Welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast with Becca Pike!The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast

This podcast is the place for solopreneurs to learn the actionable strategies and steps needed to create their first 6 figure year and crush their goals. 

Join Becca Pike, 7 Figure Entrepreneur and Founder of Hell Yes Coaching, each week as she helps you remove the roadblocks in your business and shows you exactly where to put your focus.  And unlike most business podcasts, Becca will have you laughing your a** off by the end of the episode. 

Becca has been on the front-lines of building successful businesses and knows the daily battles and struggles. So in each episode, she’ll be shedding light on the questions every entrepreneur has when they begin their own journey…questions like… 

How do I get more clients? How do I scale my business without sacrificing my family? I want to start a business, but just don’t know where to start? How do I make millions of dollars and have a massive impact on the world?

If you have the heart and hustle (or as we like to call it a**-kickery) of an entrepreneur but lack the strategy or plan, then this podcast is for you! 


Listen to the first episodes:

  • Ep #1: Your Crew Is Here – Tune in for the very first episode as I share who I am, why I’m here, and why you need to tune in every week. I’m sharing some of my own backstory, and I’m giving you some quick takeaways so you can take that boss business brain of yours to the next level.
  • Ep #2: How to Actually Grow Your Business -Discover why baby-steps are the way forward for your business. It’s important to have some idea of where you’re taking your business, but it shouldn’t be your main focus.
  • Ep #3: Your Messy Creative Superpower – Find out why your shiny red ball syndrome is not the curse we often fear it is. Instead, I’m showing you how the harness the creativity that got you halfway through that task to begin with and put it to work, and I’m also sharing five incredible ways to open your mind and see where you want to take your creativity next.


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