At this point in my career, I have held over 150 interviews for my companies.

And listen…employees and contractors who aren’t going to last long, have a very specific set of patterns in their interviews.

Let me break it down for you…

1. They don’t LOVE the pay.

If they are ‘settling’ at all, then they have an expiration date before they begin.

Even if they accept the position, they will 100% continue to look for a gig that pays what they want. Because, duh.

Simply asking, “How do you feel about the pay,” will save you precisely 1,000 headaches.

2. Their commute is really far.

If I had a dollar for every time a candidate told me the drive wasn’t a problem and then quit after three weeks because the ‘drive was too far…’, then I would have precisely four dollars. I learned my lesson after the fourth. You want workers who feel at ease with the logistics of their work.

3. Their availability is meh.

The people who can only work one day per week will have an air of “outsider.” You want workers to have a sense of ‘settled’ energy in your space, and become a strong piece of the workplace culture.

Our turnover rate was much higher with these folks.

We now only hire people who are capable of three days per week minimum.

4. They don’t have reliable transportation.

First, no one has time for last-minute car troubles keeping their employees out of the office. And second, it’s just too easy of a cop-out on the days they don’t feel like coming in. I can’t even blame them, I used to use this one all the time when I was a young cocktail server who OFTEN felt like smoking cigarettes with my girlfriends was far more appealing than going to work.

5. Their history of work is a lot of short stints.

If they worked at Job #1 for three months, job #2 for four months, and job #3 for five months…I hate to say it, but you don’t want to be Job #4.

There is NOTHING WORSE than spending time, money, and emotional energy training someone for weeks for them to decide to bounce.

Commitment is the new black.

6. They complain about their past jobs/bosses/coworkers.

Listen, you don’t want a complainer.

This may be the MOST important of all.

If you drop a complainer right in the middle of five great workers, your culture has a toxin. It will spread to others in more ways than one. It’s a no for me, dawg.

The hiring process can feel daunting AF. But, you gotta JUST DO IT and remember that it’s all a huge learning process the first several times.

Every time you do it, you will be like “Shit, I should have done it this way,” or “Dang, I should NOT have said that.”

This is the process everyone goes through.

Keep hiring so you can keep leaning into your own strengths.


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