The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | Becca Coaches Live: Launching with Sindy WarrenIn this episode, I’m coaching one of my Three More clients raw and uncut. Sindy Warren is a lawyer turned life and business coach who helps people start and grow successful side hustles. Sindy came to me wanting advice about launching things in her coaching business and how to actually have fun in the process, and I’ve got a lot to share with her.

I believe that so many coaches are doing launches the hardest way possible. Whether it’s classes, masterminds, programs, or whatever, they’re white-knuckling the whole time, and it needs to stop. I was there myself in the early days, so Sindy and I are hashing it out, and I’m helping her get clear on how she can launch while detaching from the end result and just having a good time doing it.

Tune in this week because I’m coaching Sindy Warren live on how to have more fun in the process of launching. I’m helping Sindy get clear on her thoughts around launching, the pressure she’s putting on herself now she’s a full-time coach, and how she can love and serve her audience, whether or not they decide to buy from her.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why Sindy became a coach for people wanting to start a side hustle.
  • Sindy’s experience inside Three More for the past few months and why she loves the diversity in there.
  • How, even though she’s on the sixth round of her group coaching program, every launch feels hard.
  • The emotions Sindy is experiencing around not growing her audience in the way she wants.
  • What sets the entrepreneurs that are successful aside from the coaches who are out there losing their minds.
  • Why showing up just being yourself will change the game forever.
  • How to stop tying your happiness to the results of your launches.

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Full Episode Transcript:

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What’s up friends? Today I am coaching a Three More student, Sindy Warren. We are going to talk about launching during her coaching business and how to actually have fun with it. So, so many coaches right now, I believe, are doing it the hardest way. Launching their group classes, launching their masterminds, launching their programs, and just white knuckling the whole time. I know this from personal experience. I was there, especially my very first year in coaching.

So I’m talking to Sindy today. We’re gonna hash it out. We’re going to talk about like the way that I look at launching and the way that I look at actually being authentic and having fun and serving my clients and how it feels to just completely detach from the end results, which is the money that’s coming in to your bank account. This is episode number 87. I am your host Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello, Sindy Warren.

Sindy: Hi, Becca, how are you?

Becca: Good. How are you doing today?

Sindy: I’m great.

Becca: Awesome. Do you mind to take just a minute and introduce yourself?

Sindy: Yeah, I would love to. My name is Sindy Warren, and I am the founder of Blue Tree Coaching. By way of background, I’m a lawyer, an HR consultant, a yogi, and an author. I got into coaching about three years ago, and I am a life and business coach. I work with people both one on one on all things life and/or business, and I have a signature group coaching program called side gig school where I teach women how to start and grow service based side hustles.

Becca: Is that stemming from you creating a side hustle when you were a lawyer?

Sindy: It’s stemming from me creating multiple side hustles throughout my life. So going back to my teenage years, I’ve always had something on the side. But for sure as a lawyer, I kind of pivoted and started something like a consulting business as a side hustle when my now 19 year old daughter was a baby. Then yoga became a side hustle and writing was a side hustle. Coaching was supposed to be a side hustle. Now it’s my main squeeze.

Becca: That’s awesome. I love that. You’re in the Three More community. How long have you been in there?

Sindy: I love Three More. I’ve been in there a few months now. I want to say I joined in October whenever the Sprint to Success challenge was.

Becca: Okay. Yeah. Love that. So were you in Sprint to Success 2.0?

Sindy: Yeah. I was like these are my people. I love it.

Becca: Oh, I love that. I’m so glad. What do you like about it?

Sindy: The diversity of the people and the businesses. Not everyone is doing the same thing or coming with the same kind of backgrounds. I really love, I will just tell you Becca the one thing I don’t see a lot in coaching communities, frankly, is there being a lot of dudes. I work with men as much as I work with women, and I really like that nature of your community.

Becca: Thanks. I’ve always attracted the dudes. I think I’ve had a bit of a masculine energy in my approach to business, and I love the women in my community as well. But when it comes to my one on one coaching, I tend to bring in more guys. I also tend to bring in more guys like in my communities.

Honestly, that’s one of my favorite things about Three More as well is it’s not just all coaches or aestheticians or all massage therapists. You don’t get that like echo chamber of a community. You get to hear the different cultures because different industries have such different tactics.

Like I don’t know, the real estate agent community has different sales tactics and different retention tactics than the coaching community than the massage community. Like I love that as well. People get in there and it’s a very flavorful conversation.

Sindy: Totally. there’s also the really neat mix between brick and mortar and online businesses, which I don’t see all being together in one space. I think that’s really cool as well and can help all of us just sort of like think about sales and growing our businesses in different ways.

Becca: Yeah. I’ve had people say I don’t think that I want to come in to Three More because I don’t know that you will be able to teach my industry. Like as if it’s a problem that there’s multiple industries in there, and it’s not specific enough. I’m like no, that’s the beauty of it. Like that’s why you want to be in there because there’s so many different industries.

Sindy: I totally see that and that is something that, for me, was very appealing and my decision to join Three More, and I love it about actually being in the space.

Becca: Yeah, I love that. Okay, well that was an amazing commercial that I did not plan for. So thank you very much, Sindy. I did not pay her to say that. That was nice. So tell me a little bit about how your business is going right now. Like how are you feeling in it? Is it feeling successful? Then any type of coaching that you want, I am here for you to just lend my brain to you and try to figure this out.

Sindy: Right now, I feel pretty satisfied with where my business is. Obviously, there are caveats coming. This is my third year of my coaching business. So the first year I had it, it really was a side hustle. I still had my employment law consulting business. I started to see a path to make this full time.

My second year of business, I made about $240, and was like oh my gosh, what just happened? I’ll be honest, this year, my third year, is not that high. It’s still a good year. I’m gonna come in pretty close to two. But part of me is like oh that’s a problem because I went down. Aren’t I supposed to grow year after year?

But I do think I can wrap my head around yeah, the entrepreneurial journey is up and down. Even if I brought in less dollars in year three, I am such a better coach and deliver to my clients at such a higher level that that part of just like being in service feels amazing. So a big part of me is like yeah okay. Who cares about the actual number?

I think what I could use coaching on though, so that’s sort of the backdrop. then I know, as I mentioned, I sort of have two main revenue streams in my business, one on one coaching, and my group program Side Gig School. Side Gig School, I feel like the launch of that group program, which I’m now in my sixth launch, always just feels hard. I don’t want it to feel so hard.

Because I believe so much in the service I deliver and like the product and what clients get from my group coaching program. I still have so much drama around okay, where am I going to find the people? Who’s going to be in this round? How can I reach more people? I did this year invest in some Facebook ads, which helped me successfully grow my email list.

So in that way, they were a success. I had a low cost per lead and all that, but I have not been able to convert those people to even warm leads to be honest. So I’m feeling kind of embarrassed, I guess about that, like Okay, I’ve spent all this time and money growing my audience and nothing’s happening. What’s wrong with me?

Becca: Okay, so let’s talk about the launch aspect of it. We could go into the revenue numbers, and I get what you’re saying. Your second year you did 240. This year you’re gonna come in right at about 200. there’s part of you that’s like I’m supposed to be growing each year. I would agree that most people are trying to get their business to grow each year. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not growing each year, but there has to be the reason behind it. That is supporting that.

So like if you didn’t want to grow this year, then there’s nothing wrong with not growing this year. But if you really wanted to grow this year, and you didn’t, then it’s time to go in and start figuring out what’s going on. Right. So did you want to grow this year, or did you want to coast more?

Sindy: That is such a great question. I’ll be honest, I think I had a lot of ambivalence. I think I started 2022 thinking I want to grow. then about a month or so into it I was like no, actually, I kind of want to coast. then it was a little bit toggling back and forth all year until I got to a point where then I kind of forgot about what I was trying to do and looked at my numbers and was like oh snap.

Becca: Yeah, because I think non-growth years are super important, but they have to be intentional, right. So like this year, 2022 was my non-growth year. I chose for it to be in my non-growth year. I wanted to match my same revenue as 2021, but I wanted to do it completely differently.

I wanted to clean up the back end of my business, right? Like I wanted it to be nothing but scalable offers. So I got rid of a ton of offers that were taking up a ton of time for me and required a lot of overhead for me to pay staff members. So I just wanted to repeat 2021 but change how I did it. So this year in 2022, I literally repeated my revenue, but I increased my profit by 50% more.

Sindy: Whoa, whoa.

Becca: So I got paid way the fuck more. I did way less work because they were scalable, right. So that was a very intentional thought and a very intentional idea. now my business is set up so that in 2023 I can explode because it’s all clean. It’s all put together. Everything’s scalable. Everybody’s in their place and everybody’s ready. Right?

That’s the difference between having a non-growth year I’ve intentionally versus I don’t really know what happened or how it went wrong. I don’t even know if it was intentional or not, right? Which is how a lot of people have non-growth years. So do you feel like yours wasn’t intentional like that? Correct?

Sindy: No, I feel like listening to you. I think I knew this Becca, but I don’t know that I’ve like actually even said it aloud inside my own head. This was not an intentional year, which honestly feels like kind of shameful because I feel like part of my mission in life is to be more intentional and to help other people be more intentional. So, yeah, I think that feels like a little bit of a oh shit.

Becca: Yeah. What did you make your first year of coaching?

Sindy: 64k.

Becca: 64k. Okay, let me ask you this. If you look back on your second year, and you could scale yourself on a scale of one to 10, how much fun were you having your second year? When I say fun I mean like just trying things, not really knowing if they were going to work. Kind of playful, kind of just seeing what happens, throwing stuff out there. Just enjoying the process. What would you give yourself on a one to 10?

Sindy: So the actual coaching like what I think of it is when I’m being in the business doing the thing I sell, coaching, a 10. When I was working on the business, like three or four.

Becca: What would you rate yourself working on the business this year?

Sindy: I think a six or seven. Not quite where I want to be, but more fun.

Becca: So you had more fun?

Sindy: Yeah.

Becca: What allowed you to have more fun this year?

Sindy: Part of it was I have the most amazing employee. Like really diving deep into her development and her being a member of my team. I think really thinking more intentionally outside of coaching sessions about my clients. I also think just my identity solidified as like both a very general life and business coach on one side of my business and also pretty niche in the other side whereas I think in the prior year, I had a little bit of mental drama.

Like who am I as a coach? I’m general, and I’m niche. That’s a problem. Whereas I really am like no, that’s kind of my genius. So I think stepping into who I am as the founder of Blue Tree Coaching in a more aligned way, that actually felt fun, even though the numbers weren’t the same.

Becca: Yeah, I’m just interested. What about with the launch? Have the launches become more or less fun?

Sindy: Launches are never fun for me.

Becca: Have they changed at all?

Sindy: I don’t think so.

Becca: Okay, here’s the truth. I don’t know exactly where I’m going with this, but I’m having this like feeling. I’m having this like intuition. It’s like my ancestors are whispering to me right now. I could be completely wrong, but you’re gonna have to tell me. It feels like you might be just feeling a little suffocated in your business, or you’re not having as much fun or you’re not allowing yourself to be playful. You had used the word embarrassed, right?

So like embarrassed. Like what if I try something new and it flops? What if I show up differently than I usually do in my email or in my social media, and it flops. What if I create a TikTok and try that and it flops? Right? So are you feeling a pressure this year or in the last 18 months that you didn’t feel in the beginning?

Sindy: For sure. No, I think you’ve hit on something. I think in the beginning, it was like oh, this is just on the side. this is just for fun. there’s no nothing to have any feeling about other than I’m just trying this, and this is fun. Then I started to get some traction and be like whoa, this is a real business. I’m really good not just at the coaching, but at the business part. that’s so fun.

then I think my fixed mindset, perfectionism tendencies may have come into play. Like as you were talking like I’m like oh no, that’s so me being like oh Sindy, the straight A student who went to good schools and got fancy law degree and blah, blah, blah. I think that has gotten in my way.

Becca: Yeah, for sure. Well, that’s the thing is like when people start their businesses, they’re like well nobody expects anything. Nobody’s watching. You’re just trying. You’re trying things. You’re throwing spaghetti against the wall. You’re seeing what sticks.

But as you gain a following, I know that this is for sure how I have felt in the past, but like I’ve gained a following. People are watching. They’re looking up to me. Like what if I try something new, and it’s terrible, and nobody likes it? It’s like the further you put yourself on a pedestal, the further you can fall down. Are you feeling the pressure of that? Is that sneaking up a little?

Sindy: Yeah, yeah. 100%.

Becca: Yeah, you want to know something crazy? I gave up all of those feelings about a year ago, and I’ve never made more money in my life, and I have never had more fun in my life. it took a lot of work. It’s not going to be something I can give you in this one episode, but I want to talk you through it because it was so revolutionary for me.

Right now, my guess, and I feel pretty certain that I’m correct, is you are doing these launches with like literally for the end goal. How many people can I get in? How much money can I make? Like what does it mean about me if I don’t make that much money? Like what does it mean about me if I don’t get that amount of people in it? I’m going to completely tie my happiness to the amount of people that are in there.

Once I hit six or seven, I’m going to start relaxing. But until then I’m going to freak the fuck out and make it mean something about myself. once I hit 10 or 12, I’m just making these numbers up. Once I hit X amount, then I’m going to feel good. like a good coach and like I’m succeeding. Am I right?

Sindy: For sure, in part. That voice is in my head. There is no question about it. But I also know I have this other voice that really does believe yeah, that’s not what it’s about. it’s about the impact. it’s about what my clients get that I get so excited about even if it’s a smaller group. So I feel like I’m almost in a mental tug of war with myself if that makes sense.

Becca: Well, for sure. I mean just because that voice gets louder during launches doesn’t mean that you lose the reason that you’re doing it. Like you’re doing it to help people. You’re doing it to serve people.

Sindy: Yeah.

Becca: But which voice is louder during launch?

Sindy: Yeah, no, the one you mentioned. Yeah. Which one is like sitting on your shoulder, smoking a cigar taking shots and screaming in your ear. It’s the one that’s like you need this amount of people to feel worthy and to feel good. Right?

I went through this. When I first started Three More, Three More used to be an eight week class. that’s how it was born. We would do these eight week sessions. we would tell people that come in for eight weeks, go through the course, and at the end of it, you’ll have Three More clients. But we had a lot of people that were coming back and doing it a second time and a third time and just paying to go through it a second and third time because they thought it was so good.

So I was doing these launches every eight weeks. Once a Three More group was over then I would launch the next Three More group, right. my goal was always like 10 to 15 people. what was happening was I was launching every eight weeks, and I was killing myself over it. I hated it. You can ask John. John probably has trauma from back then because it was just so intense. It was like fill the room each time because we don’t want to have an empty room whenever we launch.

I did it every eight weeks. I think we did maybe six or seven sessions like this before I said fuck this. I’m not doing this anymore. I’m gonna go to lifetime access. But I wish that I could go back and talk to myself because it wasn’t the launches that were the problem. It was my thoughts about the launches that were the problem. The thoughts are like this is embarrassing if there’s only two people in this round. This is embarrassing if there’s only four people in this round, right? Like what will people think about us if blah, blah, blah, right?

Sindy: Totally, totally.

Becca: So I would kill myself. My poor husband would notice like it must be the week of the launch because Becca is like working and exhausted. Not the flavor of life I was trying to have. It required so much disassociation or detachment from the results, right? Because the truth is the real you is interested in serving your clients. Correct?

Sindy: Correct.

Becca: Like you actually care. I can tell you care. Like you want them to do well, and you want to have that relationship with them. Right?

Sindy: Totally.

Becca: Yeah. But it’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers and forget what you’re doing it for. When you can fall back in love with the process of it, like when you can actually fall in love with I’m going to sit down and I’m going to write an email to my audience. I’m going to tell them a story that’s going to make them laugh tonight.

I hope that they open this when they’re drinking a glass of wine, and they’ve got their feet propped up because I’m going to just pour some funny little love into them. I’m going to tell them the story. I’m going to like put a little lesson in with it. I’m going to talk about my experience. then I’m going to tell them how they can work with me. As opposed to what actually happens for most people in a launch, which is what’s the email that I can send that is going to get people to click? Right.

That’s such a big difference when it comes to the coaches that are super successful, and the coaches that are like about to lose their mind. That are trying so hard to grasp for straws to be successful. Right? So like next time you have a launch coming up. Are you in a launch right now?

Sindy: Yeah.

Becca: I want you to ask yourself like what are you thinking about before you email them? What are you thinking about before you put a post on social media? Is it along the lines of what is going to get people to want this? What is going to make people want pay me? What is it gonna be like for them to just click the damn button? Or is it like how can I fall in love with them a little bit more? How can I just like kind of step into their day and make them feel comforted by what I’m saying? Completely detached from whether or not they’re going to pay you, right, like completely detached from what happens after you send it to them. Right?

This is the difference between posting on Instagram and like obsessively looking at who saw it and who clicked versus being a real life coach. Our whole job is to go live our lives and to serve and to love and not be obsessed with click through rates and like that whole masculine business side of it. Which serves a really good purpose in our industry but not to get people to feel nurtured and supported and want to do life with you. Is any of this just hitting right?

Sindy: Yeah, 100%. the way you described that, that just feels so much more fun.

Becca: The pressure is so off when you look at it this way. Because think about like, this is the way I think about it. Like I have a no-book book club every month at my house. This is a book club where we don’t actually read books. We just drink. But we call it a book club because husbands can’t say no to book clubs. That’s our motto. We’re gonna get T shirts made.

Sindy: That’s hilarious.

Becca: when I think about this book club, it’s like the last Thursday of every month. All these women come to my house, and we have the best time. there’s no pressure to come. Sometimes we’ve got 15 people. Sometimes we’ve got seven. One time we had two. Nobody could make it because it was like Thanksgiving week. I wasn’t attached to how many people showed up.

My thought every single book club, every single time is like I want to provide food. I want to provide drinks. I want to provide a cozy fireplace to sit around. I want us to just chat and like hang out. I want them to leave feeling like they have a group of women that support them and love on them. we can be goofy and all of us wear sweatpants. it’s the whole nine yards, right? It’s just like my dream.

Could you imagine what book club would be like if I like texted them every single day like are you guys coming? Are you coming? Like asking what can I do to get them to say yes to this? if eight people show up, that means that that’s good. But if four people show up, then I have completely failed as a hostess. maybe it’s the drinks. I didn’t have the right drinks. Maybe I didn’t have the right food. Maybe I didn’t tell them. Like that’s not how we would have a book club. Right?

The reason that so many people come to this book club, and the reason that so many people love it, and the reason that I get text messages throughout the month like is it the last Thursday yet is because my entire purpose is to nurture them and love them. that attracts them to want to come to me. They want to be a part of it. they can’t imagine not being a part of it. I run my companies the same way.

It’s a little different because you guys aren’t just all come into my house drinking wine with me. I would probably figure out how to do that if I could. But I think about Three More and Thirty More and the podcast all the same way, which is I’ve stopped asking myself how can I get people to click?

I’ve started to ask myself how can I nurture these people where they have no choice but to click? They want to be a part of my circle. They feel so heard. They feel so supported. They feel so understood. they feel like I am such an expert because of the way I speak to them. That there’s no way they wouldn’t click.

Sindy: As you were describing the book club situation, which I love. it’s such a funny analogy. It reminded me of just something I’ve gone through as a yoga teacher. Like when I first started teaching – I’ve been teaching yoga for over a decade. When I first started, it was like how do I get more people to my class? Like it’s so funny. I never made this link between being a yoga teacher and being a business owner.

Now I’m like I just teach great yoga, and people want to come to class. I’ve just created an experience for them when they unroll their mats, and they get an hour of peace and movement and breath in sweat and love. You know for an hour?

Becca: What happens when they leave? When they leave, they go and they’re like I’m immediately putting it in my calendar for next week. I’m going to show back up, and I’m gonna bring my sister. I’m going to tell my friend because that was the best experience I’ve ever had. Right? That’s the way we want to run our launches. Right?

Like if you’re thinking more about, and I tell this to all my coaching clients. If you’re thinking more about how to get new clients then you are about your current clients, you’re ass backwards, right? Like we need to be thinking about the yoga class we’re teaching right now, and pouring love into that yoga class, that mastermind, that group coaching. So much so that it’s a no brainer that they’re coming back or that they’re telling their sister. Of course they are, right?

But it’s so easy to be like no, I’m just going to obsess over here about the next one because I want to challenge myself. I want to push myself. I want to see what I can do, but we forget that what brings people to our yoga class is the experience.

Sindy: Yeah, yeah. I think that is just such a good like mental reframe to think of my launch the way I teach yoga.

Becca: Yeah. So like as we’re having this conversation, you’re in a launch right now. What would you do differently? Like what does this conversation make you want to do differently?

Sindy: I love to write. So I published a book about yoga philosophy a few years ago. I really love writing emails. I have a weekly newsletter. Like for me, sitting down and writing is fine. But I think the energy I’m doing it from is, and not just the energy, but like I can’t tell you how many email marketing books I have on my desk right now. It’s like what’s the right way to write an email for a launch. I think I just want to like go be me. like you said, like love on my people. if I’m not for them, cool. if I am for them, I want them to know that.

Becca: Listen, I went through this phase where I basically wrote emails a very specific way that I thought was absolutely the right way. I would show up on video that certain way too. then I got kind of like I don’t know, like I got I got weird. Like it didn’t feel like me. I felt like it was really resistant. I was like really pushing to do it this way. But I thought it was the right way.

ultimately, I stopped writing, and I stopped showing up on video as much because it’s like I just don’t want to do it this way, but I don’t really want to do it a different way. I don’t know. I don’t want to do it the wrong way. it just completely mindfuck to me. in the last year or so, I have been just showing up. Showing up the way that I normally would. Showing up with it’s not perfect. It’s not the certain way that I learned. It’s not like very specifically set out in the format that I learned. It’s just what would I say?

Literally, what would I say to someone if I was sitting down to write an email to them? I use slang, foul language. I use humor. like if I were sitting down and writing to my cousin, this is the way it would look. The fact that it looks so vastly different when I’m writing to my audience is a red flag to me, right? That’s not what I want.

so I have embraced so hard. I can’t explain this to you enough. Like how important this is. I have embraced so hard what would I actually say? What I say? How would I actually say it? What’s the purpose of this email? Is the purpose of this email to help them feel supported? Is it for them to gain knowledge or insight on how to do something business wise?

I can create that purpose. I can even meet that purpose, but I do it through my own voice through my own authenticity. that is what has brought in more people to me. Not the format, not the format that I learned. not the very specific thing, but just being me has changed the entire game.

Sindy: I love that so much. I feel like that very much speaks to like my highest values. Like someone just asked me a couple days ago, what’s your favorite quote? It’s the quote on my personal Facebook page, which is be yourself, everyone else is already taken by Oscar Wilde. Like I love that quote. it’s like what Sindy what’s up? Did you forget? Did you forget the last year?

Becca: We always do. We always do. Especially in the coaching world where we are being taught all the time who to be and what to do and how to do it and all that stuff, right? But the reality is, is like you know what you want to say, and you want to say it. Unfortunately, I hope you don’t do it the way that I did it, which was I ended up changing the way I launched because I hit like a rock bottom. I was like I’m done. Like I will not ever launch like this again. I will never get this stressed out again, ever, ever again.

So it was a couple of launches ago, I was like I’m going to do it my way. Totally different than the way I was taught. I’m going to completely disconnect from the end result. I’m just going to show up and have fun and have a lot of love. Now, again, this stemmed from a rock bottom. This stemmed from I’ve got nothing left to lose. I’m gonna quit coaching, or I’m gonna do it my way.

so I did it my way. it was the biggest launch I’d ever had. Right? I didn’t follow any specific sales tactic. I just wrote on email when I wanted to and I showed up on social media when I wanted to, and I told them about coming in to Thirty More. This is how we do it, and you should come, and changed everything.

now I finally look forward to launches because I’m like oh, this is a great time for me to just show weapon and be whoever I want to be. say things however I want to say them. it’s almost like I’m like recreating who I am every time I have a launch because I’m just doing them all differently.

Sindy: Yeah. Yeah. That sounds really fun. I did hear you say recently, it must have been on your podcast unless it was in Three More about yeah. Then I had some of my emails prepared like you were taught. You were supposed to have all of the launch emails, and then you were like and then I deviated. I had something to say so I wrote an extra email.

Becca: Yes.

Sindy: I was like oh, that sounds good. I want it to be organized, but in flow.

Becca: Yes. This last launch that I did on Thirty More, I’m pretty sure like 90% of the emails that were received during that launch period was like me on the spot. Like I was hitting send as it was going into your inbox. Like it was me sitting down and saying something in real time. Because sitting down and writing out emails for a launch plan wasn’t the way that my brain worked.

Sindy: Yeah.

Becca: I felt disconnected from it. If anything, like having all of that written out during the launch and then me taking my hands off the wheel didn’t feel good either. Just letting those send and then assuming that people got them and landed right. No.

Like I like to read the room. I’m the same way in person at a social setting. I walk in, I read the room, I decide how I’m going to be, who I’m going to be, how I’m going to speak. Is this a room filled with humor? Is this a room in a more serious context, right? I get to choose how I show up. I feel the same way in a launch, which is I get to watch as people are asking me questions, and they’re hitting me up in my DMs. I know what last week’s podcast episode was about so I’m going to play on that. It’s a strategy that works really well for me right now.

Sindy: I love that. I actually think that might be the key for me because I like to read the room too. Like even just going back to the yoga analogy. I always walk in with a plan, and then I adjust the plan based on what I’m seeing in front of me and how people are feeling and what I’m seeing in their bodies and whatever.

So I want launching to feel light and fun and of service, and I don’t want to change my program. Like I don’t want to make it a whole different program. It works. I love it. The results are amazing, and it’s always so much fun. So I think maybe I just needed like this little like to resolve this tug of war in my brain about how I’m going into the launch.

Becca: It’s never the offer’s fault, right? It’s always the fault of how we are perceiving the launch and selling aspect of it. Like how much are we having? How much fun are we not having? How much pressure are we putting on ourselves? How confined have we made ourselves, right? Like this is the way I’m supposed to sell. This is how many emails I’m supposed to sell.

Sindy: Right, right.

Becca: I wish that coaches would be more creative in how they did things. It’s almost like there was, I don’t know. Like a trickle effect of everyone doing the same thing that their coaches do. So it’s like oh, I do an email sequence then I do a podcast. It’s like I want to see other things. I want to see people putting out newsletters or private podcasts.

I was told for so long like don’t focus on one person. Like if they want a call with you or they want to DM you and ask about it, like you should learn how to sell to the masses, not just one at a time. Do you know how many people came into Thirty More this round because they hit me up on my DMs, and we went back and forth and talked through voice and talked through text and chatted with each other for days before they decided to sign up?

I felt good about it. I didn’t feel like my boundaries were being smeared, but I’ve been told before that that is smearing my boundary. So I would fight that back in the day. I wouldn’t allow that to happen. It was just unnecessary because those weren’t my boundaries. Those were somebody else’s boundaries that taught me that.

So just huge, massive bold permission to just break down the walls of everything you’ve been taught because you have a genius within you. You have this nurturing coach within you, and you have this supportive person within you that knows what your audience wants. When you sit down, and you say okay, how can I love on my audience? How can I make them feel supported all the time. Not just when I’m in a launch, but all the time.

How can I bring fun back? How can I sit down and enjoy writing again? How can I go into this story telling or whatever, and just really play around and have fun? Hopefully not do it in the way that I did where you hit a rock bottom, but almost with the same ideas, which is either I’m going to quit coaching, or I’m going to do it my way. It’s like oh, I’m going to do it my way, and it’s going to make so much more money because I’m actually liking what I’m doing, and they can tell.

Sindy: Yeah, yeah. That’s awesome. I mean, for me, quitting coaching is not an option. I feel like this is my dharma, which is a Sanskrit word meaning life purpose. So I’m not going anywhere. I know that I serve at a high level, but I think the piece that’s maybe been missing is just fun.

Becca: Yes. Well, I totally get it because here’s the thing. My income without coaching is good. I have other businesses that are doing well. I don’t “need” coaching financially. So this is like really easy for me to be like fuck this, I’m out. But I don’t want that because I do enjoy it, and I have fun. I like having the coaching company because the podcast is fun, and the social media is fun and the coaching people like this right here is fun. The only piece that wasn’t fun was the way that I was thinking about launching.

Sindy: Yeah.

Becca: Right? That was it. So to clean that up created my favorite career now ever. Because now I’m just like oh, I’m just going to show up however I want. If no one signs up, that’s great. If they do, that’s great. It doesn’t mean anything about me or who I am. None of it.

Sindy: Yeah. Yeah. That last piece feels a little tricky, but I’m going to work on that.

Becca: About it not meaning something?

Sindy: Yes, but that’s just sort of like my background as like “being successful.”

Becca: Yeah, that like each launch becomes more successful? Is that what you’re saying?

Sindy: Not launch but just like who I am in my life is like I’m supposed to get it right and always get the A’s. If I don’t, if no one comes, that doesn’t mean anything about me. That feels a little tricky right now, but I think I can lean into that. I 100% believe that detaching from results is where the flow and the joy comes in.

Becca: See, and we just have such different self-concepts because my self-concept is I’m a business owner, and business owner’s, they try things, and they fail over and over again until they get it right. Like all of my most favorite business owner mentors have had 30 something businesses that failed before they hit the one that didn’t.

The most successful people in the world have gone bankrupt several, several times, right? I’m like wow, that’s going to be such a right of passage. One day if I get to go bankrupt, that’s going to be so good for my biography. Everyone’s going to want to read that.

Sindy: I love it. I love it.

Becca: It’s going to be great, right? I just truly think the most successful people eat dirt the most. So I’m just not afraid of failing in that sense. Now, does it creep up on me? Yeah, I totally get it. I totally understand. The higher the pedestal, the further you’re going to fall. Totally get it. There’s a long time that I was like I’m for sure going to get cancelled. Like I said some dumb shit. Somebody’s going to get pissed. They’re going to cancel me. Everyone’s going to want out of my stuff.

The truth is the more you fail, the more you’re going to have success. I know it sounds cliché, but you need to go eat some dirt. You need to fall on your face a little bit. Go send some emails where people write back and they’re like unsubscribe me, please. Or they’re like I don’t want to be on this email list anymore. Go show up on social media where people are like I don’t agree with you. Like go be bold.

Sindy: Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. That is awesome. I think that is what I want to embrace. Fun and just falling on my face.

Becca: Yes, just complete detachment from the result. Like I’m just here to party.

Sindy: Yeah. I’m here to party, coach, do my thing. Yeah, totally. Okay. That feels really good, and like I can 100% lean into trying it.

Becca: Okay. Well, keep us updated inside of Three More. I want to know how it goes. I want to hear about it. I’m very emotionally invested now.

Sindy: I appreciate that and you so much. Thank you so much for coaching me. I’m really grateful to you Becca.

Becca: Oh, you’re very welcome. Do you want to take just a second and tell my people how they can find you?

Sindy: On Instagram I’m @BlueTreeCoaching. My website is, and my podcast is called Side Gig School. In it I’m on every week talking to you and other entrepreneurs about how to start and grow a successful side hustle.

Becca: Love it. Perfect. Thank you so much Sindy. I hope you have a great day.

Sindy: Thanks.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share.

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