The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast with Becca Pike | Cycles of MotivationA lot of people believe that they should just feel motivated all the time, and when they find themselves slipping out of that, that they’re somehow losing their edge. And I used to believe this too. However, what so many people don’t realize is that there are cycles we all go through when it comes to motivation. 

We live in a toxic hustle culture and we don’t give ourselves any leeway in those moments where we just don’t feel like it. Over time, I have learned to find grace and love for myself as I go through these cycles of motivation. I think of them like seasons, and framing motivation in this way has had a huge impact when it comes to growing my business.

Tune in this week to learn the basics of the art of rest, capitalizing on cyclical motivation, and how to get in tune with your brain and body to discover what it needs. I’m giving you the permission I wish I had when I was starting my business, when I was hustling and grinding towards my first six figures, not realizing how much I was burning the candle at both ends.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How your current beliefs about motivation might be seriously harming your business’s future.
  • Why so many people misunderstand how motivation actually works.
  • What it looks like when I’m not feeling motivated, finding myself more drawn to rest and relaxation.
  • Why not feeling motivated isn’t actually a problem.
  • Where motivation really comes from.
  • The importance of taking time out to focus on your rejuvenation.
  • How to move the needle toward feeling more motivated more of the time.

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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Hello my friends. Today I’m going to talk to you guys about the cycles that I go through with motivation. And how over time I have learned to find grace and love for myself as I go through these cycles of motivation. I’ve begun thinking of them in seasons, and it has been one of the most helpful things when it comes to growing my business, you know?

A lot of people believe that they should just feel motivated. That they should just be motivated all the time. And like if they start slipping out of that, that they’re like, “losing it”. They’re losing their mojo. They’re losing that edge that is going to get them to where they want to be.

I used to believe this too a long time ago, and I have learned the art of rest. I’ve learned the art of cyclical motivation. I have learned the way that my body responds when I allow it to rest versus when I don’t. Today I’m just going to give you a lot of permission for some things that I wish I had given myself permission in the beginning when I was starting my business, when I was in my first hundred maybe $200,000 years at my companies. When I was grinding all out and not realizing that I was burning the wick on both ends, and that it wasn’t helping my business.

So I’m going to talk to you guys a little bit today about how I look at motivation and how I look at taking rest and how I look at taking sprints. Why turning the motivation knob on and off, to me, is the way to be successful as opposed to trying to leave it on. Or as opposed to trying to leave it off. You know, we’re going to go into that as well.

All right, guys. So this is episode number 44. I am your host, Becca Pike. I am so glad to be here today. Let’s get started on your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hello there. So before we get into our session today, let me just tell you about a party that I had. It was online called Sprint to Success. Now if you are a Three More member and you are in the Three More group, this is already part of your membership. You do not have to go find this. You don’t have to access it. You don’t have to buy it. It is in your Three More log in. I wanted to gift that to you guys so you guys can access it any time.

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If you are feeling a little bit in a funk in your business, if you are feeling like you just need some motivation, you’re just like looking for something outside of you that is just going to light a spark under your toots, this is for you guys okay. So if you are looking for that, it is called Sprint to Success. You can go to my Instagram @1beccapike,  and you can find it on my link tree. The recordings are available for only $11. So obviously this is something that you guys want to do. It has worksheets that come with it.

To be honest, this was our most loved and most raved about Masterclass so far. We had people that went through the class that at the end of the three days, they literally had new clients already. Like in 72 hours. The class wasn’t created to do that. The class was created to have you sit through it for three days and then go out for the next seven days and have your own sprint week. Have your own action-packed week. Like I’m prepping you how to have your own action-oriented week.

But I think that the motivation was so high in there, people were having so much fun that they started going out. They started making offers. They started offering to help people. We had people that before the three days were over, were already gaining lots of demand and lots of clients. So that was so fun. If you did not come live, I highly suggest that you go grab that link. Come hang out with us, Sprint to Success. It was a blast, guys.

All right, so let’s talk a little bit today about motivation. You know, when I first started Massage Strong and even in Hell Yes Coaching, I almost didn’t give myself grace for the time that I wanted to rest. You guys know this. You know the toxic hustle culture. We are taught so often that you have to go, go, go, go, go. And if you don’t, your competitors are going to beat you, right? Like, you got to just stay out every day, Monday through Friday. You need to be doing something. You need to be moving the needle forward. You need to be like doing whatever it takes to grow your business, right?

I subscribed to this belief for a long time until I didn’t. Until I realized that it was working against me. I think that I really wanted someone to come and say the things that I am going to say to you today, which is it’s not the way to do it. Motivation comes in cycles. Motivation comes in seasons. There are things that we can do to move the needle towards feeling more motivated. Okay.

So I’m not saying today that when you’re not feeling motivated, you should just lay down and do nothing for weeks on end. Days on end? Yeah, probably. This is the first thing that I have done work-related in I think like 10 days because I’m just feeling more motivated and more drawn to relaxing, to my family, to the outdoors. Spring is here. I’m feeling like I’m kind of like rejuvenating myself. I’m like ready to get out into the world. I just haven’t been coming to my office very much.

If this had happened a few years ago, I would have had some pretty crazy thoughts, to be honest. Like I would have thought, I’m losing my steam. I’d rather be relaxing and doing nothing instead of my work. I might have even like morphed it into how I actually feel about my work. I have done so much self-reflection. I have gotten coached so much to see that these thoughts aren’t actually true. They’re not actually here to serve me in a productive purpose. A lot of my thoughts are here to protect me, Just like yours, right?

For me, what I have noticed is that my motivation comes in cycles. Now, a lot of it has to do with my menstrual cycle, where I’m at on my period and like the hormones that are pumping through my body. Like when my weeks are here that the testosterone is through the roof, estrogen is through the roof, I’m ready to go. Then as you know from my most recent episode with Maisie Hill that there are weeks that those hormones completely plummet.

My motivation has to do with my sleep, with what’s going on with my life, my stress or lack thereof, right? These are all things that help me decide whether or not I feel like busting ass work or not. I think that this isn’t taught very well. I follow a lot of business accounts, and I just watch as this toxic hustle culture continues to happen. You have to keep moving. You have to keep going. You have to do this.

I’m just here to say, you don’t. I have worked zilch in 10 days, and I think I made more money this past week than I’ve made in like four months. I can show you guys how to do this too. Like, this is the beauty and the art of entrepreneurialism, right? Like, this is the beauty. You want to be able to get to a point. You might not be there yet, and that’s okay. But you want to consistently and always work towards growing a business that allows you to make money when you are resting.

This is what I am constantly talking about inside of 30 More, inside of Three More. We are grinding and we are working hard so that we don’t have to later. I’m just here to give you some thoughts, okay. So like if you are in a cycle of feeling less motivated, I want you to consider that this is completely okay, and that this is completely normal. The more that you resist it, the more and longer it is going to be drawn out. The more that you accept these feelings, the less that it will take.

If you make yourself wrong for not wanting to hustle your ass off on a random Monday or Tuesday or even a week. Let’s say you give yourself a week and you’re just not feeling it. You’re not feeling great. Now I am gonna give you tips on what to do if you’re wanting to get yourself motivated, but before we go there, let’s just talk about the thoughts around it, right?

Like, if you are feeling really blah, the more that you make yourself wrong for that, the more that you are going to be stuck in this cycle. Because resistance does not create productivity. It doesn’t create moving through the process. If you are in any stages of emotions. Let’s say you’re in the stage of grief. You’ve lost someone. If you resist those stages, you bury them deep, it’s going to take longer to go through the grieving process. Okay.

In your business, if you are on a cycle, like a downhill cycle of motivation, the more that you resist it, the closer that you’re going to get to burn out. The more that you ignore those thoughts, the closer you’re going to get to burnout.

If you’re thinking like, I can’t take a break. I can’t lose motivation. My business will go under. Like I’ve got to keep hustling every day and staying on top of it constantly. This isn’t true. Like, this is genuinely just a thought error. Your business only gets stronger when you take a step back for yourself.

See how this is true everywhere. Think about your fitness. Like if you thought that you had to run a half marathon every single day, seven days a week, and you really, truly believed that if you took a break that you would lose your mojo, imagine how this would affect your body. Imagine the stress injuries you would have, imagine the lack of motivation you would have.

As opposed to saying you know what? Today I’m listening to my body. It is saying we are not running today. We are relaxing. We are putting our feet up. We are allowing our lymph to flow back into our bodies. We’re allowing ourselves to completely rest. That would make sense, right?

But for some reason in business, it’s like the translation doesn’t work. Think about it in your relationship. If you’re having trouble in your relationship or you want to rest your mind, removing yourself from the relationship for a couple of days so that you can gather your thoughts, so that you can meditate, so that you can pray about it. Imagine the strength coming back into that relationship. This isn’t just a spousal relationship. I’m just talking about like you and your sister, you and your friends. Giving yourself a break allows big space for not only creativity, but also just space to process.

When you are hustling your ass off in your business constantly, you don’t have that space to process. You can’t see through the surface work to get to the deeper work. I truly believe that when I take these weeks off because I’ve done this often. I will go and I will take off, I don’t know, 10/12 days here and there. Like, I just love to do it. Every time I do, the only thought that I keep is oh, I’m going to come back so much stronger. I’m going to come back so rested. I’m going to come back feeling so good, right?

There is no like I’m losing steam. I’m losing funk. If anything, it’s like I’m resting so that I can be faster. So that my muscles are repairing. It’s like in a workout. You take a break so that your muscles can repair. In business, you take a break so your creativity can repair. Your brain can repair.

Sometimes I coach people that they are so close to burnout that they’re saying, “Like I just don’t even want to do this type of work anymore.” I think that there is a small population of people that genuinely want to transition away from the type of work that they do. But I think for the majority, and I’ve seen this thought pop up with a lot of entrepreneurs, it’s like a protection mechanism for most people.

For most people, it isn’t that they want to stop doing what they do. The truth is that they’re actually genuinely passionate about it. If you remove all of the pressure, you remove all of the growth, you remove everything, and you just allow them to do what they were passionate about to begin with then it’s not true that they want to get out of their industry.

But when people say, “I just don’t want to do this anymore, I just don’t want to work anymore.” What they’re saying really is I don’t want to feel this pressure anymore that I’m putting on myself. Or I don’t want to feel this constant need to work anymore. Like I just want days off where I can mentally shut down. A lot of people take days off, but they don’t take days off from their mind. They’re still at work all day long, even though they’re at their kid’s soccer games. I know this firsthand, obviously.

But you don’t have to feel this way. I have done so much healing in this department. I have done so much work in this department, and I truthfully, honestly, genuinely can tell you that there is a place that you can get to where your business is growing. It is doing well. It is making money, and you are not constantly thinking about it. You are genuinely resting. You are genuinely taking your time, taking your days off.

So it’s important, though, that you do the work that comes along with it. We do a lot of this in Three More. We do way more inside of 30 More. We are consistently talking about how to build businesses without losing ourselves to it.

Guys, if you’re having the thought of I would rather be relaxing and doing nothing today, the number one thing to do, again and we touched on this already, is to allow this thought. This feeling is downright okay. Period. It is a okay. 100% okay.

Now, with all of this being said, I want to give you a few tools on what to do when you’re feeling in the funks. Okay so number one, if I wake up and I’m just like, I have a day of like I just can’t. Number one, don’t beat myself up over it. I just allow this because I know that allowing these feelings are going to be the way out of them.

Number two. After I allow them, I have a rule that I have to move my body. I have to move my body. I have to get up. I have to go on a walk, or I have to go to CrossFit, or I have to do yoga.

But what I have learned for myself is 99% of the times that I’m in the “I just can’t even phase” of my life that it’s because I haven’t been moving my body the way that I want. My circulation is low. My lymphatic system circulation is low. My brain waves are not popping. I am usually overcaffeinated and under stimulated physically. 90% of the time that I’m feeling this like “I can’t even” is 100% cured by a simple walk with my dog.

Number three, I try to motivate my mind. So while I’m on this walk, I will listen to a podcast of someone that I love. One of my girlfriends, one of my mentors, one of my coaches, one of my friends that knows what the hell they’re talking about. People that are kicking ass. People that also believe it’s okay to rest.

Then you know what I do? After my walk, I decide if I want to work. If I do, I do. If I don’t, I don’t. But what I want you to understand is that there’s two sides of the spectrum when it comes to turning on your knob of motivation. You can crank it all the way up and force yourself to keep it there through sheer willpower. That does not grow your business. You can also turn your knob all the way off, ignore your work, decide you hate it, and use this as a safety blanket to keep yourself from feeling big feelings, feeling emotions, feeling failure. All of that.

Now I just want to ask you where you’re at today. For me, it is a very rainy day. It has been raining for, I don’t know, 48 hours. Like my yard is flooded. My creek is flooded. The sun hasn’t been out for a while, and I’ve been off work for 10 days. This is my first like entry back into the working world is talking to you guys because you’re my favorite fucking people ever. I love podcasting. I love chatting with you guys.

It’s always funny because like depending on what mood I’m in when I’m recording the podcast, it never is like how I feel the day it’s released. Like I’m feeling like so relaxed. I’m feeling like I haven’t worked in so long. I’m like talking to you guys about how it’s okay to be completely unmotivated. And the day that this is released, I’m probably going to be in a totally different headspace, and that’s okay. That is how we function as humans.

So I just want you to hear me, and I want you to really feel in your body the allowance for being a human when you run a business. It’s okay to not be obsessed with your business all the time. It is okay to not want to work in your business all the time. It’s not okay to allow your thoughts to influence you so much that you are burning out. It is not okay to allow your thoughts to influence you so much that you are quitting or ignoring your work. There’s a big difference between ignoring your work and taking time off from your work.

All right guys. That is it for me today. If you want to learn more about how to turn your demand knob up, if you are lacking motivation and you want to turn it up and you want to feel again like you are excited about your work, you want to open your brain back up to creativity. I highly suggest that you go in and you buy Sprint to Success, and you come hang out with me. You come watch me teach what I teach about turning the demand knob up, sprinting, and turning it back down for a rest. All right, I will see you here next week. Bye, bye.

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