The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | 8 Lessons Learned from Investing 500K into My BrainOne of the first things I did at the very beginning of my coaching endeavor was invest in a mentor. Investing in my business and brain in this way was new to me, but I now personally know what it’s like to build a business with support and mentorship versus without, and I’m here to share my top lessons learned with you this week.

If you’ve been considering investing in your business but have been sitting on the fence, afraid of taking that financial risk, you’re in the right place. Investing in my business and brain is what has shattered the glass ceiling on everything I thought was possible for my life, and I want you to break out of playing small too. 

Join me this week to discover my top 8 lessons learned from investing in my business and brain. You’ll hear what my investing budget is now, the energy from which you should be investing in yourself, what happens when you start investing big, and my tips and tricks for hiring the right mentor for you. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • My experience of the first time I invested in a mentor. 
  • What my budget for investing in my business and brain looks like now. 
  • The power of removing yourself from people who are interested in keeping you financially safe. 
  • One question to ask yourself before you invest in your business and brain.
  • Why people who invest big are more confident and motivated.
  • 8 lessons learned from investing in my business and brain. 


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hey guys. So today I want to talk to you about some of the things that I’ve learned as I have invested in my business. I’ve been investing into my business and my brain since the very beginning of my coaching endeavor. All right. I did not invest in my business or my brain in the traditional mentorship sense when I was building Massage Strong. So I have this very contrasted view of what it was like to build Massage Strong without a mentor and what it was like to build Hell Yes Coaching with a mentor and with a few different mentors.

So today, I just put together some things that I tell all of my students, things that I think the public should know when they’re considering investing in themselves, in their brains, and just some tips and tricks on what to do. I’ve noticed a lot of patterns in my students, myself, my colleagues, and a lot of people as they begin thinking about investing in themselves and in their business.

So today, we’re just gonna go over all of those things. This is episode number 78. I am your host Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike, and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Hello, my friends. How are we doing guys? Oh my gosh it is fall. It is beautiful. The leaves here in Kentucky are just so gorgeous. I love this time of year. I go on walks all the time. You guys know this. You probably see it on my social media. But I’m always out hiking, always out walking. Y’all, it doesn’t get any better than this. Like it is the most beautiful time of the year.

I am going to begin thinking about Christmas right now. I have started watching like Hallmark Christmas movies, like the cheesiest rom coms you can imagine. Just ridiculous green screen mountains and cheesy sleazy scripts. They’re my favorites. Now my 13 year old daughter has been watching them with me. You guys, it has unlocked a whole new level of happiness for Christmas for me.

But Thanksgiving is here first. We are hosting at our house this year, again. We have a really huge family. My husband’s family, just I think he has nine siblings. Is that right? Nine siblings. They all have spouses, and then they all have like three to four kids apiece. It is a lot of fun. We have a lot of space. We have a lot of room for running. We play bocce ball in the yard. Everyone brings a dish.

My husband refuses to make a turkey for Thanksgiving. He’s always like doing stuff outside the box, which is ultimately the pattern of his life. But last year, he did smoked salmon. This year I think he’s gonna smoke a ton of racks of ribs. I’m just so pumped for the holidays, guys. I think I’m getting older and like I’m becoming more in the holiday spirit.

I remember not really caring that much for many, many, many years, even up through my kids being really small. I don’t know if I was just busy or exhausted or what or I’m just becoming a little old lady, but I will tell you what you all. I am ready freddy. I can’t wait to do all of the little Thanksgiving and Christmas things with my family.

Okay, let’s talk about investing in our business. All right, the first year that I ever invested in to like receiving education from a mentor, I invested a total of $3,000. All right. This was through like a Tony Robbins coach. You guys, I literally died over it. I feel like I tell the story a lot. But guys, it was just so scary. I think whenever I invested the $3,000, I might have had maybe $400 in my bank account.

I was doing the whole Dave Ramsey thing, and I hated debt. I couldn’t imagine putting more debt on a credit card, and it made me sick. I just wasn’t mature yet in the way that I thought about investments, the way that I thought about being mentored, right. I didn’t see it as an investment that 100% gives back. I’m responsible for finding like making it work, and just creating the future that I wanted to create. I felt very much like a victim to whatever happens. Like if this coach isn’t good or if this course isn’t good then that’s going to be bad for me. Right. Just a lot of concern. A lot of concern.

The next year, I was ballsy enough to invest $10,000 for a coach who was going to mentor me. The following year, I ended up investing $50,000. Now you guys I budget around $100,000 dollars a year just to surround myself with successful and wealthy people and a mentor, all of which challenge and trigger the absolute shit out of me. Okay.

So like of the money I bring in, I put $100k away just to invest and learn with colleagues, into mentors and masterminds. This is a huge change from just, what, four years ago, three years ago that I was investing $3,000? Not that long ago. Things can happen very quickly, guys. Things can change real fast.

Here’s the chat. Average people conversations, like everyday conversations with my friends and my sisters and my mother and my mother in law and my family, like non-business people, like average conversations, they don’t force me to access that potential that I know is deep inside of my body. Average conversations, they keep me safe, and they keep me off the hook. Ultimately, this is what family is for. Family is here to keep you safe.

If you don’t live in a family of business owners and entrepreneurs and risk takers, then they are doing the very best they can, probably, to keep you safe, to tell you not to invest, to hold your money. Be sure you don’t go into debt. Make sure you have a cushion, make sure that you do all of these X, Y, and Z protocols that we were taught to do from Dave Ramsey, who is awesome for someone who is trying to stay in middle class America without debt.

That is not the way to look at money when it comes to business. All right. So removing yourself from the people that are interested in only talking that way about finances is one of the best things that you can do. Not removing yourself from them. I’m not saying cut them out of your life. But placing yourself into containers where that is not the conversation. You guys, I have exactly zero room for average minded conversations when it comes to my business.

Now if I’m just sitting around a bonfire drinking a beer then I am all for it. Right. But when it comes to business growth, no room for that. This is why I intentionally purchase who my colleagues are through masterminds. These are the type of people okay. When you get into a high level mastermind where people are investing big, and they are learning big, and they are making big leaps in their business, big growth, right, and not just revenue, but like learning how to staff and boundaries and like all of the things that just morph you into a CEO.

These are the people that like first introduced me to the idea that I could make $10,000 in a day, right? Like these are the people that made it really normal that wealth is achievable and accessible, right? That paying off your home in your 30s is just something you can do. That maxing out your IRA every year is just a normal person thing. Right? Like these aren’t the conversations that you have around the bonfire with your high school friends and your siblings. It’s just not unless you’re surrounded by entrepreneurs and business owners, right.

Once I entered the successful as hell room, all of a sudden, I realized how average I had been playing, but you can’t see it until you get out of it. Every time I grow into a new mastermind, a bigger mastermind, a more successful mastermind, a mastermind where the conversation is up leveled just a little bit more. It is then immediately apparent to how small I was playing. But what’s interesting is before you get into the masterminds, before you invest in yourself, before you find that mentor, you can’t tell. You can’t see what you can’t see. You can’t see how small you’re playing.

So along the way, as I’ve invested, I put together some things just now that I want to read off to you, a couple bullet points here. All right. Number one, investing in your business should come from a place of power and confidence and trust within yourself, not from frustrated hope. So if you guys are getting ready to invest, you guys are trying to find your mentor or your mastermind, I want you to stop and I want you to ask yourself.

Like where is this coming from in your body? There’s a very big difference between I am buying into this mentor because I am freaking out and this is my last straw. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, and this better fucking work. Versus I am a badass bitch that invests big in my business and people invest big in me. Big money flows through me. It flows in and it flows out, and I don’t hold myself back. I am committed to my success, and I will do whatever the hell I want to do while I grow my empire. Right?

Do you see the difference between number one and number two? In fact, when someone applies to my mastermind with the first energy, they have to send in a video. In their video if I can trace an ounce of like this better work energy or like I’m freaking out or I just zeroed out my bank account and I’m panicking, I deny the application. Because I want you to hear me when I say this.

Investing shapes who you are. Who you are will demonstrate how you invest. Okay. Committed people invest big. Confident people invest. Motivated people invest. Therefore, people who invest big are more committed. People who invest big are more confident. People who invest big are more motivated. Do you see how there’s two sides to this coin? Investing shapes who you are, and who you are will demonstrate how exactly you invest. Right.

So to me, like this is an exact reason that like when someone comes to me and they say I don’t invest, or I can’t invest that big, or I’m too scared, or I’ve got the money or the credit or I could get a loan, but I just don’t want to. Or I’m too scared. Like I want to, but I’m too scared. To me, that doesn’t show anything except a lack of confidence and a lack of commitment to themselves.

If you knew that you were going to be in business for the next 80 years, and you knew it was going to work and you knew you were going to be successful, and you were committed to that idea, committed to that dream, then it wouldn’t matter if you had to borrow a couple thousand dollars to go learn how to do it.

All right, number two, I want to talk about investing when your circumstances aren’t perfect. Okay, I don’t know who needs to hear this, but please stop waiting for everything to be super perfect. Guys, this is life. It is a fucking roller coaster. If you’re waiting till the moment that you have an overflow of cash, and your business feels right, and your marriage feels really good, and your kids are doing great, and your front yard white picket fence just got painted then you’re gonna wait forever. Okay, things come up.

The last thing you want to do is allow outside circumstances to decide your CEO decisions. Okay, you want those decisions to come from you. Not from like what the weather is like in your environment. You want your wants and your desires and your needs to decide how you invest.

Okay, so like don’t let your teenagers report card coming home today or the fact that your husband and you aren’t getting along at this very moment or whatever it is, right? Don’t let that throw you off the rails from investing in something that will change the trajectory of your business and ultimately change the trajectory of your life.

Okay, things happen. Teenagers get bad report card sometimes. Sometimes we get in arguments with our husbands, okay. Sometimes things just don’t go very well. Right. Sometimes we get sick. Sometimes our kids get sick, but allowing those circumstances to change decisions we make as a CEO for our company, that is not the vibe. It’s not the vibe.

All right. Number four. Know that how you invest shows up in your results. If you are someone who asks people to invest big in themselves, right. So like let’s say you are a life coach. Let’s say you are a massage therapist that believes that someone needs to come to see you 10 sessions in order to get out of back pain. Let’s say you are a photographer, and you sell $1,000 portraits. Let’s say that you are just someone who wants other people to invest in you.

You’re someone who asks people to invest in themselves, but you don’t. You will pull in people with the same excuses. You want them to invest big, but you refuse to invest big. You will attract those people. You’ll never be able to help people get past that objection. So like the only reason that I can help people who come to me, and they say, “Hey Becca, I want to be in your mastermind, but here’s my worries and here’s my concerns, right?”

I know that I’ve walked that path before them. So when they tell me I’ve got three kids or I’ve got four kids, and I’m nervous about taking the time to do this. Or I don’t have the money, I would have to put this on a credit card. Right? Like I’ve already walked that path before them. I carved the path. I got the spider webs out. I cleared the twigs that are hanging in front of the path, right? Like I saw for myself that it all worked out.

So it’s easy for me to coach people through that because I’ve been down the trail. I know the trail is safe. I’ve invested when it’s scary. I’ve invested before when I had no money. I’ve invested with debt. Right? I’ve taken the gamble. Therefore because I invest big and because I’m willing to do this, I draw people into my business that are of this energy. When people come to me with the fear, I’m able to talk them through it and brainstorm with them, if that’s what they want, because I’ve done it.

If I had never invested or I refuse to invest really big in myself, I wouldn’t be able to help them the same. I wouldn’t be able to get them past their objections. Therefore, I would either have a container filled with people who were terrified and pulled the trigger anyway and are in the energy of like this better fucking work, or I wouldn’t have an audience. I wouldn’t have clients. Can you see what I’m saying? Do you see how that shows up in your results? Can you see how your own fears show up in your results?

Okay, next one. Number five. Guys take full responsibility and make your investments work. Okay? Make them work. I hear people all the time say to me I just don’t know if this is gonna work. I have never thought that in my life. Never. Everything that I’ve ever committed to, I have made sure it works.

There is a big difference between someone who says I’m going to pay for this mastermind, and I hope it works. If it doesn’t, it’s going to be such a loss. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Oh, no. Versus the way I go into everything that I invest in, right? Like I’ve invested in two really big ass masterminds and really big ass mentors not knowing if it’s going to work, obviously. 100% of the stuff that I’ve invested in has been a risk, and I didn’t know if it was going to work, right?

But I go into it with I’m going to get whatever I can out of this. Right? I am going to like go in, get exactly what I need. I will dig deeper. If I have trouble, I will dig deeper. I will ask for help. I will self-coach. I will journal I will find peers to coach with me. I will make my money back, and I will meet my goals regardless of what this mastermind is like. Right?

So like when I go into a mastermind, I think of it like this. I’m going to meet my goals anyway. I am going to go out and get my goals. I’m going to hit those goals. I’m going to figure out how to do this. I’m going to run my company. I’m going to make these decisions. I’m going to go do it regardless, and I’m going to have this mastermind on the side for support and to ask questions.

I have met a lot of people that do not go at it this way. They go at it from a place of like I don’t have the answers within me. So I need to go to this mastermind, and I need to like get the answers so that then I can apply them. If it works, that’s great. If it doesn’t, I’m gonna blame the mastermind.

Guys, no. Go out in your badass decision making strong powerful mind. Make your goals happen, do it for you. Do the very best you can and use your mentor and your support as just that. As support, as love, as a place to fall back on, as a place to ask questions. Right? It is not the end all be all of what you are doing and the results that you are getting. You are the one that gets the results. You are the one that makes the decision. Right.

It just doesn’t feel good to go into a mastermind and just forfeit all of your responsibility on to the mastermind. Then you’re in this like waiting game of hoping that it works. You go out and you make it work, guys because you are bosses. Because you are an entrepreneur for a reason. Because you are creative, because you got in this for a purpose. Don’t ever detour from that. Do it for yourself. Do it for your company.

You’re not doing it so that your coach can see you and say oh my gosh, good job. Pat on the back. You’re not doing it so that you can revenue report big numbers. You’re not doing it from a place of like I sure as hell hope this works. You’re doing it for you. You’re doing it for the reasons that you’ve always done it. Okay, so like stay motivated with that.

Number six. Don’t massively overthink your investments. Okay. I just want to say that you should make good decisions. You should make decisions that feel right to you. You should research your mentors. You should look at the testimonials. You should look at the masterminds. You should compare pricing and access and content. You should be a smart consumer.

But if you are taking weeks and weeks to decide, just make the decision, okay? The longer you give yourself to decide, the longer you’re allowing your crocodile brain to set in. If you tell yourself that you won’t make the decision till later, like ah I’ll figure this out in like three months or in a couple months. This is your brain trying to keep you safe by not investing, okay? Because it’s putting you at arm’s length from the decision.

Go out and get what you want. Okay, make the decision. Even if the decision is no. Like if you’re looking at a mastermind or if you’re looking at a mentor or you’re looking at a course and you just don’t know, get out of that energy. Make the decision. It’s either yes, you go, and you buy it, or it’s no and then you close your brain. You just close that door. Close that door for your brain so that it’s not just something that’s just open and weighing on you. All right? Don’t overthink things. Become a yes or become a no. Get yourself out of the gray area.

Number seven, be proud of your investments. Guys, I am so proud at my investment. I am proud at the money that I have spent on myself. You know what’s crazy to me is like it’s totally normal to be proud. Like someone can be super proud of their brand new car. They’re like look at the $70,000 car I bought. I’m gonna take a picture of it. I’m gonna post it on Instagram. I’m gonna, like send it to my family. I’m gonna boast whenever I’m at the stoplight, and everyone’s looking at the $70,000 car that I just bought.

Yet, we don’t have the same idea about the $70,000 investment into the brain and knowledge and experience, right? Put your money where your brain is and feel good about it. Be proud of it. I love the fact that I can throw down and go to Tony Robbins anytime I want to see him.

I love that I can throw down and enter a mastermind that I want to be a part of. I love that I can surround myself with bestselling authors and multiple millionaires and talk to them at all times. Like I post about it on Instagram. I talk about my mentors. Like I love that I invest this big. I am proud of it. I know that there is an energy around me whenever I discuss this that is powerful.

Be proud of your investments love on them. If you don’t, if you’re shy to talk about them, or you have a weird relationship with your investments, this is just a great time to look at the relationship that you have with money in general.

Number eight, if you’re looking or a mentor, you’re looking for a mastermind, you want to invest in someone who invest in themselves, okay. So like when a student invests in me, they’re going to receive mentorship not only from my experiences building my businesses, but from everything I’ve ever invested in and been taught through my own mentors and Masterminds, right.

Like I’ve invested big in some of the biggest and best names in the mentorship industry. So you get the knowledge and the insight from the combination of every person that your mentor has ever invested in and the people that those people invested into. So this is why going cheap doesn’t make sense when it comes to a mentor. You don’t want a mentor that doesn’t have enough clients or enough confidence or hasn’t been mentored enough to raise their prices. You don’t want a cheap mentor just like you do not want a cheap tattoo. Okay, you don’t want a cheap tattoo. You don’t want cheap tequila. All right.

So you want to invest in a mentor that invest in themselves, and your clients want to invest in someone who is investing in themselves as well. You don’t want to be mentored by someone who is scared to charge their worth. You don’t want to invest in someone who is lacking boundaries. You don’t want to invest in someone who is like graspy or needy or is like DMing you all the time asking when you’re going to invest. That is not the vibe.

You want to level up with your investments. You want to level up with your mentors. You want someone who is challenging and triggering for you. Okay. If you look at their life, and you’re like dammit motherfucker, why does that person have that life? That’s the person you want to be mentored by, okay? You want to invest in the people that invest big in themselves because that is going to show up in your results.

All right, guys, so I want you guys to see that our deadline for 30 More is coming up. Whether you’re listening to this episode and thinking about a different mentor or a different mastermind, that’s totally cool. I hope that you got what you needed out of this. But there are so many of you. We’ve already had several, several people apply for the 30 More mastermind deadline, which is on November 18. It is coming up so fast. It’s like next week. If you’re listening to this in real time, it is time right now.

What I want you to understand is something that we talk about in 30 More is CEO energy versus entrepreneur energy. My definition of that is like entrepreneur energy is just like you have just started out. You just started your business. It might even still be a side hustle, maybe not. But you’re in this energy of like I am super excited, and I’m anxious and I’m nervous. I’m totally making my decisions from a place of like fear and worry. I hope that someone like you finds me that helps me build this business. If they don’t, I’m gonna freak out.

Like the energy is just so high and scary. I believe that this is a really big part of entrepreneurship. I think everyone goes through this. Where you’re so excited, and you’re on a roller coaster, and you’re up, you’re down, you’re all over the place. Oh my gosh, like do you guys remember being this way? Some of you probably still are, and that’s totally cool. My whole first year of coaching was this way.

But then there’s CEO energy. When I bring people into 30 More, I talk about this a lot. This is where we calm the fuck down. This is when we start making decisions from power. This is when we start investing in ourselves big from a place of confidence and understanding. This is when we start having strong and strict boundaries about the way that we are treated and the way that we treat people. This is where we mature into CEOs.

So inside of 30 More, we talk a lot about going from entrepreneur to CEO and how that transformation alone will create massive money in your business. The fact that we are a few days out from deadline, and I have so many people messaging me asking is 30 More right for me? What do I do? Should I do it? What if it doesn’t work? What are the testimonials? What can you tell me about it? Like I’m getting flooded with these questions. So this episode is for you guys.

We are only a few days out. It is not of CEO energy to still be in the gray area. All right CEOs know exactly what they want. They know exactly what they desire. They know their goals. They go out and they get the resources to make those happen. If you are interested in 30 More, and you still haven’t made a decision, and you’re still allowing yourself to be in the gray area, this is very much of entrepreneur energy, beginner energy.

So I invite you to step up. Whether your decision ends up being yes, I’m going to apply or no, I’m not going to apply, this is me asking you to step into that CEO energy and not just willy nilly your way into this decision. The last thing you want to do with something this resourceful and this big. Like a mastermind like this can change the entire trajectory of your business.

The last thing that you want to do is not make a decision, not make a decision, not make a decision. Uh-oh, the deadline’s tomorrow. Still don’t really know. Whoops, missed the deadline. Guess I can’t. That is the epitome of sliding into decisions, and that is not what we do as CEOs. That is not what we do as business owners. That is not how you reach six and seven figures in your business.

If you are listening to this and you have been on the fence about the 30 More Mastermind, this is your invitation to make a bold ass decision. Are you coming to Austin with us? Are you going on the six month trek with us? Are you coming in to be mentored by me? It is time to make the decision today. Not tomorrow, not November 18. Not I’m gonna wait to see how I feel on November 18. You should know right now.

I invite you to decide this from a place of power. Not from a place of fear. There is a very big difference between making decisions from fear and making decisions from power and confidence and trust in yourself. This deadline is November 18. This is the very first time we are going to have a brick and mortar track and an online track. This is going to make the mastermind even more intimate than it already is.

This is also going to be the first year that we have offered one on one add ons to the mastermind. Depending on when you apply because we are going to shut this down if it gets too booked out. But right now when you apply, you’re going to get an option to add on packages of one on one where I will sit down with you and go over your entire business with you and strategize exactly what needs to happen or what needs to stop happening in order for you to meet your goals.

We’ve never done this before. It is the most powerful thing that we have done. I am very excited, the entire team is excited, but these sessions are already being gobbled up as well. So we will turn those off whenever we believe to be booked out on those.

All right guys, November 18, $12,000. We’re going to Austin, Texas in January. From January to July you are going to be mentored by me. I invite you to please apply if you’ve made $50,000 or more in your business in the last 12 months. I can’t wait to see who’s in this next round guys. I love you guys. I will see you all here next week. Have a great rest of your day. Talk to you soon. Bye.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share.

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.

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