I budget 100k a year just to surround myself with successful and wealthy people who challenge and trigger the F outta me.

Here’s the chat: Average-minded conversations don’t force me to access my dormant potential, average-minded convos keep me safe and let me off the hook. Average-minded convos are great for having a beer by the bonfire. But I have exactly 0 room for average-minded conversations when it comes to my business.

That’s why I intentionally purchase who my colleagues are through high-level masterminds.

These are the people that will:

  • Introduce you to the idea that making 10k a day is normal.
  • That wealth is achievable and accessible.
  • That paying off your home in your 30s is cool, but paying off someone else’s is even cooler.
  • That maxing your IRA every year is easy.
  • That failure is a right of passage.
  • That waking up on a Sunday morning to 22k in your Stripe account is normal Sunday protocol.

Once I entered a successful AF room, all of a sudden I realized how average I’d been playing.

And protecting ourselves from average is the most successful move we can make.

When you take your daily conversations and questions…and you MASSIVELY up level them…like, light a TORCH under them and cover them in gasoline…then, my friends…. you will begin playing in the big leagues.

  • Bigger goals make bigger conversations.
  • Bigger wealth creates bigger questions.
  • Bigger fails lead to bigger advice.
  • Bigger experience can offer bigger knowledge.

Anyone can play small.

But when you’re in a quality mastermind, you won’t want to anymore.


Ps: Thirty More Mastermind enrollment is now open. You must have made at least 50k revenue in the last 12 months to apply for both the Online Business track and the Brick and Mortar business track. Do not wait, we are enrolling.

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