In the last five months, I have guested on five highly-followed and influential podcasts that led to major boosts in followers and revenue.

One of the main questions I get when it comes to organic marketing is, ‘how do I guest on major podcasts? How can I get podcast hosts to see how much I have to offer?”

And here’s what worked wonders for me:

  • It wasn’t because I had my VA emailing them to request to be on their podcast.
  • It wasn’t because they just randomly found me on Instagram and requested me to come on and guest.
  • I didn’t use one of those services that match you with hosts. (In my own opinion, no one with a solid podcast would ever allow a guest on from one of those services.)

You see, the way I actually did it… I PAY TO BE IN BIG ASS SUCCESSFUL MASTERMINDS

Hear me out:

I pay to surround myself with the big dogs. I put myself in masterminds with people who have huge followers and huge podcasts. And I have been in these rooms with these successful folks for years, and even before they were “successful.”

I have seen them cry. And vice versa. I have seen them go through life changes. And vice versa. I have seen them on top of the mountain in their success, and I have seen them at rock bottom and vice versa. You know what this is called? Friendship. Colleagues. Human connection.

Being in a mastermind is SO MUCH MORE than just learning from a mentor. It is putting yourself into the conversations that create millions of dollars.

It is putting yourself right in the center of opportunities.

It allows you to watch your friends go from 100 IG followers to 50,000. It is watching them go from “scared to scale” to making $100,000 in a month.

A successful mastermind is THE place to position yourself if you want to leverage the growth others have and make lifetime friendships and connections while doing so.. There is no faster way to grow than to grow with others.

Stop wasting your time with the podcast matchmaking services only for them to match you with someone whose only podcast listeners are their mom and their mom’s sister.

Time to start playing in the big leagues. And to play in the big leagues and make the big league money and get the big league following…you have to surround yourself with the big leaguers. And the big leaguers hang out in masterminds.

Ps: The Thirty More Mastermind is the highest quality scaling mastermind you can access. We are rigid in our application process and who we let in. This is exclusive, expensive, and elite… The standards are high, and therefore the success rate we see inside this room is completely unmatched by other masterminds. Applications for the July-December round are now open, and the deadline to apply is May 5. Your business has to have made at least 50k in the last 12 months to apply. We are having a kickoff party in Lake Tahoe this year.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Thirty More and even watch our 2-minute highlight video from our last live event in Austin, Texas.

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