The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast | Beers with Becca: Lynsi PerrautThis week, I’m bringing you a fun, casual conversation with Thirty More veteran, nurse practitioner, and owner of aesthetics practice Lolia Lash + Spa, Lynsi Perraut. She came over to work, hang out in my basement, and drink, and truth be told, she didn’t even know we were going to record a podcast together. 

While there’s no set agenda for today’s episode, if you listen closely, you’ll find there are so many great lessons to take away from our conversation. A woman after my own heart, Lynsi brought us 40s, and we decided to hit record four beers in. We talk all things keg stands, growing our businesses, and our goals for the future, both in business and otherwise. 

Join us this week as Lynsi and I shoot the shit and talk about everything from geography, and bears in my back garden, to the next round of Thirty More and what we’re excited about in terms of our businesses. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why I’m so excited for our next round of Thirty More.
  • The power of coaching in an all-female container. 
  • How it makes sense that you attract clients who are just like you.
  • What Lynsi has learned throughout our time working together. 
  • The straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to Lynsi quitting her job.
  • How working on our money mindset is setting an example for our kids. 
  • Why we believe you can be successful, no matter what endeavor you choose.
  • Lynsi’s advice for anyone considering joining Thirty More. 

Listen to the Full Episode:

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Full Episode Transcript:

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So one of my clients came over the other night. She was coming over for a meeting. I asked her to just come downstairs and meet me in my office. When she got here, she was holding a bunch of beer, which is my favorite kind of client to have. So she comes in and we do our meeting, and we’re drinking.

She brought in 40s. I don’t know if you know what 40s are. They’re like the really big 40 ounce cans of Bud Light. Like they really scream classy, you know what I mean? So she brought 40s because she’s as classy as I am. We were on, I guess I was probably on like my third 40 when the meeting was over. We were just hanging out and kind of talking and relaxing together, and I hit record.

So today’s episode is just me and one of my 30 More clients just hanging out in my basement. We’ve got our feet up on the desk. We’re relaxing. We’re already like two hours into drinking beer. We just talk about some of the funniest things.

Now, I do want to leave a disclaimer. So we have no organized reason to be on a microphone, first of all. So there is no lesson for the day. Although if you listen really clearly, there’s a lot of great lessons inside of this podcast.

But number two, something is problematic with my audio towards the end. So we start off totally normal. Then when we went back and relistened to it, my podcast team let me know that I started sounding like a chipmunk. Like my microphone sped up, or the audio sped up. Something went awry. One of the only ways to fix it was to make me sound like I have a really deep voice. We went a little bit the other way.

So when you’re listening to this audio, you’re gonna notice that our voices are just completely messed up towards the end. I mean we go high pitch. We go really low pitched. It’s a mess. But I didn’t want to throw out this piece of audio. I didn’t want to throw out this episode because it is just so real. It’s so just down to earth. It is just two girls drinking beers talking about growing their business and like things that have happened and things that have gone awry and things that have gone well. It was too good to not use this episode.

So bear with me today as you listen to the audio. It’s a little wonky. But I do hope you enjoy just hanging out with me and Lynsi Perraut as we drink beer and relax together. I hope you get to feel like you’re right in the office with us.

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You want to get in before it goes up to $3,000. We are changing prices on August first, so do what you need to do and get in this room. All right let’s get on to the episode. I will see you guys on the other side. All right, bye.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Lynsi brought us 40s. What’s a 40, Lynsi?

Lynsi: It’s a 40 ounce beverage you like to drink when you’re from where we’re from.

Becca: So Lynsi is in my basement with me right now. I just plugged in this recording device. She has no idea. She had no idea that we were going to record. But I’m four beers in?

Lynsi: You knew if he told me, I would say no.

Becca: Yeah, for sure. You would definitely say no. So I didn’t tell her. Here we are sharing a microphone. You might have to get closer to the microphone because you’re so soft spoken. You’re like a tiny little deer. Just a little Bambi making your way through life. I’m a screamer when I talk. I talk really loud.

Lynsi: Yeah. I’m like do I not enunciate right? But maybe it’s just that the volume is too low.

Becca: It’s the volume. You enunciate great. You’re just so soft spoken.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: You brought me a 40 because you know that I’m from Lawrenceburg, and that’s all we drink is Bud Light in 40 ounce cans.

Lynsi: Anytime.

Becca: So are you excited for next round of 30 More?

Lynsi: Once you see the people you’re gonna be with, I feel like you get even more excited. Then I feel like when I actually meet them in person, I’m gonna be super excited. Because that’s when it hit last time was in Miami and I got to like meet all these people. I’m like they’re all amazing. That’s when I get the most excited this one actually like meet them.

Becca: Have you been to Chicago?

Lynsi: A long time. Like I don’t remember anything about it.

Becca: So I went when I was like 19. My brother lived there for like a quick summer. Some sort of military situation. I went up there and I spent like a whole week with him, and we ate it all the restaurants. We did all the Chicago things, but I don’t remember any of it. So I’m really excited to go. I’m really just, is this crazy? I’m most excited for the food. Like, I want to go eat some Chicago style pizza.

Lynsi: I’ve never had it in my life. Other than like the fake Chicago style.

Becca: When I was up there for the week, that’s all we ate was Chicago style pizza. It was fucking amazing.

Lynsi: I don’t even know what there is today. Like, I have no clue even what Chicago offers.

Becca: Yeah, I think we’re gonna be on the pier. So I don’t know what that means. But people seem to like it when I say it. They’re like, “Oh, the pier. That’s gonna be great.”

Lynsi: I just know about the bean. I was like I’ve got to see the bean.

Becca: What’s the bean? Oh, the Chicago bean?

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: Yeah. The silver thing?

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: Yeah.

Lynsi: That’s all I know.

Becca: That you can see yourself in. Oh, yeah. I didn’t even know that was in Chicago.

Lynsi: I’m only going to Chicago to see the bean.

Becca: Oh my gosh. It’s so funny. Like, geographically, my dad is this big history buff. To him like the most important education you can have is like history and geography. Like he is obsessed with it. When I was a little kid, like really little, like four years old, my relatives would call so that I would recite the presidents. So when I was like four years old, I could recite from George Washington and John Adams all the way down to like Bill Clinton in order.

Lynsi: Can you do it still?

Becca: No. George Washington, John Adams. I think. I don’t even know if that’s right. That’s all I got.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: But he used to have me that like to like—I’m just saying that to illustrate how that was important to him. So geography, like our placemats at the table was the United States. We had to be able to like name the states and the capitals of the states and the countries and so like. Any who, I know a lot about geography, but I didn’t know the bean was in Chicago.

Lynsi: Yeah. I felt like that’s like my weakest. Like, history, geography does not stick with me.

Becca: Yeah.

Lynsi: At all. So I just have little pieces. Like I know that’s what is there.

Becca: Yeah.

Lynsi: It’s funny because my kids they’ll be like your mom, you think your mom knows everything. Like smartest person in the world. My daughter will be like, “Mom, do you know everything?” I’m like ah, not really good at history. I said this literally two years ago, and to this day she throws it in my face. She’s like you might know that, but you don’t know history.

Becca: Okay so my husband, he’s a pretty smart guy, right? Like he’s pretty intelligent, but he was raised in the European School System. So when he was from six to like 12, he went to school in Hungary in Budapest.

Lynsi: I had no idea.

Becca: Yes. So he was in the European School System. He spoke German and all of that. Even though his family was American. He was American, but they moved overseas when he was really young. So he knows all this geography for Europe, but he completely missed all of the American geography. So I’ll tell him like we’re going to Ohio, and he’s like where? What? Like okay it’s not that bad, but it’s pretty bad. Where like I could pull out a United States map, and I can be like where is Minnesota? And he has no idea.

Lynsi: I think you should make that a game. Like, give him a map and let him label the United States. Whatever he knows. Then have him do one of where he like grew up and compare.

Becca: Yeah, one time when I was in college, we played a game where you had to write in alphabetical order all of the states. I went into it way too cocky. I was like Oh, I know all the states for sure.

Lynsi: Did you like sing the song in your head? Like, you remember the song?

Becca: No.

Lynsi: You didn’t do the song for the states? Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas. You didn’t do that?

Becca: No, I went to Anderson County High School.

Lynsi: There’s no song for the states.

Becca: No, I didn’t know that.

Lynsi: If you put me singing on a podcast, I will kill you.

Becca: You’re going to be on this podcast singing, and everyone’s gonna be like, “Wow that Lynsi girl was so good at singing the states.”

Lynsi: They’re going to know the song.

Becca: Probably. I don’t know. I didn’t know the states. So I’m excited for Chicago too. I’m excited for the deep dish pizza. I’m excited for the hotel we’re going to stay in. I’m excited to meet everyone in this round, Anette and Hillary and you and Andrea, Samantha, Raywen, Christine, Rachael, Jerry, Whitney, all of them.

Lynsi: Yeah, I’m so excited. All women, which is crazy.

Becca: I know.

Lynsi: Like I don’t want to be sexist like at all, but I’m like so excited.

Becca: I know. Yes, so men are allowed in 30 More, but this is the first round ever that we are having 100% female. So I’m excited. It’s new. It’s fresh. I love it.

Lynsi: But then, I bet, I’m going to say in like three weeks I’m like God, we need a guy in here to like break this up a little bit. Like I wonder if we’re going to notice that there’s no like male energy this time.

Becca: Maybe. What’s something that I’ve noticed is I have been more in my feminine since realizing that we were going to be 100% female. The last couple rounds we’ve had males in there, and we’ve had really great rounds. But this time I realized that we were closing the doors. It was all females. There was no males. Then all of a sudden I wanted to like buy you guys gifts. I was like oh my gosh. I could buy them like my favorite pair of sunglasses. I could send them bottles of wine. I want to send them cookies. Like I became more feminine just knowing that my audience was fully female. I don’t know.

Lynsi: do you feel like your coaching will be at all different? Or do you think you’ll do anything different?

Becca: I don’t know. Because I would be lying if I said that I didn’t try to make sure that everyone feels welcome. So like when I am coaching if there are males in the room, I will make sure that they’re included. Like I don’t even know how to describe it really. So yeah. I would say that my coaching might be different.

Lynsi: We’ll see.

Becca: I don’t know. I hope they like to drink wine.

Lynsi: That should be a requirement.

Becca: Do you think I’m coming across as an alcoholic as I’m like burping Bud Light into this microphone?

Lynsi: No because it’s like 8:00. We’ve been working all day. Well, I’ve been working all day.

Becca: They say that you attract people like you as a coach. So.

Lynsi:  So how are you feeling right now?

Becca: I feel like I manifested you straight from my loins.

Lynsi: You manifested me.

Becca: Yeah. Who was the last person that coached you guys? Who was it? Dotzlaf. Did Lindsay coach you guys?

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: yeah. So she texted me, and she was like—this is what she said when she was finished. She texted me and she said, “It was like coaching a room full of Beccas. It was so intense and so funny. Everyone was funny and everyone was intense.” I’ve been told coaches will attract people like them, which makes sense, right? If you’re very, very feminine, you’re gonna attract very feminine people. If you are really bold, you’re going to attract really bold people.

Lynsi: If you drink 40s, you’ll attract people that drink 40s.

Becca: that drink 40s.

Lynsi: and that own kegs.

Becca: Yeah, exactly, and do a keg stand. But when she said that I was like oh my gosh. I started thinking about our roster, like who all is in the group. I was like oh yeah.

Lynsi: well, I think that should be a huge accomplishment to you because all of the people in your group are high level people like doctors.

Becca: but do we only think they’re high level because we think of ourselves. We’ve like oh they’re like us so they must be.

Lynsi: No because it’s funny. I don’t think of myself as like high level. It’s weird. Like my perspective on myself, I’m like all these people are like amazing. Then you get in that thought of like do I belong here? You’re like I’m in this room with a doctor, a lawyer, and you know that they’re like the smartest, the best of the best.

Becca: Yeah. They all have the same issues that we have, right? Here’s the thing with academia too is most academics, people who have gone through tremendous amounts of schooling, they have this idea of like you either pass or you fail. Like it has been beat into them, right? You either pass or you fail. You do it right or you don’t, period. That is so hard on an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs, you have to just land in the middle most of the time. You have to try your best, even if it’s not amazing. You have to do what you know how to do, even if it’s not perfect.

Lynsi: Yeah, and that was hard. I think when you asked last week like what we are proud of ourselves for mine was like that I’m okay with making mistakes because same thing. Like I’m a nurse, and I grew up with very strict mom, and like A’s or B’s, A’s, or B’s. Like you don’t fail. You don’t mess up, essentially.

So going into a business where I know nothing about running a business, none of it other than my actual job of injecting. It’s like you know nothing about this, you’re gonna make mistakes, and they’re okay because you are going to learn and get better from the mistakes. Just being like hey if I mess up it’s okay. Because I’ll never forget you saying this.

It’s like the worst case scenario, my business fails, go back to waiting tables. I know that my family’s not going to be hungry. I know that I’m never going to financially go under because I know myself, and I know there’s other things that I can do. So worst case scenario and the biggest mistake, I’m still gonna


Becca: Yeah, but when you were a nurse if you made a mistake, someone died.

Lynsi: Right.

Becca: Like, that’s what it equaled. Like if you were in a hospital setting, and you made a mistake, someone’s life is at stake.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: But in entrepreneurship, you make a mistake, and it’s just another Tuesday. Every day, all day long.

Lynsi: Yep. Hope I did better on that next time.

Becca: Yeah. I just really believe like going back to what you said you remembered. It’s like I really do believe that. Like I’m an entrepreneur through and through. I will probably never have a boss again. Like you can’t go there. You can’t go back.

But if I had to, if my business went under, if I went bankrupt, if something happened, I know for sure that I’ve got my own back. Like I will go and wait tables. I am not above it. I can hustle in the waitressing world. I know how to do that. So because I have that safety net like it just doesn’t even bother me to think—I don’t have all this pressure that it has to be perfect.

Lynsi: Yeah, I think the biggest pressure comes when you like have other people working for you, and you want to make sure that they’re doing well. But then I swear I just like picked up your email and it like spoke to me because it was like oh, you’re not responsible for their mortgage. You’re not responsible for their car payment.

I feel like once you take people on, you want to make sure they’re successful. You stress over giving them everything that they need. Then it’s like do the best you can for them. Do all the things to get people in the door, but at the end of the day, you don’t have to make their house payment. Like you don’t have to.

Becca: Did you listen to the episode that dropped today? The podcast episode?

Lynsi: No, but after seeing—

Becca: It’s all that. Yeah, it’s all about the email. Isn’t it funny that you’re on a podcast right now?

Lynsi: You’re not gonna really like use this. So no.

Becca: So if you’re just tuning in right now, Lynsi had no idea that she was gonna be on a podcast until the moment that I put the mic in her hand. So if you started this podcast from the beginning, that is when she found out she was on this podcast.

Lynsi: I didn’t even have time to like think of good answers.

Becca: Exactly. That’s why I wanted, I wanted you to come down here. If we wanted to go real Joe Rogan on it, I could roll us a joint at this moment, and we could just say really crazy things.

Lynsi: No because I’m not a good like high person. You wouldn’t use any of it.

Becca: I would. I’m not a good high person either. None of it makes any sense.

Lynsi: Listeners out there, they’re gonna be like hey, so you’re telling me I can drink 40s and smoke weed, and like be a business owner and maybe a millionaire one day?

Becca: I kind of feel like that’s my calling to say that to people.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: Like what if my whole purpose on this earth is hey, you can drink 40s with your trailer trash hands duct taped to 40s.

Lynsi: What’s the name of the game called?

Becca: It’s called Edward 40. Hands. That’s what it’s called.

Lynsi: It is.

Becca: Edward 40 hands.

Lynsi: You’re right.

Becca: So you can play Edward 40 hands. You can come from nothing. You can wear whatever you want, have as many tattoos as you want, speak however you want, and you can be a fucking millionaire in the next three years.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: Cheers.

Lynsi: Yeah. You can be a C or D student.

Becca: Oh, for sure. Yeah.

Lynsi: You can just get by.

Becca: I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say this. Most of the time some of the best entrepreneurs were C and D students because there isn’t that level of obsessive perfectionism. Now, if you’re listening to this, and you have what you consider obsessive perfectionism, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be a phenomenal entrepreneur. You just might have to get through a few more hurdles of perfectionism syndrome before you can really access that.

Lynsi: You’ve got to let go of the perfectionism definitely in some areas, not knowing what you’re doing, and asking for help when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Becca: Yeah. So what is something you’ve learned in the last round the 30 More or just since you started working with me. Like we’ve been working together for a long time. Let’s give a background. So this is the worst podcast ever. Let’s give a background. This is Lynsi.

Lynsi: You’re going to listen to this tomorrow and you’re going to be like oh no.

Becca: This is Lynsi. She owns an aesthetics practice. When we started working together, what? Like give us a ballpark estimate of just where you were. Maybe its revenue. Maybe its employees. Like what was happening?

Lynsi: When we first met, you’ve gotta tell the story about how we met first of all, which I think is just epic.

Becca: You tell it.

Lynsi: So I just opened my business. I needed a front desk reception area. I refused to spend money on anything. So I was like let me get on the Facebook marketplace and see if I can find a desk to use. Becca Pike had a use desk for sale. I sent her a message and.

Becca: A used desk that my husband had built a couple years before, and it was our Massage Strong desk for yours. But I have this memory of him building that desk several years before you ever contacted me where he was just drinking bourbon shirtless in our backyard making that desk for me because I wanted to grow a massage business, and he was just so supportive. He was just like okay, good luck. You’re gonna grow a massage practice. Sounds good. He built my ass a desk.

Then it was so wobbly. It was so wobbly that he had to nail it to the floor. So it was nailed to the floor. That was the only reason it didn’t tip over. I remember telling you this.

Lynsi: Well, I think we just went with it, and still like people like rest their elbow up on it. I’m like no, no, no. Stuff will just fall off of it. Here I am three years later still using the wobbly desk, but it served me very well for three years, and I feel like there’s like something attached to it that whoever I pass it on to you is gonna be a millionaire and do all kinds of crazy great things.

Becca: Yeah, for sure.

Lynsi: So I got the desk. You kind of like whispered as you were like loading the desk onto the truck. You’re like so what is this for? I was like oh, I’m starting like a Botox lash place. You’re like, “Oh, well, you know if you ever need help, I’m a business coach.” Like at the time like coaching to me was just something like this person is a life coach. That’s suck a joke. We somehow just stayed in touch. I think it was over a year until I actually started.

Becca: Yeah because a year later you came to Starbucks.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: And we sat, but you still didn’t pull the trigger on coaching.

Lynsi: No. I was like $5,000 is so much money.

Becca: Is that what it was going for it?

Lynsi: I think it was, I don’t remember how long, but that’s what— I remember thinking $5,000. Like I did not want to start my business and spend more than $5,000 to open it. So it was $5,000. That’s a crazy, crazy amount of money. I’m just that person like dwells on things, and I lived in like these indecisive moments. I would just think about it and think about it and thought about it for over a year.

Becca: Yeah, Lynsi is one of those testaments to people that like when I tell people hey, there are so many people that are hovering around your business that are like ready to pull the trigger, but they’re not. Like don’t give up. There’s so many people that like want to pull the trigger. Lynsi is a great testament to that. Like I feel like she hovered around Hell Yes Coaching for like 18 months before you pulled the trigger. Now you’re like a lifer.

Lynsi: Yeah. I mean even when I started with you after I had the business I’ve been for a year, I was still working for someone else. I was working pretty much seven days a week because I was at my regular job, two to three days a week. Then whatever days I wasn’t there, I was doing the business. So my goal was to not take a penny as a wage from Lolia until I had to. So I used my other job to pay my bills. Every penny that Lolia brought in went into the bank account completely untouched. It’s only been a year since I paid myself for the first time from Lolia when I quit my other job, which was January of last year.

I think after what our third or fourth session I text you. I was like Becca, when do you think I should like quit my job? You were like I’m not going to pressure you but like now. It took me probably another like few months to actually do that. But yeah. So in that short time, it went from just me doing it a couple of days a week trying to make just the rent to now eight of us and new location and lots of crazy thing.

Becca: What do you think happened? Like why did you decide to finally—Like what was the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to quitting your job? Because I have a lot of clients that come to me, and they’ve got these side gigs that are doing really well, or they have the potential to do really well. But they can’t seem to pull the trigger on quitting their day job. Like what was it for you?

Lynsi: I think just knowing I could never get it lifted off the ground only being part time in my head with it, only giving it half of my energy, half of my resources because the other half the time I was working for someone else. So knowing I would never get up above where I was at because I was giving all that time and all that effort. I was like I’m maxed out. Like if I want it to keep growing, I’ve got I’ve got to go all in.

Becca: Did that realization like drip in slowly or did it like hit you in the face?

Lynsi: I had been thinking about it for a long time. See I’m very much of like a thinker and like over analyzer. So I’ve been thinking about it forever. I don’t remember exactly what—I do remember. I went to Disney World with my family for my daughter’s birthday. I came back, and I was just like I don’t want to go back there.

Like I’ve seen I feel like what my life can be with time freedom. I kind of acted like I had money freedom on that trip. But I was like this is what I want for my life. I wanna be able to take vacations, I wanna be able to enjoy time with my kids and my family, and here I’m working seven days a week. I just didn’t know I’m not going to get there continuing the path that I’m on. So at the end of my vacation, I was like I’m sorry. I can’t come back. I can do my two weeks or a month, but I can’t keep doing this.

Becca: Were you terrified?

Lynsi: When I made the decision? No.

Becca: Like you had made the decision, you like left it in the dust?

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: Like you were ready.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: Yeah, I get that. Then are you happy you made that decision?

Lynsi: I wish I would have done it sooner is the only thing. But I think too in your head, you get in like well, I need to be fully booked before I can quit my job. Like what if I quit my job and everybody cancels next week or COVID? That was my excuse for a long too. I was like what if COVID happens again?

I think if I just would have done it way sooner than like spending all that time thinking about it, I just—I’ve told you I’m like where could I be now if I would have done it a year ago? But just knowing there’s never going to be a magic number of clients or magic anything that’s going to be the right time. I think you just have to take the leap. For me it was just when I made the decision to do it. I was good with it.

Becca: Oh my gosh. That’s so crazy. It’s so fun watching you too. So what’s your world look like when you are at your like top dog? Like let’s say that you…Okay, I love asking this question. What is your life gonna look like when you’re pulling in, I don’t know, let’s just say $5 million a year?

Lynsi: Like myself or my business?

Becca: Yourself.

Lynsi: I think so much of me is gonna stay the same. Which I saw you. Like I think I’m still gonna like my Bud Light, and I think I’m still gonna just–

Becca: This is why I love the question. Because sometimes people are like I’m gonna have a yacht, and I’m gonna be in a fur coat. I’m like no you’re not. You’re gonna be doing keg stands on a Thursday night with your husband like pulling out crawdads out of your creek.

Lynsi: I think all that’s gonna say the same. Like I think being secure for my kids is going to be a huge thing. Knowing that I have things to pass on to them because I didn’t have any of that, which I want them to work for what they have. But just knowing that my kids are good is going to be huge for me.

Becca: Like the mindset of money with the kids.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: Like I’m so thankful. Sorry to cut you off. I just want to add to that. But like I’m so thankful that I have done my mindset work when it comes to money. Because when my kids ask about money, I tell them, and I’m raising a lot of little women too. I think that that’s even more important. I’m like it’s like not a big deal. I’m like yeah, you can just make as much money as you want. You get to choose how much money you make.

There’s not this like obsessive like you’ve got to climb the corporate ladder. Only doctors make money. Like that’s the way I was raised. Like doctors make money. Like you don’t. We are blue collar. You are going to work your ass off until you die, and then you’re going to die. Like that’s what I was taught.

Lynsi: Like the fact that I went to college was like—Like I’m the first generation I think to actually have a college degree. So yeah. Like my daughter wants to be a face painter when she grows up good. She’s stuck with this answer for three years. Like preschool to where she’s at now. Like I’m gonna be a face painter. I’m like yeah, you are. We’re gonna like—

Becca: We’re gonna figure that out. You’re going the best face painter on this side of the Mississippi.

Lynsi: Yeah. Teaching them still like they have an allowance, and they do chores. To them they get their like $5 or $6 a week. They’re like, “Oh my God, if I do the dishes, do I get this allowance?” I’m like yeah. You do. I’m like here. Like I just don’t have to do the dishes for like a week. Totally worth my $5 or $6. Still hoping that they want to work and want to provide and contribute to the world, but I do want them to be—And travel. I really want to travel. Like when I get the millions, I want to be able to step away all the time and see the world.

Becca: Yeah. Mark and I have been talking about travel lately. So the way that I’ve always travelled has been kind of the Americanized version, which is like you go and you have a week. You get a week vacation. Good luck. By the time the seventh day rolls around, you might be relaxing a little bit then it’s time to go home.

I told Mark like I don’t want to travel like that anymore. Like I want to do like three months at a time. Like I want to find a little village in Italy, and I want to go submerge myself into their culture. Like I want to know where all the little back markets are, all the little side streets. Like I want to like get a bike and learn the city.

Lynsi: Like authentic.

Becca: Like authentic traveling. Like I don’t want to go and just do the tourist thing. I want to go and live and completely engulf myself in other cultures. Not just westernized cultures, not just money cultures. Like I want to go places where I’m living in a mosquito net.

Lynsi: I want to go to South Africa so bad.

Becca: Yeah. I want to go everywhere. I want to go to Peru. I want to go to Cambodia. I want to go to Thailand. I love Southeast Asia. I used to live in Bali. Like I want to go to Europe, all over Europe, and not just backpacking and walking through it. Like I want to submerge myself into it completely.

Lynsi: So I think yeah, that’s what my goal is. It’s not more things, but more. Because I don’t want a lot of things. I’m building my house right now. And I thought should I build for us now or should I build for maybe where we’re going to be in three years or where we’re going to be in five years? It’s like in three or five years? You’re not going to need more space or more things. You’re not going to be here hopefully a lot.

Becca: Yeah.

Lynsi: So still building a small house. Yeah, I definitely want the experience, the being able to go where I went when I want, and tip the waitresses $100 bills.

Becca: Yes. My favorite text I’ve ever received was from you. What did you say? You said…

Lynsi: Oh, when I’m a millionaire, we have to celebrate by tipping our waitresses in $100 bills. Then we have to go have a field party like the–

Becca: Like the trash that we are. Oh, I love that too. Like I think that it’s so easy when we talk about wealth and when you listen to these podcasts, and especially when you listen to coaches in the coaching world and like people that are making really fast money and like good money. There’s this life that is so like fast forward. Like you gotta keep up with the Joneses. You got to have the nice things and the nice bags and the nice trips and the nice vacations, the nice house, the nice car.

I’m not gonna lie. I think I got caught up in that for a minute. Like a really quick minute. Thankfully, I was like wait a minute, what am I doing? What’s happening? But it’s so easy to get caught up in that when all of your friends and all your peers are doing the same thing. It’s like wait, is this actually what I want?

We were joking earlier on the podcast, but like I really do believe that there is some sort of calling for me to show people, women and men and my kids, that you can have whatever you want. You can have whatever amount of money you want. You can have whatever amount of experiences you want, and you don’t have to change.

Like you can just be exactly who you are. You can have your hair in a messy bun for the rest of your life in your yoga pants, and you can run massive companies. You can do it with a smile on your face. It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be this blue collar calluses on your hands work that I thought was the only way to create money. Like I have had to completely break my brain open to understand that making money doesn’t have to be so laborious. Like you just got to figure out how to work smarter.

Lynsi: So do you feel like every person has like a calling? Or what they’re meant to do? Or do you feel like people, your kids can like choose something to be good at and really be successful with anything that they want?

Becca: I don’t think that there is like one calling. I think you can find anything that you want to do and just make it successful. You know this. That’s like the rule number one in 30 More. I’m like simplify your offers, right? You don’t have to pick the right offer. You don’t have to obsess over what your offer is. You’ve just got to be able to make it good. Like it doesn’t matter what you pick. You can just make it successful. Right? What would you say to someone that wants to join Three More?

Lynsi: Of course, from just my perspective of being the person that waits, is to like the sooner that you can do it, the better because you learn so much. I don’t feel like there’s anything, really each week, something that you can do. Now that we have the vault, like you can go back and re-watch it and refresh.

Becca: You say now that we have the vault because you’re old school. Like you were there during that first rounds. No, they do. Like that’s just some old school of you because we didn’t used to have the vault a long time ago.

Lynsi: Right. Yeah. So you’re like I’ve gotta write. Like I was like madly taking notes every time. Now I don’t have to have the notes because I can go back and watch it later.

But no, I think learning from what mistakes I’ve made and just rethinking, overthinking, and just knowing that taking the leap in the people that you meet along the way is like crazy. Now like half of my Facebook friends are like Three More people.

Becca: Three More people.

Lynsi: It’s like any time of day you can just pop in the Facebook group. You’re like oh here’s something that I’ve learned or something that I needed to hear about. Yeah. I mean it was a huge steppingstone for me. Now 30 More all the way.

Becca: Yeah. So I don’t know if you know this because we just announced it today, which this is tricky. If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re going to be listening to it weeks in the future. But right now, while we’re sitting here drinking our beers, it is today that it dropped that we are doing something new for 30 More. So you can apply right now, and you get a payment plan. So you can do a payment plan going into next round in January. So there’s a lot of people that are considering this. Like I’ve even had messages just today. Like hey, I’m really considering doing this payment plan. They only have until like August to get this in.

Wait, is that right? August? Maybe it’s September? Shit, I don’t know. Nicole, where are you? Where’s my assistant that knows everything? So there’s a lot of people that are thinking about coming into 30 More. What would you say to them, all the people that are considering coming into 30 More?

Lynsi: I just feel like the community of people has been huge for me, and being around… I hate to like keep going back to like who your friends are and who your family is that do want the best for you. They’re not always who you need to surround yourself with when you’re making business decisions and making these huge leaps. So just being around people that are like-minded that see it from a different perspective has taught me so much.

Because yes, I knew aesthetics. Yes, I knew how to inject Botox. But when I talked to you, I did not know one thing about running a business. I either could have like drowned for the last year and a half and maybe eventually figure things out, or I could have joined the group and really fast tracked and learned not just from you, but from other people and seeing people that are where I want to be in a year or three years and five years and learning from those people.

I really honestly think I still would have been at the goals I was when I first met you. Like oh my god, $6,000 a month, oh my god, $7,000 a month as a business. Now the numbers that I’m shooting for, like in a very short amount of time, like I really just think it could have taken me—I don’t even want to know how long to get there either not had I not found help and found advice and found people that had already been where I’m wanting to go and taking advice from those people.

Becca: Yeah. I love that. Well, I love having you in 30 More group. Cheers to you being the veteran for next round, showing all the newbies exactly what’s up.

Lynsi: Like now they’re gonna like have expectations for me. Like oh, this girl who kinda knows what she’s doing. Like no.

Becca: No, no. They won’t feel that way. No. You can just be like I’m new here. I don’t know anybody. I don’t know anything. But also, you might be one of the top earners in there. Actually, I have no idea. That’s a lie. I have no clue. We’ve got some doctors coming in. We’ve got some people that have been in practice for like 15/16 years. I actually have no idea what their numbers are, but your numbers are hot.

Dude. Okay. I texted you the other day. So this is my side of the story. This was what was happening on my end of the phone. So I had this idea that I’m still not telling you about. It is going through. It is following through. The idea is happening. But I needed to know what your last 12 months was, like revenue. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I thought you were somewhere around like $450/$460, $470 maybe, and you were at $600,000. It was like $593 something, something. What the hell is that?

Lynsi: I know.

Becca: $600,000 a year. When you met me, where were you at? You were at like.

Lynsi: I was only making like $5,000 or $6,000 a month, I think. I remember when I had a $12,000 month and like my mind was blown.

Becca: You were at like $60,000 a year. I feel like when I met you. Maybe. Maybe $50,000. $60/65, $50, I don’t know. Something like that.

Lynsi: But I wasn’t making any of that myself. Let’s keep that in perspective.

Becca: Like it was going into the overhead and stuff.

Lynsi: Yeah, into the business.

Becca: And now you’re making $600,000 a year in your business.

Lynsi: Yeah. I was like oh, it’s really not that great. Then I’m like hm.

Becca: What do you think you’ll be out one year from now?

Lynsi: I really was wanting to do a million for ‘23. So I’m hoping to be close to that.

Becca: Something that’s just telling me, I’m getting some sort of like I’m like tapping into a cloud right now.

Lynsi: Okay.

Becca: And it’s 1.2.

Lynsi: I think that’s what you set for 22.

Becca: Really, 1.2?

Lynsi: I’m pretty sure that’s what we set because we did our year goal, and then we did the next year goal.

Becca: For 2022?

Lynsi: No, for ’23.

Becca: For ‘23. Wow. If I just tapped into that same cloud then it’s already done.

Lynsi: You did.

Becca: There’s no way.

Lynsi: The cloud just is like above you all the time.

Becca: I didn’t remember that I said 1.2 for 2023.

Lynsi: Yeah. I’ll go back and check my workbook, but I’m fairly certain that’s what we said.

Becca: If I did, that’s insane.

Lynsi: I’ll send you a picture when I get home.

Becca: Oh my gosh. So it’s obviously gotten 1.2 in 2023.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: Yeah, there’s no doubt about it. Oh my gosh. You’re gonna be able to afford so much Bud Light.

Lynsi: And goats. I have a goat habit also.

Becca: Goats.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: Okay. Okay. Do goats get killed by things?

Lynsi: Yes, we keep them in a fenced in area. So yeah, I’m gonna be if I get rich, the goat lady.

Becca: Guess what.

Lynsi: What?

Becca: Okay. I’m so excited to tell this story on the podcast. So this guy lives next to me. His name is Mr. Jack. Mr. Jack just lost his wife. He’s an elderly man. He’s so cute. He’s the best. He brings us tomatoes. I’ll check on him sometimes. I take him cookies sometimes. He’s the best, but he has a lot of time on his hands. You know what I mean? Like he’s got a lot of gossip. He wants to talk about the weather. Stuff like that.

So when he calls me I always know, there’s some gossip that’s happening. So I take it with a grain of salt. He called me the other day. He’s like, “Becca, listen, I just want you to know there’s a bear in your yard.” Guys, we live in Kentucky. There’s not a bear in my yard. Okay. Yeah, I live in the city.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: So I’m like oh, Jack, thanks for letting me know. He’s like, “No, Becca, there was a bear in your yard.” I’m like okay, thanks Jack. Then like a couple days later another neighbor comes to me, and they’re like, “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that there was a bear in your yard.” I was like yeah, did Mr. Jack tell you? They were like well Mr. Jack’s neighbor told me. I’m like okay thanks. I didn’t think anything about it. I was like whatever.

Then, like a week later, I was on a walk, and I stopped at one of my friend’s house. She was like what about that bear? I was like okay. Yeah, there was a bear in my yard. She was like, “No, there was a bear in your yard.” I was like okay. She said, “No, it was on the news. Someone took photos of it. It was on the news in your backyard.” You know me. I don’t watch the news. I haven’t watched the news since like 1998.

Lynsi: Is there footage of the bear?

Becca: There was footage in my backyard, and it was on like ABC 36 and like LEX 18. There was a bear in my yard.

Lynsi: Oh, wow.

Becca: She was like, “Listen, how do you not know that your backyard was all over the news?” So there was a bear in the backyard. In Lexington, Kentucky.

Lynsi: And you missed it.

Becca: Yeah, I didn’t see.

Lynsi: They catch the bear?

Becca: I have no idea. That’s what Mark asked. I was like seems like a question I should’ve asked.

Lynsi: Yeah, you were the least concerned.

Becca: No, I was just like shut up. There’s a bear in my yard.

Lynsi: So you’re going to listen to everything that Jack tells you, Mr. Jack tells.

Becca: Yeah. When Mr. Jack calls me I’m gonna listen up. Perk my ears up. I kinda wanna hook him up with my mom. What do you think about that?

Lynsi: I think at this point, we need to make the decisions of who is best for our mothers.

Becca: Like we should set them up.

Lynsi: Yeah. If what they’ve been doing for the past like 40 years hasn’t worked out, I think it’s time for us to make those.

Becca: If you’re listening to this and you know a man in his 60s, or a couple men, our moms are on the market.

Lynsi: No. My mama has found her soulmate.

Becca: Oh.

Lynsi: Yeah.

Becca: I thought you just told me she was on the market.

Lynsi: No. Within the last few weeks, she’s found her soul mate.

Becca: Okay. My mom is on the market. My mom’s listen to this, and she’s like, “Dammit Becca.” Or she’s like, “Yes, this is amazing.” My mom is so cute and so funny and so pretty. So you just send me a DM if you know a man in his 60s.

Lynsi: Attach a photo, credentials.

Becca: Yeah, he needs to at least go on daily walks. He needs to be a nonsmoker, non-alcoholic. I say this. I mean it sounds like I’m being silly, but that seems to be the type of man that is attracted to my mom. I don’t understand what it is. I don’t think she’s attracted to them. But like.

Lynsi: Does she feel like she needs to like fix them or just take care of them?

Becca: I don’t know, probably.

Lynsi: Well, I think we should like almost do like what a dating game. Like people submit their people. Let her go on a few dates and pick the winner.

Becca: Yeah, yeah. Can I pick the winner?

Lynsi: Exactly. You pick the winner.

Becca: I need to pick the winner.

Lynsi: You go on a date with them.

Becca: But then she’s gonna end up liking somebody else, and it’s not gonna be my pick.

Lynsi: I know, but just don’t give her his information.

Becca: He died. He got hit by a bus on his way home. I don’t understand.

Lynsi: But this one this sounds really great. Why don’t you give him a try?

Becca: Yeah, she’s gonna be like he’s the worst one.

Lynsi: He’s the one that has a steady job, health insurance.

Becca: She’s gonna be like he’s not into rock and roll enough. I need my guy on the edge. Okay, well, this was fantastic. Thank you so much for being here, Lynsi. I’m so sorry that I threw this all over you right at the last minute.

Lynsi: Did you have this planned all day?

Becca: No.

Lynsi: Or did you just think of it?

Becca: No, I literally thought of it as we were sitting here.

Lynsi: Okay, that’s awesome.

Becca: It was great. I didn’t even know you were coming. Do you wanna come back tomorrow for no-book book club?

Lynsi: I would love that. It sounds great.

Becca: Listen, it is beyond fun. It’s a little too fun. It should be illegal. We’ve only done one so far. This is gonna be our second one. But the first one was like enough to just knock your socks off. So now, the second one, we have more people. If you’re listening to this, I host a book club, but there’s no book involved. It’s once a month. We call it the no-book book club. Women just come over and sit at my dining room table. There’s about 15 of us, and we just drink and eat and laugh. We get really rowdy. It’s a blast.

Lynsi: But your husband can’t say no to a book club so.

Becca: Yeah, your husband can’t say no to a book club. That’s why we call it the book club. Everyone calls it the book club. Like now at this point, like that’s what we say. Like can’t wait for book club. There’s no book involved. This one girl called it the wine club, and I was like you’re out. This is not a wine club. This is clearly a book club. All right, bye.

Lynsi: Bye.

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