The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast | How to Create a Vibe and Kickstart Your SalesThis might be the first you’ve heard of it because I only marketed it to my email and social media audience, but we are fresh off the back of a three-day masterclass called Prosperous August. We had so many people having massive breakthroughs and gaining new levels of understanding around their business. It was fire.

Whether you have a service that just isn’t selling as quickly as you want, you’re having difficulty pinning down what you’re selling, or you need to realign with your selling goals, this episode is for you because I’m giving you a sneak peek into what we covered in this masterclass and how we set everyone who attended up for a Prosperous August.

Tune in this week to start using emotion to increase your sales and start seeing tangible results in your business. I’m sharing the psychology of selling, why there is emotion behind every purchase a person makes, and how to identify the vibe you need to ooze to attract your ideal client and make them want to buy from you.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How I gave the clients in this masterclass the most value possible.
  • What it means to start selling with emotion and what that process might look like for you.
  • Why your results change when you start running your business on your terms.
  • How to set yourself a pukey but attainable revenue goal for August and decide what you need to do to make it happen.
  • Why people buy based off of their emotional experience.
  • What you can do to identify the emotions that are going to help you sell your product or service.
  • How to decide what you can commit to doing in August to create the right vibe and emotion around your business.

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Full Episode Transcript:

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Last week we wrapped up a three day virtual masterclass called Prosperous August. It was absolutely fire. This may be the first time that you heard about it. I didn’t market it here on the podcast. I only marketed it to my social media and my email audience, which is another reason that you should follow me on Instagram.

We had so many people are having really big breakthroughs and like deeper understandings of why their service just isn’t selling as quickly as they want it to. People were jumping straight from that class directly into Three More because they wanted more selling advice and more coaching from me immediately after getting a taste of it in Prosperous August.

Today, I’m going to give you guys a sneak peek into that masterclass. So, we’re going to be listening to part of day one’s teachings. If you love it, I highly suggest that you go buy the full three day class. It’s only $22. It’s literally worth $4,000. Okay. When you purchase it, you’ll get to see the rest of day one, including the coaching and the questions and answers as well as day two and day three.

You can find this class on my Instagram profile @1beccapike or on my website. But if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to my team. Our email address is [email protected]. This is episode number 65. I am your host Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of hell yes, coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: All right. So I want to create a space for us entrepreneurs to come together. We’re going to spend three days together, and we’re just going to realign with our goals. Okay. So a place to play, a place to chat, to become motivated and socialize about what we want to achieve for the month of August.

So if you’re an entrepreneur who is growing a business right now, whether it’s online or brick and mortar, and you want to recenter, you want to realign, and you want to have fun. You want to have a community and a place that feels like growth and that feels good to you. You want to see tangible results then you guys are in the right place. All right.

So many of you guys know who I am, but there are a few names on here on the roster that I don’t immediately recognize. So very quickly let me reintroduce myself. I am Becca Pike. I am a wife and a mom of four kiddos, age 13, nine, seven, and four. Sometimes I forget because I feel like we just constantly have birthdays happening and the numbers always change. Because that’s what happens. Every year. Every year. There’s a birthday. It’s amazing.

But you may know me guys as the host of The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast. That seems to be where most of the audience is coming from these days. Just six years ago, I was stealing toilet paper at work to get me through to my paycheck. I was broke, broke, broke, broke. Okay.

That year after hitting a like total financial rock bottom, I started a business as a massage therapist. I was terrified. Okay. I had just gotten my massage therapy license. I had never run a business before. I didn’t know how to run a business. I’m not exaggerating, guys. When I say that like I knew nothing, I knew nothing about running a business.

Yet, I decided that knowing nothing wasn’t a good enough reason to stop pursuing it. Right. Some of you guys can probably relate to this feeling. Like you have this urge to build a business. Even though you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you don’t know exactly how it’s gonna pan out, you’re like I’m still doing it. I’m gonna figure it out. That’s exactly how I felt.

So I began to relentlessly read books about business, how other people were building their businesses, mistakes they have made, things that I should be doing, things I should not be doing. I began absorbing audio. Going to live events. I’m a big Tony Robbins girl. I love going to the Tony Robbins events. I went to conferences. I started hiring mentors, and just basically getting anything that I could grab on to. All right.

My team and I grew that massage business to a seven figure company with two brand new locations, 30 massage therapists within three years. So I have now stepped away completely as CEO. I’m only the owner. I have zero responsibilities at that facility besides making sure that my money shows up in my bank account. All the day to day is handled.

So with the growth of that company, as it began to speed up and people started noticing, I started getting asked to come and answer business questions from my friends. They’d invite me for a coffee to like pick my brain. People started really wanting my advice.

So eventually after my 300th coffee date, I started monetizing what I was doing. I started a business online teaching entrepreneurs how I grew the first business. This business, this online business, has found the same success in three years. Same success, seven figure company. Started this business on my 30th birthday. I remember it very well. 30 years old. I had a massive party down at this place here in Lexington called the Distillery District. Some of you guys know. We went down to the Distillery District, had drinks, I turned 30. That was exactly three years ago.

My entire work now consists of helping entrepreneurs grow. So I help entrepreneurs grow into their first six figure year inside of my program called Three More. Then I help entrepreneurs grow into their first seven figure year and multiple seven figure year by understanding how to scale properly inside of my group 30 More.

So that’s my story. I know you guys all have your own stories, and I want to help you guys feel really proud of them. I want you guys to be capable of telling your stories as well like with a lot of pride on your sleeve. I want to be a small part of that story. So I just want to thank you guys for taking the time to be here and for trusting me to host this class for you. We’re gonna have some fun. Sound good. You guys ready?

All right, moving right along. Super quick. What to expect today and for the next three days. So today is the kickoff to selling with emotion. My goal with this class is a little different than the others that I’ve had in the past. So I’ve almost always spent a lot of time like teaching and delivering a message, and not much time coaching. So like coaching as in you and I going back and forth and discussing your problems, your questions, your business. All right.

This time I want to do it a little different. I asked myself what would really give you guys the most value, right. So I am going to be teaching a lot. But I’m going to give an abundant amount of time over the next three days for you guys to get coached and to ask questions to me and to bounce ideas off of me, and for us to feel like more intimate and just communicative. Okay?

This will be, I think, much more valuable than me just standing here and giving you guys a TED talk, right? Like you guys get to hear a lot of my teachings on the podcast. So being able to communicate back and forth feels like an upgrade to that. Also, you’ll get to hear other people getting coached. So some of the very best coaching I’ve ever had in my life was listening to someone else get coached, and I’m just an innocent bystander.

So when someone else is asking something, when someone else is talking, I really encourage you guys to listen and to apply it to you. Even if it feels like it doesn’t apply to you, I want you to find the way that it does. I want you to find the thought that they’re having or the problem that they’re having and how it is in line with the thoughts and the problems that you’re having. Because listening to other people get coached is going to be a much deeper dive into the coaching world than just waiting your turn for yourself to get coached.

Tomorrow, we’re going to learn how to sell with transformation. So you don’t want to miss this. Most people don’t know how to sell with transformation enough. Okay. So I’m going to teach you guys something called selling from the root system. It’s an idea that I created. It’s an idea that I teach a lot of my clients, and it is very popular. It works very well, and it will change you and the way that you sell.

Day three is a wrap up with massive action. So this is when all of it ties together. It’s the most important day by far. So this is when we get our mindsets right about what it actually takes ad what we’ve been ignoring, and what excuses we’ve been making. Okay. That’s the day that you don’t want to miss for anything. All right.

Something to note too. These days kind of build on top of each other. All right. So they’re cumulative. Like the entire three days is a package deal. It’ll help you create the discipline and the habits and the understanding and the psychology of selling so that you can go out there and get whatever the hell it is that you desire for August. All right. So you’ll also receive these recordings afterwards. So if you love something, if you missed something, if you had to get up and go pee, come back, you’ve got the recordings. It’s totally fine. All right.

Also, every day I’m gonna do a random giveaway. So based on participation, based on answers. So when I tell you guys to drop something in the comments, drop something in the comments. Okay. Find your comment box right now. See where it is. Drop something in the comments.

These aren’t like little dumb giveaways. I went hard. I went ham on these. All right. None of these giveaways are under like $60. So drop that shit in the comments. Even if you don’t care about the giveaways, like it is part of being in the culture, in the community, in the group. You’re gonna get a lot more out of it if you’re participating if you’re staying on your toes. All right.

Also, you might notice me drinking throughout was class. I marketed it as such. That is because I want to. It’s so easy to take things so seriously guys. To say that like if you’re teaching a class, you should be in a buttoned up blouse with a PowerPoint slide with generated question. You better not say the wrong thing, right. That is not my culture. Never has been. I’ve never been okay with being told how things are supposed to go or what it’s supposed to be like, right?

If you’re attracted to this class, there’s a chance that you are that person as well. As coaches, we tend to attract people that are a lot like us into our world. So I just want to show you guys what it means to do things that you want to, to own business on your terms, to have fun, to let loose, to not let corporate ideology create what you believe makes a business professional, and to let loose, right?

So this is literally just a symbol. Okay? This is a symbol of like we get to do whatever the hell we want. All right. I ask myself what feels relaxing and easy? The answer is always champagne. Always. I’m also like a Bud Light girl too. So maybe somewhere I’ll fix it up.

At the end, we’re going to do a toast before the Q&A. If you have a drink, a cocktail, totally great. If you have a coffee, a tea, a water, or whatever, whatever your heart desires, we’re gonna be doing a toast at the end right before the Q&A.

All right, who’s ready to get started? Okay, I want everyone to sit up, take a big breath. We’re gonna come into the present moment a little bit here. So I want you guys to just take a second to ground in. All right, take a moment to quiet all of the distractions. We’re going to spend a total of three hours together. These three hours will change the trajectory of your business if you are present and if you allow it to. Okay.

This is a great time to turn off your notifications and to remove the thoughts about what’s for dinner tonight and that person that you need to call, right. Like we only have like 50 minutes left. So that will all be there when this class is over. So tap into your most business mind itself, get in alignment with your highest version of you, whatever that looks like, the most dedicated version of you, and just show up right now.

All right, guys, everybody grab a pen and paper. If you don’t have a pen and paper, totally fine. Grab your phone, can you write in blood on your desk, I don’t care. Grab something to jot things down with.

First thing we’re gonna do. I want you guys to set an August revenue goal. Think about August. We’re about to end July. I want you to grab a number. We’re looking for revenue. So I want it to feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, but doable. A little pukey, but attainable. Makes your palms sweat, but you kind of like it. You get what I’m saying?

This is top line revenue. How many total dollars do you want to bring into your business next month? If you don’t have a number, feel like you can’t get a number, I’m going to be honest with you. You’re indulging in confusion. Stop that. Get a number. All right. Thumbs up if you’ve got a number. Good, good, good. Good. Okay. All right.

Next up, I want you to take a second and I want you to calculate roughly how many clients it would require to hit that number. Now I know some of you have packages that have different pricing, and you want to be like I can’t figure it out. Just try. Just ballpark. Rough estimate how many clients would it require to hit that number?

Now I want you to take that number, and I want you to break it down to like how many clients would you need to bring in per week in August to make that work? Give me a thumbs up when you got it. Who in here feels like seeing it broken down into weekly clients somehow makes the number easier? You guys are like no, sounds terrible. Okay, don’t worry. We’re gonna get there. All right.

Next up, I want you guys to take a second, and we’re gonna move into selling with emotion and what that looks like. All right. I want you guys to think about your clients. I want you to think about your best clients. The clients that love your work. They’re not the ones that are nitpicking or asking this or asking that. They just love what you do for them. They worked with you. They saw the transformation. They saw the results, right? They thanked you. The ones that told their friends and spouse about you.

Everyone has someone, right? Someone you helped. Someone that bought your product. Maybe it was even someone before you started this business, and they were the person that like got the lightbulb going for you that you wanted to start a business.

Now write down the top feelings that you think they felt when working with you. Was it relief? Energized? Empowered? Joy? I want you guys to unmute yourself and just start saying emotions to me.

Female Speaker 1: Supported.

Ben Grimes: Empowered and inspired.

Carrie: I would say relieved and also excited.

Becca: Yeah.

Whitney: I would say seen and remembered.

Becca: Yes. These are good.

Ben Grimes: I’ve also got heard and appreciated.

Becca: Yeah. Love it. All right. So, what I want to get out here today, what I want to really drive home is that people buy from emotion. Okay. They buy the emotion, the vibe, the ease, the feeling of being supported, the feeling of relief. That is what they are purchasing always, through and through. It has nothing to do with you. It has nothing to do with your service. They are buying emotion from you.

They’re buying the fun or whatever emotion you want to stick in there that is oozing from your service. The relief they feel when they work with you. The energy they get when they work with you. The empowerment, the joy. They’re not buying out of necessity ever. Well, you know what we buy out of necessity? We buy toilet paper out of necessity, right? Like is anyone excited out of their mind to buy toilet paper? No, you do it because you have to. Right?

So you know what we buy from emotion? $5,000 tickets to Europe to feel freedom. $6,000 rode bikes for our upcoming triathlon to feel like Lance Armstrong. $800 blood infusions to feel like Lance Armstrong. Eh? Anybody? Come on, that was funny. $500 front row tickets to concerts, right, to feel young and wild. $6 cup of coffee from Starbucks to feel whatever, accomplished, fancy, I don’t know.

People buy from the emotion. You know the founder of Starbucks, Zev Siegl was his name, started his coffee shop with co-owners. There were a few of them. I think there was three of them. They have one purpose. They’re very open about this. Anytime you read about Zev Siegl or Starbucks, they talk about how they built a coffee shop to sell people on treating themselves. This was truly his goal.

Like he wanted to create a vibe when drinking coffee that these people felt like they’ve worked really hard all day, or they’ve worked really hard all morning, and they’re stopping to go treat themselves. He fucking nailed it. Nailed it. If his coffee was $1, it wouldn’t create the vibe that he wanted, right? Like price is a great way to create emotion in purchasing. But if it were $1, it would be the same as like grabbing a coffee from a gas station. Right?

Like, I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m getting a coffee at a gas station, it is out of complete necessity. It’s because I’m on a road trip, and there isn’t like a better coffee shop around. But I’m not gonna lie though. Like I’m not above gas station coffee, especially Circle K and Speedway. Like, I don’t know if you guys have been where they have the—It grounds it fresh for you, like the machines. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

But when I drink it, there’s no vibe, right? Like unless the vibe is like dirty maybe. I kind of feel dirty like in college when I’d wake up at some guy’s house that I didn’t know. Then I would have to go to class. Like I had to get gas station coffee in that. Like it just the shame. That was the vibe, shame and caffeine. But if you haven’t had a shame gas station coffee, like have you really lived? I don’t know.

So as opposed to when I go to Starbucks, the white cup, green logo, the green stir stick. There’s no shame. There’s just classiness. Right. So Zev Siegl wanted it to be a treat, a luxury, a feeling, and he nailed it. A huge part of the marketing was simply a high price point. He said like this coffee isn’t for everyone. Not everyone will be able to afford it. Right? What if he had sold it out of necessity? Like, you’re gonna drink coffee anyway because you’re addicted to it. So you might as well drink this one. It’s cheap. Right?

No. He was like empty your wallets. I know you can’t afford this shit. You’re going to do it anyway because you want to feel like you have worked really hard. Here at this coffee shop we’re going to pour you a cup of sunshine because you deserve it you hard worker. Right? He stated that he wanted to create a place for people to come and feel like they deserved a treat. Nothing says you’re treating yourself more like a $6 cup of coffee that took 40 cents to make.

So, I’m going to state a few companies. I want you guys to tell me the vibe in one word that encompasses that brand. So unmute your mics. I’m going to say a company, and you’re just going to throw out an emotion or a vibe or the first word that comes to your mind. Okay? Lululemon.

Female Speaker 2: Comfortable.

Female Speaker 3: Yoga star.

Female Speaker 1: Expensive.

Ben Grimes: Pretentious.

Female Speaker 4: Overpriced.

Becca: You’ve clearly never worn yoga pants. They’re are the best. But yeah.

Female Speaker 5: So soft.

Becca: Yeah. Okay, next one. You ready? Tesla.

Carrie: Innovative.

Ben Grimes: Innovative. That’s a really good Carrie.

Becca: Yeah. Innovative. Cool.

Male Speaker 2: Trendy.

Becca: Yeah, it’s like the future. Right? Green. All right, next one. Apple.

Ben Grimes: Ahead of its time.

Becca: Like to me Apple just feels like clean. Like, I don’t know what that word is but just like clean. Like they’re doing it.

Carrie: It sells itself in my opinion. Like, they don’t even need to really put much effort into selling because it sells itself.

Becca: Yeah. Why does it sell itself? Because people want to feel ahead of their time.

Female Speaker 6: Yeah, like everybody has it.

Becca: Okay, Louis Vuitton.

Female Speaker 1: Classy.

Ben Grimes: Splurgy.

Becca: Yeah. It’s like classic, right?

Carrie: Yeah. Yeah, classic is what I was gonna say too.

Becca: Hell Yes Coaching.

Female Speaker: Fun.

Male Speaker 3: Outside the box.

Becca: That one was totally for my pleasure. So thank you for that. Now, let me ask you this, and you don’t have to answer it out loud. You guys can go ahead and mute your mics again. So what vibe, get really serious with yourself guys. Like really get serious with yourself. What vibe is flowing from your service? Like, how are you talking about it? Is it oozing necessity? Is it oozing discount? Is it oozing I hope you buy this? Maybe you could buy this? Is it oozing hype, excitement, results, and like, holy shit, I gotta have this because I want to feel that. Right?

Your business is like a party of emotions. Okay? Do people want to go to the gym because of necessity? Like someone that has never been to the gym before, and now their doctor is telling them like hey, listen, you’re gonna die if you don’t start going to the gym. Like will that person go to the gym? Maybe. Probably. But do they want to?

Or does the person that like really wants to have a perfect booty in her jeans because she just wants to feel amazing, and she wants to feel confident, and she doesn’t feel confident anywhere else except in her body. Right? Like who’s the person that is more common, that is more likely to be going to the gym at five in the morning? Person that wants to feel confident, feel a certain way, or the person that has to out of necessity?

Do people buy from me because their business is going under, and they hate their business, and it’s a necessity? Or do they buy from me because the feeling of growth is so delicious? Right? If you’re an accountant, people buy from you because they want to feel secure with their numbers and their bookkeeping.

People don’t do things because they have to. Unless they actually have to. Side note, unless they have to. That’s when they do it. But like buying toilet paper or paying the electric bill, but this isn’t sexy. It’s not enticing. There’s no motivation besides simply survival. There are no waitlists booked out to pay the electric bill.

Yet your company could be waitlisted if you knew how to sell through emotion. Your business is a party, and you are the host. How are you hosting it right now? The people that sell from details often lack vibe.

So imagine if I’m just selling you the details. I’m like hey this is my company. This is what I do. These are the hours we’re open. This is how much it costs. This is where you can get it. I see a lot of people selling like this. They’re like I’ve got the business card. I’ve got the website. I don’t understand why. I mean everybody knows where I’m located. Why aren’t they coming? There’s no emotion behind it.

I want you guys to write this down. I’m gonna say it twice. People buy because they’re seeking an emotion, and emotion that comes from the results they’re going to get. That is that. People buy because they’re seeking and emotion, an emotion that comes from the results that they’re gonna get.

So to make it simpler, people are buying you for the results. The more you sell the results, the more you’re going to sell. Stop selling the details, start selling the results. Everything you do is about the results. There’s different ways to create emotions guys. So here’s a few.

I go much deeper into this in my other teachings, but I’m gonna go pretty deep with you guys today. Storytelling. We do a lot of storytelling here at HRC. This is why the podcast is up to 40,000 downloads just on Apple. We’re in our first year, right? Like storytelling is so important. But you don’t have to do storytelling. Maybe you’re more into client testimonials. Client testimonials like before and after or like showing results or showing how people like what you do or what they had to say about you, that creates emotion for the person.

There’s also like using colors and graphics and emojis and videos and music. This is why TikTok and Instagram reels are killing it right now in their platforms when it comes to selling their service. This is like where the future is going. Okay.

This is why I just recently hired a super expensive videographer for my 30 More event in Chicago. So that’s going to come out in like a month, but it’s like this highlight reel with music and a compilation of scenes and like testimonials. It’s all going to be crammed together and a highlight reel. That’ll come out soon, and you’ll get to see that, but it’s going to create so much emotion. But I decided what emotion I wanted my clients to feel before I ever even created that.

You guys have to decide what emotion you want your company to exude. That is part of positioning. Positioning and branding is something that I get into really deep, again, in some of my other teachings, but like positioning and branding is pre-thought. It’s not something you’re surprised about. Like oh, my clients feel really like this is outside the box. You guys think of Hell Yes Coaching outside the box. That was preemptive. Right?

But of all these things, storytelling, client testimonials, colors, graphics emojis, the number one way to sell knowing for certain that you’re selling with emotion is to embody your own gratitude, happiness, or love for your business. To remember why you got into it in the first place. When you embody excitement, it will create a ripple effect for your people.

When you pop champagne, and when you’re in a celebration. I don’t mean this like literally. I mean what are you giving off about your service? Are you giving off champagne and pride and gratitude and excitement? Like anybody come in my door. I will help you. I don’t care who you are. I got you. Like are you producing that as a human? Right.

Everything is a celebration and not forced, right? Genuinely loving what you are creating, and the stamp that you are putting on the world, and the vibe that is oozing from your body. Because you actually no, you can help so many people not fabricating it. When you host a party, the more excited you are about the party, the more creative you’re going to be with your decorations and with your music choice and with who you invite and the vibe.

You guys, have you ever walked into a party, and you can feel that it sucks? Have you ever walked into a party and even though the environment is the exact same as the sucky party somehow, like you can just be like oh, is gonna be good. I can feel good in here.

We have such a sense of feeling things. People can feel things off of you, off of your body, and through the computer, through your branding, through the way that you talk about it on online. People can feel that right.

All right guys, this is the giveaway. Hint, hint. This is the giveaway. Are you ready? All right, I’m gonna do the giveaway. I’m gonna do a toast. So drop in the comments below what you can commit to doing in August to bring more emotion into your business. What can you commit to doing to bringing more emotion into your business? This time let’s raise hands. All right, Ben.

Ben: So far I’ve talked about leadership for lawyers and trying to get in the door with law firms by talking about the bottom line because I think that money is going to drive a lot of decision making for prospective clients. For me though, I just like leadership for its own sake and for the change that it makes in the people around good leaders. I think, not I think. I can commit to talking about why I am so excited about leadership more often and not relying on what I think people want to hear, which is about the money.

Becca: Yes. Love it. I love that. Because you almost feel forced to talking about the money because you think other people want to hear it when really you want to talk about leadership.

Ben: Yeah, I nerd out about leadership, and I get excited about it. When I talk about the impact that it has on people and the change that can make in an environment, and the way it allows people to be more authentic and reduces stress and cognitive dissonance and increases well-being and creates more effective teams. There’s a profit benefit to that.

Becca: Well and everyone will notice that. I mean you can talk leadership all day. Like I’ve talk about hiring and managing people in 30 More. Like 30 More is about scaling your business, building teams, and being able to bring in more people. Even though I nerd out on hiring and managing people, people are smart. They put two and two together. They’re like oh, that means more money. Right? Yes, permission to talk about leadership all the time. Love it. All right, who’s next? Whitney.

Whitney: So I’m a professional photographer. I think one of the most powerful things that I can do is show people the end result of like artwork on your walls in your home. Taking that a step further. My family and I just got back from, we went to Europe and did a big family trip. I hired a photographer while we were over there. So talking about kind of my own experience and the value that we place on that and what we’re doing with our own artwork on our walls, I think that would be meaningful.

Becca: I love that. Yeah, that’s definitely emotion there. Love it. Yeah?

Female Speaker 1: So I own a yoga studio. I’m a real big extrovert. I love people, of course, but I guess like listening more to them about their stories. Because I’m always like hey, always kind of in their face like just like loving on them, but also maybe like listening more. Also, maybe people’s first times that I don’t get to see them that I have my manager there like just checking in on them and seeing how they’re doing personally.

Becca: So that they can feel more supported. They can feel more community. I love it. That’s great. Perfect.

Female Speaker 1: Yeah. All right, Carrie.

Carrie: I want to do better at expressing my own excitement and creativity that comes out in that, I guess, about the outcomes of the work. I feel like as somebody that helps people choose and navigate software, they always just want to know like the logistical part of it. They want to get their questions answered, and it ends up being kind of time consuming. I don’t get to, and I don’t make it a priority to talk about the end result as much as I should. So I need to work on that big time.

Becca: Love it so much. Sometimes it’s interesting when people come to us wanting the details they’re like okay, I need to know exactly how much your coaching costs, when it can start. Like before I can make the decision, I need to know all the details, right?

Like what I’ve realized is the only people that do that are the ones that are lacking the emotion. Because the ones that have all the emotion, the ones that are like oh shit, I want to feel good in my business, I want to feel supported. Like I they already know the emotion that comes at the end of it. They’re not asking the details. I’m not saying that they don’t ever ask how much it costs, but they kind of don’t ever ask how much it cost. They also are just like I’m just in. Like I don’t care when it starts. I’ll move shit around. I’ll be there, right.

But then the people that come to me, and they want to know every single detail, exactly how much access they can get to me, exactly what they can bah, blah, blah, right. Like they’re usually the ones that are lacking the emotion. Just an interesting thing I’ve realized.

So I’m going to do a giveaway. I’ve never done a giveaway. This is my first time too. Are you guys so pumped? All right, so I’m gonna go with Ben Grimes. Loved your answer. Thought it was great. My team is going to send you a brand new ring light, okay, so that you can start making videos and telling people how fucking excited you are about leadership and how much you love leadership and how they should love leadership too. Sound good?

All right guys. Loved all your answers. So I’m going to go ahead and do a toast. So grab your drinks, whatever you have, doesn’t matter. By Friday, all of y’all are gonna have cocktails. I just know it. You’re all going to warm up. So here yes, Nicole. There’s Nicole drinking her wine.

Here is to bringing emotion into your business, to helping the world and your customers feel again, to contributing, to helping our clients feel good and happy and safe and excited and supported for their community and for their future. Okay. So to being the vehicle that transports our clients to the whatever feeling it is that they’re seeking. Cheers my friends.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share.

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.



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