What to do with a Missed Opportunity

We all have them.

Things that with hindsight look so simple, or so obvious.

Things that we wish we would have invested in, taken part of, or started.

Like why didn’t I buy more (or any) Bitcoin?!

Why didn’t I open that franchise?

Why didn’t I (fill in the blank)?

This past-looking belief is very real, and it is very damaging. It creates a limited belief in yourself.

We tend to judge our own judgment as if we had the information we have now, then.

The fact is that we didn’t have that information and we didn’t act.

But we do have that information now, and we can now take action.

Change the why didn’t I to why don’t I.

Use the lesson learned from the previously missed opportunity to take action on a new opportunity.

Just because you didn’t invest in Bitcoin then doesn’t mean you can’t now. (this is not an endorsement or recommendation – just an example).

Just because you didn’t start that smoothing cafe doesn’t mean you can’t now.

Just because that “once in a lifetime” opportunity has passed you by, doesn’t mean there won’t be another one coming any day now.

The world is full of “once in a lifetime” opportunities – but you have to be looking for them and you have to take action on them.

When we obsess about “why didn’t I’s” and “what could have been’s” we sell ourselves short.

We miss the new opportunity that may be staring us in the face!

If you have been kicking yourself about a missed opportunity here is what you do:

Forgive yourself for not taking advantage of the opportunity.

Reflect on what you learned from missing it.

Ask yourself if the opportunity still exists.

If it does, take action. If not, move on.

Keep an open mind and look for the next opportunity with the newly gained knowledge.

Opportunities in this world are endless. It just takes brave people to take action.

Go get ‘em.

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