The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast | Worried About Filling Your Contractors’ Schedules? Here’s What You Need to KnowThis week, I’m offering some quick golden nuggets I wish I’d known when I was growing both Massage Strong and Hell Yes Coaching. Something I get asked all the time is, “Becca, I want to bring in another contractor, but I’m worried I don’t have enough clients to give them a full schedule. What should I do?”

Whether you want to hire a contractor so you can expand the number of customers your business sees, or to begin building a full-time staff so you can eventually step away from providing the service yourself, this episode is for you. Figuring out the art of hiring contractors to provide a service alongside you can be challenging, but I’m setting your mind at ease today with a few pro tips.

Listen in this week as I guide you through five things to consider if you’re wanting to bring on service providers into your business. You’ll hear why expanding your team in this way is a phenomenal way to scale your company, what to focus on in this process, and the pressure traps to avoid falling into.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why bringing on service providers into your business is a great way to scale. 
  • 5 things to consider if you want to hire contractors.
  • How to stop falling into the pressure trap of being wholly responsible for your contractors.
  • The difference between getting your contractors booked up versus obsessing over it.
  • Why you don’t want to rely on selling yourself as the expert to get booked up. 

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Full Episode Transcript:

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Attention service-based business owners. If you have considered hiring someone to come in and provide a service with you and your business, this episode is for you. So whether you are a spa owner, massage therapist, dog walker, coach, personal trainer, accountant, attorney, it doesn’t matter. A service based business, right? Like a business that provides a service to the public. This episode is literally going to be worth $50,000 to you.

If you can follow this advice today, you will save so much energy and headaches and time for yourself. I’m spilling all the tea when it comes to hiring a contractor to provide service in your company alongside you so that you can either expand the amount of customers your business can see or so that you can begin building a staff and eventually stepping away from providing all together yourself. No matter what your goal is, whether it is to hire your very first provider and you continue to provide, or whether it is to hire enough providers so that you never have to provide again, this episode is for you my friend.

I often get asked this question, “Becca, I want to bring in another service provider, but I don’t think I have enough clients to give them a full schedule.” This can bring so much anxiety and pressure to the business owner,  and if the business owner isn’t thinking properly about the way that they provide clients to their contractor, they’re going to be mega stressed out.

I remember when I started Massage Strong, and I hired my first couple of massage therapists. I would stay up at night terrified that they weren’t getting enough work. They weren’t making the money they needed to make, and it was all my fault, right? Like I was guilt ridden thinking about them not having enough work. It was like making me feel terrible. I remember it so clearly. I have so many coaching clients who come to me with this exact same thought process.

So today we are going to talk about everything I wish I had known. So please put this episode in your pocket and take it with you forever. This is episode number 59. I am your host Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Hey, guys. Before we get into today’s lesson, I have a hell of an announcement for you. I am experimenting. I’m experimenting this round with 30 More. We have just closed the doors for people to enter into this July round of 30 More. If you’re new here, 30 More is my small group. It’s intimate. It’s a business mastermind that focuses on taking you from six figures to seven figures. It is more advanced than Three More. You have to have made at least $50,000 in your business in the last 12 months to even apply for this level of coaching.

Inside of 30 More, you learn how to begin thinking like a mature CEO, thinking bigger, thinking more professionally. You learn hiring, managing of people, firing, learning how and when it’s time to scale and create a business that is bigger than just yourself, how to distribute your energy between growing your business on the front end versus the back end. It’s all the things. All the things that we want as we grow into those CEO pants.

It is a six month membership with me as well as a kick ass kickoff party in a city of my choosing each round where we grab food and cocktails. We get to know each other as a unit, and we gameplan our businesses for the entire year. This round in July is meeting in Chicago. I think it’s this coming weekend if this episode drops when I think it does. Next round, the round that I want to talk to you, about is meeting in Austin, Texas in January.

Now in the past to apply, you only had five days to apply and pay and get into the mastermind with me each round, right. Like it was fast paced, five days, and if you missed the window, then you missed the window. Our next round is in January. Normally you would get that five day window in November to apply and get into that January round. But I’m changing it up. I’m experimenting. Why? Because I can.

First of all, I want to see if it’s more fun and relaxed for my back end team that worked so hard during this sprint month of getting people in the door for 30 More. I want to see if this is more relaxed for them. I also know it is going to give you more of an opportunity to create change in your business and invest in it more substantially without the fast paced pressure.

That’s the way that I want people to come into 30 More. In a more calm, relaxed state ready to make changes feeling confident, right? Not in a spastic like I threw as much money as I could together as fast as I could to get into this next round. I don’t want that energy. So I am just going to experiment and see what happens with the energy behind the scenes with my team as well as my clients coming into this next round when we give you guys more time.

So here’s what I’m gonna do. If you are interested in 30 More January round, if you want to be in that room when we go to Austin, Texas, if you want to be in that room when we are setting goals, creating blueprints for our businesses, getting coached at the highest caliber from January until July 2023. If you know 30 More is for you and it feels like that next step that you need to take in your business to truly become the CEO that you are wanting to be, then this is going to be music to your ears.

As of right now, I am allowing the application window to stay open from now until November. This is going to give you so much more time to make that strong unwavering decision and apply to be in that room. This is going to take the pressure and rush off of you to make this happen.

If this is not cool enough, I have also decided to allow payment plans this round. So what that means is this. If you apply, you will do your normal $1,000 deposit. Then instead of the other $11,000 all at once, you will get to break it into three payments of $3,667 I think is what it comes out to be. If you want to take advantage of this, you have to apply in time to meet the payment plan deadline, which is in August. After August we won’t be doing payment plans anymore. It’ll just be pay in full like we normally do from August till November.

So head over to my Instagram account @1beccapike to grab the 30 More link and apply now. You can also find the link at This is also for all of you out there that are already in 30 More. This is a great way to pay for next round through payment plans as you continue your mentorship.

But guys don’t wait. We always fill up. With this window being extended as much as it is, we cannot guarantee that the next round won’t fill up before the payment plan deadline even ends. Like we don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t know how fast it’ll fill. Like we might not even make it until November with our normal cut off time. So please don’t hesitate.

If you have any questions at all, you can DM me. You can email me. You can contact my team, and we are always available to walk you through whatever things that you need to talk about and questions that you need answered. Okay. We want you in this room. We want to see you growing the hell out of your business with the rest of the Hell Yes Coaching students growing the hell out of theirs.

All right. Speaking of being a boss ass CEO and growing your mindset and investing in your business, let’s talk about bringing on service providers into your business. Okay. This is a phenomenal way to grow your company, have more availability for your clients who love your work, right, provide jobs in your community, and expand and grow your mind as a CEO. This is stepping into the art of hiring people and managing people, training people, and scaling your business.

These are all things that we go way in depth into inside of 30 More, but today, I’m going to give you some quick little nuggets guaranteed to ease your mind about hiring contractors. So top things to consider when you want to hire a service provider, but you’re afraid you won’t be able to fill their schedule.

Okay, number one, first and foremost. You’ve got to be upfront with your potential new hire. If you’re hiring someone and you don’t see that their schedule will be filled up initially, tell them hey this is part time work, right? Like I’m gonna try to fill your schedule. My personal goal is to get you X amount of clients in the next 90 days. Do you have the patience and financial security to work here while I get this booked up for you? Or do you have a secondary job while I work on getting you a reputation here and getting you booked up?

Boom, just like that. Just like that they’re aware of the situation. A lot of times I see business owners thinking that they can’t be upfront about this. So they don’t even tell these potential contractors that it might take a while for them to build their schedule. They think that that somehow makes them look less professional. Right? It’s almost like they think they have to hire this full time person and keep them booked from day one and like pretend like it’s easy, as if that makes it look more professional.

Communication is everything here. If you think that you can only fill them up one shift per week for the next six weeks, you’ve got to tell them that right. You can’t hide it from them. You have to be very open with them. You can tell them your goals. Like I want to get you booked up six days a week by six months from now. Like that’s my goal, right? But you’ve got to communicate to it.

Just remember this too. I think a lot of times business owners forget this. Your potential contractors may love that you can’t book them out initially. Okay, think about it. It’s so easy to assume people want full time work or they want the money, they want to be booked up. But what we’re forgetting is that there are so many people out there that just want like one night a week, one shift a week, two shifts a week genuinely. Like they would be turned off by a full time position. They work elsewhere or they have kids, or they have hobbies, and they aren’t looking for a full time job.

I bet you could sit here and think of five people off the top of your head that are in your industry that would love an extra shift a week getting paid well by your company. There are so many different ways to hire a contractor guys. Don’t assume that it has to be full time from the jump, or that you have to keep it a secret that you can’t fill their schedule yet. Be super open and be super communicative.

All right, number two. Don’t fall into the extreme pressure trap that so many business owners fall into. It is one thing to really want to book up your contractor’s schedule because you genuinely want what’s best for them. You want to see them grow, right? It’s a whole other thing to stress out so hard about it that you can’t sleep. Like that’s a no-no. Okay.

Are you ready for a golden nugget? Are you ready for this? It is not your responsibility to make sure that they can pay their rent. I want you to hear this as advice to help you help them. If you’re white knuckling and freaking out and hoping that they’re going to be okay 100% of the time like a hovering helicopter mom then you will not be capable of tapping into the best version of yourself that can fill their schedule in the best way.

You will begin making poor decisions. You’ll begin allowing discounts and Groupons or paying them too much, right, or all of these other decisions that are coming from lack and graspiness and worry. Your contractors can get a job elsewhere if they need to. Right? Like they are adults. They are grownups, and they are smart. They are resourceful. Considering that you were upfront with them and told them that it might be slow at first, they are capable of handling this.

So don’t fall into the pressure trap that it is your responsibility wholeheartedly, 100%. All right. It’s a difference between wanting them to be booked up because you genuinely care and obsessing and white knuckling over to the point where you’re making decisions that aren’t the best for your company.

Number three, you can choose whether the responsibility of giving them clients lands solely on you are not. So maybe you guys agree that part of their contract is that they have to put effort into selling their appointment times also alongside of you.

Maybe they agree to go through your business customer list who haven’t come into the office for a while and attempt to call them and get them back on the schedule every single day that they’re there, right? Maybe they contractually agree to post or talk about it on their social media once a week to fill their own schedule also. They may absolutely love feeling like they have a little bit of control over their client base, and you feel like it doesn’t all land 100% on you.

But pro tip. I would never make this a make or break for employment. If they want to do it, it can be available to them, right. If they don’t want to do it, it’s not something I would make anyone do. Some people work for others so that they can ignore that whole side of the business. They just want to perform their craft and that’s it.

It can be verbalized, though, that if they don’t help it may just be a little bit slower to get their books filled. But there’s so many contractors who would jump at the idea of helping fill their schedule, and that can take like years of pressure off your life.

I’ve had contractors that have come in that wanted their schedules filled so badly that they asked like, “Hey in between massage appointments, can I go around to the downtown blocks and pass out flyers and brochures and ask people to get on my schedule?” The answer is always hell yeah. You can do that. All right, so just remember you don’t have to decide that it all lands on you. You guys can come together and decide if that person is going to help fill their schedule as well.

All right, number four. If you are financially capable, consider moving more of your clients onto their schedule. In 30 More I discuss exactly when to do this and like how to do it. But what it’s going to do is it’s going to allow you to begin moving into other roles, significantly higher paying roles, such as managing and team building and marketing more by removing you from the practitioner role, right?

So even if it’s just a little bit. Even if you just remove yourself from practitioner like 30% of the way, right. You don’t have to pull the band aid off and go 100% off, but this will also give them more clients. This will give your contractors more clients because you’re giving them your clients.

But the more that you remove yourself from the practitioner role, the more time that you have to build out clientele, market your business, go to live events for networking, do webinars, speaking gigs, all of the CEO things that really uplevel your company. Just remember this. When you’re providing the service, even though it might be the most money you’ve ever made in your life, it is pennies compared to when you remove yourself from practitioner and give yourself time to do the real CEO work.

Okay, number five. For those of you afraid you only know how to sell yourself as the expert and you’re worried your clients don’t want to work with anyone else, right. Just remember number one, you’re only good at selling yourself as the expert because that’s what you’ve been practicing. You have to allow yourself time to get good at selling people to trust your contractors. Number two, you’re not selling people on your new contractor. You’re selling them on the service.

When I hired my first massage therapist, this took me a really long time to grasp. I had sold everyone on myself being the expert for so long. I wondered how will I ever sell Tim’s service? I struggled for a while until it dawned on me that oh I’m not selling Tim. I’m selling deep tissue massage and injury therapy massage. I’m gonna sell it so well and so efficiently that the person I am selling it to will walk away not caring at all who gives them the deep tissue massage.

Same with coaching. Many of you know John, John Richardson, my coach here at Hell Yes Coaching. He runs the Three More program with me. He takes on one-on-one clients for Hell Yes Coaching. I remember when I brought him in I would do consults with people knowing that I was going to assign them to be coached with John not myself. And reminding myself that I’m not here to sell them on John Richardson. I’m here to sell them on the power of coaching.

I was selling them on coaching being the very best thing that you could invest in to the point where my client just wanted coaching period, right? They didn’t care who gave it to him. They were pleasantly surprised when John turned out to be one of the most phenomenal coaches that they’ve ever had. They were just so sold on coaching that they didn’t even care that it wasn’t me.

So as you expand your team, just remember that if your clients are worried that they won’t be as good as you, don’t let that get in your head. Like that’s not a true thing. You’ve taught them to believe that you were the right one for them right. You did that because that’s what you needed to do to grow your business at the time. So we can pat our past self on the back for doing a good job for that, but now it’s time to pivot and to learn how to stop selling ourselves as the sole expert and start selling our service as the best investment that they can make.

All right guys. So let’s recap that. Number one, be honest and clear about how many clients you can give your contractor in the beginning. Number two, you’re not responsible to make their rent. Remember that they are adults consenting in an agreement in which they understand that you are doing your best to fill their schedule. Number three, you can share the responsibility of client acquisition with your new hire.

Number four, you can move your clients onto their schedule as a way to give them more hours and as a way to begin closing the chapter on spending most of your time as the service provider. Number five, remember you are not selling your customers on the contractor. You’re selling them on the results that your industry can provide. So much so that they don’t care who provides it right. They trust you, and they trust that your hiring will be as high of a quality as the service that you have provided them for so long.

If you guys know someone that needs to hear this message today, please send this episode over to them. It can be absolutely grueling for a business owner who is trying to scale their service business and are ridden with worry about filling their contractors’ schedules. Just this episode can completely change someone’s view and stress factor. So don’t keep it to yourself. Share it. That is it for me today guys. Please remember applications for 30 More are now open.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.

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