Alright, it’s happening.

I am going to be hella-vulnerable with you for a minute:

I am taking off my coach-hat and putting on my human-hat to get this story across and I am doing this because I know that the lesson that life is currently teaching me is a lesson that so many of you are also learning. Or want to learn.

So here it goes: I have spent the last couple of years doing a lot of things in my online business the way that I thought I was “supposed to,” and completely disregarding my own intuition, my own creativity, etc.

I gave a lot of authority about the choices I made to others…to people whom I thought had more experience and knowledge than me in online-business building. And it makes me cringy to even say it out loud.

Some of things have changed though..and are going to continue to change. In the last two months, you may have noticed me showing up a little differently. A little more free. A little more authentic. (Think: less stiff selling of my services, and more…making hilarious cocaine-referenced Instagram Reels that spark conversations about my services. IYKYK.)

About 8 weeks ago, I was slapped in the face with this I-have-been-suppressing-the-real-me-in-order-to-do-it-“right”-realization.  Since then, I have gone through some tough self-coaching as well as therapy, as well as long nights on the couch drinking wine with my girlfriends and venting…only to come to the realization that I haven’t been all-the-way-myself in how I approach my business and the moment I realized how much of a disservice I was doing to myself and my audience, I drew a line in the sand.

And to make a long story short…since this realization…my creativity floodgates have opened. I have begun approaching business in ways that I had mentally shut down for so long. I stopped asking myself what others in my industry are doing. or what is deemed “acceptable.”

You see, Real-Becca is a leader. not a follower. Real-Becca is creative and goofy and playful. She doesn’t take…well, anything…very seriously. Real Becca built massage strong scrappy and freely and without all the whispers of what ‘business is supposed to look like.’

But for the last year, Real-Becca has taken a back seat. I began believing that online businesses have to be run a certain way. Webinars have to look a certain way. Emails have to be a certain way. The way I communicate with my audience has to be a certain way. My image is supposed to be a certain way. The list goes on.

Many of you can relate to this. It is so easy to assume that you don’t have the answers to your problems but someone else does.. This is unfortunately a part of the human experience that we must practice overriding. We must practice the art of trusting our gut, trying things that are against the norm, experimenting, failing, and trying again.

In the last two months I have tapped into this question that I also encourage you to try on:
What FEELS good?
What feels right?
What feels like joy and fun and love?
(also fun fact: I have made more money in the last 30 days then ever before. So this approach clearly is working for me.)

Are there creative juices that you are suppressing because you think you’re not ‘supposed’ to be using them. Have you had an idea recently that you told yourself wont work because no one teaches it? Or you think they won’t fit the criteria of how everyone in your industry is doing it?
Are you choosing not to listen to your instinct because you were taught there was a different method? What is it?

I encourage you to borrow those questions for yourself.
I encourage you to take the pressure off.
I encourage you to be you.
I encourage you to make more cocaine influenced Instagram reels.
I encourage you to take up space. Be big. Be bold. Be you.

As far as the future of Hell Yes Coaching, you may notice a few things that will begin changing and evolving. For instance, I have always thought it would be a great idea to actually coach people on my podcast instead of talking about coaching people….on my podcast. To actually show my audience what it looks like to be in a coaching session. To show other coaches that there’s so many ways you can coach. I have never fully leaned into this idea because no one in the industry is really doing it. Probably because it requires the coach to be vulnerable enough to show the world their skill level in real-time. But I am done thinking about what benefits me, and I am thinking about what would benefit you.  One of the best ways to receive coaching for free is to listen to someone else receive coaching and skillfully apply their coaching to your own life.  So coaching people Live is something I will be leaning into so much. I truly believe these episodes are the most beneficial to all business owners.

This week on the podcast, I am coaching Natalie Fischer. Natalie is a successful career coach who helps her clients get to the six-figure mark in their career doing work they genuinely love. She helps her clients with their beliefs and mindset when it comes to interviews and negotiations, but she needed to discuss some things around her own mindset when it comes to an unsuccessful launch and a couple of refund requests.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Where Natalie is in her business in terms of revenue and where she wants to be in the near future.
  • The self-described slump Natalie is experiencing in the sales side of her business after an unsuccessful launch.
  • Natalie’s drama around receiving her very first refund request from a client and what she’s making it mean about her.
  • Where I can see Natalie being way too hard on herself after a couple of very minor setbacks.
  • Why refund requests are statistically inevitable and never an actual problem.
  • How Natalie needed to adjust in order to meet refund requests with compassion for the person who wants it.
  • Why it’s so much easier to see the bad side than it is to see the good in a situation.
  • How to start problem-solving from a mentality standpoint, not an action standpoint.

Please tune in, lean in, and learn from this coaching session. Apply it to your own mindset and begin sharpening the axe and learning how to use someone else’s advice to grow your own business.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed a loyal customer, subscriber, and client of mine as I have navigated my own mindset around online business in the last 2 years. Your support never goes unnoticed.  I can not wait to chat with you each again soon.


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