’re having at your level is just laying every single brick down on the yellow brick road for you to just fly down it.

Jess: It forced me to really think about that in the moment. Although I’m not there to have 12 staff right now. It made me think about well, what processes am I putting in place with one and two or three and four so 20 doesn’t feel overwhelming. I almost think that’s better than if I had 20 and was trying to backtrack how I was running things. 

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. Are you excited for your future? What does the next year look for you?

Jess: So on Friday, I’m actually launching a big digital, streamline documentation software for speech therapists in particular, hopefully more down the road. So that is what this Friday looks like. Then also bringing on within the kind of immediate future three new staff members. So.

Becca: Three new staff members I feel when you first came into the Mini Mind, again, literally 90 days ago, you were really nervous that the idea of bringing on one person. Is that right? Am I remembering that correctly? 

Jess: Yes.

Becca: You brought one person on. Have you brought on a second person as well already? 

Jess: Yes. 

Becca: So you’re looking at bringing on three more on top of that?

Jess: Two more on top of that. 

Becca: Two more on top of that. So four people in 90 days? 

Jess: Yes. 

Becca: Four people in 90 days. Do you, I don’t even care who’s listening right now. I am geeking out. Do you know what that, what?

Jess: I set my goal in Miami to be two people by the end of the year.

Becca: Oh, was it you that said one person by the end of the year? I was like no, no, no.

Jess: It was me and Emily both said one, and you said no. 

Becca: Okay. Two at least. So you’re four in 90 days. Your business is handling it. You’re scaling because the amount of volume that you have.

Jess: Yes. I mean, even when I went to Miami, I thought my office is fine. I’ll be here for a few more years. Literally today is my first day in my new office of four spaces in a waiting room. It’s growth that I couldn’t predict how fast it would happen. 

Becca: That’s the joke of Hell Yes Coaching. That’s the ultimate joke of Hell Yes Coaching. Oh my gosh, I’m going to get into Hell Yes Coaching. I’m going to grow my business. I’m going to move into this bigger space that scares the absolute piss out of me. In 60 days, I’m going to realize it’s way too small because I’m going so fast.

Jess: I think it’s getting over that. What you’ve given me the confidence in is I’ve always, I can do the therapy. That seems so easy to me. But being an owner and a boss, and that has just felt so foreign to me. I feel you’ve given me the confidence in that. But also forced me in a healthy push to get past the embarrassment of maybe being the underdog or the discomfort of having five interviews in a day, things like that.

Becca: Yeah. Isn’t it crazy now looking back. I feel this way. Maybe you don’t feel this way. But everyone thinks I’m really good at this thing that I do. I’m really good at speech therapy. I’m really good at yoga. I’m really good at massage. I’m really good at whatever. But I’m scared of business owning. 

But once you start business owning, you realize how simple it is. I wouldn’t say that it’s easy because it does take a lot of courage. It takes a lot of hard conversations and uncomfort, just to be quite frank, to be able to interview people, to be able to manage people, to be able to say things when things aren’t going right. So uncomfort in that sense. But otherwise, very simple. 

I mean, you’re a speech therapist. You are going to hire other speech therapists. You’re going to do the best you can to provide them with a good career. You’re going to check in with them. You’re going to make sure they’re doing okay. You’re going to make sure that they have what they need, and you’re going to make sure that they have a place to grow. 

Other than that, every time they see a client, the money comes into the bank account of the business. Every time you see a client, the money comes into the bank account of the business, and bada bing, bada boom, you’ve got yourself a completely scaled company. You can bring on as many people as you want and as many people as you can fit into your physical building, or if you’re not in a physical building as many as you can fit into your capacity to hold a team. That’s that. That’s that. 

It’s really not that crazy. I remember thinking when I was building Massage Strong, and we were just hiring left and right. I mean, we went from zero to 16 in the first year. People were like how are you doing this? I’m do you mean it’s hard? I remember that’s what I felt like. I was like maybe I’m doing this all wrong, but I think it’s just hiring people and doing the best you can to keep them happy and keep quality of service up.

Jess: Maximizing efficiency too. What can I do to make your job easier so you love working here? 

Becca: Yes. Yes, that just lowers turnover rate. The more that you can keep your staff happy and feeling good. I don’t mean just complete people pleasing and giving them whatever they want if it’s not aligned with who you are. 

But it’s a lot more simple than a lot of times our brains like to go crazy with it and tell us that it’s going to be this huge, crazy project that you don’t have the skills for and that you don’t know what you’re doing. Only really smart people know how to run companies. That ain’t true at all. There’s some dumb asses out there running big companies, and I love them for that. It does take courage, though, more than anything. 

Jess: Well, and that’s the power of being in your coaching container. I can’t tell you how many times I would have not given up maybe, but really had struggled a lot more if I didn’t have a place to turn some of those questions. Some of those problems too. I just think doing it without a coach now, I can’t even imagine because Dr. Google does not have the answer to everything. 

Becca: Dr. Google. I love that. Well, I love you so much, Jess Hundley. I’m so glad that you had the courage to jump in in all the ways that you did, and I can’t imagine not having you as a student now. So thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for the courage that you show. Where can people find you if they want to learn more about your speech therapy?

Jess: They can find me on Instagram or Facebook, Kentucky Therapy Solutions. Instagram is KY_TherapySolutions.

Becca: Love that. Thank you so much, and I will see you soon. 

Jess: Thank you.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share. 

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day. 

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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