Pssst. Hey.

There is no “right” way to do it.

Any of it.

Some of my clients get so bent out of shape because they’re worried that they don’t have the RIGHT offer or they aren’t writing their emails correctly (or at all!)  (Damn toxic hustle-culture for making entrepreneurs everywhere get torn up about what everyone else is doing.)

Some of my students come to me because they think they’re ‘supposed’ to be on Instagram or supposed to be doing Facebook Lives. They’ll say, “I should have hired differently,” or “I should be speaking to my audience more.” “I should spend more time learning how to write copy,” or “I should have been more realistic about my goals.”

All they do is “should” all over themselves.

I just want to drop in and remind you…there is no one right way to run your business. There’s no one right platform. There is no magical number of days you’re supposed to be showing up for your audience. There is no set amount of work hours you should be performing. There is only you and your personality + repetitions of offering to help people. This equals success.

That is all, my friends. Remove the self-judgments, relax your shoulders a bit, and have yourself a beer. No matter who is reading this, I know your business is better off than where it was last year, and that is so kick-ass. Keep remembering that. Keep your mind in the gain.

Resume thy day.


P.S. Inside Three More, we are all for doing it the way that feels the best. We encourage removing all the voices of judgment in your head so you can start showing up in whatever weird way you want to.  We will never tell you that what you’re doing is ‘wrong.’ We may though, show you a more efficient way to do it. Come be weird with the rest of us. We will show you how being your weird authentic self is a money-maker.

Three More is a lifetime-access program where you will master how to land your next three clients while feeling GOOD about how you’re serving… And then three more after that. And three more again. We are so confident in Three More that we have a money-back guarantee. (Although, to date and almost 100 students deep, we have never had a single person request their money back. Just 5-star reviews, my friends.)


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