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Meet Kati.

Isn’t she cute?

Four months ago, Kati hired me to privately 1-on-1 mentor her. Her goal was to grow her mobile dog nail-clipping business which had always been a side hustle to her real passion…bluegrass music. (She’s like a legit traveling, well-known artist that has had shows all over the world. I had no idea until like our fourth session, she didn’t even MENTION it, haha. That’s the kinda humble Kati is.)

With music, she’s confident. She’s opinionated. She feels at home.

In business, she has always grappled with feelings of doubt, indecision, and confusion. She felt embarrassed about how little she knew how to do, even though she had been in business for several years.

When we first started working together,

  • she didn’t know her numbers.
  • didn’t know the ‘business’ lingo.
  • didn’t have a website.
  • didn’t have a software.
  • was still scheduling all appointments out of her paper journal.
  • and didn’t have any profits to show for it.

So as most of you know, this is a girl after my own heart. This is exactly how I started my first business.It has been only 4 months.

She has successfully:

  • Raised her prices by 300% (and lost almost no clientele during the transition because we did it with finesse and professionalism.)
  • In only 4 months, her profits have increased by 800%. (this is an astronomical number in the business world) which has allowed her to step back from clipping and step more into a CEO role.
  • She has cut the amount she nail-clips in HALF, has given more of those duties to her employees, freeing up more time for music and family.
  • She adopted a proper scheduling, emailing, and reminder software that has given her back literal tens of hours per week because she has stopped playing full time receptionist.
  • She is going to begin running proper Google and SEO ads in order to keep the momentum peaking.
  • She is working less and making more than ever.

She just told me today, “I have never had this much money in my bank account.”This is only with 16 weeks of business coaching under her belt. I can only imagine where she will be in a year.

You don’t have to be a whiz in business to want to grow your business.
You don’t have to know the lingo.
But you do have to be able to ask for help.

And when you can get help, you can begin living life more full out. You can stop work horse’n and start bluegrass’n like Kati.

If you want to work privately with me, I have one spot open at the moment.

If you prefer a group setting, my Thirty More Mastermind deadline is in exactly 1 month.

If you want your doggie’s nails clipped in the comfort of your own home, and you live in Central Kentucky, contact Kati at [email protected]


PS: If you are interested in 1:1 Coaching with Becca for six months, please email contact@hellyescoachingonline.com for more information.

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