You don’t have anywhere to be today.

It’s a Tuesday, a day most people are hustling their asses to work. But not you. You chose to take Tuesdays off over a year ago. Tuesdays are for hanging at home, catching up on laundry and fiction books, and puttering around the house until the wild dinner rush of your home.

And although you aren’t working today, your bank account is still growing. Because you set it up this way. You chose this path. You did the work in the past to actually scale your business so it can make money without you trading your time. You are so thankful for past you. You could hug that person.It wasn’t even as hard as you thought it would be. You often wonder why it took you so long to pull the trigger.

Sometimes you even giggle at your life, how pleasant and easy it feels. Yes, you still work hard and truly enjoy the hustle at times, but nothing feels urgent or overwhelming or as depleting as it used to. You often remember the days that you felt overworked. The days you felt like you were on a hamster wheel, just seeing clients one after the other. You felt stuck in this position because although you love your work, you would constantly ask yourself, “Is this it? is this my life? Just seeing clients all day every day? What gives?”

But you don’t feel this way anymore. Because you scaled. Because you have help. Because you simplified. Because you chose to be mentored. And through mentorship, you realized that there was a way to work smarter, and not harder. You wish you could turn back time and learn it sooner so you could take all those stressful years and just blow them away. Erase them. All the nights you sat up thinking about work problems instead of rolling over and curling into your spouse. All the mornings you rushed off to work instead of stopping and coloring with your son. You wish you could replay them differently.

But, that’s okay. You’re not bitter. You’re thankful for those years because they make the now so much sweeter. They sharpened you to who you are. They gave you perspective. And honestly, now that you’re out of that grind, you can look back on it with admiration for who you were and how you showed up for yourself and for your dream business.

It’s Tuesday, and you just grabbed another mug of tea. You’re home but your staff is still plugging away, in an environment, they love because their boss is now so calm, so collected. Their boss is leading in a different way. Their boss knows exactly what strategies are going to get them to where they want to go. They each know their individual role and the role of the whole company collectively. Everyone on the team is rowing in one direction.

The structure you built in your business has created a vibe, a culture. It is infectious to everyone that knows you.

Your parents notice.

Your siblings notice.

Your spouse definitely notices.

You are happier.

You are more at ease.

You are playful again.

You put your tea down. It’s snowing outside and this calls for good food. You have spent the last year rebuilding your strong community that you lacked while you were overworked and it is the perfect day to call on that community. You pick up your phone and text your spouse, “Hey, I want to cook a big meal tonight. Let’s invite some friends and open up some wine. And let’s laugh our faces off. I can’t wait to see you. See you tonight, babe.”

This is your life now.

This is your life since you scaled.

The only thing between you and this life is the decision to scale.  To slightly alter the direction you are driving your business.

This is what I teach inside my Thirty More Mastermind. And I can show you exactly how to do it. It is much easier than you think.

93% of last round’s students have already applied for this next round. Because they got a taste of what’s possible and have already begun building the exact life they want.

We invite you to come too.

Deadline for the next round of Thirty More is today, November 18, 2022. Click here to learn more and apply.

Love, Becca

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