The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | How to Create an ‘Anything but Average’ Life with Lindsey MangoThis week on the podcast, I am joined by Lindsey Mango, a Life and Business coach who is passionate about helping women create lives and businesses that are bigger than their wildest dreams. Lindsey and I have been friends for years, and I have so enjoyed watching her build her businesses. This is a woman that radiates happiness and joy, and I think you’re going to love her just as much as I do.

Several years ago, Lindsey realized that the life she was living was completely different from the life she had imagined for herself, and she knew something had to change. She hired a life coach, and within six months, she had replaced her corporate salary and was living the life she had always dreamed about.

Join us for a conversation about how Lindsey got to where she is now, where she shares the steps you can take to get the life you truly want. Lindsey shares her perspectives on gratitude, confidence, and guilt, and even gives you a glimpse into her beautiful life. Our conversation will challenge your thinking about wanting more for your life in the very best ways.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What Lindsey means when she talks about an ‘Anything But Average’ life.
  • Why the best way to experience gratitude is by wanting more.
  • Lindsey’s first step for building confidence.
  • What a ‘Day-in-the-Life’ looks like for Lindsey.
  • How to make ordinary moments an experience.
  • The importance of responsibility and taking your power back.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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So today guys, we have a phenomenal guest. This is Ms. Lindsey Mango. She and I have been friends for years, and I have enjoyed watching her grow her companies so much. She is a life and business coach. She is also the host of the Life Coach Hotline podcast, and you probably know her from the good old fashioned IG because she is blowing it up over there. This is episode number 161. I am your host Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello Lindsey Mango. Take two.

Lindsey: Hi Becca. 

Becca: Oh man. Can you please just go ahead and introduce yourself? Who are you? What do you do? 

Lindsey: Yeah. So Lindsey Mango, and I am a life and business coach. Essentially I focus on helping people create what I would call an Anything but Average life in both their life and business. So to me that looks like creating your own version of what you truly want your life and your business to look like. 

Becca: Yeah. You’re perfect for this because I’m just going to be straight up with my audience. They can’t see us right now, but let me tell you guys, Lindsey Mango is smoking hot, and she like radiates happiness. Like genuinely radiates happiness, joy, health, wealth, all of the things. So I love that this is what you preach and what you teach, and I’m hoping to get into confidence and health and wealth with you through the podcast. But you tell us a little bit of backstory. Like, how did you decide that this is something that you could help women with? 

Lindsey: Yeah. Well, probably like most people’s stories, the reason why I’m passionate about what I do is because there was a giant chunk of, I would say like from my 20s where I felt like the life I had was very different than the life that I imagined for myself. 

So I was always a relatively high achiever throughout my life. I played college volleyball, did well in school, felt like I checked so many of like society’s boxes on how I was supposed to do things. Then I get out of college, and I started a job and slowly but surely I was like okay, I’m not passionate about what I’m doing. 

Then I got another job and was sitting at a desk and was just like, people do this? This is awful. Like I kind of felt shell shocked because I think I had this image of what was possible for my life. Again, I felt like I did so many things, quote unquote, right and by the book. Then my life was just not at all what I really wanted it to be. 

So I went through kind of this long journey of trying to change so many things in my life, like my health. I felt like I had always had like five to 10 more pounds or whatever that I wanted to lose. I wasn’t happy with that. I was always in like a relationship that felt what I would call average. Like there was always something kind of missing, and I would convince myself that it was good enough. But then I would like circle back and be like okay, I still feel like something’s wrong. I would leave that relationship, go to another one. Same thing with jobs. I would do a job for like a year thinking oh, this this is it. Then I would get into it and be like okay that wasn’t it. I even tried network marketing a couple of times.

So I just kind of went through this like cycle and pattern of trying things. I really was trying to make changes. That was the thing. It wasn’t like I was sitting on my butt doing nothing. I was like really working hard at it. Yet over and over and over again, I just was like would wake up and be like I feel like this is Groundhog Day. This isn’t what I want my life to look like. So essentially, I very much felt like my life was average when I knew in my bones that that wasn’t what I was meant to be.

So through all of that, I started to get into like personal growth. That’s when I went to a networking event randomly for a job. I always love the saying when the student is ready, the teacher appears because I feel like that’s exactly what happened. I came across my first life coach. 

When I met her, I thought we were like networking because I was in a recruiting job. So then I literally just poured my heart and soul out to her.  I’m like I feel like I have this potential inside of me. I don’t know how to like actually turn this vision I have into a reality. She was just like, “I can help you.” I hired her. 

Through the work that we did, what I realized was I’ve always been a big action taker. Through my story, that’s what I was doing. I was just missing a couple of pieces, like mindset pieces, shifts I had to make and decisions I was making. Once I started doing that, my life just like exploded. 

It was like six months later, I had started my true like purpose in being a coach and felt super passionate about it. I have retired from my job and replaced my salary. I literally like accidentally lost weight when I tried so hard for years. 

Becca: Because you released the tension. Yeah? You just your body was just like. Yes.

Lindsey: Totally. Yes. I think I was so hyper focused on that instead of on what I was passionate about. So while I was still, of course, moving my body, eating well and all of that, it just wasn’t so constricting. I just let a lot of pressure go. So, yeah, it just like all these things started happening. As I started my business, I was like oh my gosh, this is what so many people are missing. That’s kind of how I got into the work that I do. I just kind of just kept up leveling and growing from there. Here we are today. I think it’s like six or seven years later. 

Becca: So I know that gratitude is a big part of your life and gratitude is a big part of my life. We both teach our students about this. So as I’m listening to you talk about realizing that this life wasn’t for you and you knew that there was more, what do you think the difference is between someone that is trying to have gratitude for their life because they want to see the positivity in it versus someone that is like something is missing? There is more. Is there a difference between those two people? What does that look like? 

Lindsey: So I love this question because I do think it can go like all or nothing where you’re like well, I should be grateful. I have my health, and I have a job, and I have all these things, which oftentimes can put you into a position of like where you just start settling because you’re like oh, well, I should be grateful. I’ll just appreciate what I do have instead of wanting more. 

Whereas to me, I think like the sweet spot is you can simultaneously be deeply grateful for what you have in your life and make that a practice and appreciate it. But I think the biggest reflection of gratitude for yourself and like your spirit and being alive is wanting more, is wanting to squeeze every single ounce you can out of life.

So I think it’s a both and conversation that like yes, you can appreciate everything you have and simultaneously you can want more than that. Coming from that place of deep gratitude is actually great fuel. Whereas I think oftentimes as a society, we’ve been kind of sold.

You’re either one or the other. You just like appreciate it, and you like stay there, and you settle. Or you don’t, and you’re always kind of like striving. Again, I think like you get to have both at the same time. 

I think I used to tell myself that all the time. A lot of my ideal clients do too. I should be grateful. I’m like telling yourself that one, doesn’t make you more grateful, and two, it just keeps you stuck in the same spot. So I just learned how to, for me personally and what I teach is like I learned how to see that appreciating life and like living and breathing means going after everything you fucking want. 

Becca: Yeah. Do you ever have students come to you and have any type of guilt or shame for like wanting way more? Like hey, I’ve got this good life. I’ve got this husband. He’s so nice. But like, I know that my life could be better. I know my life could be bigger. I know I could have more money, and they have some sort of guilt on that. Then what do you say to them for that? 

Lindsey: That’s a great question. Absolutely. I think it’s one of the most common like ceilings that people hit at, honestly, every level. I mean, I coach people on all levels. So whether you call that income or whatever their life looks like. But I think, again, we’ve been kind of trained whether whatever you want to call it, lots of religious beliefs, lots of like different societal beliefs, community, family, that it’s like bad to desire more for ourselves.

My thought has always been, I’m not a super religious person by any means. I’m very spiritual, I would say. That the reason why we have desires on our heart, like they have been put there in our DNA for a very specific reason. That not honoring them is not honoring like that higher power and that trust and your potential. 

So I think it’s just one, recognizing it and not allowing it to drive the car of your life and hold you back. I think two, it’s like changing that story line that it’s bad to want more. 

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. For people that are like I want more money, but I feel guilty about it. I’m always like have you ever had more money? It’s amazing.

Lindsey: Right?

Becca: You can just sweep that under the rug. You just shove that guilt down. We are going for it. 

Lindsey: Totally. Well, I think it’s such a backwards thought process that having more means you’re like greedy. Because I’m like okay will you tell me. When you have more money, do you act more greedy or are you actually more giving? It’s just such a like a funny story line, right? 

Becca: Well, I’ll tell the way that I think about it. Six years ago, if we rewind six years ago, and I was a massage therapist, and I was taking money from the government. I was on food stamps. I was pulling money to myself in all ways. I wasn’t giving money out to the world in any capacity. Fast forward to six years later, I have 80 staff members. I think we’re up to 79. I have 79 staff members, all people that I pay payroll to that trickles into their family, into their life, food on the table. 

Then on top of that, I pay to have a personal chef, a house cleaner. These people are making phenomenal money just because I went for it. I exist. In the last 365 days, we have put almost two million dollars into just Lexington, Kentucky alone. So you tell me, am I more greedy now, or was I more greedy then when I was absorbing and taking everything I could? 

Lindsey: Yes. Totally.

Becca: You know, people don’t usually think about it like that. But like if you want to really give, you better make some fucking money. That’s how you I’ve. 

Lindsey: Yes. 100 percent. I love that. So true. 

Becca: But yeah, it’s so interesting, and I love what you’re saying. What’s fun to me is we’ve known each other for years, and you’ve always been so joyful and magnetic and easy to get along with. However, something has shifted in the last year or maybe a year and a half where you have shown up so confidently, so different on social media. It was like watching a sweet like schoolgirl best friend shift into a fucking badass CEO just hot mama here to take the stage on Instagram. it’s been so fun to watch. So what has that looked like internally for you? Can you talk to us a little bit just about confidence? 

Lindsey: Yeah. So honestly, I think the shift really started to happen once I had my first daughter. I’m pregnant right now since you guys can’t see me. What happened was I went through this this huge evolution of realizing what wasn’t in alignment in my life anymore. It was like this thing mattered so deeply to me and like the time mattered so deeply that I started to notice in my life, in my business, and how I was showing up on social media. 

Like it was just like I think sometimes a lot of people think that motherhood can take so much from you in a lot of ways. But for me, it was like it was hard, and it was like going through the ringer. But on the other side, I felt like I came out like a diamond because I just saw every single aspect where I was like oh, I’m not enjoying this. This isn’t fun. How I’m showing up doesn’t feel in alignment. I’m not trusting what feels good, like how I want to run my business and how I want to do things.

So I just started to like eliminate those things. I thought if I’m going to spend time away from my daughter, which I spend lots of time away from her, but I want to do it in a way that I love. I want to do it because I want to.

I want to do it because I’m doing things that fire me up and make me a better woman, mom, CEO. So I just started to like and I mean, I hired coaches, and I’m really grateful for that feedback because I’ve been working really hard at it internally. I just think I started to trust what I wanted, what I desired, my wild and crazy possibilities, and all of that and follow that.

So many people have told me that I think that’s what people can see and feel on the internet is a deeper sense of self and trust. That like even if the industry or someone tells me this is how it should look, but I don’t want to do that. I’m going to do it in the way that I want to. I think how I got there and like being confident in that was one, just being willing to take the risk of like okay well, this way doesn’t feel good. This way feels bad. 

So the only other option is to try doing it my own way and following this deep inner voice inside of me. I would rather try that and fail miserably than keep doing it this way. So that’s kind of what got me off that ledge. I think honestly, that goes back to what you asked about confidence is to me, a lot of people think confidence is just like we like have it innate within us, and we just like are that way and we walk in a room. 

To me, confidence is built by knowing that you’re willing to try something, fail, and then have your back no matter what. You’re willing to like trust your own gut, your own intuition, what feels right to you. Even if it doesn’t work or even if it doesn’t go right, like knowing that you are going to have your back and be okay with yourself. To me, that makes you somebody who can walk into any room or walk on the Internet and just be who you actually are.

Becca: So do you think step one for someone that is like, I want to build confidence would be to take risks? 

Lindsey: Yes, absolutely. 

Becca: Yeah, I completely agree. You know, I was listening to Leila Hormozi, and she was talking about she was saying can we please stop calling it imposter syndrome? She was like there’s nothing imposter about it. She was like, “You’re just inexperienced.” 

She was like, “That’s it. You just don’t have any experience in it. So of course you feel like an imposter. Like if you walked up to the ski championship of Denver 2024 and you’ve never skied before, are you going to feel like an imposter? Yes. But what is really happening is just your inexperience. You don’t deserve to be there yet because you haven’t put in the experience and the practice that is necessary to be there.”

The same thing in the coaching world, in the podcast world, in the Instagram world, whatever. Like everyone feels like a quote unquote imposter coming on to their first Instagram lives or dropping their first podcast episodes. But all that has happened is you just haven’t done it yet. So you need to get several under your belt. Go out, look ridiculous, look silly. 

Within a year, you’re going to want to delete it from the Internet and hope nobody has any traces of it because you’ve grown so much. But that is a necessary step to feeling confident. You can’t walk into something and feel confident immediately. It just doesn’t work. 

Lindsey: Yes. So good. I love that way of saying it. 

Becca: Can you talk to us a little bit about your routine? Like what is a day in the life of Lindsey Mango look like? So you’re a mom of two. You’re a mom of one and a half. Okay. You’re about to be a mom of two. You’ve got a husband. You feel very connected to your life. What does it look like for you with a work/life balanced schedule? 

Lindsey: Yeah. So I mean, not every day is the same by any means. But I wake up usually around like 6:30, 6:00. My daughter was waking up at like 5:00 a.m. for a while. So whatever time she gets up is typically the time I get up. Sometimes we wake up a little bit before her. But.

Then honestly, I’m like really not on my phone much. As soon as she gets up, I spend the first at least two hours of the day just being present with her. We dance. We play. We make breakfast. We hang out. We drink coffee. Like I just really devote that the first couple of hours.

Becca: How does she handle that coffee? Pretty good. Solid. 

Lindsey: She loves it. It’s her favorite. Yeah, that would be insane. So yeah, first two hours of the day, we’re just hanging out. Then we have a nanny who comes at 8:00 a.m. She comes four days a week. So when she gets here is usually kind of when I part ways. 

I spend the first, I would say, two-ish, sometimes three, sometimes more hours like taking care of myself. So whether that, again, it’s not always the same routine, but I’m usually getting some sort of workout or movement in. Sometimes I’m just kind of checking in on emails and anything like initial for the day and then I, not every day but I often shower, get ready, like put on some clothes. 

Then I usually start working around, I would say 10 or 11. I don’t have like tons of coaching calls right now. Like I run a membership. So that’s, you know, that’s leveraged quite a bit. But I’ll have maybe one coaching call to maybe. Then I’m like creating content or following up on things with my business manager and team. 

Then I always end work at 4:00. Again, same thing. It’s kind of like, that’s like family time, that’s present time. That’s where we’re going to go outside, do something fun. We cook dinner together. My husband and I love to cook and just hang out and read, sit outside after our daughter goes to bed, and wake up and kind of do it all again. 

I would say I’m a very like habitual person. That doesn’t always, that serves me in a lot of ways, but I have to sometimes be very intentional because otherwise I can get into like a routine where I’m like okay, I want to like go out and do something in the night instead of just like do the same thing. 

So I just make sure throughout the week that I’m intentional around like creating experiences. I think that’s what a lot of people experience of me is I’m like okay, dinner could just be like you throw it together, and you put it on the table, and it’s just like boring and whatever. Or it could be this like magical experience you choose to create. So I would say so many like slices of my day that could be ordinary, I work at making an experience for myself and for my family.

Becca: What does it look like? Let’s say that you wanted to not have an ordinary dinner. What are some of the small minor details that you would do to make it magical? 

Lindsey: Put music on, like put on a badass playlist. We’ll usually pick out like an actual recipe rather than there’s some nights where we’re like we just need to eat to survive, put something in the air fryer or whatever. But like where we pick out like a unique recipe or something that sounds really yummy and like we’ll cook together, and we’ll dance, and we’ll get Eva involved. 

Then usually like I’m pregnant right now, but I’ll have like a sparkling drink water in like a wine glass that feels fun, and my husband will make a cocktail. Then when we put the food on the table, we actually like set it. We put it in dishes. We make it look beautiful. So I just think that can take, again, something so simple and make it fun rather than boring.

Becca: Yes, I love that. I want to brand my children’s childhood. I want to brand my home. I want them to look back at their memories and remember certain playlists. I want them to remember certain smells. Bacon is going to be the top one. I didn’t have any choice in that. I married my husband who eats bacon every day, but they are going to smell bacon and coffee for the rest of their lives. It is going to shoot them right back to this home. 

I try to brand everything because I truly know that being grounded in a home, being grounded with a certain family is like the biggest catapult in your life to having confidence, to having success, to feeling supported. Like if I can do that through every single sensory detail that I possibly can, I’m going to. 

So I love that you said that. We often have music playing. We often have certain things cooking on the stove. We often have the same ritualistic whatever. We go out after dinner and go on a walk. We like push the kids on the tree swing. Like it’s a whole vibe around here. But it’s not because we lucked into it. We thought about it. We wanted it. We wanted to create it. So I love that you’re doing that as well. 

Lindsey: That’s so good. I think it’s so important too because I think it’s easy to like follow people like this and be like well, they have money. They have whatever to create that. But I’m like, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what you have. You can create an experience from what you have in front of you.

Becca: Well, we were doing it when we were broke as shit, you know. Me and Mark, so I have this great memory of me and Mark every Sunday, we would get together. this was back when we were broke, broke. Like I’m talking we like would get our money together to get a six dollar bottle of wine from Rite Aid. Every Sunday we would spread a blanket on the front yard. When I say front yard, I mean, it was an apartment complex with zooming cars six inches from us. Okay. 

We would spread a blanket, and we would cut up like cheese from Kroger and eat and like drink our wine. We loved it. We were like this is so magical. We’re so thankful. Like this is so exciting. Like we really thought we were living it up. So like yes. You can do it anywhere at any stage of life. 

Lindsey: That’s so true. I love that.

Becca: So what are some of your favorite beliefs? Do you have like top beliefs? I don’t know if these for you. For some people, it’s like mantras. You’re looking straight in the mirror and you’re like telling yourself whatever you need to hear. Or for some people, like myself, like I find things that I already believe and then I just pour gasoline on them. That is very helpful to me. 

I know that you are into journaling and into meditation. Can you just walk us through a little bit of just what your beliefs look like? What have you poured gasoline on? Are these things that come up in your journaling and in your meditation as well? 

Lindsey: I think just the belief that I can truly have anything that I want. Like that any desire I have, I get to have. I think that is something that I fuel and that I challenge, right? Because I think at any level, your brain will be like well, can we have that? Can it be that easy? Can it be whatever? So I think that is one that I’m just constantly like challenging and working at. How I do that is I’m consistently looking for evidence of how it’s already true. 

I think one of the biggest things and one of the biggest things that like I teach and represent is responsibility and like taking your power back. So I’m always paying attention to anywhere in my life where I’m blaming anything outside of myself, like a circumstance, a person, or whatever that is making me think I’m being held down or held back and like going to work to figure out like how could that not be true? How am I actually in charge? 

Obviously, there are circumstances and things that can get in the way, but there’s always a way around them. So I think I’m just always challenging that and noticing anywhere I’m feeling disempowered around, anything that’s holding me back from getting anything that I want. Then I’m looking for how it could be true that I can find a way around it.

The comparison I use a lot for me is just like kids. I think that there’s such a I always think that I have such a certainty in my body that no matter what happens, like my daughter is taken care of. I would like physically, all of that. So I always go back to that level of like certainty and power and look at where am I lacking that and some sort of goal I have or vision I have for my life and working at the belief around like I truly can have it all. It’s like I’m in charge of creating that. 

Becca: Yeah. I think that when you have that kind of mindset, I bet for you when challenges come up or when things rub you the wrong way because it’s not like you’re walking through life and nothing bothers you. Like things are bothering you. But then I bet that instead of being like this shit is annoying and I’m pissed, you’re like I’m curious. Okay now, like almost like my husband was telling me, he’s on such a mindset path. He has been for years, very spiritual, very, very high level mindset work. 

He was trying to describe to me the other day that he genuinely now gets excited when things rub him the wrong way because he’s like now this is a doorway into something that I haven’t healed and I haven’t thought about or I dismissed or looked over as something that needed healing. Now when something makes me mad, I’m like yes, I get to go to work on this now. 

Lindsey: Yes, it’s so true. Our brains are so tricky. Like there will be times where like maybe for like a month, I’m just like oblivious, and I’m like blaming something unconsciously for why I can’t have what I want. Then I’m like oh. I’m like oh, so interesting. 

I think a lot of people don’t like to take that level of responsibility because I think they think it’s going to feel bad when, and it only feels bad if it’s blame, which I think are very different things. But I love it. I’m like, there’s no better feeling than feeling like I’m in charge, and I’m like in the driver’s seat. So I love that. I agree. That’s how I feel.

Becca: Yeah, life is really hard. I know this from experience. Life is really hard when you are walking around blaming everybody. You feel so out of control. It’s like well I don’t get paid enough, and my husband doesn’t do this enough, and my kids don’t do that enough. I don’t have this. It’s exhausting as shit. 

But it takes so much willpower to be like everything I have is because of me. Everything that I think is because of me. Everything, every result that I ever get is because of me. Most people want to punch you in the face for saying that when they aren’t there yet. Right? But it is the truth. It’s, I think, our job to be continually telling people this. So I’m so glad that you do. I love your work, and I love following you. I just think that you’re awesome. I hope that you just keep it up. 

Lindsey: Thank you. I’m so grateful. 

Becca: Can you tell my audience where they can find you? How they can work with you? 

Lindsey: Yeah, so you can go to @LindseyMango_. That’s my Instagram. That’s where I hang out a lot. Then I currently have a life membership program. So essentially it’s all about creating an Anything but Average life. Like tons of modules. We have a VIP option where we have a little bit more business focused. So that is at Yeah, those are really the two main places right now, I would say. 

Becca: Awesome. All right, Mango. Thank you so much. I love you, and I’ll see you soon. 

Lindsey: Love you too. Bye.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share. 

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