The other day, Mark and I were frolicking around the Summit, an outdoor shopping mall with some of the best shops, food, and drinks available in our little city. To be honest we were exhausted that day. We had spent the day working hard, doing the pick-up and drop-off at kids’ camps, running errands, and around 6:00 pm we decided to stop to grab a quick bite to eat before heading back to the hustle and bustle. In this photo, we had just walked out of Grimaldi’s Pizza. We had both gorged ourselves on pizza and beer, as we do when we get a case of the ‘fuck its.’ And regardless of exhaustion, this man still found it in him to attempt horizontal hanging on all the flagpoles around us.


To be frank, I am immune to his shenanigans. He is constantly monkeying around. I am surprised I stopped long enough to take this photo because this is a constant in our life.
Playfulness at every turn.

You see, this is the way he is.

He is as playful and curious as it gets.

He turns everything into a game.

He challenges himself to solo pull-up competitions at the playground.

He skips in parking lots to embarrass me.

The man juggles everything. (everything)

He laughs at everything.

He can balance full-sized ladders on his chin. Yes. On his chin. Full-sized ladders. It started with chairs, but one night we were bored in our backyard before we had kids and we spent hours trying to figure out all the things Mark could balance on his face.

The man is masterful at every sport on earth from disc golf to skateboarding to hacky sack. Why? Because his entire life has been a playground.

As his wife, I am constantly reminded to play. I can’t get away from playfulness.

I am in an environment that is constantly highlighting the question, “how can I be less serious?”

I am forced to let down my hair just to be halfway capable of keeping up with this man…and I am so thankful for that.

This is your reminder to let your hair down. Even if you don’t have a Mark Pike reminding you to. You have to be your own Mark Pike.



Hacky sack.

See how high you can jump…just because.

The world is your playground. 

Even in business and sales and growth. 

ESPECIALLY in business and sales and growth.

We all only get so many trips around the sun. Let’s make them enjoyable.


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