Yesterday, I did my very first Instagram Live. I had never done one before, had no idea what I was going to talk about, and had absolutely zero agenda. But I decided it would be fun to connect with my audience while I did my makeup, so I hit the “LIVE” button and began the patriarchal duties of covering my real face with a fake one.

The entire thing from top to bottom was 8 minutes long.

Only 2 people showed up, both who I had never met.

I told them this would be a great time to ask me questions.  Only one of them asked me a question, and it was about start-up capital. I gave her a quick and efficient answer. 30 minutes after we got off the LIVE, she paid and signed to be coached by me for an entire year.

And my friends, this here is proof, that your next clients are right around the corner, and it isn’t necessarily true when people say, “You have to work your ass off to get your name out there.”

But, let me break down my exact thoughts on why things like this happen so often in my world. I have thought about what I am doing to see these results in great detail because I want to teach you guys efficiently. (And because my coach has deemed me as a high-ticket-selling-Queen and I am trying to wrap my head around this identity.)

Here’s what I know for sure:

When you position your social media and email marketing content to SHOW your expertise and to educate your audience, you will gain authority and people will have already made the decision to work with you before you have ever even met them. So what do I mean by that? Anyone can talk about the results they are getting but only FEW will be willing to give away their secrets for free in their content.  When you give away step-by-step valuable content to people BEFORE THEY EVER MEET YOU, they are going to be MUCH more likely to hire YOU than some other business that is not helping them for free.

I have spent YEARS educating my audience for free on my podcast and on my Instagram. I do not hold back. I ask myself every day how I can give value. I scour my business meetings for tidbits I can teach you. I WANT you to gain success from me simply by WATCHING me before you ever even consider paying me, if at all. I want my Instagram page to be the #1 resource of business advice for you. This is AUTHORITY.

So, my boss ass business owning friends: This post is your reminder to

  1. Educate your audience and position yourself as an authority.
  2. Keep doing it over and over even when you’re not seeing evidence that you’re getting traction. Who you are when it is seemingly NOT working is much more of a testament to the success you will have than who you are when it is seemingly IS working.
  3. There are MANY people out there who will buy from you in a split second because they are fast movers and know exactly what they want. They buy what they want. They ask for help. They have complete authority over their finances. They are delighted you are there to help them. They can’t wait to give you their money for your services. They are around every corner. They LOVE you. Just like I LOVE YOU. I really do. You’re the only reason I show up on emails, podcasts and IGs. Without YOU, I wouldn’t be ME.



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  • LASTLY, FOR REAL FOR REAL: simply email me if you want to chat. I LOVE hearing from you, and because I am by my computer all day, you WILL get a response from me.

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