The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | The Art of Doing Things ShittyI’m taking you on a journey today through my past life. I know this is something a lot of coaches go through. Specifically, I’m talking about what it looked like in my coaching business when I started trying to sell group coaching. I’d built a brick-and-mortar business but this online business thing was a different animal.

One-on-one coaching was easy for me. I could do it, I could sell it, and I could make good money. But in expanding and scaling my business, I needed to take things to the next level. But the reality of this transition took me by surprise and I learned some valuable lessons about the art of doing things shitty and the process of refinement.

Tune in this week to discover why, sometimes, you just have to do things shitty and why learning from your mistakes truly is an art. I’m sharing the evolution of my launch process over time and how I got from selling nothing to selling out every time.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why scaling and growth always requires a new set of skills.
  • How my first attempts at providing group coaching were kind of shitty.
  • Why you should never be discouraged, as a beginner, if you struggle early on in your business.
  • How my launches of group coaching got more and more successful every time.
  • What makes people quit in business before they’ve even gotten started.
  • How to be okay with doing things shitty and get better over time.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hey guys, what’s up? Today let’s talk about the art of doing things kind of shitty. This is episode number 96. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go. 

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Hey friends. Let me take you all on a little journey today. Let’s go on a journey to Becca’s past life. I specifically want to talk to you guys about what it looked like in my coaching life when I started trying to sell group coaching. Okay. So you have to understand. At this point, I have built a business. I have built Massage Strong, a totally different business than the online world. Brick and mortar couldn’t be any different than the online world. 

I had had such a successful life in the brick and mortar world. When I came into being a coach, I remember the one on one aspect of it was really easy to me. I felt like I could sell one on one like hotcakes. If I could sit down with a person and talk to them, I could sell them into working with me one on one. It felt easy. It felt like I could do it with my eyes closed. 

Then I started wanting to be able to expand and scale my business, of course, and I wanted to get into coaching people in groups okay. I had never done it before, obviously. I had been in the brick and mortar world. I had been in the one on one world. 

When it was time to start selling groups, I remember being very surprised at how different it was. It required a different set of skills. You’re no longer having one on one conversations with everyone. You are casting a net to a larger audience, and you’re talking to your entire email list or you’re talking to your entire social media following. You are inspiring people to come into your group. 

The first launch I ever did, I remember having my goal. I wanted to have 20 people in my group, okay. At the time, it wasn’t even a business coaching group. This was way back in the day when I still just did life coaching. So I didn’t know what I was going to teach. I didn’t have a curriculum. I didn’t have anything lined out. I just knew that I was really good at one on one coaching. What could be so hard about putting people into a group? Seemed fine. I could handle it. I could wing it if I needed to.

I had this goal of 20 people. Guys, all I really knew about launching a group, all I knew was I needed to talk about it, and I needed to have a deadline for signups. That’s as far as my brain went. I didn’t entertain anything else because honestly it wasn’t in my mind. I hadn’t learned yet about incentivization and email sequences. I hadn’t learned about anything besides I should talk about this group. I should offer it to people, and I should have a deadline. I heard somewhere along the way that you should have a deadline for signups. Okay. 

When I launched that group, the very first group, this was back in 2019. Zero people signed up for it. Okay, zero people. I remember thinking okay, all right. Maybe I should learn a little bit more about launching a group. Second time around, I go to launch this group. I had learned that I was supposed to sell the results. 

What does that mean? That just means like when I’m talking to people instead of just telling them hey, you should come on in. It’s going to be great. I learned that I needed to articulate what they were going to get out of it. Guys, this is how beginner my brain was. I didn’t know this. Okay. So I had learned oh I should have a deadline, and I should learn how to articulate the results to people. 

So now when they’re coming to me, when they’re reading my stuff, I’m telling them hey, this is what you’re gonna get out of my group. You’re gonna have higher revenue. You’re gonna have better relationships with your partners. Remember, I’m still a life coach at this point. You’re gonna feel healthier. You might even lose weight. Right?

So now I’m equipped. It’s launch two. I’m selling the result, and I have a deadline. That launch I got two signups. I still remember you girls out there. I love you. Thank you for signing up for my very first ever group coaching. I had two signups. All right. I wasn’t sad about these guys.

By the way, I see so many clients that are like beginners, and they’re looking at these coaches that are super successful that have 20 and 30 and 40 people signing up for their groups. They’re feeling bad about themselves because they’re having like one or two signups. I just remember being so thankful in the beginning. It just wasn’t like that. Like I wasn’t looking at everybody else and feeling like shit about myself. 

I just remember being like holy crap, I can’t believe that I get to coach two people at one time instead of one person at one time. Like, I just doubled my revenue. I was just in such a high gratitude place. I wasn’t even charging very much. I think it was like $200 a month or something. But I just couldn’t believe that I had two people paying me $200 a month. 

Guys, I think that that vibe took me so far. It’s something that I often differentiate myself with when I’m talking to people who are new to business, and they’re talking about money. They’re like it’s just not enough. I’m only making $400 a month, or I’m only making $1,000 a month. It’s not enough. What do I do? What do I do? 

I have a hard time empathizing with that because in the beginning of my business, I just couldn’t believe every time someone paid me. I was like this is amazing. The world was opening up like the Wizard of Oz, like everything was going to color.

So the first time I launched my group, I remember there were zero people. All I knew was I needed a deadline. The second time I launched my group, I learned that I was supposed to sell the results. Of course, I needed a deadline. The third time, I learned about email sequences. It had never occurred to me to email people, and especially not in a sequenced order. 

So the third time, I knew that I needed a deadline. I knew how to sell the result. I started emailing people in a sequenced manner. I think it was something like I emailed them once a week for the six weeks leading up to the deadline. Then I emailed him twice the day of the deadline. That was as simple as it got. 

That launch, I had eight signups. Eight signups. The next time I launched my group, I had three rounds under my belt. The next time I launched my group, I had three rounds of using a deadline, two rounds of using result style selling. This was going to be my second time ever using email sequence selling. This time, this launch, my sequence to my emails was cleaner. My email sequence was cleaner. I got rid of the fluff. I made it more potent. I spoke better. I read through all my emails, and I just made them higher quality. I cleaned up my articulations.

So now I’m using email sequence. I’m selling them the result that they are going to get, and I’m using a deadline. Guys, I landed 15 people. Guys, now when I sell a group, it sells out. I’m charging way more. I’m charging way more than what I used to charge. It is no longer $200 a month. It’s $25,000 for six months. $50,000 a year. When I launch a group, it sells out.

People ask me how do you do this? I’m in a weird scenario in my life where I never thought that this would be part of my life. But I get – I hate even saying it. It makes me cringe, but I gotta say it because I’m trying to say the lesson. I get fan emails. I get fangirls. I get people that are like oh my god, how do you do it? 

Like your marketing is perfect. Everything’s amazing. I love opening your emails. Your emails are so funny. It seems like it’s so you. Your Instagram is so you. Everything is so you. Like how do you do it? How do you sell out? I can’t believe I didn’t make the deadline last time. I’m gonna make it this time. 

So when people are asking me how did you get here? Guys, it’s nothing more than learning the art of refining. I consider myself the opposite of a perfectionist. I believe that messy, sloppy action every single day is 100 times stronger than trying to do things perfectly once every two weeks. Okay. I will never be in the boat of trying to do things perfectly every two weeks. I will never be in the boat of wanting everything to be polished and perfect before I launch it. I’ve always been a quick thinker. I’ve always been a quick action taker. I’ve always just learned while I did it and refined it the next time. 

Something that I notice in my CrossFit gym. So I’ve been going to CrossFit for almost nine years now, which is pretty crazy. CrossFit can be an intimidating sport. I see people come in and everybody in there is just like jacked with their shirts off, and they’re just all like grunting while they lift weights and dying. I love it. 

I noticed beginners coming in. I have a cool seat in the house because I’ve been there for so long, and I’m comfortable just being myself there. I kind of feel like I live there sometimes. The beginners that come in, I can always tell when they’re going to be successful in CrossFit based on how willing they are to be imperfect.

So when someone comes in and they’re like, I don’t know how to do this lift. I don’t know how to do that. I feel dumb. It looks silly, but I’m still doing it. I’m still willing to look dumb. I’m willing to look silly. They spend weeks looking silly. There’s just no way around it. You can’t not look silly in CrossFit when you’ve never Olympic lifted or power lifted or been really strong in sports. 

Even some of the best athletes come in there, and the lifts are so new that they look silly. So when an athlete comes in, and they are willing to look silly while learning, while refining their lifts, they have such great potential for the future in CrossFit. 

Meanwhile, I also see people that are embarrassed. They come in, and they’re worried that other people are watching them. You can tell that they’re getting in their head. They get to the point where they stop even doing the lifts because they’re embarrassed of what they look like. They want it to be perfect. They want it to be pretty. They don’t want to look dumb. Every single time, every single time someone comes in like that they last maybe a week. But they get in their heads too much, and they leave. Okay. 

This is what I see in marketing. I have people that want to do well in business, but they want to know exactly how to make an Instagram reel before they do. They want to know exactly how to show up on Facebook Live before they actually do. They want to know exactly how to make an email sequence before they do. 

Guys, it’s just not the way it works. You’ve got to eat some dirt first. You’ve got to get in there and eat some dirt, and you got to be willing to look stupid. You’ve got to be able to lift the weights and fail and not look cool and look kind of dumb. That’s how you get strong. That’s how you get better. That’s how you get faster and quicker. That’s how your launches become successful. 

So guys when people ask me your launches are so successful. How are you doing it? My first thought is always I’ve eaten dirt. I have just done it and done it and done it. Guys, I’m still to this day still launching things that are failing. I’m still putting things out there that aren’t working. I’m refining. I’m changing. I’m never going to allow myself to get to the point where I’m like okay, I’m at this place where people are watching me and I can’t fail. Because once you’re there, you’re in prison. 

So I hope that you guys see me failing on stuff. I hope that you guys see and hear me and really hear me when I tell you that things aren’t working. I keep refining. I keep moving forward. I keep evolving and changing my approach just like I have forever with everything that I’ve ever done. 

So for those of you that are not good at Facebook Lives, or you’re not good at Instagram reels or speaking to other people at networking events, or you’re like my lead magnet isn’t working, or my advertisements aren’t working, or I’m not really gaining a following on social media. Guys, don’t tell yourself that it’s not working. Just keep refining it. It’s not supposed to work from the beginning. Okay. It’s supposed to take time. 

But the more sloppy, imperfect work that you put out there, the more of an opportunity you’re giving yourself to refine it and make it better. Every single person that you follow on Instagram that has some beautiful feed didn’t used to. Every single person that hopped on a podcast and sounds amazing on the podcast, they didn’t used to. Every single person that gets on and does a webinar and it’s squeaky clean, it didn’t used to be. 

You have to go through the sloppy stages so that you can refine so that you can get better. There is no other way around it. So I know that I preach this all the time, but guys, this is just another reminder. Go out and do the things, and do them imperfectly. You don’t have to know exactly how you’re going to get from A to B. You can just start leaving A and hope to end up at B. When you finally end up at B, you get to look back and decide how to do it more efficiently. So leave the perfect behind. Go out and just start doing. Put the action in. Your future self will thank you. Bye guys.

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