The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Understanding Consumerism and Why People BuyWhy do people want what you’re selling, and why would they decide to buy it from you specifically? This is a question I put to my three mini-minders and then I asked them to get clear on what made them want to buy from me. What did I say in my marketing, and why did they resonate with the vibration I was giving off?

There’s a ton of dialogue around the idea that people need to trust you for years and you need to nurture customers over time before they’ll buy big packages from you, whether that’s coaching, personal training, beauty treatments, or anything else. However, my three guests this week are living proof that that isn’t true, and you can sell anything you want to, as long as you understand how people actually make purchasing decisions.

Tune in this week as we mine out what I’m doing over here at Hell Yes, and how you can apply the same principles in your own business. I’m sitting down with Jessica Hundley, Ashlee Brown, and Jess McKinley Uyeno: three entrepreneurs with totally different businesses but similar big goals. After this episode, you’ll understand sales and consumerism on an unprecedented level, so you can’t afford not to listen.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Some of the specific beliefs that stop people from selling big to a new audience.
  • Why the idea that people don’t make big purchases quickly is BS.
  • The massive purchases these three mini-minders made from me, and why they decided to buy.
  • Why business coaches need to share their numbers, even if you don’t think they’re big enough.
  • The importance of learning to make the right decision quickly in business.
  • Some of the selling and marketing strategies that have generated millions in my businesses.
  • How to adjust your messaging so you can attract people that are ready to pay you.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hello, my friends. I have three students on this podcast episode today. What I want to talk to them about is the overarching question why do people buy from us? So I got into their head about what it is that got them to buy from me. What was I saying in my marketing? What was my messaging? What was my vibrancy that they enjoyed enough to come in? Even though two-thirds of these people on this podcast episode were terrified of the pricing.

The reason I want to bring this up is I think that there is a lot of dialogue in the world around people have to trust you for years and years and years. You have to nurture them for years and years and years in order for them to buy big packages from you. Whether this is in the coaching community or whether you are creating packages in your personal training gym, whether you’re creating packages in your massage therapy company, whatever it is. I want to just completely demolish the belief that people don’t buy large things quickly.

Some of these girls came in and spent $40,000 in their first three months with me because of the messaging and because of the community that I can create. So we’re trying to mine out exactly what that is for you guys so that you can apply this to your business. 

I want to introduce you guys to Jess U. Hundley. She is the owner of Kentucky Therapy Solutions. She is a pediatric feeding specialist. You’re also going to meet Ashlee Brown, owner of Kentucky Breastfeeding Center and an IBCLC, which means she is a lactation consultant. Then I also want you to meet Jess Uyeno. She is a business coach and she specializes in time and money systems. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go. 

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello, friends, how are we doing? I feel like we have lived a thousand years together even though we’ve only been doing this for four weeks. Are we on week four?

Jess U.: Isn’t that crazy?

Becca: I know. So we only have a couple of weeks left. One of the reasons I wanted to create this many minds is to give a mastermind feel but with more momentum. The way that I think about it and I’ve explained it to you guys is a mastermind is six months. You get to settle into the energy

There’s something beautiful about that, just settling in with your people. You know that you have a half a year or maybe you’re already committed to a year or two years. You get to settle in and just know that those are your people. But the mini-mind has a special place in my heart also because it’s only six weeks long. It’s like all things go, go, go and momentum, and you only know that you have six calls. It is just a vibe. It is such a vibe. I’m so glad you guys are here for it.

Jess U.: Thank you for creating it, honestly, because I was not interested in waiting until January.

Becca: It worked out perfectly. It works out perfectly is like literally the six weeks leading up to what would normally be a cut off for like just Christmas and relaxing with family and then right into the Thirty More Mastermind. So fun. You guys are all coming to Miami. That is so exciting. 

Okay, so the purpose of this episode, you guys, I want to talk to my audience about consumerism and how we buy. I think that there is a lot of limiting beliefs out there in how people buy. Like you have to nurture someone for years in order for them to buy a high ticket, high level signature offer or for someone to spend thousands of dollars with you. You have to nurture them for years. 

You have to funnel them through like smaller offers into larger offers. There’s just a lot of dialogue around how it is supposed to be. All of you guys broke that with me. I want to kind of get into your heads for the purpose of my audience to ask you like what was going through your mind? How did you buy so that my listeners can understand the way that people consume? Does that make sense? 

Ashlee: Yes.

Jess U.: Yeah. 

Becca: Okay. So I first want to talk to Jess H. Jess, you came into The Circle in July. Okay, that was an $8,000 purchase. That was your first purchase with us was like straight into The Circle. You didn’t do any like $200, $300 funnels. You went straight to The Circle and then only a few weeks later you upgraded to the VIP, and then only a few weeks later, 13 days later, you upgraded to the mini-mind. Then three weeks later into the $25,000 mastermind deposit. First of all, welcome to my world. Holy crap. 

Jess H.: I hope I’m in the deep end.

Becca: I love that. Okay, so how did you intentionally hear about me and my team? Like, first thing, how did you hear about us?

Jess H.: Through Ashlee on this call.

Becca: Oh, fun. I didn’t know that. 

Jess H.: Yes, I had reached out to Ashlee before purchasing anything and say just told her how much I admired her business Being that we were both local. Through Ashlee then I think she shared something that you posted at one point, and that really watching her success just was such an inspiration to me. Then I kind of went on a deep dive into your page, and well here I am four months later.

Becca: In all the things. I love it. Now, Jess, you came in with the $200 Sprint Week, and then the following month came into the mini-mind.

Jess H.: Yeah, I think, you know, I am also a coach. I had had one incredible coaching experience followed by a not so great coaching experience. I felt like it is really common nowadays, especially in the service industry, for people to be like incredible marketers and not as great at the delivery end. So after that experience, I was like I know I want to work with Becca. I’ve actually known I wanted to work with you since we like sat down at a pool in Mexico, but your offer didn’t really make sense to me back then

Then it did. I was like okay. I’m listening to the podcast. I was like I knew I was going to invest. The timing of the Sprint Week just came at a perfect opportunity for me. I was like saying to myself I need a sprint. I just need like a quick get back in it. You were like Sprint Week is like the universe was listening to me

Yeah, and I came in there and literally day one in I was like okay, it’s what I thought. She does deliver on the back end. She is the same person. She is actually there in the room. Sometimes there feels like a bit of a bait and switch in the industry where like you are super attracted to a certain coach. Then they’re not really anywhere near their own programs. So that is not the case. I was pleasantly affirmed. I wouldn’t say surprised. Then I was like okay, cool. Perfect. What’s next?

Becca: That is so nice, first of all. Thank you. I also have felt that way in the sense of it has been a long journey of learning how to market really well and to market to the right people. I have like taken so many courses because I tell Mark all the time. I’m like I feel like I’m a really good coach. Like once they’re in there, they know. But it’s getting people in there to understand what’s actually happening. I think just in the last couple of years, I’ve turned a new leaf on that. 

But I remember that being, I know that there’s got to be a lot of listeners that can totally resonate with this knowing that you’re good at what you do. You’re just trying to get people to see it and come in and change their life. So thank you. So nice

You guys are all quick decision makers. So I left this part out. Jess H., you did the $200 Sprint Week. Then you came the next month into the mini-mind and then the next month into the $25,000 Thirty More Mastermind. So I just want to say shout out to you guys. This is something that I’m constantly telling people

It sounds almost like a marketing thing. Like you need to make your decisions quickly and put yourself in rooms quickly. But this is how, like if you have a coach that resonates with you, make it non-negotiable. It’s almost like the way that I get out of bed in the morning. This is something that runs through my head every morning.

My alarm goes off. I just tell myself I’m not allowed to negotiate. I have to get up. I just have to move my body and get out of bed. You can’t negotiate. Then I negotiate on everything else in my life. I’m like, do I want to go to the gym? Do I not want to go to the gym? Do I want to eat healthy? So I’m working on that as well. 

But I think that you guys are such a phenomenal example of just making decisions quickly. That is another part of what I want to highlight on this video, which is like kudos to you guys. This is why you are growing the way that you’re growing. So Ashlee, I went to write down what you have purchased and when and the list was too long. You’re in everything. You’ve always been in everything. So I literally just wrote Ashlee and then I wrote everything.

Ashlee: So to your point about decision making, you know that I was not a quick decision maker. I had to learn how to be a quick decision maker. Because by nature I’m a procrastinator, and I take too long. I mean, I even take too long to figure out what I want to eat. Like it’s just all very difficult for me to make decisions quickly. But I found out that when I started making decisions quickly, that’s when things really took off. 

Becca: I love that. Ashlee, how did you hear about me to begin with? 

Ashlee: I don’t know if the podcast was the first thing, the first place I found out about you, but I listened to attending your podcasts on a trip to D.C. I was like okay, well let’s explore this. Then I went into Three More. 

Becca: That’s right. You listened to like all 75 episodes in one weekend. 

Ashlee: I sure did. Then I listen to them as soon as they come out every Wednesday.

Becca: Yeah, you’re going down in history for the binge of. I don’t know though. I get messages from people that say this kind of stuff all the time. It’s so fun. How about you, Jess U.? How did you hear about me initially? Because we were in the same mastermind a long time ago. 

Jess U.: Yeah, yeah. We were in the same mastermind. I think we went to Mexico together. It’s one of those things there was a lot of people in the mastermind, and I walked out and just happened to sit next to you like by the pool. I remember just telling you like a little bit about my business. You asked about my goals. You were like I think that’s realistic. You just need to. You gave me like three sentences super direct. 

I think at that point, even saying it out loud to you, it was like me testing my goals. Like, are they too big? Are they too? Because that was my first mastermind experience at all. I didn’t know who you were at all. But I was like oh, this girl believes. It’s just, like you were so neutral about it. I remember being really attracted to that. It was just like directly where you wanted to know the numbers. You were like oh, yeah. That’s definitely realistic. I think you just need to X, Y, Z

The coach of that mastermind was like listening to you talk to me. I remember seeing her just like nodding her head like, oh, yeah. That’s exactly what I would have said. Yep. Yep. Then later on, I found out about your growth and how quickly you had grown in the last six months your business, and I was like oh, shit. She’s not just blowing smoke because she actually did exactly the goal that I told her that I had for myself. So I was like I want more what she’s drinking. 

Becca: Oh, that’s so fun. I love that. I’m so sorry. I do not remember that. I wish that I did, but there were so many people there. But that was a fun trip.

Jess U.: Yeah, it was a fun trip. Honestly like, same thing. I think I’ve had other experiences like that where I had a conversation with someone else. It was about my business. So why really would you remember it? For me it was just that affirmation. I think sometimes we need a little bit as we’re scaling of someone else to confirm like I know most of our plans for our business in scaling are a little bit delusional, right? Because we haven’t created it yet. So there has to be that ounce of delusion in there. But then someone else who’s done it saying oh, yeah, that’s legit. It just gives it some steam. 

Becca: Yeah, I feel like there needs to be like a delusional radar, like a meter. Like, how delusional you are is telling of how successful you’re going to be. If you’re not delusional at all, like you are just 100% realistic. This is what I made last month. So this is all that I can make this month. Right? You’re not going to get anywhere. 

Or this is what my friend has made in the last year. So that’s all that I know as possible. You’ve got to be like on the tail end of a little bit psycho. Like you’ve got to be able to look at people. I always looked at people that did the absolute best, like the biggest success stories. The ones that just like are blow your socks off. There’s documentaries about them. That’s who I was shooting for. 

I wasn’t trying to shoot for the people that were like around me, just making like inches more every year. I remember being like no, but they did that. Like look at this documentary of Richard Branson. Like, obviously, he did it. So I could be here too. So yes, I love that so much. 

Okay, when you guys heard about me, and you started poking around, I have two questions for you. What was the marketing message, or what was the vibe? What was it that pulled you in? Can you be specific for my audience? Can you put your thumb on why you chose me, why you bought this? Then I’ll get into my second question in a second. 

Jess H.: I can definitely answer that with kind of two parts as well. I loved that you had a space in really brick and mortar growth, but also in the online growth. So I think finding both of those things in one person was such like a dealmaker for me. But also I think the more I poked around your website and all of your platforms was you had everything that I felt like I knew nothing about as far as marketing, business, becoming a CEO. I can do that therapy in my sleep. The other half of it was how can I grow in this space where I don’t know anything?

Becca: Yeah. Love that. So you just feel like it filled in the gap. 

Jess H.: Absolutely. Every week I’m reaffirmed and every call, every meeting I always walk away saying that was exactly what I needed this week. Here’s my next plan of action.

Becca: Love that. Oh, my gosh, thank you. How about you ladies?

Ashlee: I feel like our meeting when you explained your explosive growth with Massage Strong and how I was following the same trajectory. That was the moment for me where I was like oh, this is actually, this is my coach. 

Becca: That’s a really good lesson, I think that there are a lot of people out there, especially coaches, that aren’t willing to be extremely open about how successful they are. Right? Or how good. Or maybe they haven’t sat down to really understand how good they are. Maybe they just continue to brush it off. Or maybe it’s not revenue that is looking so amazing. Maybe it is the growth that they’ve had in their audience building or in their marketing, or whatever it is, and they just don’t see it yet, and they can’t explain it

So I think that that is definitely one of the tactics and strategies that I use in marketing, which is discussing how far I’ve come and how quickly and being very just shameless about it. Extremely helpful in my marketing. So yeah, that’s a great point.

Jess U.: Yeah, I think, for me, a couple of things. Number one, I love a transparent business owner. That is something that’s non negotiable for me. I need to know how much money you’re making. I think that some people find that to be, I don’t know what, but to me, it’s like in this space of everybody marketing, I can make you successful. I’m a six figure coach and whatever. It’s like how much money are you making? I like to know that so that I know that you’re ahead of me, and I like to be around people whose numbers inspire me. So definitely that part. I’m so glad that you continue to do that never stop. 

Becca: Yeah thank you.

Jess U.: Then secondarily, I think that I’m just always, I’m not really super worried about what you can do for me because I’m a coach. I feel like I have all the tools to be successful. But I like to be around other people that, personality wise, also feel like they are going to grow and then also are growing towards a big life and not just a big business. That’s super important to me. 

I feel like I’m attracted to the duality that you’re always sharing on social media. Like anytime in the same spread, you’re talking about coaching your daughter’s basketball game and baking cookies and designing your house and then also talking about making money. To me, that is the point. It’s not just about making the money.

I don’t want someone who’s going to preach to me some sort of practice where I need to be a complete workaholic, which I can be and I like to be sometimes. But generally, I also really like to like just play with my kids and also just unplug for a while too. I went to Costa Rica for two weeks. I didn’t touch my business at all. I think that that is a part of the growth that I want. I love watching you do a good job.

Becca: Yes. Yeah, I have always been unimpressed by people that are making a bazillion dollars, but their kids don’t talk to them anymore. Like their grown adult kids don’t talk to them anymore because they were just busy building their companies. Like I’ve met so many really successful people that have nothing left

They don’t say that. Like I’m just calculating it out. I’m figuring it out and realizing. I’m just like that sucks so bad. I’ve also met so many successful people that have it all. They have built the best family unit, and you can tell. Like their grown kids still come home every Sunday for game night and dinner. They’re just like bonded, and they go on vacations together. That is my jam.

To me, what is the point at all if you don’t have your friends in your family? To me, money just enhances your ability to live a good life. Like that’s the whole point. There is no other point. 

Jess U.: Amen. 

Becca: Besides maybe nice cars. I really like nice cars, but other than that family. 

Jess U.: Wait, what kind of car do you have? I don’t know this, I don’t I think. 

Becca: Well, right now I have a Infiniti QX80. But I like to change cars like every two years. I’ve had this car for like two and a half years so I’m like going out of my mind. I like want to get, I was thinking about I like Lincoln’s. I like Audi’s. 

Jess U.: We have a Lincoln. 

Becca: Yeah, yeah. The newer Lincoln, holy shit. But Lexus, I think it was a Lexus 550, the big SUV. The 2024 is the coolest fucking car I’ve ever seen in my life. It is so tight, and I love Rivians, but Rivian seems to be having a lot of trouble right now, like mechanically. You should look up a Rivian. They only make trucks and SUVs but their SUV is so hot. So hot. It’s electric. 

Anywho, so thank you for that, and I want to touch on what you said just a second ago, which is that I share my numbers and that that’s inspiring to people. This is especially important for business coaches who are telling people that they can grow their business. I can grow your business, but you’re not willing to say your numbers because you don’t think they’re big enough yet. 

Let’s say that you’re surrounded by other business coaches that are making millions of dollars, and they talk openly about it. But you’re only making $300,000 a year, right? A lot of business coaches might say I’m only making $300,000 a year. I can’t be open about my numbers yet. They’re missing such a massive audience. There are so many people that would die to make $300,000. Those people would pay a $300,000 coach over a $3 million coach because they feel like they’re closer to them. They feel like they are more relatable. 

If somebody is making $20,000 a year, they are less likely to buy the $3 million a year coach than they are the person that’s making just above it at $300,000. So for anyone listening, if you are not sharing your numbers and sharing your successes and celebrating where you are right now because you think it’s not big enough, you’re A, always going to have that feeling. It’s only going to give it, you’re going to make a million and be like it’s not five so I can’t share it. Right? B, you’re missing all these people that want to hire you because you’re not making 3 million yet. So just something to chew on.

Jess U.: I love that. It’s like make your circumstance, whatever it is, your advantage. So when you’re in that growth building phase, you’re like I’m an underdog. Come with me. Let’s do this. This is what’s happening. Transparency. Then when you get further down the line, you’re like this is how I did it. This is what you can do too. Either way it’s happened. 

Becca: All right, so next question. You came into the container, you saw my stuff. You saw my podcast, my Instagram, you decided you wanted to work with me. Then you saw my prices. For whatever it was that you guys were coming in for the first, you all had different starting points, but you saw my prices. Tell the truth. Was it completely neutral? Like those are prices. I’m going to pay those prices. Was it complete panic attack? Tell me how you felt about the prices and then tell the audience how you overcame it or just came right into the programs.

Jess H.: I think for me it went panic attack only because I do feel like on the lower end when we’re talking about reaching towards the $300,000 or the million dollar. So that did give me a little bit of a panic attack. But then I put myself in check of it and thought I’ve got a lot bigger dog in the fight now. So it almost is like an accountability. I want to do everything you say because I paid for it. It works. 

Becca: Wonderful. I love it. How about you, Ashlee? 

Ashlee: Well, I came into Three More and $3,000 was, was it $3,000? It wasn’t the 300, right? It was a lot of money to me. Like that was a huge deal. So I think once I had that little stepping stone of okay well, I did this, and I got a lot of value. Then it was like the next thing was Thirty More, which was a lot more. So, I think that I just knew. I wasn’t going to, I knew I was going to be successful, but I didn’t think that I would be as successful as quickly without it. 

Becca: Yeah. That’s what I’m if I’m more complex. I watched as your capacity grew. Like at first, you didn’t have the capacity for the $3,000. Then I watched you drop, at the time Thirty More was $12,000. Then coming into the mini-mind now you’re just. I watched you buy your ticket for Hell Yes Live. I mean, it was just like you didn’t even think about it. 

Ashlee: It was like the day that it came out. You were like oh, we’re having a live event. I was like, okay, here we go. 

Becca: Yeah. So your capacity has just grown so much in such a little amount of time. It’s been really fun to watch. 

Jess H.: Yeah. Can I say too to that I think you’ve changed a lot of how I think about what I’m investing on the return. 

Becca: Yeah, how so? 

Jess H.: That if I’m going to invest this and put in the work and really follow where you’re leading me. If I make that back and then more and have all these lifetime clients and consumers that it was all worth it. It feels like so much at the beginning, but you really have just changed my mindset completely into the big picture of what does that look like over the lifetime of my business, not what is this one single purchase right now? 

Becca: Yes, I love that. Let’s stop there for a second because I think that one of the most limiting beliefs about hiring a coach is I’m hiring this coach for six months. In that six months, I need to see an actual revenue return of what I spent on top of what I would have already made. So if I’m already making 100,000 a year then in the next six months I need to make that plus what I created. That happens a lot, to be quite frank, a lot of people do that. That’s awesome. 

But that’s just not the way I look at it. When I’m investing with someone for six months, I know that they are going to say one thing to me that is going to last through my life. Or they might make one tweak in my marketing that I carry with me for the rest of my life. Over the course of the time, the tweak of marketing is going to create a lot of money over the course of the next 20 years

So, to me, it’s not about like, can I make this ROI right now? It is so much more than that. How much is it worth it to be supported for a whole six months? How worth it is it to you to feel like you have somewhere to go if you have a question. Just knowing that you have that place if something comes up, if something happens.

You guys might find yourself getting sued in the next year. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities. You might find yourself having a hater online that literally tears your business to the ground and is like uploading videos of how terrible you are. All of these things have happened to me in the last year.

It’s almost like the insurance of having the coach to go to and to talk through this. That, to me, is worth the ROI as well. So there’s just so much abstract support that you get from having a coach that isn’t just the return on investment in that given six months. I’m so glad that you brought that up. It’s something that needs to be discussed more.

Jess U.: My family has now whenever I talk to them about my business in four months, this is how ingrained you become in my life and my daily life to that matter. Whenever I start talking about something related to my business, they say well what would Becca say? That’s their first question. So shows you how ingrained in my life you’ve become, personal and professional.

Becca: Why do I want to cry? I cry so much these days. Okay, did I get to you Jess U.?

Jess U.: No, I just think that yeah. I mean, my experience was different coming in. But generally, my capacity to spend $25,000 was already there. Like we met in a room that cost $25,000. I’ve done it before. But I think I did it. I’ve done it a handful of times. In general, like I’m all in on always investing. 

In fact, sometimes I think that I’ve experienced my capacity to earn and my capacity to invest and save and spend and my capacity with money in general to increase every time I invest in a level that’s higher than the last investment I’ve ever made. So I’m always like I can’t wait until like $100,000 investment is like normalized for me because I can’t even imagine what level of entrepreneur I’m going to be. 

So I hadn’t done a $25k one in a while. I definitely, after coming off having a baby, I definitely had some thoughts again. I was like slipping back into some comfort zones in my business. It was time to get uncomfortable again. Yeah, it definitely felt a little bit uncomfortable, but it’s the good type of uncomfortable. I was ready for sure.

Becca: I love that. So what you’re saying is in order to make you even more uncomfortable, you are going to have to add on the once a month one on one packages with the masterminds so that it can be your biggest investment yet. That sounds great. 

Jess U.:  I like it. Sounds like it. 

Becca: All right, so we’ve only been in here for four weeks. Again, I feel like we’ve lived thousand lives. We have gone over so much. We just had so much fun. I’ve had so much fun for sure. What has been one of the things that you just took away from this little, short spurt. Maybe this was something I said nonchalantly. Maybe it was a bigger lesson that I was intentionally trying to get you guys to hear. 

What are you going to take with you probably for the rest of your life. Maybe it was a micro change, maybe it was a macro change. Maybe it wasn’t even something I said but something you guys watched me do, boundary that I held. I’m not sure. I’m going to let you guys answer this however you want. But what can you share with my audience that would be helpful for them that you learned in here? 

Ashlee: I can definitely speak to what you said about family time. You have to give yourself a solid boundary not to work, and your business is not going to crumble in two hours when you’re playing with your kids. I knew that. I’ve always known that, but to have you speak to my soul like that in your rant that I think you posted in a reel on Instagram. I’m like nothing’s going to matter if you don’t have your family. So that was a big thing for me. It is about the revenue. It is about the customers, and it is about your business. But really, when it comes back down to it, you have your family. that’s what’s important.

Becca: How has your lifestyle changed since that rant like at home?

Ashlee: I put my phone away and don’t, I’ve got like a solid set of like time through the week. I just ignore that. Ignore everything because, like I said, unless the building’s on fire, everyone’s going to be okay.

Becca: Yeah. Even if the building’s on fire, everyone was pretty much going to be okay. Does your family notice? Have you. 

Ashlee: I think, yeah, I think the kids don’t do anything obvious. Like when they want connection time, they just say hey, will you play with me? Not like hey mom, get off your phone. But I think they’ve noticed like a shift in okay, she’s actually looking me in the eyeballs when I ask her a question.

Becca: Yeah. No. Do you feel better about yourself? Like, I know you do. I don’t know why I’m asking. It just feels good. 

Ashlee: I mean, we all have mom guilt around something. But my mom guilt is always like the Doom scrolling. Not even just the Doom scrolling but focusing on my business a little too much sometimes. 

Becca: Yeah, I try, and this is hard. This is like absolute next level. But I try not to let my kids see me on my phone at all. It’s so fucking hard. Okay. So I’m not saying this is something we can all go do today. But I learned a thousand lessons when my mom passed and of them was just the deep love that I have for how attentive she was to me. Like when I talked, she listened. I think that that created a lot of who I am. Like, when I talk, it’s important enough for people to listen. That’s what I took away from it

Now here I am talking to the masses. I’m like everybody’s listening. I expect them to listen. I think that had a lot to do with my mom. I have family members and friends that I’m very close with. I watch them raise their kids, and they don’t look up from their phone almost at all when their kids are talking to them. I just think I wonder what programming is happening right now? Like that they’re not important enough to look away from their phone to listen to them?

I’m not saying this to like feed into your mom guilt. But just, for me, I’ve created this idea that I don’t want them to even see me on my phone unless it’s like I need to use my Google Maps to get us somewhere. Otherwise, I just pretend I’m pooping and scroll when I need to in there. I have to like get away from that. Like Mommy’s got to go pee. Then I have to check my phone. But I feel like it’s like one of the best choices I’ve ever made as a mom. So thanks for sharing that. What about you, Jess and Jess?

Jess U.: Yeah, so for me, it’s interesting that you were talking about parenting as the biggest takeaway. Because in general, I just, I do. I admire the way that you parent. I think that it was one of the things that attracted me to you in the first place in terms of hiring you. 

My parenting philosophy is more is caught than taught. So it definitely goes under that you can try and teach them all the lessons that you want, but they’re watching the way that you behave, the way that you show up. If I want my kids to be healthy, I have to be healthy. I have to be working out in front of them. I have to be making good choices in front of them and prioritizing it

One thing that you said to me that isn’t about parenting but it kind of clicked in that same way is about how I was making some decisions really slowly about what I wanted to do with raising my pricing or the format of the next round. I’ve been thinking about it just for too long. I came to you being like I know I’ve been thinking about this. I want to make this decision faster

You basically said the message that I’m sending to my clients who are all business owners, and it’s kind of like they’re my kids, right? It’s like they’re watching Mommy be like oh, we take a long time to make our decisions. I wasn’t saying that directly. I was telling them you make decisions quickly blah, blah, blah. But then what was I actually doing right? More is caught than time. I was actually taking too long or a long time to make decisions about raising prices and subliminally giving them that message.

Becca: That’s when that neutrality that you love in me bites you on the butt because I’m like change your prices right now. What are they right now? Right now. You’re like, oh my god. you’re like it’s too fast. I’m like no, it’s not. 

Jess U.: I do. I love it. 

Becca: Everything’s things neutral.

Jess U.: I love it. I need it. It’s the type of mommy that I like in my circle. So you’re passing it on.

Becca: Yes. All right, Jess Hundley, how what did you take away?

Jess H.: I think there are two things that you’ve said that have constantly come up in my life since I met you. One is, if the numbers are not growing, where else are you growing? Looking at different metrics, and whether that’s in my therapy world, discharging clients, seeing people more efficiently, but also just in my entire life. Stop focusing on just the numbers, but focus on where you’re growing overall. So that really stuck with me

Then you brought a concept to my mind that I really hadn’t realized in decision fatigue and overthinking. I think my very first video I watched of you said post and ghost. I love that. That just make your decision. It’s out of sight, out of mind now. I think that I’ve really tried to apply that to so many areas of my life now, especially in business. That instead of fatiguing myself and wearing myself out thinking of all the possibilities it’s make the decision, and this is what’s happening moving forward. 

Becca: Yeah, I love that. So making decisions seems to be quite a strong pattern that we have in here, the importance of making decisions. I love that. Okay, before we go, I’m going to give you guys a second to let everyone know where they can find you and how they can work with you. 

But before we do, you guys are all coming to Miami. We’re going into the season of a new year. We have 2024 right ahead of us. By the time this episode airs, it’s going to be like mid-December. Last minute, like very last minute, for my audience to come in to Thirty More with all of us

So some of them are in the exact position that you guys are in. Some are coaches, some are brick and mortar people, some are feeling like they’re not ready. Some are feeling like they are ready, and they absolutely can’t wait. They’re just super procrastinators. They just want to do it at the very last second. Do you have any advice for any of them when it comes to just making the decision, purchasing what they want, going all in. Just any words of love or motivation to that one person that’s listening right now that just needs it?

Ashlee: I think just look at the evidence that you have. Obviously, they’ve done it themselves, but all these businesses that you’ve helped scale and just completely, the ROI is just crazy. I think just letting go completely is what I had to do. Just let go of the whatever mindset you have around money because it’s going to return tenfold.

Becca: Yeah. What did you say in that chat that one day? You said it’s like I think of it as paying $25,000 to make 75,000 more dollars over time or something like that. It was good.

Ashlee: Yeah, yeah.

Jess U.: Yeah, I would just say that it’s not really about Becca. The decision to invest in yourself is really about what type of business owner you want to be. Do you want to be a badass who believes in themselves so much that they’re like yeah, I’ll prove that I believe in myself. $25,000 worth of proof, right? 

I think that that, that decision, that like moment is just so, it’s something that you can’t experience by taking really like small incremental decisions one by one by one. It’s a massive shift. It energetically changes the way that you show up as a business owner from the second you make that decision. Then also on the flip side of that, right, don’t just invest and then be like okay. Now Becca’s in charge, right? That’s not how it is either.

Match that decision and investment with a commitment to okay, and now I’m committed to making $25K in X time. Because like, for me, I am committed to making $25K more within the six months. Not everyone needs to get that, but, for me, I’m like, yeah. When I make this decision, I’m going to do that, and I’m going to make every decision in the mastermind from that lens. From a place of abundance, not from like all right Becca. Now you owe me $25K worth of value. It’s like I owe myself that. Let’s go.

Becca: Yes. I love that. I always think that when people are choosing against buying into a container they want to be in. Like they want it. They know they want it. Everyone knows they want it, but they decide not to. It always has to do with their own self trust. That’s it. That’s literally the bottom line is I don’t trust that I am going to become super successful and be able to easily pay this back, and that I’m in this for the long run. It is always a self-trust thing. What about you Jess?

Jess H.: I would say the biggest decision maker for me was I thought about six months and a year down the road. I didn’t want to still be sitting on my phone scrolling and envisioning what working with you would have looked like. I just wanted to be in it. I wanted to sit here a year from now and say look at all this growth, and we’re just getting started.

Becca: I love that. This is an announcement that you can just take me off your vision board already. For the love of God, just buy the ticket. All right, ladies, can you please tell my audience how they can find you and how they can work with you. If you want to give a quick sentence on like this is how you know you want to work with me, right? Like you are pregnant. You’re about to start lactating. You know that you want to breastfeed, this is who it’s for, right? Just as an example. We’ll start with you, Ashlee.

Ashlee: You can follow me on Instagram at Ashlee IBCLC. I own Kentucky Breastfeeding Center. So if you live in Lexington, Kentucky or surrounding areas, and you’re either pregnant or breastfeeding, and you’re having difficulties or if you just need a check in, come and see me locally. But we also do a lot of virtual telehealth support. We are all internationally board certified so we can help people across the world.

Becca: Oh my god, that’s amazing. How about you Jess Hundley?

Jess H.: You can find me at @KY_TherapySolutions. I am the owner of Kentucky Therapy Solutions. I’m a speech language pathologist and pediatric feeding specialist. So, again, locally you can work with me in office or on telehealth. Anywhere in Kentucky actually can work on telehealth. But also I have an awesome storefront coming with all things picky eating. So if you have a child or a student or anyone you know that is really struggling with picky eating, that’s coming out on Friday. 

Becca: Oh girl, that’s the Lord’s work right there. Every mom needs that. All right, how about you Jess U.?

Jess U.: Yeah, my name is Jess H. McKinley Uyeno. It’s a whole mouthful, so I’m going to spell it for you. You can find me on Instagram at Jess, J-E-S-S, McKinley, M-C-K-I-N-L-E-Y, Uyeno, U-Y-E-N-O. I am the coach for you if you’re really looking to grow your money but strategically while also making sure that you’re working less hours

That is something that I help my clients do, especially if you’re thinking about family planning, and you want to work in a maternity leave into your entrepreneurship plan for the next year or two years. Even if you’re not pregnant yet. I have a lot of clients that I’ve helped plan for that. It’s just I think it’s so important, right? Like if you want to be a mom, and you want to have a big business. You really don’t have to choose between having all the money and having all the time. 

Becca: Yeah. Welcome to our corner of the universe where we make a lot of money and a lot of babies, and we love it. You guys want to know a secret I’m going to put on the air? I want to have another baby.

Jess U.: Universe. 

Becca: Listen. Listen, I battle with it all day. It probably won’t happen, but it might. I don’t know. Wait for the announcement.

Jess U.: More people on your side against Mark’s decision. Who knows? 

Becca: Listen, I think that like, so Mark’s in, but oh my gosh. I can’t believe I’m talking about this online. But I think that once you have like three kids people are like wow, that’s wild. Once you have four kids, people are like you’re fucking crazy. I would say that we have five kids. If I have one, I’m probably going to have to, like if I’m going to go down that rabbit hole again. Then we’re talking like six kids. 

I’m going to be the person who will be like oh, do you have any kids? Oh, I got six. Like what the fuck is wrong with you? Like, I just can’t fathom it. I can’t fathom having six kids. We already feed six humans every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But also, is there anything better in life than just having more kids for real? I don’t know. I don’t know if there is. Like when you really tear down life, what is it about? Family and sitting around a dinner table and hanging out with your kids and having a bunch of grandkids. That’s the road I’m on. So stay tuned. 

Jess H.: No empty chairs at the table. 

Becca: Yeah. We already have to pull chairs in from our kitchen indoor dining room to seat. Like we just have so many people eating all the time. I love it.

Jess U.: When you figure out how to do something really well, you’re obligated to do more of it. Right? 

Becca: Yeah.

Jess U.: Like with buying businesses and building businesses and having babies. It’s just what you do.

Becca: Yeah, it’s a well-oiled machine around here. It would be crazy not to just keep throwing logs on the fire. All right ladies have the best day. Thank you so much for coming in, and I’ll talk to you guys soon. 

Jess U.: Bye.

Ashlee: Bye.

Jess H.: Bye. 

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share. 

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day. 

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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