The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Growth, Healing, and Profit with Ella MilaMy guest this week is another member of my Mini Mind. She knew it was time to go after her dreams and live out her full potential. She’s been doing the best work as a reiki master and energy healer, and she knew this would be fundamental to her success, but she felt like she was being too timid and needed some help with making her business really take off. So that’s exactly what we did.

Ella became an entrepreneur after her own ‘perfect’ life turned upside down. This experience was the catalyst for her becoming the reiki master and powerful energy and mindset expert she is today, helping hundreds of women change their lives over the past 10 years.

In just a few short weeks, everything has changed for Ella. She stepped into a whole new, powerful identity, and the results she’s getting are absolutely insane. Tune in this week to discover exactly how Ella up-leveled her business, helping her clients while feeding her own soul in the process.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What has stopped Ella from growing her business in the past.
  • How Ella built a business she was proud of, but it wasn’t exactly what she really wanted.
  • Why staying small and playing it safe stops you from creating the business of your dreams.
  • How Ella’s business took off unbelievably quickly once she started really applying herself.
  • Why growth feels more attainable than ever for Ella.
  • Ella’s experience in my Mini Mind and why she’s incredibly grateful she made the investment.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hello, my friends. Today, I am interviewing Ella. She is a part of my Mini Mind. She is also a Reiki master and an energy expert here in Lexington, Kentucky, and the most beautiful thing has happened in the last few weeks. 

She came into my Mini Mind, and she was kind of just like, “Hey, listen. I have been wanting to rip off the band-aid and go after my potential. I’ve been kind of tippy-toeing around doing the work, doing the best energy work, the best Reiki work that I can, but I just feel like I’m holding back a little bit on the potential that I know that I have, and I’m just ready to go.” 

So, listen, guys, I get told this all the time. People are always like I’m ready. I’m ready to do it. Then it’s time to put in the work. They’re like, I wasn’t ready. I’m not ready. But Ella has been the epitome of hard work, stepping into her power. She like came into The Mini Mind and ripped off the freaking band-aid and became a totally new person. 

The way that she shows up online is different. The way that she is pricing her services is different. The way that she’s even asking for coaching is different. The way that she is is just like she just like stepped into this new version of herself right before my eyes. It was the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen, and the results that she’s getting from it are absolutely insane. 

So I’m taking a second, chatting with her a little bit about everything from business growth to stepping into her power to spirit guides and energy and all of the things that are Reiki. So I can’t wait for you guys to listen in. This is episode number 159. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go. 

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hi, Ella. I’m so glad that you’re here.

Ella: Yeah, me too. I’m really excited to hang out and chat for the next little bit.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. Can you tell us a little bit about just who you are and what you do and who do you work with? 

Ella: Yeah, so my name is Ella. I am an energy and mindset expert. I have been doing this for a while, and my inspiration in this world, in this life is to help women realize that they deserve the happiness that their heart desires. That they can have it now, and it’s not something they have to wait for in the future. 

It really motivates me to keep going. I actually had a path where I went through a period that I needed that knowing and needed that shift. Now I help other women figure that out too. It’s so great to work with my clients. I do that through Reiki and energy work and also mindset coaching.

Becca: Yeah, you just started bringing it to the online space, which has been so fun to watch. You’re right here in Lexington, Kentucky too. So we have a lot of listeners in Lexington, and at the end of the podcast, I’m going to let you tell us exactly where they can find you, how they can work with you, and all of that so that all of the Lexington beauties can come in and get some energy work done.

Ella: Okay, great. I’d love that. 

Becca: Before we get started, I have to talk about something very important, which is you’re a puppy mom, and I’m getting ready to have a puppy. I’m so excited. I’ve been like following along on social media as you’re posting all of your puppy things. Are you like in the newborn phase still? Are you like still losing sleep? Or are you coming out of it? 

Ella: Oh, my goodness. Well, I have a wonderful husband who gets up with her every night. So she is still going potty every about four hours. So it’s getting better. I just can’t do it. I lost my mind. I had a week where he was traveling for work. I had to get up with her and I could not function during the day. I even had a limited work schedule that week because I felt that might happen. So now he’s back, and he’s doing it all. But I think I’m still getting interrupted sleep. I’m like, we need to be done with that. This learn how to hold it.

Becca: Yeah, sleep deprivation is no joke. A lot of moms experience postpartum rage, postpartum depression. I think a big part of that is just sleep deprivation. Like maybe we need to do some studies around what’s happening in the brain when we’re up every two hours for 45 minutes for like a year, two years. I’ve been there. I’ll never forget it. PTSD for life. It’s crazy. But yeah, puppies are hard too. We’re getting ready to have a puppy. We were just looking at them right before we got on this call. I’m so excited.

Ella: Okay, I’m so excited to see what puppy you go with. 

Becca: I know. Well, it’s going to be an English mastiff no matter what.

Ella: Okay. 

Becca: But we are kind of, we were only going to get a black English mastiff, and we had our hearts set on that. We had our hearts set on a puppy that it ended up not working out. So now we’re looking at like the blonde English mastiffs, the fawns, and the red haired ones. So anyway, I’ll keep you updated. I’m so excited.

Ella: Yeah, you can share puppy pics.

Becca: Absolutely. All right, so you came into my world a long time ago. You started getting coaching way back whenever I first started Three More, which was like, four and a half years ago. You came through Three More. You continue to follow along with Hell Yes Coaching for a while, right? But I didn’t see you resurface again until The Mini Mind recently. Working with you in The Mini Mind for the last six weeks has been the time of my life. So tell us a little bit about your journey with Hell Yes Coaching and also what got you to decide that you wanted to start bringing your services online. 

Ella: Okay, so I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time of my life, like maybe two decades, maybe longer. When I first did Three More, I really wanted to jump into the online world and be a coach. Then I think I got scared. I’m not sure. I haven’t dove too far into it. But there was some mismatch that was going on there. I wasn’t ready for the Three More program. I got a lot out of it, but I just wasn’t ready to like fully step in myself into the business that I wanted.

Becca: Yeah.

Ella: So these past few years, I’ve been building this business that I’m very proud of, but it just wasn’t the exact direction I wanted to go in. I feel like I needed those few years to learn some lessons, to figure out what it is that I did and didn’t want. Then once I figured that out, I was like, let’s take it back to the beginning. 

Like I always wanted to do online coaching. I always wanted to help women shift their lives and understand their limiting beliefs and push past them and be challenged into this place. Like I have a really good life. It’s because of all these practices, and I want to help women do that. I realized that because I was playing small and utilizing my business in a safe way that I was also allowing my clients to do the same. 

I’ve stayed in touch with you. I’ve continued to follow you. I’ve seen you grow so much in your own business and your own mindset and energy. I was like it’s time to get back in this because I know that Becca is going to push me in a good way to where I want to be. Like I can tell her this is what I want. She’s going to be like, these are the holes you have. This is how we fill them. Let’s fucking go. 

Becca: Yes. The results that you have seen in the last six weeks have been absolutely crazy. So Ella is a part of The Mini Mind. With The Mini Mind, we have this group chat. It’s like a Facebook messenger chat. Usually we’re just all sending back and forth audios. 

But I swear Ella, ever since you came in, it was like the first week you were like, “Hey, I’m ready to stop being timid. I’m ready to go all in.” Then it was like second week you were like okay, I’m going all in. Then third week you were like got a new client, got a new client, got a new client. Fourth week, got a new client, new consult, new person, new Reiki client. Fifth week, new client, new client. I mean, it was just like exploding.

What happened? Like, how did we get here? How did it happen so fast? Did something just click? Like, I know that you have been doing this for two decades. So that has to be a part of it. Like you have so much backend understanding of business. It was like I just watched everything click into place in the last couple of weeks. You are just exploding. What happened? How does that feel? 

Ella: It feels amazing. We were on a call recently where I said I feel very pinch me status. Like, I feel like I literally need everyone to pinch me and be aware that I am not dreaming because it feels so good to be here. I know that there’s more growth. It feels so attainable at this point. Before The Mini Mind, I felt like I could see the vision, but I had no way of knowing how to get there. Just doggy paddling. 

I already, like I said, I had the vision, and I do really well with one on one support. So that’s where The Mini Mind came in. I knew that I had to invest in The Mini Mind. It was a little bit of a push for me. It wasn’t easy. I don’t have that budget sitting around to be like where do I blow it? But I knew I needed the one on one support. I know I love your coaching. I know you can get me where I need to go. So The Mini Mind just seemed like an obvious no brainer space to be in. 

I knew, again, like once I hand you what I need, that you’re just going to come back with. Okay, now do it. That one on one support is exactly what I needed. I just need someone to be like why are you not doing this? Why is this not your price? Why are you undermining your own value for me to be like oh, you’re right. 

Because I think I’m just so used to my family and friends who love me and support me being like oh, your prices are a little high. Like I could never see you. I’d love to see you, but I could never. So that’s what’s in my head. So the price point I came into the Mini Mind with was already me feeling like I was challenging my clients to show up for themselves.

Then when you came in, and you’re like change this price point, do this membership, do this and that, or like offering those options to me, I immediately was like yes, okay. Someone sees it. Someone knows what they’re talking about. I’m going to do it. It was a huge shift for my business. 

Becca: You were worried about changing your price, like all of us are. What happened when you changed, and you changed your price pretty drastically, right? 

Ella: I doubled it. 

Becca: Yeah, what happened? Did you see a downside of clients? 

Ella: No, I got more clients. 

Becca: I know that’s how it works. Nobody believes me, swear to God. Nobody believes me. But I’m like listen, you’re not getting clients because your prices are cheap. When people see it, they think this is a cheap service. I don’t want this. People want to spend money to have their spiritual awakenings, to line up their chakras. I don’t know what I’m saying. But they want to spend money to get what they believe could be the best service available.

That’s exactly what happened is you finally priced yourself with the quality of work that you do. Everyone noticed, and you immediately got more clients. Besides the price raise, was there anything like structurally to your business that you think changed your results that you were getting?

Ella: Well, structurally, I opened up my coaching containers. So that’s a huge, big, new thing for me that I hadn’t had that I dreamed of for years. I just felt like I didn’t know how or that I couldn’t. I don’t know. It was a weird thing. Intellectually, it didn’t make sense. But it was an emotional thing. When you said, I said something to you about it on one of our first calls, and you said haven’t you been wanting to do this for four years? 

Becca: Yeah, I remember saying like wait, I remember back in Three More that you wanted to start coaching. Have you not started yet? Because I didn’t know. We had lost touch for a while. Then for you to say, I still have been sitting on the idea. We both, I think, we’re like light bulb. It’s go time. 

Ella: Yeah, sometimes you just need that reflection so you can see how silly and ridiculous it is. Also, like I was, again, I was playing small because I was coaching my Reiki clients, but it was kind of like, on the side. They came in for the energy work, and I was like I’m also going to coach you because you need coaching on this. But it was one off sessions. It was like maybe once a month or once every two weeks. 

So I like having the coaching container that they opt into coaching. We are only working on mindset. That’s creating huge shifts for them. We have like a specific goal in mind. We’re working on that every single week. That has been huge. My clients who’ve come into that are like, “I was waiting for this. This is the big next step I wanted to take. I just didn’t know what it was until you offered this.”

Becca: Yes. So even you stepping out of your comfort zone and providing something that you were worried nobody was going to buy is benefiting them. they’re probably stepping out of their comfort zone more just because you led the way. You’re showing up on social media so differently. Holy moly. What has been your mindset there? 

Ella: Just show up. 

Becca: Yeah, but you like show, you like kicked the door in. You’re like I’m here. I am here. I love it. Does it feel good? 

Ella: Yeah, it feels great. So I actually, for those who don’t know, used to be a micro-influencer in Lexington, Kentucky. I showed up a lot. I was on my stories and on my feed all the time. I feel good. I was a theater kid. Like I love showing up. I love telling people about things. I think I just got too in like I own a business now and that mentality. So that’s what took me out of it. 

So now that I’m back to showing up, it’s more just like I’ve stepped into my own skin. Like I just feel so good with where I’m going, with what I’m doing, that showing up online isn’t even a thought process I have to go through. I just show up because that’s what I naturally like to do.

Becca: What is up with us humans that we’re like we have these qualities that are phenomenal and would make our businesses so much money, but then we quiet them. We like dampen them because we want to be professional in our business. I went through this too. 

Like, I think that I had a really great following on Facebook. This was before I got into Instagram, but I was killing it over on Facebook. Then I started doing business, and I stopped doing all the things that were funny, that were charming, that were hilarious, that were attractive. I stopped doing all of that because I was like oh, I own a business now. Now it’s got to be just about this. It’s got to be in this formula. It’s going to be exactly like this. 

My likes and my shares and all that shit tanked. Now it’s so obvious. Like, yeah, of course. But just recently I’ve started bringing it back in. Like, I’m just coming full circle and like oh, I’m bringing the humor back. I’m bringing the real me back. Yes, I’m going to sprinkle a little bit of business in. But it took me a while to get my brain wrapped around that. 

I think that that’s probably exactly what you’re saying as well is like you’re really good. You’re a theater kid, you like showing up, you like performing. You took that away thinking that it was going to be helpful for your business. When in reality, it would have just been so insanely helpful to not take it away for your business. But now you’re bringing it back, and that’s great. 

Ella: Yeah, yeah. I really like the allowance to just be yourself, and by showing yourself, people get to connect with you and then know if they want to work with you. I definitely got too much in that mindset of like, especially for my business Instagram, like this is my business. It’s not about me. I don’t share personal things. I don’t share what I’m going through. We only share our services. Now I’m like, that was silly. 

Becca: Yeah. You shared something the other day in The Mini Mind that was pretty awesome about just the way that you’re able to show up for your body now because of the mindset shifts that you made in your business. Can you tell us a little bit about the mindset shifts that allowed you to show up for your body differently? 

Ella: Yeah, so fitness and nutrition is really important to me. It’s something I focused on my whole life.

But, again, the last few years, I was just so, I don’t know. I just turned into someone else who was like I have a business, and I only do things for my business. I obviously still had a personal life, but there was something about like I almost created like a nine to five for myself. So there was a lot of stress. Like in the morning, I have to get ready for my business. That’s my top priority. I put my needs aside. So my exercise and nutrition came later, if there was time for it, if I had energy for it. 

So now through The Mini Mind with the shift of no, I’m coming back to me and what makes my life so great, my confidence so great, and therefore my coaching and my energy works so great. I’m doing all the things that move me in that direction where I feel amazing. Fitness and nutrition are the top tier. I need to focus on that every day. That needs to be my priority every day so I can be in a good mindset for the rest of my day and for all my clients that I see. 

Becca: Yeah, I love that. Just curious, your husband, has he noticed a shift in you in the last few weeks? Is he like your hype man when it comes to your business? Are you sharing celebrations with him? What is he noticing? What’s he saying? 

Ella: Yeah, so I share celebrations with him. He’s really excited. He’s very to the T like realistic person. So even when there’s things to celebrate, he’s like, “Yes, awesome, and let’s see how it goes.”

Becca: Yeah, so he’s a masculine man. 

Ella: Yeah. So he’s excited. He’s very supportive about where I’m going. I think he’s like waiting to see how long this lasts, if it grows. So I’m just very, I’m allowing him to be in that space and very much in my own space of like, it is going to keep going. It is going to grow. There’s going to be a point where he like realizes oh, this is here to stay. 

Becca: Yeah, it’s going to keep going because, remember, we decided that this is who we are now. 

Ella: Yep.

Becca: This is just who we are. We are already living a life that is selling the shit out of our services. All we got to do is put it on the internet. All we have to do is put it on the podcast. All we have to do is put it in an email. We’re already doing all the things. This is who we are. So, of course, it’s going to keep going. It’s only going to compound now that we’ve ripped off the band aid that was holding you back from showing up as your full self. 

Ella: Yeah, yeah, totally. Showing up, marketing but showing up was a huge hole in my business where I wasn’t doing that. So doing the Take My Money method and then coming into The Mini Mind and getting that one on one support of how to use the Take My Money and then everything else that you’ve given me guidance on has been so helpful because I wasn’t showing up. I was doing the work, but I was kind of like, in my cave being like anyone who walks by and decides to walk in can work with me but I’m not telling anyone else about it. 

Becca: Yeah, let’s take a second and talk about Take My Money. So this is a masterclass that I brought out in March, I think, my March masterclass. It did so well. I feel like I put together literally everything that you need to know to make money online. A formula, exactly how to say it, exactly what to do, how to write it. It’s like a no brainer. 

There’s people that are contacting me that listen to the podcast. They’re like I want to do Take My Money, but I’m undecided if I should do it. You told me not too long ago that Take My Money changed your life. Is it just because there was like a formula that was very easy to plug and play? 

Ella: Yeah.

Becca: Yeah.

Ella: That’s it.

Becca: Yeah.

Ella: There’s a formula. That’s all you need. My method of writing is just so different than Take My Money. So it did take me, I would say if you’re doing take my money and you’re struggling with it, just keep at it and get to like 10 posts, 20 posts where then it’s going to start getting easier. I had to learn how to plug in my own writing, plug in what I needed to say into the formula. 

So that was my like speed bump that I’m glad I kept going and got through because now it’s really easy. Now it is life changing where I’m like oh my gosh, I have an idea. All I have to do was pull out the Take My Money formula, plug in everything I needed to say, and it’s done.

Becca: Yeah. That’s something I want to get across too is like your Take My Money formula of copy is going to be different than mine. I see people they come to me, and they want help on their on their copy, but they’re trying to be like me. So it’s not working. They’re like using sarcasm. They’re not a sarcastic person. Or they’re trying to do dirty jokes like I do, and it’s not coming across right. Or they’re trying to be kind of like in your face a little bit, and it’s not working because that’s not them. 

You don’t have to be anybody that you’re not. Like a very conservative, shy, sweet, compassionate person’s copy is going to look very different than someone that is just like rip the band aid off and say what needs to happen. So, the formula is just there for you to like sprinkle in your own personality, your own wisdom and exactly what you want to be online. That’s when it’s the most powerful. 

That’s what I think too whenever I see people that are like copying other people on social media, or maybe they’re not like straight copy and pasting, but they’re getting I think ideas from other people and kind of plugging in their own thing. I think that’s okay in a lot of ways. I think that when we don’t know how to do something, we model after other people. I think that that’s okay. 

But if you’re modeling after other people and you’re not getting the results that you want, it’s probably because you’re trying to be like them, and it’s not coming across rights to your audience. The audience can feel that the vibe is off. They can feel that it’s not you. They can feel that it’s not authentic. 

So just a little riff here on being sure that you can model after other people, but make sure that it’s your own. Sometimes I see people that are like straight up like copying and pasting my stuff onto their social media, but it’s like complete crickets for them because there’s a feeling behind it that is very inauthentic. 

Ella: Yeah, yeah, no, I love that. Definitely stay true to your personality. The way you Take My Money helped me is because I kind of have two modes. Like either I’m like this is my service, come get it. Or I ramble and go off on tangents. So both methods, like one, it was like, I have no idea what that is. You told me you have a service, but I don’t know what it is. Then the other mode, I went on a tangent. So people were like I’m kind of confused on what I’d be signing up for here. 

So Take My Money helped me rein it in. Like I still can say my little rambly beginning, but then Take My Money helps me figure out like okay, how do I bring it back to what exactly people will get from this, how they’ll feel, who this is for, and how to come into the world. 

Becca: Yeah, it’s the formula I use too, and I don’t even have it memorized. I know that sounds so stupid. But I look at my Take My Money formula that is on a piece of paper next to my desk every time I write anything. I’m like, oh yeah, this is the next step. Then I’m like, when am I going to remember this? But it’s what I use for everything. So I love that you’ve had so much success with it.

It’s obviously working, and you’re working and like your results are so freaking exciting, Ella. I just can’t wait to see where you’re at with this because you have so much experience on running a business. You have experience with customer service. You have experience in your actual practice in your Reiki, in your coaching. It’s all going to come together and just explode. So with that being said, tell me like dreaming big, where do you want to be in like 2025/2026? 

Ella: Oh, that’s a big question. Let’s see. Let’s unpack it. I’d love to have, I’m already building my platform. We talked about this through The Mini Mind. I’m going to have an online membership course, and it’s specifically going to house all these videos, all my tutorials on how to work with your energy and how to bring it into your human life form. 

That’s a huge place where I feel like a lot of spiritual healers just stay on the spiritual. I’m always like how are we bringing it into your real life? How are you working with this in your relationships, in your career, with your kids, with yourself, with your fitness journey? 

So it’s going to house all my videos, master classes and meditation, group Reiki, all the things. I really want that to widen the spectrum of the amount of people who are coming in and learning how to shift their energy and how to elevate their life and be in that place of deserving us and happiness at any given moment.

Becca: Can you give us a little piece of advice for us business owning women spiritually, energetically? What is something that we can be doing, something we can be thinking, you can go anywhere with us here to expand our creativity and grow our business?

Ella: So we’ll go two ways. So there’s the person who needs to bring it back to themselves who is thinking externally at all times. I would say close your eyes, one hand on heart, one hand on belly, and really focus on that belly space, take a big breath in, and exhale and just notice what emotion comes up for you. Dive into that. That is where you need to do some work because that is either your inspiration point or the point that’s holding you back. 

Becca: Yeah, love it.  

Ella: Yeah. My next thing that I would say is just do it. Just do it. Because people who are spiritually inclined love to dive into, like whatever emotion just came up for you, dive into that for the next five years and really unpack it. Where did it come from?

Becca: Yeah, live in the clouds.

Ella: What do I need to do? Yeah. So my next thing is even though we pulled up that emotion, and you may want to do some work around it, still just go do your thing. Like don’t wait to be perfect. You’re not going to get there. We’re living this human experience. Life is going to life. Something’s always going to come up, and you’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t take actions and just start. 

Becca: Yeah, I think, okay. I’m going out on a limb when I say this, but I believe that a big part of my success is that I just happen to be a very go after it person in a world of spiritual healers and all my lovelies that are living in the clouds. I am surrounded deeply by massage therapists. I’m surrounded deeply by yoga instructors. I’m surrounded deeply by healers. This is a very big part of my life. I am deeply embedded in the spiritual world. I’m also a go getter. 

So I think that, like you said, it is much harder for people that are, and I say this with so much respect because this is me as well, just kind of like living in the spiritual world, living in the clouds. It’s hard to just have a goal that you are hammering out and going after as hard as you possibly can with the most amount of tenacity. So the ones that do really fly in that industry. 

Like if I had had my amount of tenacity, but I was in, I don’t know, let’s say the investing world, I don’t know that I would have the success that I have. It’s just the, it’s like the, you get what I’m saying? It’s just the difference of who’s in the industry. 

Ella: Yeah, totally. That’s a huge thing with manifestation is that a lot of people are like I wrote down my manifestation. I say my affirmations every day. I’ve been doing all my chakra work. But have you done anything? Like, what are you manifesting, and have you taken any action steps to it? 

It’s being in balance and being like in the place where you are is very much the understanding that you have so much power and control over what you do and what action steps you take and what you make happen and also surrendering to what’s going to happen is what’s going to happen. 

There’s this perfect balance, and a lot of people have a hard time with that because they either want to live in the world where they just like mow everything down and get frustrated if it’s not going their way, or they sit in their house and meditate all day and get frustrated if things aren’t showing up for them. 

Becca: Yeah, I think about it like this. Like I know that I have spirit guides. I know that I have angels. I know that I have deceased loved ones that are all on the other side, and they are like engulfing me with love and support and waiting to see what I need. So I can ask them all day. I can say hey, I want to, I don’t know, lose 20 pounds. I want courage. I want support. I want perspective. I want all of these things. Can you please surround me with all of this? I can manifest the body that I want. 

I just imagine that my spirit guides are like okay, got it. Courage, check. Support, check. Perspective, check. We’re on it. All of us are on board. We’re all ready. They’re all just waiting for me to get off my couch. They’re like we got you. We’re ready. Then I’m like why isn’t it happening? They’re like move your body. I’m like I don’t want to move my body. I just want to manifest it. They’re like when’s she going to move off the couch? Like we’re ready, you know? That’s my future. 

Ella: That’s literally how it goes. That’s literally how it is. So a lot of my work, that’s what I’m saying. Like, even when I just had my Reiki sessions, I was coaching people through this because I was like listen, we’ll work on your energy. But now that we’ve shifted the energy, don’t waste it. Don’t just sit there. Like, let’s go. Let’s make it happen. Here are your action steps. Come back and tell me you did it, please.

Becca: Like your spirit guides are ready. They’re ready for you. 

Ella: Yes. Yes. Yes. Every time you move in the direction towards what you’re wanting or towards your desire, they are supporting you even more. Like they are pushing you. Then that’s why you get to that point of like oh, you just 20 times where you were because they were like finally, and then like shove you into where you want to be.

Becca: I love it. I love it so much. Well, hey, I love this. Thank you for coming on. I cannot wait to continue to work with you and continue to just see where we can take this thing. Can you tell my audience how they can find you, and how they can work with you? 

Ella: Yes, I would love to. So I am on Instagram at TheHolisticLoft. My website is All my services are on there. I’d love for you to follow us on Instagram, DM me with anything. If you have any questions off of this podcast, let me know. I love to help people figure out where they can go further because it’s a wonderful life you get to live once you start living it. 

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. Your spirit guides are on board. So you got to just like get connected with all of the things that you need, get ready, and go get the life that you want. Thank you, Ella. Thank you for being on. 

Ella: Thank you. 

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share. 

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