We must first imagine and meticulously build the person we want to become, *before* we can physically become that person.

Back when I was rubbing 2 pennies together to make rent, I wanted to become 7-figure-Becca. I would ask myself… what does 7-figure-Becca do and think and say, that I don’t do right now?

  • 7-figure Becca would hire a coach to teach her how to grow this business.
  • She would invest her money back into her company.
  • She would hire the marketing team and pay for the ads.
  • She would do the scary things that she KNOWS she is avoiding.
  • She would create that emailing list.
  • She would sleep, eat healthy, and treat her brain like her biggest asset.
  • She would read more.
  • She would stop the excuses.

Paycheck-to-Paycheck-Becca had to become and fully embody 7-figure-Becca while still living inside Paycheck-to-Paycheck Becca. And through this practice, 7-Figure-Becca was formed.

If you were to talk to your future successful self, what would they tell you needs to happen in your business? What advice would they give you?

Go do that.

You see this Becca Pike? I created her.

Go create you.

I can help.

PS – This week, I’m sitting down with three of my Thirty More Mastermind clients, Jeri Roberts, Andrea Moore, and Samantha Varner. We’ve all just gotten back from our mastermind kickoff party weekend in Chicago where we coached, brainstormed, game-planned, and set goals for the entire weekend, and we’re here to share what happened. Jeri, Sam, and Andrea are sharing the conversations that were happening inside that room, how it is helping them up-level their business, and the power of continually putting yourself in a group setting with other people.

Listen HERE!

PPS –  I am hosting a 3 day class on Zoom. We will meet for 1 hour each day while I teach you why some businesses kill it and others don’t. We will have a private Facebook community for chats and giggles, we will set goals for August, make toasts, and there will be daily giveaways!

Prosperous August starts on July 27 at 1 pm EST. This class is only $22 but will yield a priceless return as you learn ways to target your audience by quieting all the noise and being more YOU and being more energetically attractive. There will be tons of time for coaching directly with me. You don’t want to miss this, but you have to register asap. It is not too late, come on in!

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