Before I found the coaching industry, I was frankly…exhausted.

I kept telling myself I should stop complaining and be thankful because I had a box that was doing well and had more free time than a lot of people. But the truth was, (and I am not embarrassed to say…) I wanted even MORE money and even more free time.

I wanted to stop driving to the office.

I wanted to work from home.

I wanted to COMPLETELY make my own hours.

I wanted to make sooooo much money that I honestly didn’t know what to do with it.  I wanted NBA money but with a stay-at-home mom lifestyle.

I wanted to drive my kids to school every day.

But most importantly I wanted to put all this random biz knowledge to use. I was holding this crazy amount of information from MY OWN transformation, and I wanted to give it to others.

I was 29 when I finally learned about the coaching industry.

How powerful it was. That you could charge $100/hour to help someone grow a business, or lose weight, or gain muscle, or train for a 5k, or get over their ex, or get through a divorce, or start a farm, or build furniture…or whatever it was that one could teach.

I will never forget how on fire I felt at the idea of what was possible. I would calculate constantly: “If I charge $100/hour and I meet with each client 1 time per week, that equals $400/month.

Two clients is $800/month. “Omgosh Becca, if you get four clients, that’s an extra $1,600/month for 4 hours of work per week.”

I simultaneously became obsessed with getting my clients insane results.

I became obsessed with making sure that if my name was labeled on them as their coach, they were sure to have something to show off.

But you see, when you give quality advice and quality mentorship….word gets around, and you begin gaining quality clients.

My entire life changed the day I decided to become a coach.

My first month as a coach I made $500.

My third was $1,000.

By month 6 it was $2,500.

A year later, I added $100,000 to my family’s monthly income. I worked every bit of it from home. Most days in my pajamas.

I think of the start of my coaching business as a turning of the page to a new chapter. A new chapter of insane possibilities that my little Kentucky town mind had never entertained.

LISTEN TO ME, FRIEND: *I am cyber-holding-your-shoulders-and-staring-deep-into-your-soul*

If you’re reading this and there’s a part of you that thinks you could be a coach, I am urging you with the most possible urgency: do not wait. This industry is growing like wildfire. People everywhere are hiring personal mentors to help them achieve WHATEVER IT IS THEY WANT IN LIFE. And you want to make money from your expertise. You want to leave a footprint on this earth. You want to build a lifestyle from home, and of wealth.

If you are being called to help people, it is your universal duty to do so.

If you are being called to make more money, it is your human right to do so.

But I urge you to do it smartly.

Build a coaching business with someone who understands this industry, knows how to make a coaching business profitable, understands the legal side of things,  and can show you exactly what to do to create the coaching business you want.

We have five days until we close down our Zero to Coach certification sign-ups.

Walk through this 12-week class with my team and me to be certified by July.

Learn how to create profitable offers to your audience, how to price your services, and how to market yourself. Create strong messaging, strong coaching skills, and build a community of other coaches and support around you. This is a certification course and you will be fully Hell Yes certified and will receive CERTIFIED badges on your website and all marketing after completion.

This course is $6,000 or three payments of $2,000.

We are starting very soon and we expect this class to be booked out. 

Come join us.




Ps: if you are an established coach already, but you have made less than 100k for the last two years in a row, I suggest jumping in and getting back to the business basics with us. We have had multiple coaches come through ZTC and reimagine their entire business with us resulting in more clarity, better offers and messaging, and more clients

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