The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast | Thirty More RoundtableThis week, I’m sitting down with three of my Thirty More Mastermind clients, Jeri Roberts, Andrea Moore, and Samantha Varner. We’ve all just gotten back from our mastermind kickoff party weekend in Chicago where we coached, brainstormed, game-planned, and set goals for the entire weekend, and we’re here to share what happened. 

Jeri Roberts is a registered massage therapist who specializes in TMJ disorder, Samantha Varner is a profit coach who helps women entrepreneurs make more money in their businesses, and Dr. Andrea Moore is a trauma-informed coach. They’re the perfect representation of the varied clients we have inside Thirty More, and yet, they all benefited hugely from being in a room together. 

Join us this week as we sit down to have a Thirty More Mastermind debrief. Jeri, Sam, and Andrea are sharing the conversations that were happening inside that room, how it is helping them up-level their business, and the power of continually putting yourself in a group setting with other people. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What Jeri, Andrea, and Sam enjoyed most about our Thirty More mastermind weekend in Chicago.
  • The power of continuing to put yourself in a group setting with other people. 
  • How my own business-building journey has impacted how I coach my clients.
  • The most profound lessons each of these women gained from our mastermind. 
  • Some questions I asked my clients to help them game-plan for the next few years. 
  • My favorite parts of our mastermind weekend. 
  • The profound power of being financially, emotionally, and time invested in a program.
  • Jeri, Sam, and Andrea’s advice for anyone who is on the fence about joining Thirty More.

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Full Episode Transcript:

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What’s up guys? So today I am sitting down with Jeri Roberts. She specializes in TMJ disorder, which is like jaw pain and like lock jaw. She’s a massage therapist in Canada. I’m also sitting down with Samantha Varner. She is a profit coach that works with women. She is also a podcast host. I’m sitting down also with Andrea Moore, who is also a podcast host, and she is a trauma informed coach.

So I’m sitting down with these girls today because we just got back from Chicago, Illinois. Okay, the 30 More Mastermind went up there last weekend. We ate, we drank, and we brainstormed, coached, game planned, and goal set for the entire weekend. It was absolute fire. Guys, the conversations that were happening in that room on that level with people that are that invested is beyond what you can ever get at a networking event or like a free group or a cheap group. The 30 More Mastermind is next level.

So I brought them back from Chicago. I told them I was like listen, I want to sit down and just have a conversation about what went down this weekend. I want to talk about like what kind of conversations we had in that room. Like what it did to you, how you’re feeling, how inspired are you feeling? How do you feel about the fact that just six months ago you weren’t in a mastermind? Like what has changed for you already just since last weekend in Chicago?

This episode is worth a million dollars guys. This episode is so fire. I love sitting down with these women and hearing what they have to say about this past weekend, where they’re going with their business. Some of the things that they didn’t see that was problematic in their business or things that they weren’t thinking about before this weekend, things that they weren’t problem solving for before this weekend, any thought errors that they had before they gained so much clarity in Chicago this weekend. So without further ado, I want to introduce you to Andrea, Sam and Jeri of the 30 More Mastermind. Enjoy.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.


Becca: Hi, ladies, how are we doing?

Andrea: So good.

Samantha: I’m good.

Jeri: Yes.

Becca: I’m so excited to have you guys. I’ve got Samantha Varner, Andrea Moore, and Jeri Roberts here with me today. They are all members of 30 More, and we just got back from Chicago. Can you guys just speak up real quick? Tell me what you do, who you help.

Andrea: Sure. I’ll go first. I’m Dr. Andrea Moore, and I’m a chronic pain specialist. I help women who have tried everything for their chronic pain. They probably suspect that it is something a little bit more on the emotional level, and they are high achievers. They have things to do in the world, and they’re sick of their pain holding them back.

Becca: Love it. How about you, Jeri?

Jeri: Hi, my Jeri Robertson. I’m a registered massage therapist here in Canada. I’ve recently niched my practice to focus working with clients specifically with TMJ dysfunction. So helping clients get rid of headaches, jaw pain from clenching, grinding, all of that nasty good stuff.

Becca: Yes. To everybody that’s listening, Jeri is my first ever massage therapist clients, like coaching client. Isn’t that crazy? It seems like I would have more. I’m so glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to coach you for the next six months. All right. How about you, Sam?

Samantha: Okay, I’m a profit coach. So I help service based entrepreneurs make more money in their business.

Becca: Yes, I love it. All right. So we just got back from Chicago. That was the kickoff party to the 30 More Mastermind. So we get there, right, and we have a reception, drink cocktail hour, couple hours, right where we just got to gather. We got to drink cocktails. We got to know each other. Everyone had just flown in. Either they had just flown in that day or the day before. We had people coming from like four different countries, right? We had people coming from all over the place, all different industries. We had some coaches, some physical therapists, some doctors. We’ve got it all right.

We get there. We get to just chat. We get to hang out. Then after that on Saturday, I think some of you guys actually continued to the cocktail hour after it was over. I went back to my hotel room and prepped for the next day and got a really good night’s sleep.

Then on Saturday, we woke up and from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. we stayed in a conference room and we game planned right? We created all of our goals. We know exactly what needed to happen in order for us to reach those goals. We had a lot of aha moments. I taught a lot of content.

Then after that, we got to have amazing dinner. Right? Andrea and I got to share bone marrow together. I got to experience Andrea’s first bone marrow experience. So that’s just some context of how the weekend went. It was fast, but it was filled with content. It was filled with aha moments, and it was so fun to watch you guys. The energy that was in that room was just a blast for me to standing up there and presenting to you guys because you guys were so involved, you were so excited, and you were so willing to participate in everything that we did. Who wants to tell us just like how it was? How did you like it? What did you enjoy the most about Chicago?

Samantha: I think being in the room with all of the women that were in the room was phenomenal. Like just the energy and the building off of, I think, it opened my mind, I think, to what is possible for myself sitting in that room and kind of just paying attention. But being so excited for what’s possible for everybody else in the room when they’re talking about what their goals are and stuff. It’s cool to be part of that. It’s cool to be part of the beginning of that journey for all of us. I was blown away by it. It was so fun.

Becca: Yes, I love what Sam said. How about you, Andrea? How did you feel about the whole weekend?

Andrea: Oh, it was so good. It was just so amazing meeting everyone in person. I feel like there’s just something to just experiencing people’s energy and just seeing I think the wide range of not just industry but also just personality types.

Because I think it’s so common to be like oh, I need to have this type of personality. You’re like literally every personality is in this room. Every personality is freaking awesome and brings their own just amazing this. Every personality there has their own successful business. So it’s just I think gave me so much more permission to just be myself, which was awesome.

Then I think you just did such an amazing job of giving so much spaciousness to really embody and feel into our businesses more than I was expecting honestly. Like that was such like a beautiful, unexpected thing I think. I feel like I already mentioned it before to you of like I feel like there’s so much usually like energy to conferences of like go, go, go, rah, rah, rah, like build up. This was like spaciousness and time to be with and really experience our businesses, which I feel like was just magical. I could keep speaking about that. I’m happy to talk about that more.

Becca: Yeah, thank you so much. I’m glad you said that. You did mention it to me at dinner. Now, I had forgotten because I think I had had like four cocktails at that point. But you said something to me. I remember being like yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted. Like I don’t want to just motivate the shit out of you guys. Like I can motivate you, but what’s that going to do when you get home and the motivation wears off? Motivation always wears off. Right? That’s why I think it’s so important to continue to go to masterminds and take that little motivational vitamin. Because we want motivation.

But also, we want like strong foundational understanding of exactly where we’re going. It’s not about just getting hyped up. It’s about knowing exactly what needs to be done, and knowing that the only thing between you and that happening is the work that needs to be put into it. Right? Like the decisions that need to be made and the action that needs to be taken.

So yes, I’m so glad that you said that. Just to go back to the personality thing. I love that you said that as well because I think that in masterminds, it’s really…When you’re not in a mastermind, when you’re not in a group setting with other people, it’s really easy to think well, I’m an introvert. So I’m not going to be successful. Everyone else is an extrovert, or I’m a little bit awkward, or I’m a little bit this, whatever it is that you think about yourself. Like it is so easy to take that and just assume that that’s why you don’t have the results that you want.

Then you enter into some type of mastermind, and you’re like oh, that girl is very introverted. Like she can barely speak in front of the class. She’s making millions of dollars, right? Or oh, that girl has a personality just like me or that guy, right? In this group right now, we’re all female, but we have always had men in the group. It’s like you get to look around and you’re like oh. Like anyone can be successful. It just depends on the actions that you’re willing to take and the thoughts that you’re willing to think about your business and like how driven you are to get there. So I’m really glad that you brought that up. Okay, how about you, Jeri?

Jeri: I just loved everything about it. It was like fast and furious. I feel like I’m still like vibrating from the whole weekend in a good way. But like I kept saying over and over, I think to several of the girls, like I’ve just never had that caliber of conversations and like just inspiration. Like I’ve participated in many, many networking groups, but it just felt different. Like everybody felt on the same page. I didn’t feel intimidated, but I felt inspired by everybody that was there. It was just awesome.

Becca: I love that you said that. So I was just telling someone I would rather sit inside of a $12,000 mastermind and listen to the conversations, not being allowed to speak at all. I will rather do that, then be able to speak as much as I want in a free networking event.

The conversations that are happening in a $12,000 space, like the people that are invested, the people that are willing to put down money, the people that are willing to grow and willing to learn and willing to travel to Chicago and to Austin. The people that are willing to do that, that is the level of conversation you want to have. That’s the level of conversation you just want to listen to. Right? Like you just want to hear other people talking about what it is that they’re doing, the problems that they’re solving, and how they’re solving it. Right?

I would so rather do that then go to any networking event ever, or any free Facebook group ever, or any chat room that is just for entrepreneurs because the level of growth there is just not where we’re at. Right? Like 30 More is created for people that already can be successful. They’re already successful. They already have what they—Like they just want that extra amount to get past where they are. Right? We’re not starting from ground zero in there. I love that also.

Jeri: Yeah, it was very, very eye opening. Like I didn’t even know that that was possible until I was there. I was like oh, this is different.

Becca: You didn’t know what was possible? Just the conversations and stuff?

Jeri: Yeah, just the level of conversation. Like in a networking group, it’s exactly what you said too. Like I could just sit there and listen to everybody talk for hours because I was like damn, this is good shit.

Becca: Yeah, I love that. I love it. So what did you guys, I want to ask you, each one of you. What did you take away that wasn’t content? So not what I taught, but something that you noticed, something that you observed, something that you realized maybe. Maybe it was in the way that your colleagues showed up. Maybe it was just like an aha moment that wasn’t actually planned curriculum. What was it for you guys?

Samantha: I think for me it was two things. So watching your level of interaction and your accessibility. I’ve done a lot of business conferences and stuff, but like with big, big speakers, and big, huge venues and big, huge groups. There’s something so amazing and valuable to be able to access just a conversation with you. Like a conversation about kids or life or like something completely unrelated to business. But that conversation with you and then I think all of the conversations that I had with everybody else in the room and just over the course of the weekend, you can start to see like wow. She’s making that much money, and she’s got kids, and she’s got a life. She’s got the stumbles and the trips that we all have. Being able to really envision that potential for myself in that space is very just inspiring, right?

It’s inspiring to get access to a person on a personal level as opposed to just on a professional like up at the front saying all the important information that we need to know but also getting to be like oh, Becca as a person or John Richardson as a person. Just that engagement, I think, is amazing for my personal growth as a business owner, but also as somebody watching for this is the trajectory that I’m kind of looking at and to see somebody’s doing it is phenomenal. So.

Becca: Annette had pulled me aside at the end of the weekend, and she said something along the same lines, which was I wasn’t expecting to be able to talk to you. I thought, man, we’ve got quite a situation on our hands where people are expecting to have a coach, to have a mentor that they’re not allowed to talk to.

She said, “I thought your husband would be whisking you away behind the scenes. Like we’re not allowed to speak to you. We’re not allowed to interact with you.” She was like “You were just like sitting on my table chatting about my dad with me and like just hanging out and eating appetizers with me. Like I met with a bunch of people in the lobby and just relaxed.”

I have been to those conferences. I’ve been to the conferences where you’re not allowed to speak to the person. I’ve been to even smaller intimate settings where there’s only 10 people in the room with a coach, and you’re not really allowed to like hang out and talk. Like it’s not welcomed.

One of the biggest compliments I received all weekends was unspoken. It was when we dismissed you guys at 6:00 p.m. to go get ready for dinner and relax and have kind of like a buffer hour before we met, and 100% of the people stayed in the room. Me and John and my whole team, everybody, Ben, Nicole, we all stood there, and we were like holy shit. Everyone is just staying seated. They’ve been in these seats for like nine hours, and they’re staying. Like what a fucking compliment. So good. So thank you for that.

Andrea: Yeah, I love that so much and just so echo that. I think one of the things that I gained was just, I’m trying to like think of how to articulate it. It was just witnessing how much you trust and believe in every single one of us. I feel like that’s something you hear people say. I’ve heard you say before, but like being in that room, I was like I had this moment of like oh shit. She like really believes in us, and like every single person. I’m not going to cry just saying this. I was not expecting to get emotional about it.

But like yeah, I don’t know. I don’t even know how to explain it. It was just something felt like oh my God, she like really believes in me. She really believes in every single person. I don’t even think there’s anything you—Like you didn’t say those words. It was just how you interacted with us, how you responded to everyone that just made that so abundantly clear. So thank you for that.

Becca: Thank you for that. As you were talking about it, I, of course, believe in every single one of you. Like it’s never even occurred to me that it’s an option not to. I’m kind of going through theories in my mind, like oh, maybe other coaches don’t make it that clear. I wonder why? I started thinking I wonder if it’s because I literally came from nothing like financially, like emotionally, like I was completely unorganized. Like I didn’t have any direction. When I say nothing, like zilch. I built the businesses that I built.

So like I wonder if I came from an inheritance that helped me start my business, or if I came from a really organized and trusted background. Like if I was handed anything, I might assume that other people need to be handed things in order to grow their business. Whereas I didn’t have any of that. So I assume that no matter where you’re starting, I don’t care if you’re in the ditch or six feet under or just like completely fucked up in whatever way. Like I know that you can do it too. That’s my theory.

Andrea: Yeah, I love that.

Samantha: I’ll just say like being in that room, like piggybacking off of what Andrea said is that you believe in us. Like in that room, I was probably one of the lowest earning women in there, but I didn’t feel like less than or lower than. I felt like on an equal playing field. That was kind of one of my hesitations going into it. Because I’m like oh, I don’t want to be the bottom of the totem pole. But I never felt like that from any of the other women. But also like Becca, you hold us all to the same level. I really appreciate that. I really love that.

Becca: I love that. Yeah, we have all different income levels in this group. We have people that are making hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Oh, yeah. This was the very first time I introduced the 300 Club. Y’all.

Samantha: Yes.

Becca: I was so fucking stoked. Nicole was crying. Like okay, so just to give context, we’ve never done an award ceremony before. So this was the round that I started awarding anyone that came from the last round that had made $300,000 or more in revenue, right. So next round we’ll do the same thing. Anybody from this round that made $300,000 or more in revenue will get awarded and will be entered into what I call the 300 Club, which is just an imaginary club that sounds really fucking cool, and you get a trophy.

I loved it. So first of all, I knew that I was going to do this. It was completely a surprise to everyone, right? I didn’t even tell the staff I was doing it. So when I stood up there, and I started talking about Lynsi, for example. I was like she came from literally two years ago, she was making $50,000. She was stuck at $50,000. She had been there for like six or seven years. She thought that that’s what she was capped out at because she didn’t have any more time, and she just didn’t know how to use her leverage yet. Now two years later, she went from $50,000 to $600,000.

I was telling this story and then she comes up and she’s like getting ready to cry. She’s talking about how you know if she can do it, anyone can do it. It sounds so cliche, but man, it meant so much to me because I really do believe like if she can do it, anyone can do it. Like when I met her she was so afraid to grow. She was afraid to hire. Now she’s like such a fucking powerhouse.

It was so fun watching you guys watch her be an example. That’s when Nicole started crying. She was just like I really do believe that I’m watching her as she’s standing here that she really was stuck at $50,000. I believe that. I believe that she didn’t think she was gonna make it anywhere past that. Like it is so exciting to me to think that I could grow my business like that.

So cliche mastermind stuff for real guys, but it was beautiful to watch. I’m so excited for the 300 Club to grow and get bigger, and I expect that there will be lines of people waiting to get their awards and to say things in front of the newbies and in front of the people that have haven’t yet made that in the coming rounds. I can’t wait to watch you guys all get your awards and come into the club.

So when we were there, we made goals for the rest of 2022, 2023, and 2024. I had you guys look at 2024 only, like your goal for 2024. I asked you lots of questions, right? Like what infrastructure are you missing in order to hit this 2024 goal? What are you doing right now that’s not gonna work? Right? Like are you still answering your phones? Are you still doing this? Are you still doing that? Are you still in charge of your social media? Like what are you doing that’s not going to work at that level? At 2024 level, right?

So one of the reasons that I perform this exercise is to make you think of a number that seems really impossible, and then backstep it and realize how close you are to that actually happening, right? So like for some of you guys, you’re making $60,000 a year, and your goal for next year was $90,000. Then the year after that, it was like $180,000, right?

At this moment, if you were to think I’m gonna go from $60,000 to $180,000, that would seem like a really big leap. But in the moment whenever I was asking you all those questions, you realized that you’re only like three decisions away from hitting that number. So I would love for you guys to talk on that. Like when you saw your 2024 number, what did that feel like? Then when you realized what needed to happen in order to get there, what did that feel like? And any aha moments that you took away from that?

Jeri: For me, it was I can’t even believe that I’m this close to making that. Like I thought it was impossible. Then looking at all I had to do to get to that number seems so doable. I was like man, I was shooting way too low for my 2024 number. So it just encouraged me that I could probably double the number that I originally thought. It was mind blowing for me.

Andrea: Yeah, I definitely, because you asked that infrastructure question of like can your business handle like that influx? I was like yeah. Like I actually already have it in place. It’s more the sales component that I don’t have in place, but like I have the infrastructure to like gain the new clients. That’s already in place. I think I hadn’t really realized that yet. Yeah, just agree on the doable illness of like how like okay I can do this. This doesn’t seem that far off and as crazy as it originally felt.

Becca: I like that you said that. So I feel like a lot of people believe that they have to sell and do the back end stuff all at the same time. When in reality, a lot of people already had the infrastructure. They need to pause on the back end. They need to stop building the infrastructure, and they need to get people in, right. This is why in 30 More I teach the scale versus sell cycle, when you should be selling versus when you should be scaling and doing the backend stuff and making your foundation and your infrastructure bigger to handle more people.

So like Andrea said, like she might be doing a lot of backend work, but this weekend made her realize like wait a minute, I have the infrastructure in place. I don’t need anything bigger. Like I can hold 200 people if they come through my program tomorrow. Like all I need to do now is focus on selling, selling, selling and that’s it. How about you Sam?

Samantha: Funnily enough, it’s kind of almost the opposite is realizing I needed to build the back end infrastructure. That that doesn’t feel nearly as intimidating, I think, after this weekend, having a lot of different conversations with people who already have that kind of structure set up. But it is similar in the way that I was like oh, I’m not that far off. Like just building the portal for that is not that difficult. I can definitely achieve it.

So then looking at the number that I put for 2024, which was a number that has been kind of like on my whiteboard and in my brain for quite some time as the number that I almost couldn’t say without kind of giggling. Like it was such an absurd number that a person could make. There’s so much talk. Like I can say like one day I’m gonna have a million dollar business. That I don’t question. There’s somehow that’s become acceptable. But some of the road marks along the way to there felt impossible. So I think, looking at that and really being like oh, okay. No, I can do this. So now there’s no excuse other than just get to work. So that felt really good, right?

Becca: Yeah. Were any of you guys surprised by the question of how many clients do you need a month to hit that 2024 number?

Andrea: Like surprised by the amount of clients we needed to have? Is that what you mean?

Becca: Or lack thereof. Were any of you surprised like oh, I only need, whatever, 30 clients a month in order to create this number.

Andrea: Yeah, I was. Yeah, for sure.

Jeri: Yeah, definitely.

Becca: Like to me, that’s the one that always gets me. When I’m like okay, I’m gonna do 4 million next year. That seems crazy. Can’t imagine it. Then I’m like wait a minute, that’s literally only like 40 clients a month for me. Like I already have months like that. They’re just a little bit few and far between. So like all I need to do is make it more consistent. I’m already there. Right? Like that’s the question that always is awesome for me.

Andrea: Yeah, that was definitely super, super eye opening and helpful. I agree with Sam too. I just want to echo off of what she said of like for whatever reason, the million dollar seems like oh yeah. Sure, I can totally picture myself one day, but like you actually had like pointed out making sure like none of us were going kind of too crazy with our goals, which I really appreciated. Because I realized how uncomfortable it felt for me to actually back down my number. I’ve been sitting with it for like ever since then.

I realize how much of it was because of thoughts and things like that. Like it wasn’t like oh I’m holding myself. If I do this number, I’m holding myself back. Like which was where my brain went initially. It was more just like oh shit, that means I actually have to do these things because this is so fucking doable. Like obviously, I have to hit $100 grand before I’m hitting a million because like I’m definitely on like the lower end, like Jeri said too, like income wise. Like I haven’t never had $100 grand a year or anything. So like for whatever reason, that milestone like I’m just gonna skip that one.

Becca: You guys are just beginning. Y’all are just beginning too. Like I can’t wait in one year when we do this podcast again. Andrea, you’re gonna be like I haven’t yet hit $500,000. Like I’ve only hit $200. I’m only hit $100. Like it’s just so fun to watch this. But yeah, I try to make sure that all of your all’s goals are intact and appropriate.

I had this client that somehow it slipped through the cracks. I didn’t realize the goal that she was trying to attain. I think about it all the time because I noticed her starting to slip away. She was starting to get frustrated. She was starting to get upset. She was starting to like buffer and not really show up as much.

When I finally figured out what was happening, it was as simple as she was trying to go from $40,000 a year to $500,000 a year that year. So she was getting super frustrated, and nothing was working. She had just like skipped a lot of chapters in her book, right? Like that’s all that happened. I was like wait a minute, we have to read chapter two before we can get to chapter three otherwise, you’re gonna be really confused. Right? Like if I had known, I could have helped so much. I did once I did figure it out.

But that’s what I wanted to start with you guys was just like okay. I want to make sure that nobody in here is shooting for $3 mil that hasn’t hit $250 yet, right, $250,000. Yeah.

One of my favorite things about the weekend and something that I learned was like as a coach, I can create a seriously valuable weekend without being so fucking uptight. Like at one point, I needed to go out in the hallway and do this video shot that the videographer needed. It was going to take like 10 minutes. I didn’t know I needed to do it, but we needed to do it right then.

I looked at John and I was like okay, I need 20 minutes to be out in the hallway. Which by the way, I was out there doing handstands next to my banner. Just to make sure you understand how professional it was. But I look at John and he’s like, “Oh yeah, great. Well, we’re just gonna play two truths and a lie.” I was like what is that? Like I didn’t even know what he was talking about.

We couldn’t film our video because you guys were laughing so hard. Y’all were laughing so hard, we had to keep starting over. I’d be in the middle of like saying this really cool thing. Then he’d be like nope, we got to do it again. Like we’re gonna have to go down that elevator and do this somewhere else. But I loved it because I think that a lot of coaches will put on programs like this, and it has to be to the tee. Like everything has to be perfect, every minute has to be valuable. If it’s not content, it’s not valuable.

I think some of the most valuable things that you guys got were when we were joking around, when you were normalizing wealth, when we were sitting around talking about our kids and talking about life. Your brain was in its backfiles put two and two together that you can be a multiple millionaire, you can be cool, you can be chill, you can have kids, you can relax, you can play games. Like that, to me, was so awesome compared to some of the events that I’ve been to which have been phenomenal, but also extremely rigid.

Jeri: I have to say I’ve never been so at ease in a business learning environment. Like, of course, you’re getting the content and learning valuable lessons, but like you said, it was very chill, very relaxed. I’ve never had that before, and it was amazing.

Andrea: Yeah, I totally agree. Funny enough, when playing two truths and a lie, I, not thinking about it, wrote down like my two truths were like both situations where like I had navigated some like pretty tough things. I like looked at them after, and I’m like man, that’s like pretty badass did I did those things. I was like man, I can freaking build a business, like hit $100k my business. Like if I can do that, if I can get lost in a field in Japan not speaking language when I was 14, find myself back like.

Jeri: You’ve got this.

Andrea: Yeah, absolutely. So even that game was insanely valuable.

Becca: You got lost in that field in Japan?

Andrea: Yeah. When I was like 14 by myself.

Becca: Like how lost are we talking?

Andrea: Like, I got on a bus and realized that I was going the wrong way. So I just got freaked out, and I got off. Then was literally like in a field. Like there was a bus stop. Literally like in either direction I couldn’t see anything.

Becca: Why were you by yourself?

Andrea: Everything is in Japanese.

Samantha: That was our questions too Becca. We were like why were you by yourself?

Andrea: Because my dad took me to Kyoto because he had a business conference. He took me with him, and I wasn’t just gonna sit in the hotel all day. So I like went and toured by myself. But there was like no cell phones or anything. Like I supposed to meet my dad at a time, and, of course, like he’s freaking out because I was like two hours late. Like there was like absolutely no way—I was like I could keep walking, or I can just like sit here until another bus came. It was like at least like an hour and a half. Like I think I walked a little bit, but then I went back because I was like I don’t know which direction to go.

Becca: I feel like there’s a really good metaphor or lesson in this that has to do with business.

Andrea: Yeah, I don’t even know.

Becca: Like when we think of it, we got to do it. Like business is like getting lost in the field.

Andrea: Exactly. Just sit there until a bus comes to pick you up and just hope it’s the right one. No, it’s not a good metaphor.

Becca: We’ll keep trying. I love it.

Andrea: I did not die. That’s all that matters.

Becca: Seriously. Okay. So when this episode airs, it will be like days away before the price of Three More doubles permanently. So we’re going from $1,500 to $3,000. So before we talk any more about 30 More, what would you say to someone that is listening to this podcast because there are so many out there. They are listening to this podcast, and they want to be a part of Three More, and they want to eventually be a part of 30 More. What would you say to them knowing that the price is increasing in a few days? Of course, they can still get in when the price increases obviously. Like what would you say to them if they’re just on the fence about coming in?

Samantha: There’s just absolutely no reason to wait. Your, I don’t know. I think whatever your business goals are, they’re achievable within this space. Right? So starting with Three More and then moving up to 30 More. There’s absolutely no reason not to just spend the 1,500 bucks, take that risk, and go all in, right. I say to my kids all the time, stop doing things half assed. Chances are if you’re just hesitating, you’re doing your business half assed. So stop.

Andrea: Either business or, honestly, personal problem like that is creating the issue of not wanting to sign up that you’re looking to solve will just be solved exponentially faster once you join Three More and can get coached on it. Yeah, I mean I feel like take advantage of the coaching within Three More because there’s so much valuable coaching that happens in there. So yeah.

Becca: I love it. Yeah, absolutely. How about you, Jeri?

Jeri: I would say the same. Like I hemmed and hawed about joining Three More for like six months. Then as soon as I made that decision, I was like oh my God, why didn’t I do this? Like I wish I had done this six months ago. It’s just going back to what Andrea and Sam had said like you’ll just grow that much faster if you just make the decision to go. I mean I don’t want to regret anything, but I do a little bit that I didn’t do it sooner.

Becca: Oh, no, I love that. If you’re gonna regret anything, at least be so happy with your decision that you’re regret is that you didn’t do it sooner. Like that’s a that’s a pretty strong regret if you’re going to have any of them, right? Because what it does is it’s really just illuminating that you should have trusted yourself sooner.

Jeri: Yeah, so it was a lesson going forward. That’s kind of what propelled me to 30 More. I was like well just go. Just go with it. I did, and I don’t think I’m ever going to regret it.

Becca: Now, so the first time ever, we’ve never done this before, but we have the 30 More application for Austin in January already open. Spots are filling. When the spots are full, we’re going to close it down. So there are people that are wanting to come into 30 More as well. What would you say to them?

Samantha: Being able to see the vision of your three year plan a tangible reality, even if that was all you took from it. There’s boatloads of other value, the community, the people, just all of that. But if you could believe deeply for just a moment that that three year plan is feasible and see the way you can build it, and like really internalize that, that would be worth the sticker price regardless. Just that. Being able to like step into being that CEO right now. So for that reason, that reason alone, just do it. Come to Austin.

Becca: Yes. So what you learned just in Chicago was worth the sticker price of the entire six months. That was the kickoff party.

Samantha: Yeah.

Jeri: I agree with Sam as well because I’m like we still have six months’ worth of coaching calls. I feel like I’ve gained so much already that like ever since Chicago I’ve been like putting everything that we’ve learned into practice. I’m like we haven’t even gotten started yet.

Andrea: Yeah.

Becca: That’s right.

Andrea: I totally want to echo that. I feel like the energy shift is just so massive and so massively valuable. So kind of echoing what I said about like joining Three More. It’s like the same thing. It’s like if there’s this like consistent issue in your business, join 30 More because then you just get it solved faster. So why not?

Becca: Yeah, coaching is the expedited journey to business growth. There’s no way in which you can’t cut it. No matter which way you cut it, that is the truth. Right? Like you are literally taking the vitamin of expedition. Like if you don’t know how to get clients, go and learn and model and follow and see exactly, exactly what other people are doing. I don’t just mean like follow them on Instagram and assume that you think you know what they’re doing. Like go find out exactly what they’re doing, exactly what works.

You have to pay to learn that kind of stuff. People aren’t just going to hold your hand. They’re not just going to give you all the answers. They’ve worked their asses off, right? Like I’ve talked to you guys about this. Like I’ve talked to you guys in my videos like hey, listen. There’s gonna be people that come to you. They’re like oh my God, tell me everything that you learned at 30 More.

I think you guys should have boundaries about that. Like you guys paid $12,000 to be in here. Like why would you go and give it to people for free? Why would you go and coach it for free? Like you guys created that. You’re making it happen. Right? So to anybody that’s listening, if you think you can do it for free, there’s a lot of things you can do for free. But like at what cost? What are you paying that’s not financial? What type of energy, what type of time? What are you paying? What is it costing you to try to do it for free when you can just put the money down and expedite it so much faster?

Jeri: Also, I would like to add too that not only, like obviously the value of the coaching that we’re going to be receiving from you, but just the accountability and the inspiration from the other women in the group. Because I find that it makes me want to level up in a different way that I never had before. Then also it’s just, I thought that other industries were going to be—I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a hindrance, but I really love having different perspectives from different industries. It’s something I didn’t expect, and I think it’s super valuable.

Andrea: Yes.

Becca: You know I didn’t expect that either. Everybody always says that. I used to wonder if it was a problem that we had different industries all in one space. I have never heard anyone say that’s a problem. I’ve only heard numerous people say oh my god, I’m a real estate agent. I love hearing what that construction guy does for marketing. Like that would totally work with my people. Or that house cleaner over there was talking about the way that she speaks to her audience. Like I know that would work for me.

But like different industries have different cultures and different rules that they follow and different like unsaid ideas that kind of everyone follows in that world. Like I think the coaching world is really strong in this. Like this is the way you do it. This is the way all the coaches do it. It’s so nice. Now that people have said that like I’m realizing like oh like these coaches get to be in contact with this doctor and with this person this massage therapist, whatever. You guys are all like intertwining the ideas of your industry.

Samantha: Yeah.

Andrea: Totally. I want to echo on something you said too about sharing the information. Like one yes, I’m going to have boundaries and I’m not going to share, but also even if I were to, I feel like the value is… I mean there’s value obviously, but it’s like there’s so much value in being there and being emotionally invested, time invested, financially invested in the information that—Like it was so funny because I was reading in one of the books that you have recommended for us.

I was reading something, and I have read this book before like probably like six years ago. I read something, and I was like this said that in this book? I was like seriously? I was like this would have saved me so much money in coaching if I had just actually taken this in when I read it initially. Then I was like oh wait, it’s in a book. Like it’s just not the same. Like I needed to spend that money and getting coached on this exact thing in order for it to take effect. Like I needed the like financial and the energetic. Like there’s something to that that just makes all the difference in the world.

Becca: Yeah, you needed to be in the right mindset to receive it. What did we do on Saturday? So I told them on Saturday we’re going to spend two hours getting you in the right mindset so that the other six hours land well. Because if we go right into content, if I go right into teaching you guys and you guys are in like a half assed mindset. You’re still like jet lagged from traveling. You’re still like thinking about your kids at home. Like you’re not really there then all of it is just going to be half assed content.

We spent two full hours on the accomplishments you’ve already been in like getting into alignment with like who you are, who you want to be, gratitude practices to the universe, to God. Like we got in it for two hours. by the end of that, by the time we got into that very first piece of content at like 11:00 a.m., you guys were already on fire, and you were willing to hear anything. You were you were willing to receive anything. So we did that on purpose.

Andrea: Yeah, totally. It worked.

Jeri: It did work. Yeah. It worked for sure. That’s a check.

Becca: Nailed it.

Andrea: You nailed it Becca. You nailed it.

Becca: All right guys, so please tell my audience where they can find you and how they can get a hold of some of your work. Then we’ll wrap it up. Okay?

Samantha: You can reach me on Instagram Or you can follow my podcast, She Needs Grit, and its everywhere podcast exists. So those are the two best places.

Becca: Awesome.

Andrea: Yes, Instagram is also the best place to find me at Dr. Andrea Moore. That’s really fast. Or you can follow my podcast as well everywhere podcasts exist. It’s called The Unweaving Chronic Pain Podcast.

Becca: Awesome.

Jeri: Perfect. You can find me at, or on Instagram I’m jeri.roberts.RMT.

Becca: I love that. Jeri, do you have any—Like if someone from Louisiana wants to contact you because they have TMJ problems.

Jeri: I don’t have any personal resources.

Becca: Okay, next round, we’re going to focus on getting you some videos that you put into a portal that people pay for. Right? So that you don’t have to send them away from you. Everything’s in house. If they’re near you, they can come and get work from you, or they can fly to you and heal their TMJ. Right? Or they can pay $38 to receive your videos to understanding self-care at home.

Jeri: You know, this is why I’m seeing you.

Becca: That’s right. All right, girls, thank you all so much for being here. I look forward to seeing you guys on Thursday.

Andrea: Yes thank you.

Jeri: You too.

Samantha: Thanks Becca. Bye.

Becca: Bye guys.

Andrea: Bye.

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