I used to wish I could just give my students a blueprint of exactly what I did to hit my first 100k. Like a magical portal in time where they could be a fly on the wall watching my every move.

I  get so many questions about how I broke the mold from being super poor to being a six-figure earner, and now a seven-figure earner, and exactly what went into that.

Students would ask in-depth questions about my journey, and I remember thinking, ‘Damn, I wish someone had just filmed me that first 100k year so my students could see all the behind-the-scenes, the mistakes, the laughable moments…and so I could say, “Here watch this, it is how I did everything that year.”

I dreamed of having something I could hand my students that showed exactly how I:

  • Navigated this growing industry…
  • Exactly what offers I used, and why. Reasons I chose not to use other offers. (And just how many different offers are out there because there’s a lot more than you think.)
  • How I simplified my niche and decided to become a business coach.
  • how I dealt with imposter syndrome and still do.
  • How exactly I handled consults, what I said minute by minute. (This matters so much. How you speak about problem-solving for your clients, is everything. And I have  A VERY SPECIFIC WAY OF navigating consult calls that led me to have a close rate of 81% in the year i made 100k. That is unheard of.)
  • I handle objections, exactly what I say when someone says they want what I have but they can’t have it.
  • How I decided my pricing, but even more importantly, how I use incentivization to get people to buy now, NOT later.
  • How I actually coached. The tips and tricks that I personally use to successfully coach people are different from what a lot of people have told you. And a lot simpler. And easier.
  • And exactly how I post online..I have always wanted to give out the step-by-step prompt of what I use when I am about to make a post.

But I didn’t give all this to my students because I hadn’t manifested the idea yet to package it the way that I wanted. It was just a floating desire. It hadn’t come to fruition yet.

And then, back in the fall, it came to me rapidly. It was like a download to my brain. Fully created.

I wanted to create a video course….a behind-the-scenes of exactly what worked for me, what didn’t work for me, what I used, what I chose not to use, what advice I listened to, what advice I trashed…

It is time to introduce to you, my brand new offer. An offer I desperately wish I had when I was in my first few years of coaching. This is for the coaches who have made less than 250k in a year.
So I have spent the last 3 months working on this project. And it is the first project that I have ever brought my husband in on. He is the analytical side of the brain, I am the creative side. And together, we blew this thing out of the water
We took EVERY SINGLE THING I WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN as a coach and EVERY SINGLE THING I DID IN MY FIRST 100K YEAR and put it all into one neatly packaged offer for you. 

I am so proud to introduce to you:

My First 100k: Coaches Edition

A  lifetime access video course. It is 100% self-paced and instant access.Your coaching business will never be the same.You are going to laugh. You are going to have ah-ha’s, and you are going to go out and make a hell of a lot more money this month just from watching this series. And then you are going to DM me to celebrate our asses off.

This course is $1,500.
But it is on PRESALE RIGHT NOW. Buy this class before Friday at 8pm for $997 before it goes to its permanent price!


I can’t wait to see you inside!

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