The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | 2024: The Year of ReinventionIf you’ve followed me over the last year, it probably won’t come as a surprise to you that I’m becoming a different person. My mom’s passing, while devastating, has changed me for the better, shattered everything I thought I wanted or needed, and what’s left of me is a raw, new person.

You hear stories about something so earth-shattering happening to someone that they start afresh, and that is where I’m at right now. If you too no longer believe the things you used to preach, want to sell what you’re selling, or otherwise want to let go of what no longer feels great to you, this episode is your permission slip to contradict who you’ve always been.

Join me on this episode to hear the shifts I’m noticing about my life, and how I’m allowing myself to evolve, reinvent, and become who I really want to be. I’m sharing the results that are being created from this place, and questions to ask yourself about your purpose in this one short and precious life.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why I picked ‘evolve’ as my word of the year for 2024.
  • What has sparked my evolution as a person.
  • How I’m becoming a different person.
  • Why where I’m currently at is the most powerful place I’ve ever been.
  • Questions to ask yourself about your purpose in life and business.


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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hello, my friends. Welcome to episode number 141. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go. 

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Hello, my friends. So we are a bit into the new year. We are a bit into 2024. I’m going to be honest. I’m not somebody that necessarily likes to do the whole new year’s resolution. I do like to set some generalized goals, some targets that I want to hit, some metrics that I want to see, but I don’t do this whole resolution thing. I’ve never been one to do the like word of the year. You might hear someone say like my word of the year is this. This is the intention that I’m setting for the year. Blah, blah, blah. I’ve never been that person. 

But things are changing. I am noticing a large shift in my life. I’m noticing a large shift in the last year. I am noticing that I am becoming a very different person than I have ever been. I’m going to get into that a little bit in this episode. Ultimately, what I want to do is give you a lot of permission to do the same. 

So this year, I decided I wanted to have a word of the year. My word of the year is evolve. That is because I want to step outside of any habits or identities or ways that I’ve thought of myself in the past. I want to allow myself to step away from anything that I am doing specifically on autopilot because that is simply what I have always done. 

Now, doesn’t mean I want to wipe my whole life clean. But I am just really asking myself am I doing this because I want to do it? Am I doing this because I think I’m supposed to do it? Am I doing this because I was told I should do this? Or am I doing this because it actually feels good to me, and it actually sets my soul on fire?

Here’s the truth. I think that there is a large part of me that this is a very blessed part of my life in the sense that I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do financially right now. I make enough money. I make enough passive income. I make enough money that I get to really write out how I want my day to be, and I don’t have to show up to a job that I don’t want to be at, even though I’ve had chapters in my life where I have done that for decades on end. 

So if you’re listening to this, if you’re going to jobs that you don’t want to go to, but you feel like you are in a chapter of life that you have to do that. I see you. I love you. But also, I want you to ask yourself what things can you change? Where do you want to change? Where do you want to evolve?

This all started for me when mom passed away. A lot of my listeners here were with me during that time. I had three to four episodes back to back where I was just continually talking to you guys about my mom’s sickness and my mom’s passing. To say the least, it absolutely rocked my world, fucked me up, rocked my world. 

I’m still grieving it, of course. I miss my mom very much. But I also have this really, really strong sense of holy shit. Her passing changed me. It changed me for the better. I can see it with clear eyes. I can see who I am becoming. I can see how all of a sudden I don’t have any capacity to do anything in my life that I don’t want to do. It almost just like, it just I feel like someone took a baseball bat, hit me over my head, and all the things that I didn’t want to be and do just shattered off of me and just fell to the ground. Then what is left is this raw, new person. Here I am.

I’m sure that you guys have heard stories like this. I have heard stories like this where something happens in your life that is so big and so much to swallow that you literally just almost like start fresh. This is where I’m at right now. All of a sudden, the whole like life is short saying is the fucking understatement of a lifetime. Okay, understatement of a lifetime. 

I didn’t have the capacity to give a fuck about much of anything when mom was passing away and right after she passed away and even now. This bled into my business a lot. So my business was the one place that even though I felt like I was really leading the way on doing things your way and being authentic, I really do believe that even before my mom’s passing, I was foraging this authentic path.

I noticed that when I would enter into masterminds or into groups of circles of friends, I often was trying to get people to think the way that they want to think and be more authentic to themselves and honor themselves more. But it was like that value system completely exploded when she passed. But with that being said, I think that my business hung on to I’ve still got to do things this way the most more than any other parts of my life. 

At first, when mom was sick, I was certain I was going to throw my entire body of work and my whole business in a dumpster fire and just let the government take care of me. But I quickly realized like, I think this is grief. I think this is grief talking. I don’t actually want to do this. I love my business. I’m just in a really weird place right now. 

A few weeks went by, and I began to come out of the fog. What I realized is that I just wanted to get rid of all of the things that I didn’t like to do. Okay. I no longer wanted to do Instagram reels where I’m lip synching and dancing when it doesn’t feel like me. With that being said now, I will tell you that I have a lot of fun on Instagram reels. Sometimes I like to dance and be myself. But a lot of the times that I was doing it was just to get views. It was just to get reels. It was just to get shares, just to get likes, and it wasn’t really me. 

Another thing that I don’t like to do is get dressed up on camera. I’m not a super dressed up person. I like to get dressed up sometimes when it feels good, when it feels fun. But I was noticing myself not getting on camera very often because I didn’t want to get dressed up. I had this idea that like I had to do my hair. I had to do my makeup. I had to look decent in order to put myself on screen and get myself in front of everybody. So I just wasn’t doing it very much. 

In the last six months, a lot of you guys have seen me. I’ve been showing up with no makeup, no filter. Y’all, I haven’t even worn a bra in like weeks. I found out how bad it is on your lymphatic system. I was like that’s dumb. Life is short. Why am I wearing a bra? I just got rid of that. I just literally chucked it away. 

I noticed these other things that I was doing where I was thinking about my business more than I wanted to be. So I’ve always prided myself in being able to disconnect from my business, and I don’t work very often. But I will say that there are days, and I think that this changes a lot depending on where I’m at in my cycle and how hungry I am and what kind of stuff is going on behind the scenes. But I noticed that I will think about my business more than I want to. So I just stopped doing that shit. I was like I don’t want to do this anymore. 

So once she passed and I was in such a place of the fuck its. Like these things that I didn’t want to do literally seemed physically impossible. They weren’t me. They didn’t matter. I couldn’t believe I had ever once mustered up the energy to ever do them. Right. But the real me, the real authentic me, the me that is still standing after all of that crap fell away loves growing businesses, but she’s honestly not super showy about it. 

The real me loves creating true wealth. Not just fast cash, right? Not just I’m going to do a bunch of sales, get a bunch of money in, and that’s fast cash. Like no, I want my wealth to compound. I want to make something bigger than me. Okay? The real me loves team building, loves leading employees through projects. Not throwing students into a classroom and not knowing a single one of their names. Okay, I just don’t like that. I never have.

So I simply had a case of the fuck its, and I thought if I’m going to spend this amount of time building businesses, I’m going to the absolute top level of doing it my way. If it doesn’t work then I don’t even care. I guess you would consider this almost like I don’t want to call it a rock bottom. But almost like a here we are. This is it. All of the sugar coating is peeled off. 

The money doesn’t matter anymore. I no longer am chasing anything. I don’t need this. I don’t need to work. It was just the biggest slap in the face of oh my god this has to be my way or no way. This has to feel good to me or else I will not continue.

This is the most powerful place I’ve ever been. This is genuinely the most powerful place I’ve ever been. Because I have been hyper. I have been excited. I have been animated for business growth many times. Always. But this doesn’t feel that way. This feels fucking grounded. This feels grounded. This feels like I am going to do it my way or else I’m not going to do it at all. I don’t need anything, I don’t need the cash. I don’t need the sales. I don’t need anything. 

I noticed that in this place, I am becoming more intimate with my students. I want to sit down and talk with them more. Better quality coaching is seeping out of me because of this. I’m seeing that I’m taking time with people. Right? I’m seeing that I want to get to know all of my staff members on a deeper level. 

I’m seeing that I’m going to meetings that usually don’t involve me, and they’re not supposed to involve me. We created them to not involve me, and I’m showing up to these meetings because I want to, because I care. I’ve always cared. I don’t want to make it sound like I didn’t care. I was just so busy building that I wasn’t taking the time to stop and to love on my companies the way that I wanted to. 

I stopped obsessively posting bullshit just to post and started only posting when I felt inspired. I started desiring to be more creative, right, to put more quality into my work, to give to other people for them to see it and to take something from it and to walk away knowing that it feels good to them and that it touched them. It touched their heart. It was quality for them to walk away with. I desire to heal people. I desire to take time with people to create, to notice the simple things. 

So while my mom leaving this earth has left a hole in my heart so undeniably big. I also believe the universe knew that it would require something that massively devastating to shake me into who I am becoming now, and I am in the middle of the earthquake. Now that she’s on the other side of the veil reminding me every day that I have a purpose that is so much bigger than just my next month’s revenue, I am feeling a deeper level of inspiration.

I am an entirely new coach. I have allowed myself to evolve and to be reinvented. This is just all part of the beautiful process in the school that I am being taken through, the curriculum that I am being taken through in life, which is to simply evolve and to change and to become what I really want. 

My containers are all the things that they used to be potent, quality, intense, funny. But now they’re just layered with an authenticity that I’ve never had before. Because of this, we have seen such a growth in students and in revenue than we’ve ever seen. I want you to hear me when I say this. A lot of you guys, if I asked you, you’d be like yes, of course I care about my students. I really care about my students. 

But are you acting the way that you would if you didn’t need the money at all? Let’s say that you no longer needed the money. You hit the jackpot. You had $500 million in the bank. Would you still be doing this? How would you still be doing this? Would you be taking time with people? 

Because most of you guys, you business owners, you’re a business owner for a reason because to your core, you love this. You love helping people. You love serving people. You were born as a server, right? You are a server, you are a healer. Whatever it is that you do, there’s a reason that you’re in your business. 

But I want to ask you if you’ve lost sight of that, right? Are you still doing this to serve? Or are you doing it because there’s a really big chunk of you that’s chasing that next month’s revenue? So the purpose of this podcast episode is simply to slow down and encourage you to audit your life and your business, to reinvent how you do things, to reinvent who you are, and how you show up. 

I want you guys to completely contradict who you have always been. I want you to contradict who you’ve been. I want you to contradict the things that you’ve said. If you are evolving, if you are changing, if you no longer believe the things that you used to preach, if you no longer want your business model to be the way that you once wanted it to be, if you no longer want to sell the program that you’re selling. 

This is just the biggest fucking permission to live on the planet to evolve into how you want to show up and to trust that maybe the one thing that is keeping you from having your biggest year yet is simply believing that you’re supposed to do it in a way that doesn’t feel great to you because someone taught you that, someone taught it to you otherwise.

Guys, life is unbelievably short. I say that as an understatement of a lifetime. I say that as I just can’t believe how quick life can go. I know that you’re like me in this that I don’t want to spend an ounce of my life doing things that I don’t love to do in order to chase a dollar. 

So 2024, let’s make as much money as we possibly can but only doing it through what feels great when all the other bullshit is shut away. That is it for me today my friends. I love you guys. I will see you here next week on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur. See you soon. Goodbye. 

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