The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Being the Best in Business: What It Takes with Olivia CoreyThe Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Being the Best in Business: What It Takes with Olivia CoreyToday, I’m interviewing a brand-new client of mine: Olivia Corey. We’ve only been working together for four weeks, but what she’s achieved in this short time is mind-blowing and a real testament to the power of getting in powerful rooms.

Olivia Corey is an insurance agent down in Florida, and she’s a fireball. There is no doubt that she’s going straight to the moon with her company. She’s got success written all over her, and she’s ready to go. After being in my Mini Mind, she went all in on the Mastermind, so I knew I had to bring her on the show to share how she’s making moves.

Olivia has created an environment that allows her to be a boss insurance agent, but it didn’t just happen. Tune in this week to discover what it takes to become the best in your field, and we discuss how to ask for what you need while showing the person you’re asking exactly why they need to say yes.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Olivia stumbled into the insurance world and excelled so much that she can’t leave.
  • Why a competitive nature helps you get ahead as an entrepreneur.
  • How Olivia is killing it in a male-dominated industry.
  • What it takes to put in the work to become the very best.
  • The work we did in the Mini Mind and why Olivia decided to join my Mastermind right after.
  • How to ask for what you want and get it every time.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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What’s up, friends? Today, I am interviewing one of my brand new clients. We have only been working together for about four weeks. Her name is Olivia Corey. She is an insurance agent down in Florida. And y’all, she is a fireball. There is no doubt that she is going straight to the moon with her company. She’s going to be super successful. 

You guys are going to see what I’m talking about whenever I am talking to her. She is just ready to go. She knows exactly where she’s going and she is ready to rumble. She came into my Mini Mind four weeks ago and she immediately upgraded into the Mastermind. As soon as she got a taste of our calls, she was like, oh, hell yes. 

She upgraded to the Mastermind. So I cannot wait, Liv, to see you in Chicago. It is going to be the absolute best. And I can’t wait to work with you for the rest of 2024. We are going to blow this shit up. It’s going to be awesome. 

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This is episode number 157. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello, Olivia Corey, how are you doing? I’m so glad you’re here. Yes. 

Olivia: Yes. Hey, Becca, I’m doing great. 

Becca: So I am really pumped to have you on this podcast because number one, you’re brand new to my world. I mean, you just started working with me, what, four weeks ago? Is that right? 

Olivia: Yeah. 

Becca: Four weeks ago. And you have already made some really big decisions. You have fit right into the culture. You have been so fun to work with. So before we get started, can you please just tell my audience what it is that you do? 

Olivia: Absolutely. So I am a health insurance agent. I sell health and critical illness and accident coverage. And I’m based out of Florida, but I am licensed in 32 different states. 

Becca: That’s awesome. And how did you get into that? 

Olivia: I really just kind of stumbled into it, to be honest. I was going to go to med school and I was looking for something to pay for the application process because it’s pretty expensive. And I stumbled into insurance and it turned out that I was just really good at it and now I can’t leave. 

Becca: And how long have you been doing it? 

Olivia: About a year and a half. 

Becca: So you stumbled into it and you just happened to be really good at it, which I don’t believe that you just happened to be. My guess is that you’re probably really good at everything you do. Am I right? 

Olivia: Yeah, well, that’s true. I mean, everything that I put my mind to, I have to be the best at. So obviously I wanted to do that, but it turned out to be very lucrative. So it worked out. 

Becca: So you started doing it and you were like, I want to pay my way into med school and it started going well. At what point were you like, maybe I don’t want to go to med school? 

Olivia: When I started to land in the top five producers and then I wanted to be the number one producer. And then I just can’t stop. I mean, I just have to be number one. It’s very rewarding, I’m still helping people in a different kind of way. But the competitiveness is just within me. I cannot look away. 

Becca: Yeah. If you ain’t first, you’re last. That’s what my great grandfather and all the ancestors used to whisper to us when we went to bed at night. 

But seriously, I love the competitiveness in you. I was so competitive. I say was, I mean, I guess I still am. But I know that my competitiveness is what got me to where I am right now. And there is something so fun about winning. And I love that you have that in you as well. Did you play sports also? 

Olivia: I did. I played lots of sports, but I was also a cheerleader, which nobody thinks is a real sport. But I was a competitive cheerleader and I was the best one. 

Becca: I think cheerleading is definitely a real sport. You ever tried to fucking cheerlead? It is hard as shit. 

Olivia: Yeah. 

Becca: And gymnastics, yeah, no, for sure. That’s awesome. 

All right, so like did it happen immediately? Were you starting to rank within the first year? 

Olivia: Yeah, I was. So the field that I’m in, it is predominantly male. I mean, like in an office of 100 people, there’s six females. So it is completely overrun by dudes. And I just did really well right out of the gates. I think that people like females. I think we do really well in this industry, which is funny because there’s not many of them. But I just started to climb really quickly. 

And again, just I’m so competitive. So it just wasn’t an option for me to not be in the top five. And then once I saw that it was even capable of doing that, it was number one or nothing. So it was, yeah, it was pretty quick. 

Becca: What were you doing that was different than the people that weren’t ranking? Like what pulled you apart? 

Olivia: You know, I think it’s just what I was willing to do. I was just willing to outwork them in every way. And I knew that if I just pushed harder than they did, if I just did more work than they did, if I just learned a little bit more than they did and honed my skills, I was going to do better. And that’s exactly what I did. 

Becca: Yeah, I fucking love that. Are you aware that, and this might just be a coaching industry thing so if you don’t follow a ton of coaches online, you might not be aware of what I’m talking about. But like there is this culture right now that is like anti-hustle. If you’re hustling, you don’t have life balance. Like don’t lose yourself in work. Like don’t become obsessed with things, like that’s not healthy. And I just think it’s complete bullshit. 

I believe in work-life balance. I believe in not literally losing your life to your work. But also I think people are so afraid of working their fucking ass off. And they’re so afraid of saying that they’re competitive and that they want to be number one and they want to kick ass and that no one will outwork them. And we live in a weird time right now where people aren’t saying that. And so I love hearing you talk like this. 

What do you think about that whole pandemic that’s happening right now? 

Olivia: I think people are scared to put their confidence in themselves. Like maybe they’re just not confident in their own abilities, and that’s where that comes from. I really believe that. But then they have no problem looking up to like athletes or actors, whoever it is that they admire. But those people, I promise you, never were worried about their work-life balance. Like those people work 24/7. Like Steph Curry, he’s not the best because he only works four hours a day. Like that man works more than anyone else, okay. That’s why he’s the best. 

So nobody says it to them at the top. But they think it to themselves. And I just really think it’s because they don’t think they’re capable of doing it or they’re worried about what their friends or family will say when they’re not going to the barbecue on the weekends because they’re spending a little bit of extra time on their side hustle or whatever skills they need to get. 

Becca: Do you think that people want to be obsessed, they want to be the best, but they’re kind of like if I hold myself back, if I just allow myself to not be obsessed, if I tell myself that being obsessed is wrong, that’s going to be what keeps me safe. Like you can’t be number one if you have a work-life balance. So I’m just going to have a work-life balance because I don’t think I’m capable of being number one. 

Olivia: Oh, 100%. It’s way easier to make excuses than to do anything about it, right? So there’s 100 million reasons why I shouldn’t be in the top five, 100 million. But I just choose to not let any of those stop me from anything. I mean, if you really listen to yourself making excuses and then you play it back for yourself and truly listen to what you just said, you’re going to sound like a bitch, for lack of a better term. Like you’re going to realize that you’re just making excuses. You can do it, it’s just how bad do you want it? 

Becca: Yeah, and I think about it too, like I’ve been going to the same CrossFit gym for years. The people that are excelling in the CrossFit gym, the people that are just ripped out of their mind, doing everything that they possibly can, like just leading the pack, they’re obsessed with it. And there’s no shame in it. 

They’re in there twice a day. They’re doing two workouts a day. They’re in there seven days a week. That’s their community. That’s their friends. When they’re not in there, they’re hanging out with the other CrossFitters. They’re talking CrossFit. They’re watching the CrossFit games. They’re following the CrossFit athletes. And that is just a way of their life. 

And I think that there’s something very beautiful about having obsessions like this. It’s very beautiful when we joke that we don’t want our husbands to get addicted to golf, but that mentality, that wanting to be the best, that wanting to spend your time doing this thing is creation. It’s art. It’s creative. It’s beautiful. 

And whether that is business, whether your art is business, whether it is your own body, whether it is golf, whatever it is, it sets you apart from the rest. And I agree, there’s so much fear in allowing yourself to get obsessed and then thinking that it’s wrong. Like I’ve had so many people come to me, Liv, just we’re getting off topic here. 

But I’ve had so many people come to me that are just like, I want to come into the Thirty More Mastermind, but I’m so afraid of myself. I’m afraid I’m going to go off the deep end. Like, I’m afraid I’m going to get obsessed with it. Like, I know myself and I have an obsessive personality and addictive personality, and I’m afraid that I’m just going to just jump right in and be obsessed. 

And I’m like, so you’re afraid that you’re going to blow the fuck up in your business? You’re afraid that you’re going to make more money than you’ve ever made? You’re afraid, like what are you afraid of here, right? And it’s a very interesting thing to be told over and over from people. 

Olivia: There’s nothing that I find appealing about being in the middle of the road. I don’t want to be mediocre. I don’t want to be average. I never have been. And I, yeah, I have no interest there. And people who are in the middle of the road are average. They’re not making the money you want to make. The best people are making the money you want to make. So why would you not want to be the best? 

Becca: And not even the money. Like to me, I was talking to my husband about this and we have a friend, it’s the spouse of a friend. But he has a lot of thoughts about rich people. And he’s not mean about it. He just was raised liberal, very poor. Rich people are bad. Capitalism is really bad. All of this stuff. 

And he was saying something, he was talking about this guy that he met that was a multimillionaire. And he was like, and it was the craziest thing, this guy was so cool. Like he was surprised that this millionaire was cool. 

And I think that people that are willing to stay extremely mediocre, extremely average, they don’t want to excel in really anything, they don’t want to set themselves apart for anything, they don’t really want to build anything. A lot of times they’re the most unhappy people. This is my take. And I’m fully on board with this take. 

I think the people that are striving to be above average, the LeBron Jameses, the Steph Curry’s, the Tony Robbins, the people that are just willing to put in the work, they’re often the happiest. They’re often also not just the best at what they do, but they are the most fulfilled in life because they have been creating and building something their entire lives. 

So it’s just interesting when we are putting these labels on people that are like, oh, being obsessed is so bad. And it’s like, is it? Does it actually take away from your joy in life or does it add to it? And when did we start building this idea that being obsessed with a hobby or building something, creating something really massive takes away from who you are? I think that’s just in the Hollywood movies. I think it’s just like something that happens in characters in movies that are assholes. 

So when you came into my world, you jumped into The Mini Mind and you immediately jumped into the mastermind. So that’s fun, I can’t wait to see you in Chicago. But one of the things that you did, and the whole reason that I wanted to have you on this podcast, not only because you have an awesome personality, but you did something really cool. 

So on week one, we come into The Mini Mind, we’re introducing ourselves. We’re talking about our goals, talking about the revenue and talking about all this stuff. And we talked about non-revenue goals. And one of the things that you said was that you were interested in no longer commuting to work and seeing if you could work from home. Because you were commuting like an hour there and an hour back. And you spent a lot of time in your office just kind of, I mean, you were working hard, but you were getting stuff done pretty quickly, is that right? 

Olivia: Yeah, absolutely. 

Becca: Had a lot of free time on your hands? 

Olivia: Mm-hmm. 

Becca: And you wanted to work from home. So tell us a little bit about what it was like before you asked to work from home and how you were feeling leading up to asking that question to your bosses. 

Olivia: Okay. So before I was working from home, I spent a little over a year in the office. And for the first year, I really spent like six to seven days in the office. So talk about being obsessed, that’s definitely what I was working on that first year. 

So every single day driving there, an hour there, an hour back. And then just really, you know, I live far away from my house. So there was no going home if you forgot something, or eating out for lunch a lot. Just not really the lifestyle that I’m used to, but you know, you make sacrifices for what you want. 

I had been thinking about requesting to work from home for quite a while. And it’s so funny that this is what you want to talk about because when we were in The Mini Mind for that session, I almost didn’t ask you this question because in the back of my mind I was thinking like, oh, it’s really not that big of a deal. Like this is what you signed on for. So you can do it, it’s not going to change that much. 

And I ended up asking you and you were like, yeah, yeah, no, you’re not overthinking it. Like just ask. And I had been thinking about this for like over six months. So for it to come down to like a 30 second discussion and then just changed my mind was pretty crazy. 

And then I went into it with one mindset of how I was going to request it. And you completely shifted that for me into a way that made a lot more sense for them to say yes, which was good. And they did say yes, so that was huge. I was a little nervous going into it. It was probably one of the biggest requests that I’ve made at the company. And it was certainly the best change that I’ve made. 

Becca: Tell us a little bit about what you were going to say versus what I told you to say and why you think it worked, especially for people out there that are listening to this podcast and they’re like, I want to request to work from home, or side note, hint, hint, guys, this is how you get anything in your life is to approach it by showing the person that you’re asking how they’re going to benefit, okay? 

So Liv, tell us a little bit about what you were going to say and what you ended up saying and how it worked out. 

Olivia: Okay. So in the beginning, when I was thinking about making the request, I think it has a lot to do with where you’re at in your mindset. If you’re wanting to go work from home, you’re probably really tired of commuting or wasting time in the office or whatever it is. You’re coming from a place of frustration. 

So probably you’re thinking about saying, I want to go work from home because this is how I feel and this is why you should let me work from home, which is where I was at. And that’s where I was coming from. 

Then when we spoke, you said you have to sell them on it and you have to tell them why it’s going to benefit everyone and them, you working from home. So then I completely shifted my whole mindset and I came at it like, hey guys, this is why I should work from home. I’m wasting time in the car. I could be making money. I could be making contacts. There’s other things that I can do to improve my skills that I’m not doing here. 

And it was just a completely different energy that I was bringing to them. So instead of almost complaining, I want to say, I was selling them on the idea, which worked. 

Becca: And how did it go? 

Olivia: It went great. They were so positive in their response. They even complimented my work ethic and they were on board 100%. 

Becca: And didn’t it just feel clean? Like, not that your first one was complaining. I wouldn’t even say that it was complaining, I think it’s just the way anybody without sales training in managing people would speak in like, hey, this is just how I’m feeling. This is not working. What can we do? 

But when you came at them like, listen, I’m going to help make even more money. I’m going to make more money for the company. I’m going to exceed, you’re going to love it. It’s going to be great. To me, that just feels so clean. And I think that’s probably why you got such a phenomenal response from them. 

Olivia: Oh, 100%. Absolutely. 

Becca: Yeah, I love that. And you did that literally with, that was a 30 second conversation. And I know that you said that you weren’t even thinking about bringing it up in coaching, but I want everyone that’s listening to hear me when I say this. It’s usually the thing that you’re pushing down and telling yourself it’s fine, that’s what you need coaching on. 

People come to me and they’re like, okay, I want coaching on how to get new clients. And then we talk for 30 minutes and at the end they’re like, oh yeah, and there’s this thing where my husband’s cheating on me and I think it might be affecting my work, but I’m just going to, it’s fine. Everything’s fine. We’re handling it. And it’s like, what? We should be coaching on that. Like that’s affecting your work. 

So yes, even though it was something that you were like, I’ve got a handle on this, it was massively affecting your work. I mean, two hours a day of commute is enough. But on top of that, being able to be in your own house and work from home and be around all of your loved things and your animals and all that shit. Like of course it was affecting your work. I’m so glad you brought it up. 

Olivia: Yeah, absolutely, me too. 

Becca: Yes. So have you been more effective since being at home? 

Olivia: Absolutely. Definitely. I think that my clients can just hear it when I speak with them. I have just so much more energy, I think. I’m happy here and I’m comfortable and they can feel it, I can feel it, it’s just great all the way around. Like exponentially better. 

Becca: I love that so much. So let me ask you a couple of questions that I ask almost all of my guests. Number one, for all the business owners listening, some of these business owners are brand new, they haven’t made any money. Some of them are making multiple six-figures into the seven-figures. What would you tell them that you believe is like the number one trait of a successful business owner? 

Olivia: The number one trait of a successful business owner, I would say, is making a decision and then never thinking about it again. Not that you never go back to it and continue with whatever thought you had, but make your decisions and then go forward. Otherwise you get stuck just thinking about making a decision. 

Becca: Yeah, I fucking love that advice. I swear that half of my business coaching is helping people just get out of indecision and start moving, moving forward with their decision-making. 

What do you do that is non-work related that makes you wealthy? 

Olivia: Right, I think that taking care of my body, there’s something about – You want to talk about confidence, right? Like I feel like every bit of your confidence stems from how you feel about yourself. And this is like physically, emotionally, whatever, but it’s so, so important I put it at the top of the pyramid. 

If I don’t take care of my body, if I’m sick or ill or I’m having some sort of health issue, it’s because I’m not taking care of myself. I’m not drinking water. I’m not exercising. I’m not getting sunlight or going on walks or whatever it is. I just think it’s so, so important. So I would say that definitely it’s fitness. I mean, it teaches you discipline. The list goes on and on. I just, it starts there. 

Becca: Beautiful. I love it. Phenomenal. 

Is there anything that you want to say that we didn’t cover? Any advice you would give to a business owner that is trying to hit their first, I don’t know, multi-six figure year? 

Olivia: I think that when you, whatever industry that you’re in, whatever goal that you have, you have to understand that the work that it’s going to take to get to that goal, you just have to accept it. There’s not going to be a time where you don’t have to sacrifice. You can’t live the same life and make the same decisions that you’re making right now, but make a million dollars next year doing the exact same thing. So you have to change something or it’s not going to change. 

Becca: And it’s so easy to see in other realms. Like that’s very easy to see advice in the fitness industry. If you want to be absolutely shredded, you have to go to the gym. If you want to be absolutely shredded, you have to go to the gym on the days you don’t really want to go to the gym. You have to eat well, even on the days you don’t want to eat well. 

Like there’s just a lot of sacrifice and I feel like that’s such an easy example to see. But in business, for some reason, I see people get this confused. They’re like, I want all the money, but I don’t feel like working today. And I’m an online worker, so I guess it doesn’t matter, I can just take the day off. And I know other online workers that are super successful and they only work three days a week. So I’m only going to work three days a week. And why isn’t it working? 

And it’s like you haven’t created the foundation to be able to work three days a week. You haven’t created the foundation to be able to go off for the afternoon. You haven’t created the foundation to be able to just sleep in and be in your pajamas until 11. Like you got to put the work down first. It has to be absolutely unshakable until you get to the point where you’re capable of doing that. And so, yes, perfect answer. 

All right, for anyone listening, how can they find you, follow you, get ahold of you? 

Olivia: So you can find me on Instagram  at AListAgentCorey. And you can DM me, message me, comment on one of my posts, I will respond. 

Becca: Awesome. So AlistAgentCorey. And we’ll have that in the show notes for you guys as well so that you have the right spelling. Okay, thank you so much, Liv. I hope you have the best day. Thank you for coming on and I will see you in Chicago. 

Olivia: Chicago, let’s go. 

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood, sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive and my team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week. And we hope that you’re loving it. 

And if you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share. When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five-star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized, okay? It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. 

Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day. 

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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